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Marijuasana: Yoga for Cannabis Lovers

Blending the ancient discipline of yoga with the ancient act of smoking herb is one of the hottest trends to hit the legal cannabis scene. A little pot combined with your yoga practice can offer a new perspective and help you go deeper into that whole mind, body connection.

Using Cannabis for Deeper Connection to Your Yoga Practice

Marijuasana is helping bring this balance and connection to yogis across America. With a style that’s “slow and controlled”, it’s a yoga practice meant to deepen one’s connection to their senses and help direct awareness within.

The aim of Marijuasana is to craft the perfect conditions for achieving a flow state. The combination of cannabis and yoga is meant to engage the mind to move in harmony with the body, effortlessly flowing through each pose in the present moment.

Stacey Mulvey is the founder of Marijuasana, a dedicated yogi and cannabis enthusiast. She’s been teaching yoga for over 6 years and has worked in the cannabis industry for a little over 2 years.

Mulvey believes that its past time to break out of the stigma associated with cannabis use. She expresses that “we can be creative, sensual, and intelligent with marijuana and hemp, despite the way society has maligned it.”

She says that cannabis makes her feel more in tune with her body. And the more people Mulvey talked to in the cannabis community, the more she realized other people felt exactly the same way.

Yoga Classes for Cannabis Lovers

Marijuasana offers pop-up classes in selected cities across the US where cannabis is legal, as well as private lessons you can book online. For yogis who can’t make it to a pop-up or private lesson, there are online videos that are perfect for those who don’t live in cannabis-legal states.  

Each class offers complimentary CBD extracts (if you’re watching online you’ll have to bring your own) and hemp seed tea. Students who come to classes in-person are also encouraged to bring their own.

Want to learn a little more about Marijuasana and Stacey Mulvey’s mission? Check out the video below.

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