Marijuana Pizza Is Now A Thing!

Weed pizza!!!

If you are someone who loves to indulge in a cheesy pizza when high, then we have some good news for you! A medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts came up with this idea that weed lovers all over the world are craving for! Now medical marijuana users have more delicious options beyond same old smokeable flower and cannabis-infused sweets.

Get high off of pot-infused pizza!


Quincy-based Ermont Inc., which put the cannabis cold-brew on shelves earlier this year, recently debuted with a bubbly South Shore-style bar pizza. But it’s not your typical pizza!

Like the pan pizzas you order at Dominos, Ermont’s offers a thin crust topped with flavorful sauce and cheese spread right to the pie’s edge.

At $38, the crunchy six-inch pizzas carry a flavorful tomato sauce, infused with 125 milligrams of THC distillate. THC is a cannabinoid that is a responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive compound properties. The 125 milligrams is equal to a quarter of a joint, or 12 doses of medical edibles.

It’s not just a snack – it’s a full meal.

The pizzas are baked and frozen on-site at the West Quincy kitchen. You’ll find them from the nearby retail dispensary. Ermont doesn’t deliver it! Customers can buy only two of the frozen pies at a time. If they want toppings, they’ll have to add their own.

Dispensary’s shelves already carry sugary delights like the chocolates, fruit chews, pecan bars, gummy candies, and cookies. But, Steve Yaffe, director of operations at Ermont, says patients wished for bit more savory edible options to avoid sugar consumption that fills other cannabis treats. They wanted a different way to medicate that doesn’t remind them of their illness.


Yaffe and team decided to create something that could be considered a full meal and can be eaten during a normal day. And, so came the idea of pot-infused savory pie delight! Yaffe describes the pie as ‘herby, with gooey, crispy cheese’ that appears lip-smacking from the center to the edge.

The appetizing way for the patients to ease pain and discomfort!

Certainly, the thought of greasy, delicious, personal pizzas is hunger-inducing to marijuana enthusiasts. But dispensary patrons must have Department of Public Health-issued medical marijuana ID cards as a patient or caregiver. Emront’s new weed pizza was created for patients that don’t feel comfortable smoking or vaping. Patients can take home these frozen personal sized pizzas.

The combination of people’s favorite pizza with medicinal benefits of pot is a significant milestone in the evolution of Emront’s high-quality marijuana-infused products menu.

Yaffe has sold nearly 200 pizzas since the launch of the item. Inspired by the success of the marijuana pizza, the director, and his colleagues have dabbled in exploring other variants of pot-infused meals.


Along with pizza, Ermont chefs also cook THC-infused macaroni and cheese, cookies, olive oils, hot sauce, chocolates, and a plethora baked goods to satisfy sweet and savory munchies craving of the patients. They are currently developing a vegan mayonnaise that people could put on their home-made pasta and sandwiches.


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