Marijuana Medicine- Why Michigan University is offering a Degree in Planting Weed?

Marijuana medicine is one of the most common medicines in Michigan. Perhaps, this is the reason why Michigan University is offering a degree in planting weed. It is the first college that has offered the nation the marijuana-based undergraduate degree.

marijuana medicine

Ready to Joke about POT Industry now!

Yes, students will even be cracking jokes about the pot industry during the class time. But, this will be a tough course load, which will be taught to the students in this college soon. Legal marijuana has been happening in the country for years. A recent report even resulted that this natural healing herb has a lot of importance in Michigan. So, it would be great to begin the undergraduate course for the same to make everyone aware of the benefits of cannabis.

Recent Reports said it all

This report even concluded that Colorado racked up almost around $250 million in the total sales of marijuana. And, this was just in the first 2 months of the year that this sale has happened. The figure is not hard to fathom, as many states are legal to deal in the same now. It has become legal and this is the reason why marijuana is earning so good here.

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Legalization- The Key to Success!

As the legalization has expanded here in many states, it seems that it is no more a challenge to educate the students here. Just, it has become a task to understand if it is really an opportunity for all pot-growers and the children to learn something new or will it be misguiding many of them.

Canfield observations say that the class aims at marijuana medicine and of course beyond that as well. Even the students are realizing that there is a potential growth in the field of medicinal plant. So, the classes will be to educate us not only about the business side of the medicinal marijuana, but also about the chemistry makeup of these herbal plants.

marijuana medicine

The students will learn from a mix of marketing, biology, chemistry, and finance throughout their undergraduate course. The program is no new that the students are excited to see what’s going to happen in the classes.

Canfield noted that not a lot of work will be inside the lab as compared to work outside the lab. In short, there will be smoking in the classes and even outside it. The work will only be done on the plants that are legal to grow and work on.

The Conclusion

Marijuana medicine is one of the most used medicines in Michigan nowadays. It seems that the classes of this undergraduate degree will educate the students like never before. So, everyone in Michigan is promoting these classes and this course as well.


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