Marijuana Business in Colorado (Serving Wine) – Lucky you Californians!

marijuana business in Colorado Marijuana business in Colorado is flourishing like never before. Now, it has even entered the liquor zone which has magnified the marijuana market like never before. Weed wine is the new thing that has captured the Colorado market and California, precisely. So, what is making this market a success?

It seems that the top marijuana companies have understood what the customers really want. Yes, we are talking about weed wine, which recently hit the California market. Since weed has become legal in the state, the marijuana companies seem to have got the control of the market. So, here it is; now it is legal to infuse alcohol with marijuana. The only thing you need is a medical marijuana license, so that there is no one to stop you from buying so, legally.

Do you know that it is only California, where this infusion of alcohol and marijuana is legal?

Spending Bucks on Weed Wine- This is to be paid

Well, this is an extraordinary mix of two unique ingredients. So, definitely, you will have to pay a large amount for this. Half a bottle can cost you anywhere between $120 and $400. Quite expensive, right?

top marijuana companies

No Other State Is Enjoying This Privilege, Currently

The infusion of alcohol and weed is illegal in all other states. Yes, not even in those states where marijuana is used for recreational activities. But, California has this privilege to sell the mix of weed and wine together. And, in case, you find somewhere in one of those top marijuana companies, there is a compulsion of having a medical marijuana license to buy something.

Marijuana Wine- The Foundation!

So, those who don’t know this mix of wine and weed is even famous as the name of Canna Vine. Also, this doesn’t come in traditional white or red blends. Even green is there! Speaking of its foundation, it was back in 2010 that one trip of fonder Lisa Molyneux to Yosemite gave birth to this infusion. The idea happened when the fellow co-founder Louisa Sawyer Lindquist to the incredible medical advantages of marijuana-infused drinks.

marijuana business in Colorado

But, those handling marijuana businesses in Colorado have to be patient enough to manufacture this infusion. The reason is the long hours that are required to infuse wine in weed.

INFUSION of Alcohol and Marijuana- The Process

So, it starts by adding a pound of marijuana to a barrel of wine. This then sits properly to ferment and repose for almost a year. About a pound of the substance is enough, which is then wrapped in cheesecloth. This is finally added to the barrel of wine, where it rests for almost a year.

The manufacturer designs it to deliver a mellow body high, without harming anyone from the effects of the THC. The THC is responsible for disoriented mental high, which many people go through after consuming or smoking marijuana.

marijuana business in Colorado

Canna vine, on the other hand, uses the HEMP oil extracted from organic cannabis plants. This isn’t affecting the health in a negative way anyway. You will see every bottle has 50mg of CBD, which is just the perfect amount to relax the stress and relieves one’s mind and body.

Marijuana Weed- The Stress Reliever

Marijuana is an effective stress reliever and mood elevator. One can consume it as medicine, anyway.

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Marijuana companies in Colorado are thus flourishing like never before, the cause of which is the blend of this wine and weed.

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