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How Long Does Pot Stay In Your System?

There are many drugs, both legal and illegal, that people indulge in on a regular basis. Some of them are designed to bring users up — these drugs stimulate the reward center of the brain, but they can also be very addicting. Downers do the opposite — they relax and slow the bodily processes so that the person taking them feels less anxious. While these are the two major drug categories, there are a few other categories to be aware of: opiates, sedative-hypnotics, alcohol, all-arounders, and prescription meds. If you have ever taken any of these, it’s important to be aware of how long they’ll stick around in your system.


The active ingredient that is detected when screening for marijuana usage is THC. It can be detected in blood, urine, hair, spit, and sweat.

The length of time it takes to fade out of a person’s system depends on how much they smoked, and how long they’ve been smoking for. For occasional pot smokers, the THC lasts in their system for about 4 days, but that length of time can go up exponentially if they already have a build-up of THC in their system from regular usage of marijuana. In one case, THC stayed in the system of a long-time smoker for 67 days!

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