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Local Oregon Grocery Store Now Sells Pot

Need to pick up some cookies and a pre-roll of cannabis? Maybe a soda and some craft sensimilla? Jefferey’s Flower and Oil in Portland, Oregon has you covered.

Jefferey’s opened in November and is planning on expanding as business grows. Right now, aside from a choice of quality cannabis, consumers can also pick up gourmet snacks and sodas.

Something New and Fresh for the Portland Cannabis Consumer

Sam Watson, the owner of Jefferey’s, says, “We wanted something new and fresh, something that would be different. As a consumer myself, I love cannabis, I almost always go somewhere to get a tasty beverage. Let’s curate some stuff that’s made here in Portland.”

Snacks at Jefferey’s include gourmet goodies such as aged Vermont cheddar and La Quercia prosciutto. Kettle Chips line snack shelves and San Pellegrino chills in the fridge. On Sample Sundays, shoppers can nibble off a meat and cheese board that sits near the register.

Oregon’s First True Cannabis Bodega

Then there’s the selection of weed. Jefferey’s is a cannabis dispensary first, after all. They’ve got a wide variety of product to choose from. Whether you prefer concentrates, flowers, tinctures, or edibles, you’re likely to find what you need at this one-stop cannabis shop.

And its affordable. Flower prices range from $4-$14 a gram for quality products. Pick up a gram after shopping for some snacks, just like you’d pick up a bottle of wine and some pasta for dinner at a “regular” grocery store.

Jefferey’s has been dubbed Portland’s first true cannabis bodega.

“If I was to compare us to anything,” says Watson, “it would be like a mini Providore with cannabis. We’re not quite there.”

There are plans however, to expand. There’s ample parking outside, something Watson wants to fill with outdoor music and Korean shaved ice during the summer. He also hopes that once business gets rolling, he can add local produce such as apple and oranges. Grab-and-go sandwiches are also part of the master plan.

“This summer, we’re going to allow people to pre-order picnic baskets online,” Watson says. “You pay for it and walk out with whatever strains and food. It’s like a grocery store, you can fill your cart up, put it in a Jeffrey’s picnic basket. You know: ‘I want some Lemon Sour Diesel, some prosciutto and some Cypress Grove cheese.’ Then you can go to the park.”

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