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Lemon Alien Dawg Is Best for Rest and Chill

The name may sound weird at first hearing.  But Lemon Alien Dawg, also known as LAD is a very good strain for people looking to de-stress.  Lemon Alien Dawg is an offspring of Chemdawg and has indica as a dominant ingredient. This strain has around 18 percent of THC.  It also has indica as an ingredient.

As the name suggests, Lemon Alien Dawg has a dominant lemon essence to it along with a sweet pine and citrus aroma. Now, that’s a scent that everyone wants a bite out of.  The taste is one of its positive aspects. The tangy swipe that it leaves in the mouth is something that people can and do like to handle.

Cannabis Flower, Lemon Alien DawgWhy Choose Lemon Alien Dawg?

Lemon Alien Dawg gives you a cheerful vibe and is best for recreation after a hard day at work. The strain may also make new users feel a bit sleepy. So, it is not suggested for someone who hasn’t yet experienced LAD and has a long day – or night – ahead. Experienced users consider LAD to be a great social strain.

The best part about LAD is that it doesn’t make the user very tired. The strain creates a general positive spirit and makes one mellow and restful. This is a great strain for anyone who’s trying to combat anxiety, any kind of anxiety. This strain is also said to be great for people looking to weave away depression.

cannabis plant (marijuana) as nice natural medical background, Lemon Alien DawgLAD also doubles up as a painkiller and for those who suffer from nausea. People who experience muscle spasms and digestive issues usually go with LAD. Others who have suffered a loss of appetite also pick up LAD.  LAD, once you are above the light drowsy feeling – is helpful in making you more focused and clear-headed.

LAD is good if you are looking for a rest, whether it is a siesta in the afternoon or an ultra-restful sleep in the night.  But, LAD isn’t something that you makes you sleep. It can also give you a light spurt of energy and calm so you can carry out simple exercise or even yoga. This indica-strain is definitely for those who have a bit of cannabis experience.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for something light and fun to do with family and friends, LAD is your friend. If you plan to hit your favorite night-spot, LAD isn’t the best cannabis strain option for you.

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