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Keys to Live Your Most Vibrant Life with Richie Jaynes

Episode 119 - Richie Jaynes

Is your health preventing you from living your life to the fullest?

Richie Jaynes has been in the fitness, health, and wellness industry for about 30 years. He also has years of business leadership and even more years of business success.

At the age of 27, he became one of the top producers in a nutrition company that has pioneered the world of Athletic and well-being supplementation.

Richie believes that we are born to live what we call a vibrant life. Along with his wife, Cindy, daughters Whitney and Kilee, they’ve created Hemp Lyfe, a world-class lifestyle CBD company to help people live better.

In this episode, Richie talks about their family’s mission and how they’re fulfilling that mission and a whole lot more, so don’t miss out!

We were not born in this world, to be born into pain, to be born to live boringly to be sitting around and not being able to enjoy life and live what we call a vibrant life. – Richie Jaynes

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

5:37 – From fitness, health, and wellness into the cannabis craze
9:24 – The ideal customers they’re attracting
13:26 – The story behind the Hemp Lyfe movement
21:21 – Entrepreneurship and the never-ending challenges
27:29 – The different marketing programs and strategies they’re utilizing
34:07 – Words of wisdom

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up, guys? Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado. Super excited to be here on another rock your socks episode of the Hemp Revolution Podcast, where we are sharing and telling the real story of cannabis and hemp through the eyes of the entrepreneurs and changemakers who are pushing this industry forward. 

As you know, it is our mission to empower you with the truth about cannabis and hemp so that you can make educated decisions about how you want to care for yourself, the people that you love, the conditions you may be suffering from, or otherwise enjoying this beautiful gift of life. 

Check us out at if you’re someone who is looking for products that you can depend on to deliver the results that you’re looking for. We’ve vetted over 2000 products in the last three years. And some of our favorite picks along with the knowledge and information that you need to use them correctly are listed on the site.

And if you’re a budding entrepreneur, or an established business owner trying to market more effectively, get some merchant processing and banking that won’t shut you down the minute you make a sale over two cents. If you are trying to figure out how to build a more important impact through your business, shoot me an email I’d love to hear your story

As you guys know, I pulled the best, the best out of the ocean, and serve it up for sushi. We got another rockin’ entrepreneur here who is out to make a difference. Our guest today has years of business leadership and even more years of business success. Richie received an athletic scholarship to play football and received his degree in Kinesiology and Sports Studies. 

Upon graduation he received a position as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at a major university down in Dallas, Texas, achieving one of his goals in life. Dallas is where my man is from so I got an affinity towards that. At the early age of 23, Rich, he still is 23. We don’t age around here, he bought one of Dallas’s top fitness and athletic sport training centers pursuing his life dreams to be called higher and pursuing his educational skills. 

At the age of 27. Richie became one of the top producers in a nutrition company that has pioneered the world of athletic and well-being supplementation. Richie has recruited and led a team of over several thousands of people and his team has generated sales in excess of several hundred million dollars. 

Richie received many awards and recognitions in his outstanding performance and became one of the top producers in that company. One of Ritchie’s highest accomplishments as being a contributing editor to a best selling book with Richard Branson called Performance 360: Special Edition: Success, receiving the honor of the National Academy of bestsellers, authors bestsellers quill award. 

Richie’s entrepreneurial spirit will not let him rest. You will find out here more in a minute. He has gone on to help create some of the most successful businesses ranging from the oil and gas industry to real estate investments to creating and formulating and starting world-class nutritional products in a company called 360RX

Richie is most proud of his latest and greatest achievement in the business world that is being able to partner and start a business called Hemp Lyfe with his family, along with his wife, Cindy, he and his two daughters Whitney and Kylie. They have created a world-class lifestyle CBD, brand, and company that is destined to change the landscape in the CBD space bringing to market its cutting edge products and helping people live a more vibrant life. 

It is their goal to help people live better, feel better, and perform better every single day with Hemp Lyfe. They are creating a movement and not just a product, join the tribe and we’ll tell you were here in just a moment. In the meantime, put your hands together and help me welcome my good friend, Richie Jaynes, how’s it going? 

Richie Jaynes: Thank you. It’s going very well. Very well. Thanks for having me out and I love sushi. So I like that part.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. Like how I fish him out and serve up in sushi. [crosstalk] You might as well just call me the most corny gal on the planet. Okay, get the butter and mail out because I am super corny and have bad jokes but a great sense of humor. Why don’t you quick and dirty for people who have not done an extensive and somewhat invasive investigation into you and your personal and professional life? Why don’t you tell everyone a little quick and dirty like a 30,000-foot view of who you are a little bit about your background and what you’re up to in the cannabis craze?

From Fitness, Health and Wellness into the Cannabis Craze

Richie Jaynes: Yeah, [inaudible] a little bit on what you read there, obviously, been in the fitness kind of health wellness space for 30 years now, 27 to 30 years. And so I do tend to think I’m still 23. My daughters keep me young. And so I have to keep up with them. But they’re not space. And so my life calling has always been to help people and always try to help people live higher, live optimally. And whether that was through fitness or whether it was through supplementation, nutrition was it be. 

My life calling has always been to help people, and always try to help people live higher, live optimally. - Richie Jaynes Click To Tweet

That’s always been my calling because one thing we believe in getting into the whole, our hip life kind of theme and motto is that, you know, and I’ll always wave this, that we were not born in this world, to be born into pain, to be born to live boringly to be sitting around and not being able to enjoy life and live what we call a vibrant life. And a lot of times people in our society don’t do that today Sonia, they are sitting around because they’re in pain they are they’re not where they need to be health-wise. 

So what I’ve always learned is that we always need a little bit of edge out there we need help it back and whether it’s through supplementation and or our great new discovery of this day and age to CBD and hemp oil and things like that. We need that help. And so I’ve always out and have always been the person in the forefront trying those things out and looking for that next wave or that next thing that’s going to be able to help someone out. And so that’s kind of been my life calling 

My family is really right along the same lines with us. we are all very health-oriented, very fitness oriented. We like to live at a very high level and be able to perform at a very high level. And that’s what we believe in. And we want to share that passion that we have because we want our friends and our family to enjoy and to experience what we are experiencing. 

Because one thing we also don’t like to do as a society is that we’d like to go things. We want people to come along with us. And how bad is it when you’re able to go and do all these things, whether it’s skiing, rock climbing, water skiing, snowboarding, whatever it may be, but your friends and family can’t join you because, from a health perspective, they’re not up to it. 

And so we want to bring people along with us and that’s why we say live about life. Join the tribe, because we believe people also want to be a part of something. They want to be a part of a movement, they want to be a part of a team. And that kind of goes back to my beginnings. And from the genesis of where I started in sports, and as a coach, and as a collegiate coach. We know people will be a part of the team. There’s something magical about that team. And that team is actually your tribe. And so that’s where we are today. And we’re excited to talk about hip life and talk about that today.

Sonia Gomez: I love that you guys are specifically a lifestyle brand. There’s so many companies that come online who are trying to solve a specific problem, which I think is really good, but it’s also good to have an amazing lifestyle. However, that can get pretty convoluted. Isn’t an amazing lifestyle for a millennial is an amazing lifestyle for a senior citizen? Are we socially active as a cougar? 

This is something that I think a lot of brands have trouble with. So I’d love to understand a little bit about your brand and the specific demographic that you are working towards and working with, I think you guys have done a great job with your brand, the look the feel the image, would love to test and try some of the products. But I’m always confused and always want to make sure to ask brands that’s really, really, clearly who is your target market and how well does your brand connect and communicate with your target market?

The Ideal Customers They’re Attracting

Richie Jaynes: Well, you know, that’s really an open-ended question. As much as we like to try to dictate what that is, the market dictates that for you, and what we’re finding right now is that our brand is really attractive to a broad range of individuals. I would say right now, we are really from the 27 age bracket up to right now I would say about the 50 something to 55 age bracket. I notice a wide range, but that’s a very active range, age bracket as well.

And so, when we say lifestyle, what we mean by lifestyle is this, it goes back to what I was just saying. lifestyle has to do with how you’re living, and whether you’re able to do things and not do things. And what we’re finding, again with people today and from my experience in fitness and health and wellness, is that you know what good people are working harder and harder today, Sonia, they are working so hard. They’re working ourselves to death. And I have a saying, What good is your wealth without your health? 

And so we also like to talk to people, we want to try to be preventative. And so, yes, do we want to track the older age bracket? And could these products benefit them? Absolutely. My dad, who’s in his 70s has changed his life with these products. And honestly, when we began this journey, never my wildest dreams that I thought that my dad and his wife and their friends, would be some of our biggest buyers because we don’t really market to that but it’s naturally been attracted to us because these guys didn’t take care of themselves now they’re coming back and finding that CBD is a great viable option for them to go do the thing.

My dad, you know he lives on a ranch I’m in Texas. I’m in Austin, Texas right now is where we live. And so, you know, my dad lives up in the Fort Worth area and he has Ranch, he has horses and they like to ride and he wasn’t as healthiest and so that right there means to more to me than anything. But I would say when we say lifestyle, we’re talking about you live in a vibrant lifestyle. And what we mean by that is an active lifestyle. Because active will help create you to be a better person. And we know that people want to be active.

And again, it goes back to these people are working so hard, that they’re not able to enjoy their wealth because they don’t feel good. And so what that’s what we mean by lifestyle, and so we want to create this lifestyle movement from a health perspective if that makes sense. So that kind of answer your question?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, absolutely. I think it’s a great thing. If there’s one thing I understand it’s building– and you’re probably one of the only people I think that has made sure to define really clearly in their bio that this is about creating a movement, more so than pushing product. And, and I really enjoyed that about how– when doing my investigation and fishing you out, I was finding that a lot of folks, especially you, you guys, you guys, and your brand really clearly communicated the mission to build a community and a tribe around what you were doing. And one of the things that caught my attention pre-interview was how you said, you know, separate from the product, it’s really our story that sets us apart.

And not everybody understands the power of the story. However, you’ve achieved really incredible success in your other businesses and industries. So talk to me a little bit about your guys’ story, what is the story of your brand in your business? What is it about your story that you think sets you apart or makes such a powerful impact? And in that we’ll identify the thing that []that invokes people to take action to move with you and to become a part of your guys’ mission.

The Story behind the Hemp Lyfe Movement

Richie Jaynes: Yeah, so it goes kind of back to my whole entire history, being involved with sales and being involved in companies and building companies. And one thing I’ve learned about people is this. People would rather buy from people that they don’t know. Okay, and rather than go to just a generic website and go to a website, very large corporation, type website, it’s very corporate looking and all those other things and buy from them, which I’m no,t knocking them their product or product is really great. And usually, one thing I’ve learned over the course of the years is people from people they know. 

And so our story is about our family. Our story with Hemp Lyfe is about who we are and what we are and what we’re about. And our stories about how we began in the genesis of this entire concept of Hemp Lyfe and how it all began was we began in our living room with me, my wife, and my two daughters. And it happened kind of haphazardly and I’m going to take you back a little bit so just bear with me on this because this kind of evolved into who we are and why we became what we became today. 

And the story I’m relating to other individuals as well too because that’s one thing where your stories relate to people. Facts, just tell people and one thing I know about this and whether it’s CBD or whether it’s nutritional products or whether it may be people really honestly the other day don’t care really about the highly technical aspects of things and how you’re necessarily your product was processed through this high tech chromotherapy three-step process through remediation, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

I can probably with all these great big words, right? But really, what’s the wanting to know what your day is, it’s safe, and does it work. And what are you about? Who are you? What’s behind the curtain? And so that’s what we want to do. And so really how Hemp Lyfe began was because Have you heard my history and nutrition and fitness and all of us involved in that, one thing that we have always been as a family too is we’ve always been into, let’s say, advanced therapies, modalities, always research and looking out for different things for healing, and how we are ourselves whether it’s different types of therapies, or whether it’s different types of machines, whatever it is to help us feel better. 

And so, a few years ago, my wife, Cindy, who is a co-founder and partner with me in this, her mother became ill. She got ill with cancer. She got she developed multiple myeloma, and so which is a blood cancer and that is a non-curative type cancer. Immediately my wife went into research mode, trying to find things, what can I do as any level would do right to help her mother Susan, try to live a more colorful life and maybe try to help her just live a more vibrant life because anytime you get cancer and you know and usually when you’re up to there in age, you’re really stuck in your ways as far as your eating habits and you know, as far as what to follow doctor’s orders and what they do and so forth, and everything else. 

So when your cancer you’re going through chemotherapy and all these other things, you don’t feel well right and so we and Cindy as loving her mother’s, but she did just wanted to find a way to help her mother live better. So naturally, she went into research mode and started finding things. The two things that she personally sought and found was cannabis and CBD. And so she helped her mother with cannabis but her mother, you know, obviously I’m sure you guys are people who your audience is listening, maybe experienced this as well. And I’m a big fan of cannabis as well and so as my wife, but her mother just wasn’t at her age, she just didn’t like the way it made her feel. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, 

Richie Jaynes: And so we kept trying to say this is the best option for you. But she goes, I don’t care. You know, they’re stuck in their ways, right? So she says, I don’t care. I just don’t like the way it makes you feel. I’m not going to do it. And so CBD was the next best option, and the best option, and she liked it. And we were personally experimenting with CBD and full-spectrum hemp oil and things like that as well too. And from an active lifestyle for us, for me, my main goal is I’m gonna share with you real quick what I would always look for out again looking for that edge because I work out very, very hard. 

I pushed myself I grind really, really hard. Just like a lot of people that grind hearts. My body was ran run down, I was looking for something recovering. And it was really helping me I was waking up feeling better. So Susan was feeling better. And we go okay, so she continued on and so Fast forward. We were sitting around and her mother did lose her battle with cancer eventually and went on. 

And so, after that happened, we were kind of sitting around the living room, maybe a few months after she had passed, and just basically, you know, because we are as a family entrepreneurial spirit. I don’t know who it was, but someone we were just talking about [inaudible], I don’t know, really what the conversation about, but the word or the phrase goes, why don’t we start a CBD company since it was such a great, you know, impact on our family’s life. And we have such an emotional attachment to it. Why don’t we do that because really, if you’re emotionally attached to something and you’ve got a passion about it, you can drive it to the moon? 

And so I looked at my wife, my two girls and which ones 21, 27. And I said, not a bad idea, and I just kind of put my head down and I said I’ll get going on it. I’ll start doing some research, I started looking at some things, start reaching out some business partners and some business people will Lord me, lo and behold, several weeks later, we get a phone call from a relative going, Hey, I thought of you guys. And, you know, I thought that you know, I know how much you guys love CBD and cannabis and your experience with it and your success with marketing and your success with your past business was selling. I want to introduce you to someone, I want to introduce you to a guy that’s a manufacturer, he’s in the CBD space. And I think you too, could really hook up and really mixed up and go at it. And that was the birth and that was the genesis of us getting started in the CBD space. And so that’s how we started. 

And that’s why we started Hemp Lyfe and we want others to experience and come along for the ride and join our tribe with us as well too and have the same passion and emotional attachment. So when you’re coming to Hemp Lyfe, we feel Emotionally here, we want to be emotionally attached to you, we want to know our story. When you go to our site, you want to see, you know, those are first stock pictures, that’s us. I mean, you know, majority of that pictures on there is, you know, my daughter’s my wife, me, and we’re going to be getting more up there, we’re going to be rotating them in and out because, again, you know who you’re doing business with. And that’s who Hemp Lyfe is.

Sonia Gomez: I love it so much. I’m like over here you’re checking out your website. Like it’s just I think you guys have such a great thing going on here. But it’s not everything is sunshine and rainbows and being in this space, we know that there’s more than your fair share of challenges that we are confronted with on a daily basis. Like today, for instance, I’m going through a significant audit with my bank because, for some reason, they’re confused that I’m an ancillary business and not in fact selling any product. 

And they shut down all of my cards and they’ve shut down all of my money and they’re threatening to hold it and all of this stuff. And it doesn’t faze me at all because I’ve been in this space for long enough to know like, yeah, whatever, they’re gonna do their thing. But that could really freak somebody out who’s not used to it, you know? 

Richie Jaynes: Yeah. 

Sonia Gomez: What for you have been some of the biggest challenges in building and growing your company.

Entrepreneurship and the Never-Ending Challenges

Richie Jaynes: Well, let me first say, guys, you know, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Okay? You need to have a backbone. And but don’t quit, don’t ever, ever quit. You have to push through when the pain is the most and push through the pain. Because there’s going to be hiccups. There’s going to be roadblocks. We’re not where we want to be. We’re not even close to where we want to be. And so for me to sit here and paint like it’s all leprechauns and rainbows would be I’ll be an absolute lie to you guys because it’s not. There’s been a lot of hiccups. There’s been a lot of roadblocks potholes along the way, and there still are 

battling to this day. 

I would say some of our biggest challenges for us personally, I would say, you know, from, you know, out of the gates, you know, getting the right product, getting the right manufacturers in place, getting the right relationships in place. And trusting people, I mean, quite honestly, there’s not a lot of trustworthy people out there, and you need to do your homework, and you need to make sure that, you know, your, it’s all about the relationship in the day for me personally, that’s what it means more to me than anything. 

There's not a lot of trustworthy people out there, and you need to do your homework. - Richie Jaynes Click To Tweet

And so it was coming out of gates and really kind of get it going. And then from there, you know, obviously, you know, finding out that you think you had things built right to think of things that your website was what it’s supposed to be and what I mean by that not look at it, guys, there’s so much more to a website, and when you see the front side of it, there’s the back end things. There’s the SEO and there’s the tracking, there is you know, there is keywords, there’s there is all kinds of systems and things in place in order to make things which I had no clue about, you know, there are so many unforeseen things that pop up as an entrepreneur. 

And I just got finished reading, you know, Fertitta‘s book, which is he owns Golden Nugget. He owns Landry’s, he owns all these books, which I highly encourage all of you guys to read his book, and it’s called Shut Up and Listen. And he just says that he’s not sure you’d be you’ll be fooling yourself not to think that you’re not gonna have always unforeseen type circumstances pop up in your face. You just need to be prepared and don’t quit and push through them. And you’re not really done. You’re done. You’re not done. And when you need to shut the doors, you’re not done until they actually put the padlocks and locks on your doors. You can’t open your doors anymore. That’s when you’re done. But until then you keep going. 

And so for us, that’s what it’s like. Guys, don’t get me wrong, I wake up and I quit for about five, and then I’m on Monday. And so yes, there’s a lot of success. But guys, don’t think for one second that you’re entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of failures. with it too, you just don’t see those things. You don’t see the hard you don’t see behind the curtain stuff. And that’s what entrepreneurship is. You see the polished look, a lot of times, and especially today’s and I battled this with, with my younger daughter today, especially in today’s media world, all you’re seeing is glitz and glamour. 

You only see the good parts of people. You don’t see the hard work. you don’t see the grind, you know, the rapper live and come from, you know, the hood, and street gangs and guns and violence and all these other things. And the singer who had to sing in nightclubs for 15 years before 20 years before he got that one record deal is done out of a smoky you know, club and bam he hits you think oh, it’s an overnight success. Yeah, his overnight system 15 years. 

So what you see today with his life and what you see with us today is basically it’s been 27 years in the making, is what it is. And so I share that with your audience going hey, if you’re out there, and you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, guys, buckle up Get your bootstraps on and just no but have the passion and have passion and courage about what you want to go do. And don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it because there will be so many naysayers out there because they’re not doing it. You know, if you don’t have any haters, you need to get some because haters, go get some haters in your life.

Sonia Gomez: You need to step your game. [crosstalk] if nobody’s hating on you. Nobody’s noticing you either. 

Richie Jaynes: Literally, man. I mean, tell you what you got no haters doing. You ain’t moving. You’re not making wikis, you know, people are talking about you, then you’re not doing anything. That’s what I always think about it. I mean, hey, I don’t care. Hey, give me negativity. That’s fine because that means I’m shaking your world is what it means. means that I’m never heard of you. And so that’s where we’re at today. So yeah, absolutely. 

Today I’m still dealing with some stuff here today with a couple not necessarily merchant accounts, but we’re We seem to be fine right now knock on wood, all that and but there’s some other little things we’ve been looking at working on for the last two weeks just when you think you got things going, baam, you know. And so I’m always hoping and praying for that day that we get. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes. Well, I’ve been in this for a long time so I can tell you what smooth sailing is not– If the roads are not bumpy, be suspicious in this industry. You got to be suspicious if the roads aren’t bumping around because there’s just so many for, first of all, we’re a self-regulating industry. So it’s really tough to understand like, you know, it’s really tough to especially if you’re coming from outside of this industry, you think like Okay, great, I follow the checklist of things that I need to do now to be compliant. However, in 24 hours, in 24 days, in 90 days, in 90 minutes so you don’t know something else is going to change in the new release will come out. All the money that you just spent getting compliant is going to be obsolete because you’re gonna have to do that shit again. So just like, I can’t agree more, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. 

If the roads are not bumpy, be suspicious in this industry. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

Talk to me a little bit about your marketing, what do you you know, I know that you guys have some background in it, you got a great family going on there. Your girls are a fantastic age to tap into the millennial superpowers. What are some of the most effective strategies that you’re using to connect and communicate with your audience right now? And how are you marketing your business?

The Different Marketing Programs and Strategies They’re Utilizing

Richie Jaynes: Well, there’s a few different avenues we’re looking to market our business. when I started this business, one of the market avenues channels we want to utilize was an affiliate. So we have an affiliate side to our ideal, which again, it goes back to, you know, people would rather buy from people they know and your best form of advertisement is your best customers and your best customers are going to share their information with people. So our affiliate program, I’m very, very high on I think eventually it’s going to be our largest sales channel. Because again, happy customer sharing formation right and so it’s with anything in life you always hear about whenever you go to a good restaurant or whenever you experience something positive in your life you’re going to share. 

Well, we did you part of the financial equation now we’re going to pay you 20% on whatever people whenever they use your link, you know you’re going to get a percent of whatever product they go to your link and buy. We’re going to reward that, you know, and so it’s a good way to make a little side money if you have something you’re interested in. So our affiliate link, our affiliate channel is one of our ways of marketing. And again, very, very high on that. 

Another way we’re marketing which I’ll share with your audience, and again, I know you got people all over the world. Being Texas is one of the most incredible cities in the entire world. It is very, let’s say robust and is very, let’s say, advanced and different walks of life here. It is an outdoor type of city. So everybody’s outdoors here. So if you’ve never been asked this, I just worked for the Bureau of visitors now just for you. So [inaudible], this, what we’re doing here is we are getting very involved in the community, as well. 

So we’re doing a lot of outreach and collabs with type shots in business [inaudible] here in Austin. Austin is also not a very chain type city where you don’t find a lot of chain restaurants. But you find a lot of great our businesses, they’re usually locally own type businesses, things like that, but there are a few here and so, we’re getting out and we’re like last weekend we were at a company called barcode, which is kind of a fitness place for bar barcode. They’re all over there out of Chicago originally. So we did a collab with them a couple of weekends. Before that, we were at another fitness place there. 

Tonight we’re going into another kind of fitness type studio because that’s two we tend to really relate to a lot. Again going back to that health approach, you know, wellness approach, helping people live healthy and this is a great value add to their lifestyle. So that’s one of our net and we also have a natural relationship, a lot of people in that space already so it’s what I like to call the low hanging fruit for us right now. But we’re doing that tonight here in Austin, Texas next weekend. So also in Austin, there’s a lot of festivals going on. You know you have Austin City Limits

Next week start South by Southwest which is a very large one right so next week we are collabing with the TOMS store here in town, you know the TOMS Shoes, right. So where there’s a tom store here, so we’re going to be setting up shop at the Tom store next Saturday. I think it’s next Saturday. I think it is yeah. Next and where we’re going to have kind of a table set up but we’re going to be in there in the morning time and so we’re going to be having we’re going to probably have some other things like Bloody Marys, that CBD Bloody Mary there CBD. There’s a local company here called Deep Eddy Vodka, which is a very popular vodka that’s made here in Austin. It’s pretty well known. We’re going to be serving like different types of grapefruit vodka infused. Okay, so we’re going to have some festivities going on there, things like that. So that’s another way that we’re marketers get out of [unintelligible]. 

Then obviously, your traditional ways of marketing we’ve partnered up with one of the most incredible people in the entire world that is handling our online marketing stance goes back so we’re doing your traditional online marketing for that, and starting to drive traffic obviously, as we all know, we’re very much handicapped in that particular space. we’re pretty much hamstring. our wrists are tied when it comes to social media marketing, stuff like that. 

So we’ve brought her on board to be able to help us navigate those waters. And so those are our ways of how we’re actually trying to To market but we the most fun part about the market is the first two that I said, you know, being able to be involved in the community and then touching people and, and again, it goes back to you know, hey, we’re a transparent company, what you see is what you get.

Sonia Gomez: I love it. I tend to be somebody who’s really activated by being in person with folks as well. So that sounds like you guys are doing some cool stuff and I love the infused beverage. And I just I was actually talking with a girl who’s actually has a CBD-infused like mixers for drinks. And it’s such a cool concept. They were recently listed inside of the Oscars bags and all that so it’s pretty cool stuff out there. And I love that you have somebody helping you navigate the waters of social media marketing. It is a treacherous thing and that’s one of the areas where we’ve been really successful. So I know how difficult it can be for sure. 

You know, you have given so much value and just every single time you answer a question, you’re definitely giving a huge amount of value on the back end. And I’m super grateful for that. And this is an extra chance for you to just share your words of wisdom. You’ve built tremendous success in multiple planes. Sounds like network marketing has been a part of your fabric as well, which I believe is a really powerful tool for testing and trying, you know, your sales skills, your community building, how you connect and collaborate with a team. 

And I’d love to hear from you, what would be one or two key pieces of advice that you would offer the budding entrepreneur getting involved with this space? Like I said, You’ve already given so much, but just really concentrated. There’s lots of people who are asking how can I use my current skill sets or my network or you know, what kind of skill sets do I need to have to be successful here? What would be some key pieces of advice that you could offer a budding entrepreneur so that they can make those quantum leaps and avoid the many potential pitfalls?

Words of Wisdom

Richie Jaynes: Yeah, wow. Don’t give me a number in case it doesn’t work out, right? No, on a serious note, I think two things that come to mind. I look back over my career is to be authentic, be real. You know, relationships are everything. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And, and that’s becoming more and more valuable in today’s society with our millennials and people like that. 

I have a degree and quite frankly, I never used it. So, I think personally, seriousness, but it’s about who do you know? Because everything I’ve gotten today and where I’ve gotten to today has been really through a relationship. So, build your relationships and value them is the number one thing number two is to be authentic. Be real, be passionate. Know what you want. Have your vision and I will say this having vision of what you want, your vision will create your passion and your passion then will lead to creating a safe environment for you to go take a calculated risk. So vision leads the passion, passion, then we’ll allow you to take a calculated risk. 

And so those are things I will share, you know, just really on the cusp here about I think what you need as far as the fabric you need and the foundation you need in order to become an entrepreneur and go for it. And action cures everything. Massive action cures all problems, and sales cure all problems. And you know, one thing I’ll say is this as well too. For anybody who tells you money is not important, then I would say then try to keep your lights on without it. Try to put food on the table without it. Try to keep sneakers on your kid’s feet without it. 

You know Also that it was not important to preach but asking for it on Sundays because it is important it [crosstalk]. You know, it’s important. And you need always ask yourself every day when you wake up, the first question you ask yourself and your feet hit the floor, who’s got my money? Who’s got it, and go for it. And you just, oh, passion, be authentic, be real build relationships, that you know, have a vision about what you want. And then you know, and that’s going to create your passion that’s going to create the environment for you to go take calculated risks.

Sonia Gomez: Such good advice, I almost have nothing to add to it. But I will bring one thing just for saving face and making sure that I still feel smart in your company. I’ll just piggyback off of what you’re saying because I think the importance of a vision I absolutely love that you started there because that’s really at the very beginning right there. The reason why we do anything is the reason why we stay in anything. Right? And I think people are always thinking about the what. What are we going to launch? And is it going to be a clothing line as a product line as a service? They always thinking about the what? And then and then they’re thinking about the who are we going to sell this to her who’s going to help me do this, do this job, but everything that you do the who, what, where, when, how is all fueled by the why. And if you have yourself a very clear, big picture, vision, and mission that’s associated with that, it’s pretty easy to enroll the team to attract the customers to attract the type of partners that you want to work with and build success with.

The reason why we do anything, is the reason why we stay in anything. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

Without having a really solid vision. You are going to be left continuously having to sell your idea and that’s a pretty big difference. A vision for a company is what enrolls any network marketing company that you’ll ever think of no matter how many times you hear that the model is a scam. You will see 500,000 people lifted up into any one of these MLM that you can doTERRA freaking Nerium, whatever, you have to think of these guys enroll thousands and thousands and thousands of people. Why? Because they have a superior product? No. In a lot of cases, they have a subpar product because they need to build in five to 10 x margins on what they’re doing. 

However, the vision is so clearly defined, and the pathway to success is so clearly defined, that it’s pretty tough to get away from it. It’s so intoxicating that you feel like anything is possible and you’re willing to pay or play at any level so that you can be a part of that mission and see that vision come to fruition. 

So it’s a very similar thing when you’re starting your own business having a very clear vision, and having a reason why you do what you do the way that you do it that sets you apart more than your product could ever do. So I just really encourage you to spend 80% of your time defining what that is, what kind of change you want to make, and how you want to make that change. Who are the people that you want to serve? And what problem do you want to solve with what product or with what service is going to be the thing that sets you apart?

And at the end of the day, remember that it’s not about what you do, but who you are, that will make you stand out. Spend time defining and developing your story and the skills to tell it in a way that captures, connects, and ultimately converts your clients or your listeners into customers for your business. That’s my words of advice. Where can folks find you if They’re interested in following your or joining your mission, being a part of your movement and testing and trying your product?

Richie Jaynes: Yes, you’re going to go to That’s And check us out. We’d love to have you on board with us. Be involved. Join our tribe lives a vibrant life, guys. You know, one thing we know is this, it’s about it’s our story to share it with you. Our product is just a vehicle to help you experience what we’re experiencing. And so we believe in our products, you know, that’s a given. We believe it’s really good. We believe it helps people. And if you’re in a need of a position of wanting help, need, we’re here for you on that. And that’s our mission. That’s our purpose in life is to share our story and for you to experience what we’re experiencing. And our product is the connection for that. And it’s

Sonia Gomez: Love it. Hey guys, for those of you who are tuning in all the social media handles and websites, will be listed around this episode I invite you now to like and share this episode and tag five of your friends or family that you know this will make a difference for. As you know, you are the biggest part of the difference that we are able to make in the world and because you like and share content like this because you take action. When I asked you to and participate at the highest level, we have been able to impact over 200 million people’s lives around the world and I asked you once again for your support and continuing to transform the way that we talk about and think about cannabis and hemp in our families and communities. 

As you know it is our mission to empower you with the truth about cannabis. Check us out at for some easy to digest information on the subject. And if you’re a budding entrepreneur or business owner in this space, shoot me a message We’d love to hear your story and find out more about your business and the way that you are creating change in this incredible world. I’m your hostess with the mostess I’m e-commerce, and this is The Hemp Revolution. We’ll see you on our next show, guys, thank you so much for being on with me today, Richie.

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