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Joe Rogan Talks Weed: 3 Must-Watch Joe Rogan Interviews About Marijuana

Joe Rogan is a comedian, actor and podcast host who has taken the world by storm. Rogan was once quoted as saying, “When someone comes along and expresses him or herself as freely as they think, people flock to it. They enjoy it.”

Express himself freely he does. He covers all kinds of topics in his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, cannabis included.

3 Must-See Joe Rogan Interviews About Marijuana

CBD Oil and Marijuana Propaganda

Joe Rogan talks the health benefits of CBD oil and the anti-marijuana propaganda that still affects our society. Rogan says the American public has been hoodwinked by the propaganda of pot prohibition. Talks about William Randall Hearst and the real reasons behind the roots of marijuana prohibition that began in the 1930s.

Joe Rogan vs. Steven Crowder

Watch Joe Rogan go head to head about cannabis with Steven Crowder, American-Canadian conservative political commentator and comedian.A truly heated argument over medical marijuana, Big Pharma, and many things in between.

Joe Rogan Talks About How Marijuana Makes Everything Better

In this podcast episode, Joe Rogan talks about how marijuana makes everything better. We couldn’t agree with him more.

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