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Is CBD really an Effective Option to Manage Chronic Conditions or Balance Health? with Hui Ma and Marshall Getto

Hui Ma and Marshal Getto

Freed is committed to providing the highest quality organic broad spectrum CBD products on the marketplace. Freed was designed to be a reliable force in the chaotic world providing people who seek relief using CBD and other natural products with a healthy, safe and natural solution. Run by husband and wife, Hui Ma and Marshall Getto.

Let’s all hear from this successful tag-team how CBD helped them get satisfactory results from their health conditions and by helping as many people as possible by creating the best possible CBD products.

Sometimes taking that more slow, deliberate path and approach is the way you have to go to end up with the right result. – Marshall Getto

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

2:45 – Humble beginnings in the CBD industry
12:19 – Personal experiences with CBD
20:58 – Biggest challenges in building their brand
34:49 – Words of wisdom
45:42 – Where to find them

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up guys, Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado super excited to be here with you on another episode of The Hemp Revolution Podcast where we are committed and super excited to share the stories and journeys behind the entrepreneur or people behind the brands and products. products that we know and love. As you know it is our mission to empower you with the truth about cannabis and hemp so that you can make educated so that you can make educated decisions about how you want to care for yourself, the people that you love and the conditions that you may be suffering from or otherwise preserve your already incredibly healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day, this is all about how we can thrive instead of survive. So if you are a person looking for products that you can depend on to deliver the results that you are looking for, check us out at medicalsecrets.com. And if you are a budding entrepreneur or an existing brand, who are hitting bottlenecks in your business with merchant processing, banking, advertising, manufacturing, stable supply chain distribution, any of the above key necessities that you need to grow your business, we are here to help check us out at theemeraldcircle.com for tools, tips, tricks, resources and relationships you can use to break through the glass ceilings. 

In today’s episode, we are going to be talking to probably one of the best branding companies that I have seen in the CBD space. Thus far, Freed is committed to providing the highest quality organic broad spectrum CBD products on the marketplace. Freed was designed to be a reliable force in the chaotic world providing people who seek relief using CBD and other natural products with a healthy, safe and natural solution. Run by husband and wife, team Marshall and [crosstalk] Getto, super excited to have you guys on thank you so much for being here.

Marshall Getto: We’re really happy to join you.

Hui Ma: Thank you for having us. 

Humble Beginnings in the CBD Market

Sonia Gomez: Yes, of course. Why don’t you guys take a moment and share with me a little bit about Freed, and what’s your background first of all, and how did you end up in the CBD space?

Marshall Getto: That’s a really great question. So I think basically we met about almost seven years ago. And then, and fell in love and got married and soon after we decided to start a business together. So we started a business based on something that we were passionate about. And and at that time it was basically I’d quit smoking after 20 years trying to improve my health. And you know, obviously be a good husband. So we actually started with like smoking cessation or vaping devices. So that’s where we kind of came from an art background was that industry. Over the course of the years, we started having family members who had health issues that were related to, that they could treat with cannabis. 

So, my father is a great example, who at the time was 83 years old. This is in 2017. And he had pretty debilitating arthritis. And so he tried a whole host of solutions from his doctor prescription you know, both ingestible prescriptions as well as topical prescriptions. And none of them were really giving him the relief that he was seeking. I mean, he still took him you know, he couldn’t get out of his car normally he couldn’t chase around our kids and, and it was being It was really impairing his quality of life. So, he came to me one day and said, Hey, someone in my coffee group told me I should look into something called you know, he called it CDB. I think I know what you’re talking about dad, let me look into it for you. And we’d already been doing a little bit of research backs we found it fascinating. Just watching the both anecdotal stories and the research started to play out on cannabinoids and we realized there’s real opportunity there right away.

Hui Ma: Yeah. So from me my background you know 7 years ago and met my lovely husband. So you know, I’m new immigration came here. So when came into the US sighs there’s a lot of opportunities, my culture, you know, all the, you know Chinese people, you know, we, when I leave the safe very high pressure, I’m very busy you know and you’re always looking for how you buy, you know how you make your life is better. So when I came here I see so many opportunities. The reason we started our first business because, you know, I saw Marshall, he tried to create a small team, I asked him What’s that? What’s have you use? [inaudible] the smaller device make me scared. I said oh, you know, exactly something he used to [inaudible] I was after, you know, we have this open conversation. I know. Okay, that’s great. He’s trying to play this small team. So when, you know what, after we married and we have to, you know, fight very hard and to build our life together. 

So the big motivation is we really love each other, we want to make sure in the future our lives will stay happy here and healthy. So, the reason we started this business and for me personally is everything we do we always see the value for life and what it can bring people to improve their health. So, a few years later, we see because our family members so we see this opportunity, and at first, my husband candidate idea, talk about the noise start to do CBD business, from my culture, and we think everything. From my understanding is marijuana, everything related with marijuana is [inaudible] I was really scared, I say no, we are not going to do this, you know, that, you know, Marshall has a premium knowledge, you know, he did a lot of research and you know, I know there’s, when you call CBD is a purely, you know nothing can make you high. So I’m really into that, and also he helps me you know to educate and understand what is a CBD. That’s how we start.

The big motivation is we really love each other, and we want to make sure in the future our lives will stay happy here. - Hui Ma Click To Tweet

Marshall Getto: So and at that point at that point we went to some workshops and conventions during 2017 and just purely tried to like immerse ourselves in the education that was happening. A lot of people were partaking in and trying to just get better understanding of how we could be part of kind of broader movement. And that’s basically how we got started. So we want to kind of get going in 2018, which we did and you know, took a long time to work, find the right base and partners, whether from extraction side and processing side and everything else and just trying to bring a really holistic and organic product market as much as possible. So it’s it’s been a it’s been a great journey so far and where it’s just it’s just starting to really take off. So it’s pretty, pretty exciting. And then as we were going through and testing components of the products we’re developing in a Quay found that she as a stressed out working mother of two that she actually found a lot of utility for CBD as well. 

Sonia Gomez: I bet she did. I did do. I was like, I mean, I really struggled after having my baby. First of all, great story. I’m like, I could not be more in love with the husband and wife team because I work with my husband too. And even though there are moments where I chased him around the kitchen with a frying pan, the core of our relationship is really, you know, how much we love each other and what kind of life we want to build for our family and what kind of legacy we want to live in the way of education and knowing that we created a massive impact. So I love hearing your guys’s story and I love how you weave in, you know, the core of your goal and your mission, which is stemming from the love you have for one another and the love you have for people. You know the health that you want to experience in your own lives and in the lives of your family, but also how you want to help replicate that inside of your community and with further outreach for your company, I think is really, really sweet. 

So thank you for sharing that with me. And I’ll tell you, I can relate to the feeling of being since you mentioned it, to be stressed, you know, overworked, overtired Mama, and trying to figure out, you know, what can I use to manage my stress or manage my anxiety or boosts my energy when I need it. That’s not going to create some other side effects, or a high peak of energy and a low crash like coffee would do, or you know, any of these other extracts that I was taking. CBD has been and cannabis both I use both, you know, cannabis more so in the evening time high CBD strains, and then CBD, generally non THC during the day. So I think it’s just so multifaceted and I think people are using it for all different reasons. And from the feedback that I get from my community, the things that I was never even expected to work for. I get incredible testimony on how it’s helping them. So every day I get educated by my clients. And every day, I get a little bit more inspired by what’s possible working with this plant medicine. I come from California, where cannabis culture was thriving. I’m from, you know, the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, Santa Cruz, like cannabis culture is thriving there. And a lot of people believe that hemp quote-unquote is for building materials and clothing. Not necessarily for health products, right.

Marshall Getto: We’re obviously, we’re based in California and, you know, and we, I, you know, but we’re and we start our business in Southern California, and I moved down here from Oakland, and I was born in San Francisco. But there is, I mean, I think there’s a shift there, you know, over time, it’s interesting though seeing where the major hemp grows are because it’s not necessarily in California in America. But uh, but ya know, I think that’s interesting, but I think Quay, you know, she just kind of hit the nail on the head earlier with the experiences we had with coming around the CBD as well with in her life.

Personal Health Experiences with CBD

Hui Ma: Yeah so you know, the CBD, you know, I personally use it for everything. I really want to share you know, when my really touch moment, when we run into companies and the personal for me, you know, also have two kids struggling at home. So wwhen I started using the CBD is really totally different, different mood for me. So, first, at a daytime, you know, there’s so many things on your list every day. So I, start to use like the vape [inaudible] CBD because that’s when you can, after you use can [inaudible] very fast and keep me very very narrow you know, and it’s really surprising. I have 100 things on my list. I get it down with my ready relaxed, happy mood–

Marshall Getto: And I don’t get chased around the kitchen with a frying pan as much–

Sonia Gomez: Maybe I need to up my dose

Marshall Getto: As much it still happens don’t [inaudible]

Hui Ma: So that’s my routine look like. By when I arrive at home, we have a toddler and we have a baby at home once we pick up from daycare first thing right home you know struggling to cooking, prepare everything. But you know I use CBD to make me feel everything is much smoother, and you don’t feel that emotion is struggling. I just feel things get done in a very happy way. So, after you know, I put a kid to sleep you know I [inaudible] it’s just the emotion to make me happy, very happy way and not cry. Because you know, I just think that you know if everyday is challenged as mom you challenge about your family and you know also as a full time working on a challenge about your business running. So, in a way, after that moment I just hold my baby, all my thinking is so positive. I just focused on the moment I think how lucky I am. I really appreciate what we have today. We have so beautiful, lovely healthy kids. So I just think about the daily challenge, financially, you’re working, as a mom, you’re also struggling. It’s not the point I focus on, I’m more focused on happiness by positive side and you make me feel, very motivate. Every single way hold on my little baby see he’s sleeping, I think I say okay, that’s my big motivation that’s, every side you know because a woman is always the emotion that you know when I have a feeling I know that’s the CBD power. So, yeah–

Marshall Getto: So I mean, as you can see, like, you know, we’ve definitely kind of going back to what you also mentioned earlier, you know, we had these really positive experiences in our own lives with our like, with my father, now he can get out of his car like a normal person and chase around his grandkids and, you know, ways, definitely experienced a lot of positivity from her life, even as we were kind of experimenting with prototyping our products. And then when we, the more research we’ve done, it just more exciting it is because you talked about kind of bringing that passion and love out to the community. I mean, it’s like we follow constantly all the new research is happening on so many different fronts, you know, with CBD and cannabinoids and how they’re being used to treat such a huge range of issues. And, you know, I just spent probably about– 

Basically, had our kids pediatrician, call me to ask if I talked to one of his patient’s mother’s about her autistic daughter and kind of walk her through some of the research that we found. And you know, and that was, I like cleared my calendar for that call because that to me that one call it was the best thing I’ve done all week. Listening to her story about her really sweet daughter Sarah and all the challenges that they have and you know, her information and they just wrapped up a great that just wrapped up, I recently wrapped up a great 60 person like 60 child study in Israel of autistic children and that’s the first real human study that’s been done everything else has been with you know, nonhuman study and it’s pretty exciting I mean, that’s and of course there’s all the analytical or individual cases you can find video evidence of and you know, listen to parents stories about but you know, I’m just hearing the hope in her voice for something that could help her with serious issues as you know, that’s kind of what we wake up for every day now and being able to bring that kind of, do our part to try and bring that kind of good products and reliable, relief to people, that’s just really, really exciting to be part of.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, man. Incredible. I absolutely love this story. And by the way, Marshall it is literally no wonder that you are in love with this woman. Are you kidding me? Like, I was just listening to her talk and she’s like, Oh, just say that the positive feeling and I’m like, is this my second Tony Robbins like? I am motivated right now. Like I was depressed this morning and I feel better like no wonder. You’re like, I would quit smoking. I would stop. Like I’d run a mile whatever you want. But I like–

Marshall Getto: Absolutely, you want to hear how we met?

Sonia Gomez: [inaudible] your sister wife like I’m ready.

Marshall Getto: You want to hear how we met? Her car broke down and I helped her with a broken down while she was on vacation in America from China.

Sonia Gomez: Oh, get out of here right now with your notebook story.

Marshall Getto: It’s surreal. Yeah. 

Sonia Gomez: You guys are a romcom your romantic comedy right now.

Marshall Getto: We are ridiculous. It’s beautiful in its simplicity. And it’s also just we’re really lucky now if we wake up every day feeling really lucky. 

Sonia Gomez: Oh my God, I love this.

Marshall Getto: Yeah, so it’s great. And that’s the energy that we try to take when we you know, whether it’s building out our team building out our brand, like, you know, deciding what, who to work with in the industry. Like we’re really looking for people on that same wavelength. And that’s been a real, like, kind of a fundamental kind of almost like a pillar of what we’re doing over here. And that’s really guided all of our actions and decisions.

Sonia Gomez: Oh my god, what I mean, the energy like I’m very much into like energetic vibration, and understanding like how universe puts things in your path and how you can really leverage that flow of the universe to get to where you want to go. Instead of working against the grain just being, I say, pick up your feet and let the current carry you. So it’s beautiful to hear that’s very much a foundation of how you guys live, but also how you guys work. Talk to me a little bit about, you know, inevitably. So with all of the superpowers of positivity in the world, there are still especially in this business, significant challenges that test your face that tests and make you question, you know, direction, all you know, choices, all of these different things. And in my years of working with entrepreneurs in this space at every level, doesn’t matter if they’re doing 10 million a year or 10,000 a year. There are always challenges. 

Biggest Challenges in Building their Brand

So I know that you guys have built in this short time period. You guys have been able to build your organization. You’re now employing around 20 employees, amazing the impact you guys are making already your brand is, I’d be totally beautiful. We’ll be showcasing all of the pictures and everything in the blog around this interview here. So you guys check out the links to their social handles on their website. It’s fantastic. And the diversity in your product line is super cool, but I can’t help but know that there are skeletons in the closet. What were some of your biggest challenges in getting this brand started? And what are some of your challenges now while you’re trying to grow your business?

Marshall Getto: Yeah, I can probably take some that so I mean, you know, we really we got so enthusiastic in 2017 after going through a number of workshops where it really opened our eyes to the enormous numbers of people who could potentially benefit from these products. So that so as the end of 2017, we’re like, okay, the game 2018 we’re gonna start free, we’re gonna, we didn’t even actually have a name for at that point, we’re gonna just jump in, and go full bore, and we had a really like reality check ourselves the beginning. We could have launched early in 2018, with like one or two formats, and, you know, maybe like three or four skews and, and not really have a very well built out brand or message. And it just wouldn’t have done what we wanted to do. 

So one of the biggest challenges early on was realizing, you know, that sometimes taking that more slow, deliberate path and approach is the way you have to go to end up with the right result. You know, in retrospect, we’re glad we did that because we’ve seen a lot of people rush into the CBD market with it’s almost like I met one person at a recent LA trade show. He was from Canada, one of the kinds of, you know, kind OG hemp growers there and he said, Hey, one thing I want to tell you guys, I liked what you did. It’s obvious you decided on a focused message for your brand. And then created product. A lot of people are just growing hemp putting it in packaging and then branding it. And so in retrospect, we’re glad we did that, it was, it’s been, we’ve helped a lot of patience. And that was very–even now, understanding that, hey, we took time to build a thing we’re proud of, but you have to have the patience to do that, and that was a challenge. 

The current challenges are you know, and it’s a very noisy market. When we sit down with really interested buyers, especially buyers, you’re coming out of, and I would say more mainstream retail environments. That can be a challenge because they don’t have a lot of education around cannabis or CBD. They kind of come in with, you know, very partial information into the meetings. You know, I had, I did sit down with somebody who’s buying for a big group and they said to me [inaudible] heard that only 30 milligrams or more is effective for injectables. You know, and then he goes, is that true? And I’m like, No, I mean, it depends on what kind of CBD you’re talking about, you know, and what kind of active content and how it was extracted, and, you know, kind of having that kind of conversations are pretty frustrating. You know, he also the same person said to me, I’ve heard that press pills are better to act in a more efficient and act better can be metabolized easier than soft gels. I’m just like, sitting there, like, at the end of the day to tell them, hey, whoever probably said you those two factoids, they’re probably trying to sell you 30-milligram press pills. 

But at the end of the day, you know, that education part just you know, understanding that if you don’t make education key in how you present your message, our deck talking about our brand, it leads with education because that has to be at the forefront of everything you do. And it’s not, you know, it’s not like you’re selling anything else in some ways because there’s so much elevation of that conversation has to happen just to get to the point where you can actually discuss the differentiators of your product. So that’s been a challenge as we’ve gone into the second half of this year, and had some of those conversations where people really wanted to get in but just haven’t done the legwork yet. We need to kind of help them.

Sonia Gomez: Hui, for you, what were some of the key challenges in getting started? Or is it a similar thing to what Marshall is sharing?

Hui Ma: Yeah, so basically, we’re on the same page. Yeah. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. Okay. You know, I I’ve heard this over and over again, that education, and this is actually a lot of the reason why I built my business the way that I did. So when I moved over into, from California into Colorado, it was because I had battled both the legal and medical system for my rights to safe access, and my rights as a patient in California were violated. And after having to go through, you know, the legal system and explaining all of my medical condition and so on and so forth. I was actually, my record was totally completely wiped clean and I was able to receive a letter of recommendation to come and work with the Department of Revenue here on the voluntary committee that supported the DLR in writing legislation that would legalize cannabis for a for profit medical model here. We under operated one of the first licensed dispensaries in the in the state including you know, manufacturing and a medicinal infused products and cultivation. 

So we had all three licenses say and we interfaced with and shared a, you know, experience in education with, you know, working professionals white-collar folks to the retired veterans who were amputees, you know, and everyone in between parents children. I mean, you would not believe the diversity of folks coming through a dispensary just because it was not there before, and they wanted just to see what was happening. But the biggest challenge for us was recognizing that while the industry was growing extremely fast with smart, excited entrepreneurs who are putting these beautiful brands into the marketplace, there was still no education, no focus on education, that would empower the consumer to understand what product to select how to use it, how to dose so that they could get the positive outcome that they were looking for. So we decided to sell out of our business and move into online publishing. And for the last couple of years, it’s been our primary focus and mission to bring the truth about cannabis and hemp and help people understand the difference and the delivery systems and the dosing and, you know, what brands have are, you know, built to provide the results that you’re looking for and which ones are just total bullshit. You know, recently, a few different studies that showed eight out of 10 products certainly do not have the active cannabinoids that are listed on the label and some don’t have any CBD in it whatsoever. 

So I agree with you in the retail setting that there is a ton of misunderstanding, mis-education. And at the end of the day, whoever has the most money and can pay to play to get those, you know, relationships. They get first access, quote-unquote, but they’re not always the most educated folks. And then you people who have brands like yourself who do care and do the research and you know, are focused on quality and delivering results end up having to pick up the pieces of that to position your own brand. Have you found it challenging? So with that being said, while you have to go through the re-education process, let’s say for you know, offline distribution in a retail setting, are you finding that the retailer’s skip over your brands because of what their miseducation? Or are you able to empower them and move them and get yourself placed?

Marshall Getto: Well, I think that’s the key, right? You just you just mentioned something that, you know, every time I see somebody, especially like a larger chain, you know, something that we all kind of know, probably isn’t going to be effective for most people when they use it on their shelves. It does break my heart, right? The key word is effectiveness. You know, the first time somebody goes to try a CBD product, it needs to work for them on some level. And you know, they’re not going after those price today, you know, they’re going to that potential solution. A lot of times that desperation, you know, CBD is not like their first stop on the road to health, right. Usually exhausted a lot of other options before they’ve gotten there. And so, it really does. When we sit down with people like that, who are coming out of very, you know, a lot of things that they sell in their environments are, it might as well be different brands assault, right as far as they’re concerned, and one’s not necessarily going to be better than the other it just depends on what type of retailer you’re talking about. 

But a lot of them you know, hey, this lotion is this that lotion that whatever. They’re not thinking about a lot of the, so there’s a lot of subtleties about different you know, about CBD and its effectiveness and what type of content you have and how the extraction process was handled. And there’s just a lot of, that it’s more than they even want to bite off. But when you start making it clear to them that there’s a long term proposition for success. And then there’s the short term. I can get something on the shelves, that sounds cool or looks cool. If you play that out, when showing that long term proposition of making sure it’s an effective product that they can stand behind. They won’t have, you know, a debacle on returns over later that they won’t be liable because it doesn’t have the act of contents as advertised on its packaging. But if you can kind of play out those two scenarios next to each other for them, then we are finding that they are really open and you know we do believe that the truth of that message will shine through over, given a chance to actually when you actually sit with them. At the end of the day, they walk out of meetings without saying, Wow, they know I had one of them asked me, are you kind of like the Dr. Oz of CBD. I’m like, I don’t like that comparison. But I feel like you’re the kind of person who thinks Dr. Oz knows what he’s talking about. But what they don’t know what they don’t know. Right. So if you can let them know, hey, there’s a whole bunch of stuff you don’t know. That’s why you should partner with people who do. That’s kind of a pretty simple message to get across–

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I agree.

Hui Ma: For me, I also you know, this challenge, I also see that opportunity, because we can see the huge market the retailer skirts, and also, you know, our CBD users also like me. We’re very hungry for the knowledge what kind of CBD is a high [inaudible] and a [inaudible] for me. So, you know, that’s why you know we have, we do our best part from our team. More focus on educating people and [inaudible] to help them too, understand what it is quality product what is different CBD in the marketing right now. And also we have this program to work with our partner or, you know, retail retailer customers, to help them to advocate and to help them to sell their products and to help their customers–

Marshall Getto: We have to help them educate their staff, right? So you can’t just get them to buy a product that sits on a dusty shelf that nobody working in the store understands how to even basically explain, you know, and provide them with materials doing, you know, in store demos, doing events, that’s really important part of what we’re committed to over here because, you know, Train the Trainer scenarios, all that kind of providing a ton of attentive information that’s easily digestible. And that’s that’s real challenge. How do you condense some of those, sometimes really, you know, deep research information into simple, easily digestible bullet points, someone can explain to a consumer and, you know, so that’s kind of a mission of ours. And, you know, we’re really committed to doing that with our team.

Words of Wisdom

Sonia Gomez: Love that. In this segment of our interview, I always add in what I call the words of wisdom. It’s so important that as an industry, we provide some insight, some advice and support because at the end of the day, we know that we’re going to continue to grow more brands are going to open up, more businesses are going to start, ancillary are directly related. We as an industry are growing. And it is my opinion that if we work collaboratively, instead of competitively, that we can rise and raise the level of professionalism and efficacy in our industry so that we continue to build trust on behalf of this plant and its derivatives. So I would ask you guys, what are some key pieces of advice being where you are now in your business, knowing what you know, because of what you’ve come through, what are some key pieces of advice that you could offer to budding entrepreneurs in this space that would help them sort of troubleshoot or shortcut their path to success when getting started?

If we work collaboratively, instead of competitively, we can rise and raise the level of professionalism and efficacy in our industry. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

Marshall Getto: Yeah, I think there’s a couple things, you know, really layout your vision, what do you want to do inside of the space, and you have to be really committed to that vision. You know, it’s a 100% effort that you can’t have, there’s no half measures in rolling out these kind of price you’re getting into this industry. And then it’s about picking good partnerships, because you want to make sure that every aspect of your supply chain and the kind of the results especially if you’re talking about, you know, consumer packaged goods, products, like we’re making, the people you’re choosing to work with, and the companies that you’re choosing to work with, that they’re all about doing things the right way. You know, I really do. I do feel for people. I’ve met a lot of folks You know, especially this year in this industry who they really want to get in, but they kind of just took some they tried to take what they saw as shortcuts as perceived shortcuts. 

Layout your vision, what do you want to do inside of the space? You have to be committed to that vision. - Marshall Getto Click To Tweet

But really what it was something that kind of pigeonhole them into limiting themselves. And that might be, you know, well I can get isolate for this much tequila, maybe I’ll just grab that ice would throw into a product and just get something on the market now. You know, you got to be careful because sometimes there’s a reason that the isolettes prices dropping, right and yeah, sure, it seems like a deal. But it might be a shortcut that comes to gets you later. Shortcuts that will pay off in the long run, again, are finding trusted people to work with I mean, even for us, we were lucky to have number relationships with people who had already been doing formulation for products like this. So you know, our [inaudible] and staff with a couple of people who we brought in from who had experience and that was, you know, in a lot of ways, pure luck, but in in other ways. It’s just how to be part of our broad social network. And so, you know, try just to find those kinds of shortcuts are important. And obviously, if you’re working with partners, you know what they’re doing. A lot of times, they’re more than willing to share very good information with you that will really help shape your message, your decision-making process. And that’s one of the main points of actually working with repeatable people. Did you have anything to add on that? No. She’s shaking your head in the affirmative–

Sonia Gomez: She’s just there to reinforce your wisdom, honey, that’s what she’s there for. I’m gonna be your sister wife. I’m telling you what that’s like– I can already tell you hit the jackpot with her. I’ll piggyback on some of these things. And I always throw in my my two cents here. Because I’m so inspired and motivated by you guys who are in the trenches every day, and I’m on a completely different side, I get to, you know, tell your amazing stories. And I just get to have great conversations all the time. But I’m also in the background, facilitating the growth of some of the, you know, more profound businesses that are on the marketplace right now. And quality is always at the very base of everything that we do. And from that place you can do, you can create so much transformation at the end of the day, the customer only wants to know, why should I pick this product over what I already know and trust? And will it work for me? 

They don’t care about the packaging, they don’t care, but they just want to know will this work for me? And why should I trust this over what I’m already taking? And so the education is so key here, so let me throw out some of my two cents on this quote-unquote, sight area of words of wisdom. I’m piggybacking right off of what you said. I think having been through this myself and experiencing a couple failures and then celebrating a few wins. I would say that if you spend about 80% of your time and resources on planning and 20% on execution, they say measure twice cut once every single time bar none hands down. That is the best way you can go about starting something new, making sure that you feel like you have done, thorough research, making sure that you have really turned over every rock and understanding your options. 

When it comes to picking partnerships or packaging or, you know, having somebody do labeling or become a contractor on your behalf. You really have to know who you’re working with and how much you have to allocate towards solving that particular problem or, you know, getting past that certain milestones in your business, and it all starts with the plan. Plans can be adjusted, nothing set in stone. But without that framework in place, you’re just sort of shooting in the dark, and that can get messy very fast. So, failing to plan is planning to fail 80% of planning 20% on execution is really the formula that you guys should consider following as you are getting started. Now, I will also second on the picking good partnerships, how do you know who’s the best though? And the thing that you always have to work on is partnering up instead of partnering down. Everybody and their mother is looking for an opportunity and chances are the squeaky wheel is the one who hasn’t yet tried to figure it or hasn’t been able to figure it out themselves yet. 

The one that you want to find is the ones who don’t want to be found because their heads are down there. Their faces are in the weeds. They are digging in the dirt, they are facing figuring it out, and they are already busy and highly sought after. So you have to make the efforts to find and then build those relationships. Look for the folks who are almost unattainable, the ones that you have to build the courage to reach out to, the ones that you get nervous to talk to. Those are the ones that are going to help you up a level, the quality of your work, and execution because they are already operating at a standard and a level of success that you want to get to. If you go, if you partner down, the energy is quite a bit different. And that vibration can cost you a lot of time and money. If you’re into the smartest person in the room, there’s nowhere for you to grow.

If you're into the smartest person in the room, there's nowhere for you to grow. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

Marshall Getto: You’re in the wrong room.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, in the wrong room. You have to find the place where you feel uncomfortable, where you feel challenged, where there’s questions to be asked instead of information to be given. You have to put yourself in a situation where you are learning growing and therefore thriving, instead of surviving. If you’re in a place where people are pulling on you, for your wisdom, knowledge and expertise, you got to find a different room so that you can partner up instead of partnering down. And then finally, is no shortcuts. One of the biggest challenges in the industry right now is how you are marketing and advertising your brand and business and everybody is going after the same market by the way. There, in the first wave, everybody wanted to solve the baby boomers problems for you and saying that their product was for everybody. What I love about what you guys have done with Freed is that there is something for everybody but your message is very, very specific. So I feel like I’m being directly communicated to whether I’m looking for a face mask or a vaporizer, which are two completely different demographics and two completely different products, but the culture of your company is clearly communicated. So it makes it easy for me to understand the benefit of working with your brand. And I really think you guys did a great job there. 

And I encourage those of you who are building your brands right now and asking yourself the question, Who am I in the marketplace? That you take your time on this step because advertising is extremely challenging. And while you’re crafting your message, to attract your ideal marketplace, you have to make sure that you understand first of all, who you’re serving, what problem you’re solving for them and how your products are going to deliver the results that they’re looking for. People buy people, not products, so who you are is going to be first every time to what you have. Everybody has the product, but only you have a unique story, the mission message movement that will be created through people purchasing your brand. The goal here is to cultivate a culture or cult following. That is the megaphone that is making it possible for people to buy or advertise CBD and cannabis products right now is building a community of people who are fanatical about your brand. The results is able to deliver, so do not take shortcuts here really understand who you’re serving, what problem you are solving for them, and how your product will continue to deliver those trusted results. That’s my two cents on the whole scene. Where can people find you guys?

Where to Find Them 

Marshall Getto: Yeah, they can find us on our website at freed.co. That’s freed.co they can also excuse me, they can also find us on social media on Instagram at Freed_CO. Also on our Facebook page and were very friendly people, so feel free to start conversation on any of those platforms.

Sonia Gomez: Amazing. I’m so excited to get to know you guys and to be able to watch your guys’s growth. It’s so super exciting. All for those of you who are tuning in today thank you so much for being a part of our community. All of the social handles will be listed inside of the blog post here. So make sure you just take a moment to subscribe to the channel as well as checking out all of the show notes and highlights from today’s interview. All of the social handles and websites will be available for you guys to go and check out freed.co. I am your host, Sonia Gomez and this is The Hemp Revolution Podcast. Super excited to be on here with you guys again and thank you so much for being a part of this incredible community. We live to serve you and meet you exactly where you at whether you are a patient who is using these products to transform your life, or a person who is building a brand, thank you for your contribution to this incredible industry. And we will see you guys on our next show. Thanks, Marshall. Thanks, Hui. I loved having you on the show today.

Marshall Getto: We really appreciate it, Sonia, you’re exactly the kind of person we love talking to.

Hui Ma: Yeah, we have a really great time with you. Thank you.

Sonia Gomez: You’re welcome. See you guys on our next show!

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