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Is Cannabis Powder The Hot New Trend?

Powdered alcohol was a trend a few years ago. Is powdered cannabis next?

While “powdered alcohol” just facilitates people getting drunk more easily, when “powdered weed” hits the market it will be there to help victims of cancer, AIDS, MS and other debilitating illnesses that benefit from cannabinoids. THC’s poor water solubility makes it difficult to prescribe to patients who need a constant dosage.

Powdered pot is nothing new. Humans have ground cannabis flowers into fine dusts since we first discovered we could get lifted on the stuff. What’s new about powdered cannabinoids is that they’re not flowers. They’re cannabis oils specially prepared to dissolve in water, something thought impossible until recently.

The brilliance of powdered cannabis is that it can be introduced to more than just water. For example, you can dissolve it in whatever beverage you choose. Or, you can include the powder in baked goods and other culinary creations.

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