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Interview With Robin Swan: Feco… From Bodyworker To Cannabis Oil Maker

The hemp plant is the new vitamin C of the world.

Robin Swan manages a company that is hands on with herbal compounding, using the CBD to reduce inflammation in the cells and nerves. She explains that humans are designed to receive cannabinoids, and that before even the industrial revolution every whole food had hemp in it.

People believe CBD is the new magic pill, since it helps cure diseases, headaches and chronic issues. However, it’s not just CBD that’s doing the work – the hemp plant has both THC and CBD, and an entire chain following. Which means that it’s really the hemp in its entirety that does the work; isolating the CBD molecule does not mean a higher quality product.

Robin explains that the hemp plant is a great way to restore the quality of your nerve system in a type of cleanse. However, it’s also important to have a good diet, drink water and sleep well in order to see the benefits of cannabinoids. Organic foods cannot fight synthetic foods; in order to see the full benefits of hemp oil it’s important to adapt a healthy lifestyle as well. Many people mention that nothing happens after taking cannabis oil – but that’s exactly it: the pain disappears and you feel healthy. Your knee will stop hurting, you’ll stop getting headaches and you won’t have many chronic pains. Such are the immense health benefits of the hemp plant.

Topics discussed:
● How humans are designed to receive cannabinoids
● The mistake made when isolating CBD
● The importance of having a good diet, drinking water and sleeping well when taking hemp oil
● How cannabis oil helps people with autism
● The difference between alcohol and CO2 extracted CBD
● The recommended doses of cannabis oil

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