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Interview With Brooke Sinclair Founder And Cultivator Of Bloomfield Organics

High-end cannabis products are what Bloomfield offers. One of the founders and cultivator of Bloomfield products, Brooke Sinclair, shares the story of Bloomfield’s entry in the industry. They specialize in organic, sun-grown and indoor flowers, and superciritical CO2 extractions that make their products stand out.

They support and protect small farmers, especially female farmers, which is really exciting for the industry. They have formed a family of farmers and work with various farmers across California. And today she tells us about their interesting story and the strains and products that they are most proud of.

Topics Discussed:

  • The story of how Bloomfield started and how they got into this industry.
  • Bloomfield’s qualities that make them stand out.
  • The strains that Bloomfield is famous for.
  • Their signature item – the Bloomfield Vape Kit.
  • What they are most proud of in their work.
  • Brooke’s transition from living in the South to California and working in the Cannabis Industry.
  • Their plans for cannabis-infused farm to table meals.