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How you can use your skills to get a job in the cannabis industry edibles chef

We all know the key jobs that are wanted in the legalized cannabis industry: Cultivators, dispensary owners, extractors. However, YOUR current skill set could be in high demand, too! Whether you are a cashier, a nurse, an accountant, or chef, there are many avenues that allow you to be involved (and employed) in the legalized cannabis industry. In this series, we will focus on a few of these high-demand jobs.

This time, we’re covering edibles.

Usually, edibles contain much higher quantities of THC per serving than traditional methods of smoking marijuana flower. For medical patients, marijuana edible jobs have important implications. Edibles are often prescribed since they provide a longer, more sustained high and can be very useful for prolonged nausea, insomnia and more.

Getting Hired

Marijuana edible jobs are by no means entry level positions. Most individuals who work in this field have an extensive background working in kitchens, or have pursued an education previously in the culinary arts. Creating edibles is precise work. Not only must the chef be able to create a tasty end product, they must also be rigorous in their attention to detail. In order to achieve maximum potency per serving, while abiding by state and municipal law, chefs are tasked with being exact in their measurements and uniform in their products.

The Fine Print…

Securing a marijuana edibles job is one of the more well paid positions in the marijuana industry. Though salaries will vary, some edible jobs make upward of forty to fifty thousand dollars a year and beyond for leading professional kitchens. Larger operations require not only one or two head chefs, but a variety of other prep cooks and kitchen assistants.

If you feel that you do have the experience it takes to be a successful edibles creator, it’s time to start your job search. Upon visiting the websites of established kitchens, you may be able to find information detailing whether or not they are hiring. There are not many forums for finding marijuana edible jobs, but positions do exist and more are being created everyday. If you’d like to work for an existing operation, it helps to ask around and do some online research to see if anywhere is looking for help.

Can You Start Your Own Business?

In many states where medical and/or recreational marijuana is legal, chefs are forbidden from tasting, sampling, or taking home any of their products, as this breaches government oversight and regulation. This is unfortunate, given that many of the best chefs around the world speak on the importance of testing the food you cook. It is too bad that regulating boards seem not to take marijuana edible jobs seriously enough to allow for quality control.

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