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How to Make a Social Impact Out of the Passion for Cannabis with Keyva King

EP 94 Keyva King

Keyva King is the CEO of Royal Highness, a boutique that offers excellent customer service and high-quality CBD products.

In our first interview with Keyva, she shared a little bit about her journey in the cannabis space—the motivation behind her passion and challenges. If you haven’t listened to it yet, click HERE.

In the 2nd interview, Keyva talks about her successes and how she is creating a social impact. Let’s all hear once more from Royal Highness queen of cannabis.

My main focus is to be able to take any profits and funded into the youth programs because the youth are actually looking at us for the future and for them to be great – Keyva King

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:10 – Pursuing into the cannabis boom
9:52 – Being an African American business owner
13:37 – Challenges on getting an investment to expand her business
16:46 – Social contribution to the community
21:51 – Making a breakthrough in 2020
26:25 – Words of wisdom
30:44 – Connect with Keyva
31:08 – Behind the Royal Highness brand name

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Connect with Keyva King

Connect with Sonia Gomez


Sonia Gomez: What’s up guys, Sonia Gomez coming back with another amazing episode of The Hemp Revolution Podcast. Where we are sharing and telling the real story of the entrepreneurs, pushing the cannabis, and hemp industry forward, making it possible for people like you to have safe and legal access to the highest quality product that is available in the marketplace. 

Guys, we had an interview a couple weeks back where we were talking to a badass woman entrepreneur who is rocking the Palm Desert with her cannabis company out there. And I’m super excited to welcome this woman back on because we were having just such incredible conversation, I wanted to make sure to just get more of the details around her story and the things that drove her to participate in the cannabis industry as a total newbie. 

I think a lot of what we were discussing before was how challenging it is with the stigma or belief system that somebody has to be a cannabis consumer to be a cannabis business owner. And it’s just not the case. There are incredible women who are doing incredible things, have incredible stories, and have a bigger mission to participate in this movement so that they can see a positive change in their families in their future, but more importantly, in the communities, they are a part of. So, my guest today, who was originally from San Bernardino, California, was a community manager for over a decade until the untimely end of her sister Leticia has battled against lupus back in 2014. This sort of triggered her passion for the industry and self-educating and self-empowering her self so that she could, bring some solutions to the underserved marketplaces of folks who were suffering from debilitating conditions and trying to understand how they could use natural alternatives like cannabis and hemp to transform the way that they are feeling and functioning. So my guest guys, put your hands together while we continue our incredible conversation, put your hands together, and help me welcome my girl, Keyva King. What’s going on, girlfriend?

Keyva King: Hey, nice intro. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m glad you had me back.

Pursuing into the Cannabis Boom

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I’m so happy to have you back. In our last conversation we were able to cover a lot of ground talking about the trials and tribulations of owning a business, what some of the stigmas are for you know, consumers versus non consumers owning businesses, and some of the things that you’ve been able to accomplish in your own company. For folks who are just hearing and being introduced to for the first time. Why don’t you quick and dirty tell us a little bit about your story and your background and how you got involved in the cannabis boom in the first place.

Keyva King: Okay, so I’ve been in the cannabis industry hands on for 10 plus years. Like you said before I been in property management, but my side hustle was always cannabis, so to speak. So been in the industry was [inaudible] Distro in prop 215 days. But I always wanted to get a score front for the medicinal side of it. Growing up in high school you know, it was always like that go to for sleep or just fun just to hang out to have a good time. I never was a cannabis user myself. I’ve always been known as the just go to self proclaimed person that don’t need to drink nor smoke. 

So fortunately for me, I was able to look at the scientific approach of it for a lot of different reasons. So I started, what ten years ago, just started seeing the different effects they had on my friend give it out for free to different people and I was like, seeing the different things that it did for different people. With me, I have zero tolerance for a lot of stuff. I’m very low tolerance, even when it comes to alcohol, like a wine cooler has been super gone. So I knew me myself, I wouldn’t be a good candidate to give a review. So I used a lot of people as [inaudible]. It was very scary, me being a minority. A lot of my fellow friends have got in trouble for it. You know, a lot of time I’m not talking to regular police, I’m talking about [inaudible] for something that is now legal, and they’re still in jail for it. 

So it’s kind of scary for me to pursue it. I put it on the back burner and to do a job that I had no passion for. Well, once my sister passed away, that was me to myself like okay, either you do it now or never or just be scared and have it fail. So I was able to get a delivery service. I had a delivery service unlicensed for maybe a year. And then, I end up getting a license delivery service. And the change that I made for a lot of people, the clientele that I didn’t expect that will consume was my clients, more of my patients. And they became family and friends. To me, real close, although we weren’t family, but we came family because I use them to study different effects that I had on hemp. And I fell in love with it. So it was either quit my job and go full time or work both have something I didn’t have a passion for if I was like, You know what, I have to quit. I end up getting fired actually because I had cannabis in my purse, and one of my co-workers was being sneaky and took a picture of a Kiva candy bar I had in my purse. And like, showed it to the uppers. They were like, Oh, you have a weed at the job site. Super haters. That’s what I was like, and I was so motivated by that. I was like, and there’s no turning back now. So– 

Sonia Gomez: Girl, I would have been motivated to roll some heads. You just started a business.

Keyva King: Yeah, exactly. I always wanting to do that too. But I was like, You know what, I’m gonna kill them with success, all the naysayers, you know the haters. And it end up rolling off [inaudible]. It didn’t happen overnight. It did take a couple years, but hey, it happened. And it’s like, you know, thank you, hater, you know I’m saying. I can’t wait to see her to this day to like, you still doing the same thing, girl, thanks for that picture.

Sonia Gomez: That is so crazy [inaudible] You know what, you hate nasty bitches, no–

Keyva King: It was crazy. I’m like, literally and she hold on to that picture, for maybe six months, because it was just that intimidating. Like, you know, she was with the company maybe like, five years before I came on. So the fact that I was able to come in, slam the position, kill it with numbers, she was intimidated by me. So my supervisor, you know, I would be direct with them. So you know what I was into know what I was doing, you know, with that company, they tested you like they even went so far to ask for hair samples. So again, I’m gonna pass because I didn’t smoke, right? So when she found the candy bar in my purse, like you had no business going through my stuff anyway, she took a picture of it, held on it for six months, and then use that to give me like, Oh, she’s using on whatever lies she said, but I’m like, Hey, I’m not going to explain myself a bit for this job. It is what it is. This is what I do. You’re able to look it up, you know, online, I got a delivery service. So if this is the reason for you to let me go, by all means. 

Sonia Gomez: Man, well, that there’s nothing like having a direct family story and a hater to fuel one’s need. You’re like, Lord Jesus, took my sister and now this bitch [inaudible] turned this into a Beyonce story like where we had [inaudible] and now we’re beyond saying everyone on Destiny’s Child is crying about it–

Keyva King: Yeah, you know what. I’m glad she did that. If I would have still been comfortable with the job, I wouldn’t have left. You know, you would have [inaudible] to pursue it. 100%–

Being an African American Business Owner

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I mean, God is always putting things in play, you know, James was talking to me about this the other day, he was just like, you know, because we had a couple of shitty things happen where you’re just like, family fucking you over and making you feel like one thing is true when they’re actually doing something else and unfortunately, greed does not know any boundaries. It’s just like, Oh, you know, it’s all over the place. So we had this incident the other day, and he was just like, I got my fuck it shirt on, you know, like, forget it. God has something for me. So fuck it, let these [inaudible], do what they’re gonna do and to keep that faith when you’re confronted with so many of the trials and tribulations to keep that faith is so challenging probably you mean separate from like the technological things that you’re up against as a business owner in this space for a period like banking and marketing and building a team and all of the things that we talked about in our previous interview, which by the way, [inaudible] you go ahead and check out this link here, that’s listed around for our last interview. 

But separate from all of those things. You’re confronted with greed, and it comes from every single angle. So how do you as a business owner, and certainly you’re a minority-owned business, not only are you a woman business owner in the cannabis space, but you’re a black woman business owner in this space, which is like finding a unicorn in a field full of horses, right? So why don’t you talk to me a little bit about what it is for you like, what does it mean for you? What do you feel like you’re representing as one of the few women-owned cannabis companies, but also African American owned women businesses?

Keyva King: For me, it’s even harder. Now you have a lot to prove not only as a woman, but as a black woman in this industry. How do you be successful and not be ate out but all the corporate America that have came in and they’re basically monopolizing an industry now. So it’s hard when you have different people attacking you at different angles, like you said, you hire family, so you trust them but then you also try to hire a friend, who you would trust too. But nine times out of 10 that’s normally your demise by people at all different angles coming at fill in, you know, being manipulative trying to downfall. I have competitors, that they go on they leave nasty reviews to try to take you out to ruin a reputation. 

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So it’s hard. It’s like you have so many different people looking at you more under a microscope, trying to say, Okay, I don’t think you can be successful at it. You need me to be successful. So it’s like, I have so much to prove to so many people. Not only that, but I also have a lot of people like my right hand is my sister. So I took her from her corporate job brought her here. So it’s like, I have to proceed. I don’t ever in life want to be able to work for someone else, you know? So, all that on your shoulder. It’s a heavyweight.

Sonia Gomez: Man, you’re not kidding. I feel like before the hour of 9am I’m like confronted with 56 challenges with from 4k. Then I have to troubleshoot all of those things before putting on my stilettos and lipstick to come into my office, you know, like, it’s the weight that we bear. And I’m not saying that dads aren’t separate from this, but men have their own set of challenges and right now I’m talking about us ladies. So you know, it’s a different weight that we have to bear and a different kind, like, nobody cares on Thursday morning when I get up at seven o’clock that I was up until four with my two year old who decided that sleeping was for guppies and wanted to say– Nobody care, nobody can expect me to show up ripe and ready with problems and solutions, problem solved. The solutions was on deck at nine o’clock when I walk into my office. 

So it’s really super tough, and it’s even tougher when you’re like in the financial world we were just talking about this with another Canadian owned business which also happens to be owned by a woman who’s fabulous by the way, but she was telling me like you know when it comes to capital raise and when it comes to business planning and having those more like quote-unquote high-level conversations whether or not the plan comes from me I’ll always send my male counterpart or business partner and because I am 60% less likely to get the investment that I’m asking for because I’m a woman.

Challenges on Getting an Investment to Expand her Business

Yeah, I know that for businesses to grow, right now the conversation around the capital is such a big conversation because you want to expand, you want to grow, but having access to cash flow to be able to do it is hard. What would it mean for your business to not get in an investment when you’re looking for it?

Keyva King: It could be detrimental. Especially at this point when I started, I came in with a small amount of funds, you know, that was maximized upon opening so wow open on God’s faith, and made it happen after I opened with zero money. So everything that we had went into construction to opening. And literally, we have been tight since we opened you know, just every day making money trying to stay alive like so it’s each little bit of profit that has come in has gone back into an overhead. 

So it’s at this point is like very detrimental, that we’re unable to get capitalization not only to just expand, but to be able to stay above the taxes. As much as time that we have talked about how the taxes are impacting our business, the state has continued to still raise those taxes with not the papa mama tops funding in mind, it’s more going to the capital advise companies such as like madmen, big companies like that or whoever to go private sectors and raise capital for it. A lot of the companies are looking for people to invest in who have multiple location, who are huge company, they’re not looking to help fun, small one store shop entities, and that’s very, very hard. Or they’re saying, hey, you haven’t been open long enough for us to be able to look at your projections to see what you can grow before we can we need you to be open at least a year before we can even think about offering. Yeah–

Sonia Gomez: Well, I think one of the one of the big things that I’m recognizing and brands right now is this theme towards content and education. And I know that that’s something that you’ve built into your brand from the very beginning. You’ve really highlighted the fact that you like both your community and clients and your team members that feel like family. And you really boost the culture of your of your company with that type of mentality that knowing that everyone’s going to be well taken care of and wanting to stay with you long term. 

What are some of the things that you’re doing in the background and some of the people that you’re enrolling to support you and your vision to be a hub for education and connection? When it comes to the community, I know that you have a couple of incredible contractors and team members who are helping you get the brand exposure that might attract the type of investor who can help you expand and can and develop your dream of owning a bigger cannabis company. What are some of the things that you guys are doing right now to become known and recognized for your excellence?

Social Contribution to the Community 

Keyva King: So right now, we’re working on is getting in contact with this program to help for kids. I partner with the clinic in Palm Desert, who I will remain nameless. So what they do for the kids is they actually bring in it’s like a big brother program. So it’s the only place out here for [inaudible] also offer it for minorities who don’t have a father figure. My son was actually a part of this program when he was 13. They will pick them up from school, take them to a lot of different events, keep them like educated and motivated to want to become something when they see they’re going down a different path. 

So what we’re doing is to provide funding for that so that their program is continued and be able to grow. It’s a lot of male youth who become trouble because they don’t have that father figure that was in their life. Unfortunately, it’s so small in this community be, I guess would say like the ethnicity group is not that large on here for the program isn’t as big as it should be. So we’re reaching out towards cities that I grew up in, which are San Bernardino, the Inland Empire, to actually partner with them. I have an [inaudible] a friend of mine who actually brought in, his home is also known as the safe home. So what do you do with you taking kids whose parents are out in the streets that have left and abandoned them to come into his home and actually give them like a place to stay and to put them keep them in sports to keep them occupied, so they’re not in trouble. 

So my main focus is to be able to take any profits and funded into the youth programs because the youth are looking at us for the future and for them to be great. Let them know that they can, and they don’t have to be looked at as just a sportsman. You know, a lot of people look at if you see a call black man. Oh, you play basketball or Oh, are you on a football team? No, we’re more than just sports. You know, we are young entrepreneurs. We can be your president. So it’s huge for me, me being a single mother of having two young black boys that they do not become the next statistic or have to worry about being scared of the police or being pulled over or being the next victim. 

Sonia Gomez: Man, you. I’m going to just need you to continue to preach on this because I was arrested in California as a registered agent. My rights were violated; it was this huge thing that could have absolutely ruined my life. And because of foundations like that, I was able to successfully complete my program and have my record wiped clean. Because it built-in community advocates and the source of the advocate was not as important as the advocate themselves and the volume of people who are willing to stand up and say these kids deserve a chance. Right? And so I love how you’re talking about the social contribution that you are making to your community. Because I think that’s I always ask companies like, you know, Oh, that’s so great that you’re doing what you’re doing for the community, quote-unquote. 

However, when I asked you the question, what are you doing for your community? There’s no answer like, Oh, well, we offer 30% off like no, not your problem. What’s your, how are you getting back to your community? All right, so, that stuff cracks me up sometimes. And I think that now more than ever be people are starting to think about like, oh, perhaps I should consider how my community is reflecting my success as a business owner. I think that’s one of the most important things I think that cannabis and hemp could or should be doing better is making sure that our communities are a reflection of the success that this industry is bringing, no matter– 

Keyva King: Hands down. I mean, me too, like hands down. My most petty, as for a person, I do something and record it, or do something and talk about it for publicity. That’s why I didn’t name the organization that I’m partnered with. Because it’s like, if you’re doing something out the kindness of your heart, why do you have to brag about it? Why do you have to do it on camera? How would you feel at the last point of your life if it was recorded when somebody gets something to help you out? 

If you're doing something out the kindness of your heart, why do you have to brag about it? - Keyva King Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I totally. It’s like over, somebody else’s failures, another person’s success I don’t think it has to be like that. I think it needs to be right. It’s silent but deadly. No, I’m just kidding. Yeah, but seriously, like, you know, there’s a lot of pride, you know that people, it’s like the seven deadly sin, right? You come in like trying to agitate your pride and eat and feed your ego. While you might be just doing something out of the kindness of your heart and because it’s God’s will for us to help thy neighbor. You know what I mean? Like Yeah, that’s, what I think is missing for sure. What’s coming for you in 2020? What are the things that we have to look forward to and celebrate for you and your business in 2020?

Making a Breakthrough in 2020

Keyva King: Well, I want to make a breakthrough for it. Lupus Awareness Foundation when we first started, you know, like I said my sister backwards a little bit so I wanted to give back. Not everybody educated know what lupus is or who has it or you look at a person, but Oh, you don’t look sick so you don’t have it. I wanted to actually get in contact and be able to make a breakthrough with the organization of Lupus Foundation, which is in Los Angeles. That kind of rubbed me the wrong way, like a good condition that I was set by 100% told me that they did not want any proceeds that we have contributed to them, because they don’t want anything to do with cannabis. So it’s like it’s sucks because cannabis still gets a real bad stigma, but yet an opioid that’s known for addiction as known as actual hospitalities behind it, you open them with welcoming arm like that’s it. 

So if I can make a breakthrough to the Lupus Foundation of Los Angeles, to be able to partner with a cannabis industry, I think that will be like revolution. And it sucks that they do not want no parts of it like volunteering, donations, nothing, and it’s like, hey, my sister suffer from this. And if I can financially support you guys to help somebody else family, I don’t have to go through this. Why wouldn’t you accept it? Because it’s cannabis money? I mean it’s like I’m giving you cocaine money. Crazy!

Sonia Gomez: I know it’s nuts. We had something really similar. This was sort of the straw that broke the camel’s back for me too. When it came to like my brick and mortar business. We had started a campaign called the Cans for Cones, in around Christmas time from like, from like Thanksgiving or just before Thanksgiving, first of November to the end of December, or December 20th. We started a cams for cones campaign where people had to bring in 10 cans of food and for dry goods. 

They had to bring in 10 and then we would give them a one gram joint, a cone. And we raised like 15,000 pounds of food and tried to call one of the Christian organizations that were feeding the hungry people. And we were menioned on like a Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Show and all these different shows picked us up and we’re making fun of us because they were like, usually stoners want to eat all the food well these donors are giving away food so they can get more weed like. It’s so funny we were mentioned on the comedy shows what we call these organizations who made the biggest impact in our community feeding the homeless, and they wouldn’t accept our food.

Keyva King: What? Okay, so we could get one for Thanksgiving. So we had about the church and then they told us so what we did here was we did it was 32 turkeys and like Kansas, so everybody who brought in donations, we match their donation dollar for dollar. We were able to do I think, like 700 pounds of Turkey, and I don’t know maybe 300 [inaudible] So the church originally that we had had someone reach out to to tell them, they said because we had so much stuff, it was too much work on their end, and they don’t want nothing to do with it. Crazy. So anyways, my son’s school ended up accepting the food. They had people from different areas able to line up and get it. So needless to say, we were able to see 42 families this year with the food that we donated, but yeah, the depth of the laziness that goes into people is besides me, like selfish, like, that’s crazy.

Sonia Gomez: It’s too much for me. It says one of the definitely one of the things that has to be fixed. I think it’s going to take a woman’s touch, not to be like, you know, cliche or whatever. But I really do think that it’s going to take a group of incredible women coming together and sort of standardizing how we think about the contributions that our companies are making. I would love to hear from you Keyva, what are some of the words of wisdom that you can share, knowing what the trials and tribulations are, knowing how passionate you are about making a change in your community? What are some words of wisdom that you could offer for business owners or budding entrepreneurs trying to get into this space and figuring out where they fit in? What are some words that you can share with them to, you know, quickly bypass some of the challenges or to have the faith encouraged that it requires to continue on when it seems like there’s nothing but roadblocks?

Words of Wisdom

Keyva King: I will say if this is your passion and something you actually want to do, go full force, do your own research, do not rely on anybody. I mean, anybody. It’s so many different people out there who’s willing to take your money, and for something that you can do yourself and overcharge. I mean, all you want to do with sexual passion. Set aside, do your research, find out what’s city get involved, you must attend every city council meeting so you can know their own laws and regulations on your own. Do not accept anyone as a business partner as people who are going in with different things behind your back, and they can actually take your company from you if you don’t set your corporation up correctly or if you allow somebody more percentage of your own company. 

Make sure who you’re going into business with somebody you can wholeheartedly trust. This is a doggy dog world, and it’s a lot of people who are straight culture vultures. So first from firsthand, please, please do your research. Do not allow anyone that you don’t know or trust to be part of your entrepreneurship, and if you have any questions, reach out to me. I have nothing but time on my hands to be able to help you research, so that something that you want wholeheartedly and has a passion for. Don’t do it if you think this is going to be a quick flip or a money industry that you’re going to make be rich overnight. You have never seen coming. It’s going to take blood sweat and tears to be in this industry. First off, and you have to be working 24 hours a day. You need to be there 27, and you are going to have people who steal from you. So just be prepared that it’s going to be you everyday blood, sweat and tears and don’t ever get into it to let someone else take over your own business.

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Sonia Gomez: Is it worth it? Looking back at where you’ve come and where you’ve come through and what’s ahead of you knowing what you know now, would you still do it the same way? Would you say that it’s tough and it’s worth it? Or would you say you’re too far in to get out? Like, what is your sentiment about the industry? Or does it change day to day?

Keyva King: I will say hands down worth it. I mean, we’re almost across that bridge. So it’s definitely worth it. Hands down. If it’s something that you want to do. You can never go into a career if you don’t have a passion for it. That is something you want to do for a quick assignment or [inaudible] Hey, by all means, but it’s worth every– If I had to do it all over. I will do a lot of stuff differently. But yes, hands down. I would definitely do it over. 

Sonia Gomez: I would too people ask me that. I was asked that once on an interview and they were like, is it worth it? Like you’re making it seem so grim? And I was just like, would I be sitting here talking to you if it wasn’t worth it? Hell yeah. 

Keyva King: Right. Yeah. Oh, yeah all day. 

Sonia Gomez: All day. So I have to 100%– I would 100% agree, it’s tough. But, it’s worth every bit of it because I get to be a part of history. And I also get to be creating the way that I want to live and what kind of changed that way– Like it’s [inaudible]

Makes perfect sense. Well listen, I’m so excited to again, have you on here I have a feeling that you’re going to be a regular content contributor to all of our different platforms and sharing your knowledge and your expertise, your experience, showcasing your products and your business continuing to follow the story. So for folks who are interested in finding where you are, what you’re doing and what you’re up to, where can they find you?

Connect with Keyva

Keyva King: And your own boss, like think about it do you want to work for somebody else, passionately? Or do you want to work for yourself passionately? Either way, you’re gonna work. You know what I mean? So it’s like, what do you want to do? So I tell anybody out there. If you don’t love your job, the way you know you love it is if you can actually say you will do that for free. Now, if you say, if you had to go to work every day for free, you wouldn’t do it, then that’s not the job for you. I can honestly say I can come in. I did it every day for free because there was a passion behind it. I love it. Have I lost my drive? No. How did I lose respect for a lot of people in this industry? Hell yeah. Yes, I did. But that just makes me feel my fire even more. So–

Thank you. Oh, you can go to my website, which is royalhighnessmj.com. You also follow us on Instagram, which is @Royal_HighnessMJ. My page is Queen by Nature King by DNA, and we are located in the Palm Desert, and I’m here Monday to Friday.

Sonia Gomez: That is so dope. Wait, how did you come up with the Royal Highness I have to know?

Behind the Royal Highness Brand Name

Keyva King: My last name is King.

Sonia Gomez: I thought you’re going to tell me a gangster story about how they started to call you your Royal Highness after snatching somebody [inaudible] or something? 

Keyva King: No, no. So me and my sister are handle on Instagram, first is Queen King Kong. What’s your name? Her name her name is King Queen Kong my other sister is [inaudible] King Queen Kong2. So all of our– and then mine was Queen by Nature King by DNA. So my other business partner she was like, wait, you guys love to use your last name and royalty? And she was like, you know, like Royal Highness like royal highness. You know? Like you guys are royal and then like a play like on highness. But it took a couple of lines within I’m like, okay, that’s actually is dope. So then I probably came up with it.

Sonia Gomez: Oh, my god. It’s so good. dope. I love it. I created this brand, which I haven’t developed yet called Royalty CBD. Yeah, I’m about that royalty life. It’s like, it’s so sexy. He doesn’t want to be a clean. I’m just saying, I love it. Well, I’m so grateful and super honored to be able to share and tell your story. As I mentioned, I think you’re going to be a regular content contributor, I just think what you’re doing is super powerful in your mentality is probably one of the biggest assets that you have around the ability to build and grow a business like having that iron clot clad mindset and knowing that what you do has to make a difference. And how you do it has to be different than what anybody else is doing. So I want to be the first of many to congratulate you on what you’ve already accomplished and then extend myself as an asset to you to be able to continue to help you grow. However I can’t.

Keyva King: Hands down. Exactly and first of I’ll ask for you to return as you visit our location. Gotta come here.

Sonia Gomez: I’m coming, girl. I’m ready. What we need to do is get us some of this royal highness cannabis and take it over to We Care Spa which is like this incredible detoxifying spa over in Palm Desert. And you have got to link up with them girl it is the bombs, like green juice and colonics and massages and you know kiwi seeds and like crazy. It’s so amazing. 

Keyva King: Definitely. I’m definitely want to do that. I definitely need to know like I love spa. So I’m down. I need that colonic life.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I’m about. I’m about that blush.

Keyva King: I never been cleanse, you know, cleanse my energy [inaudible]

Sonia Gomez: We need a cleansing a revival. Somebody [inaudible]

Keyva King: That is next too, grow some plants, and then we’re going to do the Royal Highness brand. So I am partnering with some good cultivators right now to get some flower here so we’ll have our own line of Royal Highness strain, cartridges, CBD–

Sonia Gomez: Oh my gosh, I okay, more conversation to happen offline. Guys this is where we leave you because us lady [inaudible] here and propagate on our ideas and I got to make some notes for my girl over here. So for those of you who are listening, I want to just thank you ahead of time for liking and sharing and tagging five people that you know this interview is going to make a difference for there is many different landscapes of the cannabis and hemp movement and there are only a few incredible women who are changing the way that we think about and talk about cannabis inside of our families and our communities. 

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Keyva King: Bye.

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