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How to Get Your Sight Back with Cannabis Oil with Al Morentin

Al Morentin is a successful holistic health practitioner and a fitness expert. After going blind due to glaucoma and getting his vision back with the help of cannabis oils, he founded MOVIDA to ensure that he has a consistent supply of quality oils and never have to worry about going blind again.

In this podcast episode, Al shares his fight against this dreaded disease resulting in the creation of an incredible company to not only support his own health transformation but the many people in the circle get healthy and stay healthy. Learn about the exciting programs and products that he has formulated and how he’s pushing this movement without the support of his family. 

Building a community is everything. Whether it’s 10 people or a million people, being in touch with your community, and being faithful to them, loyal to them like basically being a servant to them is everything. If you do that, then you cannot fail.  -Al Morentin

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

2:56 – Going blind due to glaucoma
8:17 – Where to find their products
16:06 – How to be successful in this business
20:21 – The clientele’s receptiveness to MOVIDA
24:14 – His family’s response to his involvement in the hemp-CBD space
27:15 – What the fears are in taking hemp-cannabis products
30:51 – Pursuing B2B relationships and distribution
36:27 – Stabilizing the supply chain
37:28 – Product distribution
39:16 – His consultation team
41:51 – Pieces of advice that he can offer to help get over inevitable hurdles in the business.
47:07 – All about MOVIDA’s products and programs
50:33 – Upcoming event to watch out for
52:49 – Final Words

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up everybody? I’m Sonia Gomez, your host for the hemp revolution. And today we are going to be diving really deep into the founder’s story of MOVIDA. A gentleman who has been fighting against the family, the community and all odds to not only support his own health transformation, but many of the people in the circle that he is serving, we were just having an incredible offline conversation about how he is pushing this movement and product forward without the support of his family. And I want to just turn the camera and the microphone right over to our guests for today, Mr. Al Morentin. Hello. Hello. Did I say your last name right?

Al Morentin: Yes. Perfect. All right.

Sonia Gomez: Hi. I’m so happy to have you on. Thank you so much for joining me. My pleasure. I’m so excited to hear your story. But first I’d like we were just starting to dive into this really incredible thing that’s about to happen for you like it’s such a major milestone. Many entrepreneurs take this for granted, I think when they get started here, they’re looking at it either from just the money perspective, or they’re heavy on the impact side. But we never really get to hear about the stories from people whose families are not in total support of the entrepreneurial venture that they select.

So, Al, you’re in that situation now, where you’ve been pushing this movement forward, you’ve experienced some of your own transformations, you’ve developed a successful product line, all without the support of your family. And just now you shared with me that they’re going to come out and actually see you speak and start to participate, at least on that level with what you’re doing. Is that right?

Al Morentin: Yes, definitely. Yeah. So I have I grew up quick, you know, like, some people know I went blind I got my vision back with cannabis oils, right?

Sonia Gomez: Well, I want to hear the whole story. So let’s start at the very very beginning. How did your journey with cannabis and hemp start? Let’s start there.

Going Blind Due to Glaucoma

Al Morentin: Okay, so I’ve been a holistic health practitioner for over three decades, and helping people to overcome conditions and things like that and also a fitness expert to inside a national powerlifting champion set 16 Records in California and one is the state championships and best lifter at military nationals stuff like that, you know, so I’m in the game. As far as health and wellness, I’ve been involved in cannabis since just as long. And I was on the heavy-duty on the procurement and distribution, you know, so I have dealt heavily with farmers and that’s why I’m so good at this hemp side now. And that was all through the 90s up until about 2003.

So I had when I was in sixth grade real quick my first eye exam I saw they had markers for glaucoma, and I was eventually going to go blind because there’s no cure. Sixth grade. Fast forward 30 years old, they’re like, hey, those markers, they’re active now and you have glaucoma, you’re going to go blind because there’s still no cure. I went on this journey, and I created programs and protocols and all these different things that help people and figure out how to help people overcome crazy amounts of conditions, you know, just through nutrition, but I could never help myself.

And I was just slowly losing my eyesight. It took me 17 years to finally come back to cannabis. And then I started experimenting with it and I developed the formulation that stopped my eyesight from deteriorating anymore. And then extractors that I was working with and you’ll be familiar with this kind of a thing. They lost their soul and they stopped producing that oil. And my glaucoma is so advanced that just within seven days, I went blind. I was blind for like three days. I finally got some more oil from another Actually from open vape they actually gave me some oil and that I was able to get my eyesight back a little bit from there and I was able to find my own extractors and develop my formulations again and get my eyesight back and the day I found the new extractors is the day I started MOVIDA.

My other company is My Fit Life. And I needed more out of life than what my company could give me. So this is more life, bam, I mean in the car, right? So I’ve actually improved my eyesight and stuff like that. It’s been like seven years of dance success. I’m the only one in the world that has that. there’s 19 other people underneath me that are taking our stuff that have there are case studies and have success. But literally, if you have glaucoma and it’s kicked in the only thing they do is teach you how to buy a dog and you know, instruments to use. You’re going to go blind. There is no cure.

Sonia Gomez: Oh my god.

Al Morentin: Yeah.

Sonia Gomez: This is I’m like rendered speechless right now. This is amazing. So have you developed the eye drops and are there available on the marketplace now for people to use

Al Morentin: do so. So that’s where everybody is going wrong, you know? So, there is no eyedrops. I take things orally. Everybody’s trying to do it through eyedrops all the doctors, all the PhDs all that stuff and, and it’s not that, I’m a holistic health practitioner and I deal with things through the whole again, your body, that ammunition that needs to overcome. And this was the last missing link and a specific extraction especially as a formulation but you know, but it’s still from the hemp or cannabis plants, you know, and yeah, but it’s not eyedrops.

Sonia Gomez: Okay, okay, that’s

Al Morentin: it is capsules and tinctures I take.

Sonia Gomez: Oh my God, that’s incredible. And that’s all part of your line now.

Al Morentin: Yes. Yeah. I take it off the shelf. I do not have a special formulation for myself.

Sonia Gomez: Oh my god, this is amazing. You have no idea how many people are going to be listening to this show and being like, Where can I get those eyedrops? Where can or where can I get those drops? Where can I get the tinctures? Where can I get the capsules? They’re like they’re going to be saying exactly that to me. So let’s just tell them where can they find more information about your products? Where can they get access to it if they’re struggling with glaucoma if they’re stuck struggling with anything of that nature, I mean, a lot of folks even are looking for direction on how to select products and delivery systems that are going to give them their desired results.

We’re very much an advocate of total body wellness. So how to truly achieve balance in the body mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, what kind of habits are we creating for ourselves and for our families that are you know, pushing us on one side of or the other of the extreme and you know, these are these are a lot of we we have literature and supplement all of the different types of things that people can lean on. But of course, everyone’s looking for the fast fix, how can I get the result now, right, which is why they’re going straight for the products. So where can they find your products, first of all?

Where to Find Their Products

There's all different kinds of qualities, but having the correct good stuff is one thing. Doing the correct protocol is everything else. - Al Morentin Click To Tweet

Al Morentin: You may find the products at movidaoils.com, and you know that this and oils calm. And then there are a couple that aren’t on there that are still available, but call us or email, send a message. And then we do you give for what you’re saying. We do give free consultations for people to take our products. So they can take it properly. Because we have I’ve built up case studies over the years for all kinds of different conditions. And you know, the FDA we can’t say that we cure and we don’t really that if Istopped taking my stuff in it. Within 24 hours my business starts to break apart within a week I’m blind you know, it isn’t. But yeah, we help people to, when I say come off the sidelines and back get back in the game of life, you know, and it’s up.

So we’ve developed protocols over the years for different conditions, and that people have been successful with and we offer free consultations for that, and add PDFs made out and all kinds of stuff that to help people to be successful with the product, because it’s not just having the good stuff, because there’s all kinds of different kinds of qualities, but having the correct good stuff is one thing. Doing the correct protocol is everything else, right? Like you can have the best racket in the world, but unless you’re a pro tennis player, you’re not going to do anything with it, right? The proper guidance with it, that’s what we provide.

Sonia Gomez: Oh my god, this is so exciting. So totally serendipitous. I’m not sure how many You know about us that I’m I’ll share a little bit anyway So, in the last two years my husband and I who have a combined 35 years in the cannabis and hemp movement, I’m originally from California, my life was saved after a near-fatal surfing accident using cannabis and hemp-based products. I had spent 10s of thousands of hours 10s of thousands of dollars with a traditional medical system who completely failed me they were just overprescribing me causing more symptoms than they were eliminating them and at the peak of my illness. I was 100 pounds overweight, taking seven different medications falling into a very deep depression, really just kind of waiting for my life to be over.

And finally came in contact with a holistic neurologist who introduced me to my endocannabinoid system, taught me about micro-dosing fido nutrients, the connection between the mental physical, emotional bodies and gave me some core practices that I could implement as a young lady taking responsibility for the way that I was feeling and functioning on a daily basis. And even though I had been immersed in the culture of holistic health since I was a little girl, my mom was a student of Heartwood College, and she is a Feldon Christ therapist, many of my upbringings were with Native American Indians and in fully immersed in their culture and tradition.

So I was extremely familiar with holistic health and plant medicines but hadn’t really taken responsibility for my well being as a young adult. And so it was a major major shift when I started to understand micro-dosing when I started to understand strain selection, the delivery systems to give me the results that I was looking for, and within three months of following his regiment, I was completely off of my medications, within six months off all over the counters and within nine months, I had lost 97 pounds. So I fully understand the importance of self-aware care, self-conscious care and conscious consider it like it’s you have to be totally in tune and willing to go through a multitude of steps. It’s a ladder that you have to climb one step at a time to truly achieve wellness.

So fast forward in the last two years, my husband and I have built a following of over a million people we’ve impacted 50 million around the world 350,000 subscribers, and it’s our mission to empower and educate people about the truth about cannabis and hemp so that they can make decisions about how they want to treat themselves, people they love conditions they may be suffering from but in September long story brought all to this home here.

In September of last year, we launched the Leaf Academy and the Leaf Academy created a certification program called the natural health coach certification and we are teaching people through this regimen and with a man named Dr. Rav Ivker who is the author of Cannabis for Chronic Pain, and we have developed a whole program teaching people how to select recommend and use cannabis and hemp-based products, along with other natural remedies and holistic health practices, to improve their own health but also support other people improving their health.

So we’ve created an entire business training around this exact same thing. And people like you are my inspiration for doing so. And we would love Love, love to have you. In the Leaf Academy. We’d love to share your information and products with our students. We have about 32 certified students right now who are all promoting, top-grade high-quality products and information and I would love to bring you into the fold there,

Al Morentin: that’s awesome you know what for some reason the slipped my mind but I have a sort of this program that I developed called The Foundation and I did a little test run of it of a seminar for it in downtown LA about two weeks ago or three weeks or about maybe a month ago, August 11 or something like that. But anyway, one of your students from I guess you just had a graduation or something.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, Rebecca.

Al Morentin: The girl, she is from I forget her name but she’s a woman. And you know and what she said she mentioned you and James and Leaf Academy and she’s a graduate me her car but I don’t have an army but

Sonia Gomez: but yeah, she has long white hair.

Al Morentin: It was. It was either white or blondish. Yeah,

Sonia Gomez: Rebecca. Rebecca is her name. Yeah, she’s right down there. She’s Amazing.

Al Morentin: Yeah. So Well, yeah, that’s awesome little small world, you know, like, yeah, you’re out in Colorado, right?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, we’re out in Colorado. But we’re certifying people all across the country right now. We have inquiries from around the world more, and I can’t teach them fast enough. There’s a lot of people who are very anxious. And so I guess this is a really good segue into my next couple of questions for you. Because there are a lot of people who are wanting to get into this space and their primary focus is with products. And for me, it’s difficult to create products unless you know what people and what problems what people you are serving and what problems they have.

And then you can create products that offer the solution, right. So from a holistic standpoint, share with me the importance of understanding, what steps do you go in first, the budding entrepreneurs all want to have a product line and brand of their own but How do you create success with products if you don’t know the people that you’re serving?

Creating Success in This Business

One of the reasons that I'm in the industry is because a lot of people don't understand health and the great responsibility that goes with it. It's not a joke. -Al Morentin Click To Tweet

Al Morentin: Well, it’s a really difficult thing, you know, because and one of the reasons that I’m in the industry is because a lot of people don’t understand health and the great responsibility that goes with it. It’s not a joke. Like we’re not selling flashlights, we’re not selling laptops, right. You know, this isn’t where you put out a product and then figure it out and refine it as you go. You have a badass product that is like ultimate legit and works before you put it out there. Like for MOVIDA, I was out for like, almost 18 months putting a product out this out to people and and and developing and developing and developing until we have something that was I was competent to put out onto the market.

So I’m You need to get somebody, my feelings about it are that you need to have somebody in your team that understands health and healing, and it might be coming to another company like MOVIDA that can actually do the formulations for them and stuff like that and help them create for themselves, right. And that’s sort of what I’m in the process of doing on my end to help the industry because I see so many I mean, these groups you know, you’re in those groups on Facebook and stuff like that, and they’re just all white label blah, blah, blah, and they develop all the wording and everything for their website before they even have a product and I organic this and that, blah blah blah but so we have to get out of that mentality of marketer and go into the mentality of we’re here to help people, I mean, to do the best that we can to do that.

So let’s get the best products first. You know, source them properly. And then you know, and then do all the other things that go along with that build your websites around the products, not build a website and all the graphics and the brand and then and then build the products to fit that, you know. So you sort of go out there. The best way for people to do it, though is to, there’s two things is most people that come into the game have some kind of a problem. So if you’re treating your own problem, then you treat others that have that problem, right. You know you help with that’s the easiest and how they’re going to create that story and do all the different things with the marketing to be successful quickly. Right. You know that that that’s really the biggest thing right there, you know, is because you’re going to have the most confidence in that. And that’s what I would say as if you have a problem then to tend to use that as your target market.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I love that. So from also I want to know from Is this the first time I’ve had to have Well, it’s not the first time but it’s on record, one of the first times that I’ve been able to have an open interview with a practitioner who has also developed their own product line and I want to understand and a lot of the people that I am looking to reach right now are in fact practitioners in the holistic space chiropractor, acupuncturists, the holistic health practitioners Dios, even massage therapists essential oil and fuzziness because we have a baseline understanding of whole you know, whole-body wellness versus treating a symptom, it were actually looking for the cause of a syndrome and then work with the symptoms from there.

So, from your perspective, what has been the receptiveness from your clientele, and for those of you who are listening right now, and are either working With a chiropractor or holistic practitioner or if you are one yourself, this is important for you to listen to, I want to know from what’s the receptiveness of MOVIDA for to your clientele and how is it played a part in their recovery or wellness regime?

The Clientele’s Receptiveness to MOVIDA

Al Morentin: Okay, so I talked about the end-user, like the B2C or the B2B,

Sonia Gomez: the B2C like you’re in, are you you’re still a practitioner working with clients, right?

Al Morentin: Yeah. Well, I went to chiropractic school and all that kind of stuff. And you know, I’ve been a holistic practitioner forever, but I’ve stepped back. We have our own client base B2C, but we’re building out the B2B with, you know, like, like with chiropractors specifically, and then I own the gym for 28 years, you know, so so we’re going into that, but what I call hybrid fitness centers, you know, that this smaller like high end kind of thing and stuff like that, you know, so but to the answer your question that people that take our stuff, right they, they take it and you know, a lot of them even taken like other ones like the big CTW’s and all the different ones, you know, and they may or may not have thought a little bit or I didn’t really whatever, and then they’ll they’ll take ours and they’ll feel something and then they depend on that, right?

So that’s what our whole thing is about, you know, this consistency product, you know, and having the quality but the consistency, you know, I’d say a purity and taste body you can trust right? So that there’s people that like for one and for instance like I know you’re not supposed to say things like FDA, whatever, but there’s a woman that was epilepsy, seizures, blah, blah, blah season on medication, started taking our stuff. Stop season. In a six month period, she only seizes two twice, because each time she went, she didn’t want to wait for the mail. So she went to a vape shop one time with a dispensary the other time. She seizes two times doing other people’s stuff. So she came back to ours.

It’s been about two years since and she does seizure-free with our stuff. So people come to depend on our stuff. Like, I developed this skin condition to some environmental toxins earlier this year. And I sent out an email saying, Hey, I’m not going to be doing any seminars right now because I figured out the root cause of what’s going on in my body. So I have to pay attention to that, you know, so I’m going to be putting out products but our programs are 21 days reset a way of life we’re going to be doing for a while. People thought I was stopping production of MOVIDA, and I got a flood of emails saying, I depend on you like I’m able to ride my bike now, I depend on you. I’m able to go to work now because of you and I’m so sad that you’re not going to have your product anymore.

You know that that’s the response that our people have, you know, they literally depend on it to function and get out there into the world, whether it’s the mental stuff, you know, because we have that anxiety, depression, stress, all that different thing and the physical you know, and it’s just because I understand what one of the advantages that MOVIDA has is me as patient zero, right? Because if I like whenever I go on to another farm and you know and you know we have the extraction process, all kind of stuff, all test the stuff, I’ll go off everything, I’ll start taking just that stuff specifically with my formulations and all know if this stuff is therapeutically active, because I’ll start blowing wind right away if it’s not. So I’m literally the test dummy. I have an unfair advantage over everybody else. Because I know more than 99.999% of the world and then I test it on myself and I react quickly, my vision starts to break apart in less than 24 hours if I have that stuff

Sonia Gomez: Wow that’s incredible so when you decided to get into the hemp and cannabis movement, the green rush and you started to develop MOVIDA what was the response from your family?

His Family’s Response to His Involvement in the Hemp-CBD Space

Al Morentin: Okay, so family friends everything drops like I’m a holistic health practitioner, published author, product glass programs, known all over the US if I posted on Facebook that I went into a vegan but like I went to get a vegan burrito or something I got like 112 likes or something right? The day that I said hey, I’m in the cannabis industry so that’s where I started I THC dropped down to nothing like I could say I just won the Pulitzer Prize like three likes or something, you know like I like nothing. And so my family like they still horrible to me, like I sort of stopped getting invited to like Christmas, but like, like Literally, I and like none of my family take any of my stuff, right? Except for my one nephew sort of like the black sheep of the family too, right?

So, but like my sister, my other sister, my brother. I gave my brother son but he’s in chronic chronic chronic pain. And he said he told me I still have it. I haven’t taken it yet, you know, like, like, but they’re coming down like I said, but yeah, so there’s, I got a phone call from my sister and her wife, right? And her wife said, hey, my dad has a really bad pain like low back, mid-back, neck, all that stuff, but he’s, and he must be really, really really, he must be really really desperate because he was asking to get some stuff from you. So I actually sent him some capsules and it worked for him even like this use me as a good Because even see if that would work for him and he’s actually buying it from somewhere else now and it’s not gonna work as good for him. It’s like it’s finally like someone at his church or something. But yeah, it’s really weird the way that the way my family

Sonia Gomez: Is your family Hispanic?

Al Morentin: Yes, they are.

Sonia Gomez: You know that my father’s Argentinian? My mom’s Greek and I always get told, are you still messing around with that stuff? That’s what I always get asked all the time. And I’m just like that stuff like, yeah, have you looked at the news lately? It’s pretty interesting to see the resistance that still exists. And I guess the industry is pretty much in their infancy and, and there’s a pretty major, there’s a significant gap. The industry with a product is growing a lot faster than the industry of education. Yeah, and they’re two separate things and without the two growing together, we’re going to continue to experienced a lot of discord in the family and in the community now you’re in California right? Yes So being in California it’s surprising even still is there general what is their fear or concern around taking it? Do they not want to get high do they just not know enough about it? Is that the devil’s lettuce? What do you think that

The Fears in Taking Hemp-Cannabis Products

Al Morentin: I don’t understand it really myself because like I know that one of my I know that both of my sisters like when they were younger smoke marijuana right? But like but now you know they’re more hardcore Christian and this and that like some stuff and now there’s anything wrong with that but like, but like when that happens it’s like almost like that part of their life didn’t exist you know anymore. And it doesn’t make sense because they see all the I get like success stories like on my wall now.

People are saying like, you know, I have all the amazing things and they see me like on different podcasts and they see me doing, being asked to speak at these events and all these different stuff and, and still, you know, it’s crazy, you know, I gotta talk I do it’s called, you know, stop the confusion, the truth about CBD, you know, and you know, and it just creates, you know, rabid customers because they because they understand, you know, like like what it actually does or that you actually have that system and that your body actually requires it needs it and that’s what’s going wrong with society is that hasn’t been fed. You know, it’s my team, you know the 1930s you know, that’s crazy.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, it is. It’s really really I mean, we use the term crazy, but it’s become status quo. And then and I think what’s happening in this generation and then the following generation is people are you know, they’re pushing A lot more for a different level of standard and a different level of operation than we’ve been running in the past. And I think it’s there could not be a better time Our planet is freaking out. Our bodies are freaking out our communities are disintegrating, the traditions are nearly completely lost. And in the culture in the cannabis culture and in the CBD communities, we are starting to see the opioid epidemic starting to dissolve we’re starting to see communities becoming more focused on thriving instead of surviving.

We’re seeing families being brought together through the healing or, you know, miraculous transformations that their members are experiencing. And folks who would have never touched or thought about or talked about cannabis or hemp are now avid users and promoters of the product. So I think that this is truly a revolution and a significant disruption into the healthcare system right now, we are going to be witnessing a David and Goliath type Battle of the businesses here shortly. And honestly, like we’re a part of the 1% of people who are comfortable and confident talking about this stuff. Most people just have most people are in Middle Earth who have no idea what’s happening outside of the matrix.

And if you know people like yourself and myself, we have a responsibility to raise the awareness and the vibration of the industry. That does not mean though that we are not faced with inevitable challenges. So you are shifting from working and interfacing with a client base and having a B2C type business into a B2B type model. Now you’re pursuing more of your B2B relationships and distribution?

Pursuing B2B Relationships and Distribution

Al Morentin: Yes, so there’s two things that I’m doing. I come from the, from the wellness industry, right? I love Chiropractic and that kind of a thing like the wellness centers, I had the hybrid style gym, you know, like the high-end clients and like CrossFit ish, but you know better. Yeah. But yeah, so I’ve developed a program for them, that’s like a bolt on to an A secondary source of income that could actually match and surpass their primary income, right? It could be either having products in a house or through the affiliate or through both and it’s a really great package with education for them on their staff and all this kind of stuff. Right. So that’s a really, really beneficial program and I have some, some high level gym owners that are on MOVIDA that have results and architect that could you know, and they’re the first people that are putting it into their facilities and blah, blah, blah now and then on the other side, what I’m doing is I go out to farms you know, because of my prior experience.

When I say I was in distributions, I did 300 to 1000 pounds a month through the 90s up to 2003 for over 100 went straight without fail. There wasn’t one month and I didn’t do it and nothing ever got flagged, you know, so I know what I’m doing and I developed relationships with farmers along that way. Right? So I actually drive out to Colorado, I drive out to Oregon and walk the farms and have dinner with the farmers right I give instruction to the extraction teams You know, I’ve gone through 23 extraction teams in the past three years because of this right? And I always betting them to make sure that they have quality right? And then I create all the formulations and oversee all that kind of stuff.

So I want to be able to provide that quality of material and product to others. not huge brands, but more boutique-style brands that are emerging and give them something that’s actually valuable to their community that they truly, truly want to help. Because I believe that these people that are starting most of the people that are starting these companies aren’t in it for the money grab, they want some money, but they’re in it to help people, right? You know, they’re tired of doing things and just fledgling along in life scraping by, they want to help people and be able to make a decent income. And we could teach them how to do that sort of on the same level and on a different level with your Leaf Academy, but yeah, it’s a beautiful thing, right?

You know where you could because, like, with the cannabis thing, you know, I had a network of 500 Farms in 2016. You know, all throughout California, the biggest network of farms in California. And like in one day the leaders of it, it showed me unscrupulous kind of behavior that I knew would just go along and bite me in the ass later. And without one other farm in my back pocket, I shelved them, I fired them all. I said, screw it, and I’m like within it when I have more farms, right? You know, I just went out and got more. I don’t know how to do that. But farmers lose their soul along the way. You know, they as you grow money and they lose their lives, I’ve seen it extractors lose their soul, you know, they stopped the day they stopped caring as much or the early employees stopped caring as much as not the owners anymore. It’s great to see regular employees.

So the regular business owners don’t have time to go and do all that vetting. You know. And so that good person that they found a year later, they might not be good anymore, but they don’t know, you know, saying so they might start from good product to shitty products and they don’t even know, you know? So what I’m doing without what I’m creating, they wouldn’t have to worry about something like that, you know, because I depend on it myself. That’s why I go through all the trouble of doing it because I depend on it. I can’t have somebody go like oh yeah, let me wait two weeks or two months for another crop to come in or whatever, blah blah blah. I need consistent supply all the time and need to be badass.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, you’ve stabilized the supply chain, which is a major challenge in the space in general that the four biggest challenges we’re seeing are stabilising the supply chain, appliance marketing, and advertising. Banking, merchant processing, and distribution so five, yeah, so those are the big ones. Those are the big ones that we are seeing every single day no matter how big or how small the business is, how much success they’ve had previously versus now in a new venture that these are not, you know, person to person. This is an industry-wide challenge stabilizing supply chain and ensuring that the product that you has your brand and label on it is consistent every time you make a batch of it, and not just the first time, that was something that we were discussing on another episode was like, you know, one thing is created one time, but then something completely different is happening on the next time out and it’s so hard to put your faith into a brand that doesn’t consistently deliver the results.

Stabilizing the Supply Chain

Al Morentin: Yes, that’s the number one complaint. That’s the number one complaint from customers, the end-user customers is that consistency, or it was just having the same brand in the dispensary. You know, like because they haven’t gone to the back of the dispensary. like where’s that because the person they finally find that one thing that works and they’ll go back up, they’ll be loyal to you first and find something that works within you. They’re going to come back to you forever and as long as you have good customer service. Then you’ll keep them, build community and all that kind of stuff too. That’s one of the biggest things too, you can you guys have done that time, sometimes literally 10s of millions. But still, you know, but building community is everything. You know, whether it’s 10 people or a million people, being in touch with your community, and being faithful to them, loyal to them, like basically being a servant to them, you know, is everything. If you do that, then you cannot fail.

Sonia Gomez: I love it. So right now your where, where have you successfully gotten your brand distributed and who’s picking it up? Or has that been a challenge for you getting into new marketplaces or has that been going really well for you?

Product Distribution

Al Morentin: So we’re inside of a few chiropractic centers, and we’re inside of medical supply stores that have been received really well. And I guess I just hired one of my longtime friends that believe in our company and stuff like that. He’s a really good salesman and he’s also a bodybuilder a sponsoring a USA champion. So like that, and he’s going to go reach out to all the gyms for me and get that program growing, you know, as far as that I don’t, I’m not really interested in myself and going into regular stores, right? Or even in places that are going to carry multiple brands of CBD. You know, because our stuff is specific and it’s for a purpose and we want people that are going to actually take on our education and things like that and provide value to their people, you know, either that or they’re just going to become an affiliate and drive over and get the have their people get the education through us and through our, our videos of our community, you know, have this thing called club MOVIDA that stuff like that, you know,

Sonia Gomez: tell me about club movie that I love a good club.

Al Morentin: Club MOVIDA is basically a community. It’s young. So there are different things going on with it. They’re number one, they get 25% off Products just for being in the club because they’re in the cloud. They’re buying from us all the time. You know, you’re special, right? Yeah. Free Consultation every month if they want to for free.

Sonia Gomez: Wow. And you doing the consultations? Do you have a team?

The Consultation Team

Al Morentin: I have two cannabis caregiver practitioners that are certified. They’re one of them are two of only 13 certified to the state of California. It’s not a regular certification, like do a high-level cannabis certification that CBD hemp at a $10,000 program. You know.

Sonia Gomez: The ours is six.

Al Morentin: It’s pretty heavy duty. It’s this woman. She’s the original. She had a dispensary back in the 90s you know, and she’s been she’s one of the biggest speakers now. I forgot her name but yeah, so we have some really high-level cannabis caregiver practitioners. Her name is Yani. She worked for Apple and got cancer from working there on the main funders for 20 plus years. They’re paying for all her medical now six different bouts of cancer, leukemia and she has fibromyalgia and lupus she was on 47 different medications by her medication protocol was 18 pages long now it’s half a page long and it’s all MOVIDA and a couple of over the counter supplements

Sonia Gomez: and you’re formulating all of your stuff?

Al Morentin: The doctor approves all of our stuff. Yeah, yeah even everything is thought of even the packaging right? This only allows them to spectrums of life surfaces things nine times longer than normal. So the glass The bottle is the preservative.

Sonia Gomez: Is it is that the viola or ultraviolet glass?

Al Morentin: Yes

Sonia Gomez: I love those jars.

Al Morentin: Yeah. It’s more expensive, but it’s the product is worth it, you know?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. What are some pieces of advice that you can offer? Oh, go ahead Wait, but so

Al Morentin: also with the club movie that I have two programs one is called the 21-day reset. And then I have another one a lot way of life that they get inside of there too. So yeah, once a lifestyle program plan one day reset, so it’s like an original cleansing and detoxification program. And it sort of resets and reformat your internal hard drive. So you could actually get into a helium state, you know, and I put over a 10,000 on our 10,000, almost 10,000 people through that program in person. So over the last 15 years,

Sonia Gomez: Wow, that’s so amazing. Look at you, you’re doing such incredible stuff. What are some pieces of advice that you can offer people who are in the space have an established brand, but maybe you’re not hitting the mark that they want to? What are some pieces of advice that you’d be able to offer them to help them get over the inevitable hurdles that they’re going to be facing

Advice to Help Get over Inevitable Hurdles in the Business

Al Morentin: for which part, for generating business or for?

Sonia Gomez: Well, let’s do a two-part, let’s say first in developing in Yeah, you already talked a little bit about the efficacy and integrity of the product. So, talk, talk a little bit about acquiring new business, what can you do to diversify your offerings, bringing more streams of revenue and build yourself into your community? For sure, you know,

Al Morentin: the simple e-commerce thing, you know, even if you’re not going to be an e-commerce business kind of thing. You know, as long as you can get the call, you know, the process and stuff like that, but you know, because that’s going to be, you know, money that you can get, whatever, that’s, that’s a revenue stream. But as far as, you know, going out and getting clients and things like that, my feeling is, even if you’re a brand that wants to be national and global, you should start in the local community that you’re in, right and build out from there, you know, especially if it’s in a major metropolitan zone, you know, and go out into the community and set up shop and teach.

So, go into gyms, you know, set up a table, you know, their, their, their busiest time go into wellness centers set up a table during their busiest time offer to give free consultations you know and do all these kinds of things you know, you can do the simple things like the farmers markets and things like that that are cool, you know, to generate some money and things like that. And you know, that could generate repeat business and at them and a loyal following. And then you can you know, open up a store and then you know, it’ll go from there you know, little baby steps along the way. another and then doing talks like the talk that I developed with the the CBD, you want to know the truth about CBD, all kind of stuff, you know, and you go into places what I do is I’ll go into a yoga studio or a gym or because that’s where my demographic is, that’s what I know you can go into senior center or anywhere that has room that has a little local following and say, Hey, let me let me do a talk for your people and I’m going to do sales that day, and I’ll give you 15% of the sales that I make or 20% of the sales that I make, and I use yourself thousand dollars.

So you got 200 bucks or whatever for the hour, I’m going to be there, you know, and then that might even that could open the door for them to actually carry your product too. because they can see how people react and stuff like that. Right? And then, by the way, I here’s another tip to that I do because like, you know, this is this for, you know, there’s enough business for everybody, right? So one thing too, if I bring on a store, we want stores to do more than the initial buy, want them to rebuy and want to create customers for them. So we’ll do the same thing, but we’ll have the people buy from them. So it’s like I have that as an added value benefit.

So hey, you take us on, you know, and we’ll do a talk in your store right now my you know to the truth about CBD or create customer is to actually buy from you at your cash register, you know, so they’ve got that psychological thing of handing money over, you know, we’ll give a little gift to them, they’ll come to the table show the receipt, and stuff like that, spit them out, you know, we do free raffles and all that kind of stuff. And they’ll make like $1,000 that day and an hour see when their books like that I’m going to actually sit and I don’t have to wait for like, you know, like a customer to come in here. And they’re like, Whoa, this is going to pick them up. Like you’ve got the momentum going and those customers created that data, they’re going to come back to you, so that’s, that helps them out a lot. And helps hapa business too.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I mean, you can never underestimate the power of getting out into your community. I tell my students this all the time. Go out into your community. Look up, look up the meetup, start your own meetup. Like you have to create the buzz that you want to be a part of, and you have to get into the buzz. If you want to be in the biz, you know these things, these are the things that I say all the time. And I think that there’s the grassroots movement of the building and growing your business that is really being lost to the digital age where we’re not interfacing with one another anymore. They’re not putting their hands and their feelers out into the public. They’re hiding behind computer screens, and it’s really super challenging. I can’t wait to be like this close to the people that I’m working with because it’s just a building that long term relationship and rapport it happens in person and making that one to one connection.

Al Morentin: One thing that is really super valuable, when you get out into the community and you do meet these people and you tell them and they think you’re fantastic. Grab their freaking email address so you can keep in contact with them.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, God so powerful, multiple points of contact

Al Morentin: click funnels, whatever on my phone that I pull up and say, does anyone in here boom

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, exactly. Have your CRM customer management system or customer really a system in place, man, that thing is mandatory. What else do I need to know about this incredible movement of MOVIDA and your club MOVIDA? And

All About Movida’s Products and Programs

Al Morentin: one thing that’s really super awesome that I think you’ll love is that like so I am a holistic health practitioner and we like we have CBD minerals and superfoods. And so like we have, I have a sister company that’s part that I’m partnered up with called the pure health defenders. And so we have one of the partners has a deadly disease like me, the only time is not deadly, but his death the other three years. He’s live eight, he’s on his stuff and my stuff, right. And it’s an intestinal disease. And so him and his partner who is the head of research and development at UCLA for the lab at UCLA for the last 18 years, he’s also on the board of Abbott and pharmaceuticals often sort of that they develop these middle rules from the seven different sea vegetables that are grown in pristine parts of the world from these farms that grow for them right there a $20 million company and they love MOVIDA they love me and they like the guy like he does MOVIDA CBD before his lectures at UCLA right.

And now innovators dilemma so we’re the worldwide distributors for them now. And so we have the 60 Miracle seed about semen SE vegetable mineral complex that we’re putting out, because that was one of the missing links also for me was you know, because everything that you were saying like the planet is different, you know, but diets haven’t changed. So we need to get minerals and things like that from supplementation and from natural sources like this so that the sea is full of natural minerals that like seaweed and things like that. So we have six, seven different sea vegetables and it’s proprietary extraction process. Yeah, it was developed by this guy from UCLA. He’s like one of the most renowned veterinarians and research scientist, he gets all their funding like $400 to $600 million a year at UCLA and we also developed this tech right here that knocks down frequencies and like Wi-Fi and all kinds of stuff like that over 50 different frequencies.

It has a nano Pico, and a nano Pico and another kind of energy applied to it. So it works on a Korean psycho little shell around you, right? And it works on a cellular level and within the cell on a molecular level to help to heal you. And we could show through thermal imaging when you not having it and having it right. And they actually he proved it is a veterinarian at UCLA, through primates and dogs and cats and all that stuff. And they got $20 million in funding from the federal government to do research on this for diabetes, diabetes based neuropathies and a specific type of cancer and then directly after the people are taken off of the clinical trial, then they’re put onto a case study and put on MOVIDA CBD.

Sonia Gomez: Whoa, dude, that is major.

Al Morentin: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I got very, very fortunate that that came across to me.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, that’s a mate. God bless you, man. You’re doing some incredible things right now. I’m so excited to follow your journey. I’m we’re going to see each other in Las Vegas at the exponential entrepreneur event. I’m really excited about that. Yes, and you’re going to be speaking down in Oceanside. Tell me a little bit more about that.

Upcoming Event to Watch out For

Al Morentin: Yes. So there’s, there’s this awesome sushi restaurant. It’s like, it’s huge. It’s crazy. And they had this big, cool little area for speaking.

Sonia Gomez: What’s the name of the sushi restaurant?

Al Morentin: Harney’s HARNEY’s. ,

Sonia Gomez: Dude, I know about my money sauce and my

Al Morentin: my niece and her husband just bought it. So, really, yeah.

Sonia Gomez: I’m coming in.

Al Morentin: So and they have a whole vegan menu and stuff like that now for me, so and I just for me, but like it, but they’re, they’re like ocean certified like Oh, I like friendly certified.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, Harney. They have a location in Oceanside and in Old Town right?

Al Morentin: Yeah. So they bought the one in Oceanside going right there. And so that’s what I’m saying. Like, that’s one of the reasons why my family is coming down and they’re not feeling down. That’s what I’m doing the event but they’re coming down because it’s at my niece’s place.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, we’ll eat sushi and listen to you talk.

Al Morentin: And then it’s also because like, she sort of like convinced them because like, it’s also my brother’s birthday. I correct her father’s birthday, like a couple of days later, so and she has like a little beach house like this a couple of blocks away. Yeah. So they’re gonna have a party afterward. So it’s, but they’re gonna they’re sort of forced to go. It’s called CBD 101, the truth about CBD It is like learning about what is it like Why does your body need it you know, why do you need it and how to look for the good sources of it you know what to expect. And then we do free raffles make it fun I can literally do eight raffles in 45 minutes and it’s over $400 in the CBD and the raffles free the events free, you know and just tons of fun and then there’s a brunch going on afterward and they got like half price on the brunch is just like a crazy good stuff.

Sonia Gomez: Awesome. Well, we’ll be sure to post some links so that people can find out more about where you’re going to be what you’re going to be doing all of the links to get in touch with MOVIDA will be listed right around this blog post and this episode of The Hemp Revolution. Any last word any words of wisdom to share with our audience before we complete our show today,

Final Words

If you're coming into the hemp game for business, then make sure that you check your ego and make sure you're doing it for the people, you know, because that's what matters. - Al Morentin Click To Tweet

Al Morentin: just if you’re getting into the game if you’re coming into the hemp game for business, then make sure that you check your ego and make sure you’re doing it for the people, you know, because that’s what matters. This is not about money. This is about helping people and overcoming the government and the pharmaceutical industry. So we have a choice.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, sir. You heard it from the horse’s mouth right here and right now. Everything that you do has to be focused on the why. Why do you do what you do for whom do you do what you do? And why are you so passionate about it? What is the thing that keeps you ignited and excited every single day? While we’re solving problems, you also have to understand that generating the revenue that you can continue to make a difference in people’s lives. With great responsibility comes the need for revenue to serve those responsibilities. So, build your business like a business and don’t treat it like a hobby. Work it every single day, put your hundred percent into it and the Law of Reciprocity Well be working in your favor.

Also focus on the flow, do the things that feel most natural to you that allow you to be the most excited, the most ignited the most potent in the areas that you’re focusing on and build your team around you so that they can take care of those things that help you that make you feel depleted. You don’t have to be the best thing. You don’t have to be the best at everything about your business. What you do need to do is be aware and understand how to properly delegate those things out so that you can make the biggest most positive impact and your revenue and income will be a direct result of the value that you’re bringing into your marketplace.

My name is Sonia Gomez. I’m your trusted and loyal, happy host of the hemp revolution and we’ll see you on our next episode. Thanks for listening to another Rockstar episode of the hemp revolution podcast. I’m your host Sonia Gomez. And just for you, we took notes on this episode, sewed along with the links and other resources mentioned inside of today’s show. Get them for free right now by going to theemeraldcircle.com. Now if you want more on this, please subscribe to the show on Apple podcast or wherever you like to listen and you will be automatically entered in to our monthly giveaway where you can get swag bags, all kinds of cool gifts and discounts from our guests and exclusive offers that are only mentioned right here in the hemp revolution podcast.

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