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Guide – Medical Cannabis Card Evaluation Process

Marijuana medical card persuades many cannabis connoisseurs. Though it seems great, the process of getting one can be sketchy.

Before you can legally light up cannabis, you need a medical marijuana card. With the right guide and information, you can soon be a proud owner of a remedial Pot card. Let’s explore how to get it and become a legal cannabis consumer.


Marijuana Card or Marijuana Recommendation

A medical marijuana prescription is not a license. You need a government-issued card to get authorized for partaking into weed consumption. Every state passes a medical cannabis law that grants only licensed doctors the ability to prescribe weed in written format.

Cannabis dispensaries accept only written recommendations. After registering with a dispensary, customers need to show a medical marijuana card that news timely renewal.


Medical Marijuana Evaluation

This 30-minute evaluation process is mandatory in most states. An evaluation doctor asks different questions about medical conditions of the candidate. Following the evaluation, the doctor will decide whether or not the candidate needs a therapeutic weed treatment.

S/he may ask about your daily lifestyle, eating habits and treatments that you are currently taking. Accordingly, they will outline a treatment plan, discuss the side effects and benefits of cannabis treatment and may arrange a follow-up visit, if required.

Be polite and clear about why you are applying for the card. Accordingly, the doctor issues a medical marijuana recommendation.

Don’t forget to bring following to your Marijuana Evaluation


  • Government ID card or utility bill proving your residency
  • Medical records, including prescriptions, x-ray/MRI results, worker’s compensation and /or disability It will help the doctor understand your exact medical condition and why you are applying for a medical marijuana card.

Can you purchase medical marijuana with a recommendation?

The answer varies state by state! In specific states, you can legally purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary. But, in other states, the recommendation is not enough. You are required to send the recommendation and your medical records to your state’s relevant office to get a medicinal marijuana card.


In states like California where the card is mandatory to purchase medical pot, the answer is obvious. In states where recommendation permits cannabis purchase, it is advised to get a medical cannabis card. An approved 420 card with photo identification card adds a layer of protection against “wrong people.”

Medical marijuana is a DEA Scheduled 1 drug. Having a card avoids hassle in smoking your medical Pot.

In most states, licensed doctors are forbidden to recommend cannabis dispensaries.

Tips for successful session with your marijuana doctor

  • Arrive with all required documents.
  • Don’t forget – it’s medical, not recreational weed.
  • Explain your medical condition thoroughly to your doctor. Also, explain how medical marijuana can help you.
  • Be courteous and polite during evaluation. No doctor likes rude patients.

Check out reviews

Over 1.4 patients in California are prescribed therapeutic weed. People use different terms, like weed card or med card for medical marijuana card.

You can in-person visit a 420 doctor, or apply online through NuggMD.  Just grab $39 and rush to a licensed physician to get legal.

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