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Travelling Somewhere Soon? How to Get Your Pot on the Plane

The holiday season is upon us in full swing. For many people, this means travelling to see friends and family who are out of state. If you’re like many cannabis consumers, leaving your stash at home isn’t really an option. And as lax as some marijuana laws are in several states, flying on a domestic or international flight with cannabis is still illegal.

Even if you’re travelling from say, Colorado to Washington (both states where recreational and medical marijuana are legal), you legally still can’t get on a plane with cannabis. Registered medical patients aren’t even allowed to travel with weed, no matter how much it helps their condition.

Relax…TSA Isn’t Looking for Your Weed

Here’s the thing, though. As marijuana legalization continues to sweep the nation, flying with it has become a heck of a lot easier. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) isn’t likely to be searching your bags for your hidden stash. In fact, they’re pretty much turning their eyes the other way.

On their website, TSA states: “TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other drugs. In the event a substance that appears to be marijuana is observed during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.”

According to TSA spokesman, Bruce Anderson, “Our officers are focused on security and are not searching specifically for substances that aren’t a threat to the aircraft.”

Great news for anyone planning on taking a flight who wants to take their weed with them.

The other good news? Airports aren’t mandated to follow federal law. Denver International Airport might seem like it would be a pot-head’s paradise, but they’ve declared all possession of cannabis illegal. This however, hasn’t stopped countless passengers from flying out of the Mile-High City with their marijuana.

Flying out of Portland? You might as well just keep your pot in your pocket. Not really, but if you’re flying somewhere else in Oregon, you can literally board your plane, weed in hand. If you’re flying somewhere else, you’ll be politely asked to go back through security and toss it. Whether or not you do, is entirely up to you.

So how does one exactly get weed onto their flight and safely to their destination? It’s a lot easier than you might think. Here are some tips to get you to wherever you’re going, and ensure you can consume your heart out when you get there.

How to Get on the Plane with Cannabis

Whatever you do, don’t put your marijuana in your checked bag. Plenty have done it before, no problem, but it’s seriously not worth the risk. TSA might not be looking for your weed, but they do random bag searches all the time. The likelihood that your bag will get picked might be slim, but its better just not to take the chance at all.

Putting your pot in your carry-on is your best bet, even if it does seem sketchy with all the crazy antics that go on just to get passed security. Remember, TSA isn’t looking for your pot. They’re more concerned with other things you’re not supposed to have.

Don’t want to get your carry-on searched? Follow their guidelines and you’ll be good to go. No liquids, aerosols, or gels in containers over 3.4-ounces. No flammables or weapons. And don’t forget to take out any random tools or pocket knives that might be in your bag. For a list of what might be a red flag when going through security, click here.

Where to Put Your Pot in Your Carry-On

You can roll joints and stick them in a cigarette pack no problem. Could be a good idea to roll them with a filter, unless you’re hardcore and have filterless cigs.

If you’re travelling with flower, put buds in a non-transparent bottle of vitamins or over-the-counter medication, stuff a couple cotton balls on top, and toss the vitamins or OTC medicine over the cotton balls, and you’re good.

Gummy candies can go in an emptied out gummy candy bag. Edibles are by far the easiest way to transport pot on the plane. Just don’t freak out that you’re going to get caught and eat them all before you get on your flight. This could definitely spell disaster.

Shatter and wax can easily be folded flat into some parchment paper and slipped in with your wallet with your cards. Ladies, you can put it in a silicone container and put it in your make-up bag. Just make sure you don’t have any liquids in there that are over 3.4-ounces.

Now all you’ve got to do is get through security without looking like you’ve got something to hide. You’re not bringing any bombs, so relax. Chances are you’re not going to get caught. And to make you feel even better, in 2015, there were only 29 cases of authorities being contacted about marijuana…out of 54 million passengers.

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