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How to Find the Best CBD for Baby Boomers with Jay Grover

Jay Grover

Jay Grover, a professional photographer for more than 30 years decided to transition to the hemp-CBD space. He started a company called My Health Etc, a family-owned business that focuses on educating consumers with the ins and outs of the process.

Join us in this episode as he shares with us his journey and how he’s been able to build an incredible company that is serving patients from all walks of life with their products, services, and seminars. Ignite your passion as he shares his desire to change lives and help more families have a better lifestyle with their products, services, and seminars.

I think if you have those two things, if you have the education, and you truly care for people, I think it all comes together. You got to have perseverance as well. -Jay Grover

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

2:21 – How Jay got started in the hemp-CBD business and his biggest concern
6:26 –What are the most challenging pieces of getting the right education to the consumer
11:31 – Why are we holding to such a high standard in the hemp-CBD consumption
14:46 – What is the mission of the company
19:35 – Three pieces of advice to somebody who is getting to the hemp-cannabis space
23:39 – What unique opportunities they’ve had to change somebody’s mind that would otherwise have been unapproachable
28:52 – My Health Etc’s current status
31:32 – Shares words of wisdom to inspire entrepreneurs

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Sonia Gomez: Hey guys, this is Sonia Gomez tuning in from Denver, Colorado. This is another episode of The Hemp Revolution where we are exploring the incredible journey that the entrepreneurs inside of the hemp and cannabis space are going through. The pioneer is known as the biggest disruption to healthcare in our generation. Today, my guest who is the founder of my health, etc, is going to be sharing with us his journey and how he’s been able to build an incredible company that is serving patients from all walks of life with their products, services, and seminars. Please give a warm welcome to our guests. Mr. Jay Grover, how are you, Jay?

Jay Grover: Great, Sonia, thank you for having me. It’s great to be here today.

Sonia Gomez: I am so excited to have you. This is like my favorite conversation to have is with entrepreneurs like yourself who have been a part of this beginning stages of the journey. The hemp industry is still in its absolute infancy as far as I’m concerned. And together with the products and services that are coming out into the marketplace and businesses like yours, we are seeing just such incredible transformation on the consumer side of how they are getting to experience the effects of this incredible product. So at the beginning here, I’d love to just hear from the horse’s mouth, a little bit about you your background and what you’re currently doing in the industry.

Starting a Business and His Biggest Concern

Jay Grover: Well, sure, actually, my background is I’ve been a professional photographer for the last 30 plus years, we’ve operated a photography studio, probably about to say three and a half to four years ago, my mother who’s 87 came to me and said she was going to get a marijuana card. And that about put me on the floor. The whole time growing up, she was searching my pockets in my room and so kind of surreal to have my mother wanting a marijuana card. But she was having trouble sleeping. So you know, certainly I could understand that. She also got a booklet in the mail about CBD. And she said you should look into this. As I started looking into it, it just grabbed me. And I knew I had to be a part of this. So we launched actually TriAlpha7 is the parent company, but we launched My Health Etc, opened an online store, added the products to a boutique store and took off down the road. One of the things that really concerned me was, we hear this from clients all the time, they would come in and say well, you know, I got a bottle I did a couple of droppers for it felt like it did something. But now it’s not working. And so I was so afraid of this incredible substance, people would just put it down to walk away. Oh, that didn’t work for me. So I knew right then that, that we had to educate and teach people how to use this. And so that’s kind of how I got started.

Sonia Gomez: Nothing like an 87-year-old mama to bring you to your awareness, right?

Jay Grover: Oh, I’m telling you.

Sonia Gomez: Mother’s work is never done.

Jay Grover: Right. And she was saying, you know, we need to sell this stuff. We need to sell this stuff. And I personally put it off because I just didn’t know enough about it. But being the entrepreneur that we are, we jumped in with both feet and took off. Now I don’t see me doing anything else.

Sonia Gomez: Wow, that’s incredible. As a matter of fact, right before I was getting on the line with you today, I was speaking to my uncle who called me sort of out of the blue talking about the pain in his shoulder, a pretty severe sepsis infection that he got after a knee surgery. And he’s been a part of a community for several years now as a recovering alcoholic and has been pretty adverse to my user or involvement with cannabis and hemp. You know, always giving me the speech around your body is better than that you don’t need these types of things. Today, it was just a really eye-opening conversation to hear him say, you know, I’ve been experiencing these troubles, and my body shoulder pain, lower back pain due to arthritis. And then the overall experience of his body and immune system weakening after this pretty significant infection that left him bedridden and on IV drip antibiotics for two months. And he got on the phone and said, I’ve been researching CBD, I’ve been starting to take a full-spectrum oil. And for some reason, it’s you know, it works for a time, but I’m still waking up about every two or three hours in the evening time, is there something stronger than I should be using? And I’m like, absolutely good old uncle. It’s, for me, the cannabis and hemp health movement really starts with the core of education. And most often I’m finding that new users primary and the demographics of what we would consider baby boomers are oriented more around the exposure and education that they’re able to acquire now, which is a far cry from the generations of negative stigma that’s been associated with the plant and its derivatives for the last few generations. What are you finding in the infancy of your business? What are you finding to be the most challenging pieces of getting the right education and information out to the consumer so that your products have the exposure and, and distribution that you need to thrive as a business owner,

Challenges of Getting the Right Education to the Consumer

Even after you explain that and explain how the ECS system works, and they still take a little while for it to sink in. -Jay Grover Click To Tweet

Jay Grover: I think it’s a couple of things. Just about every client that comes into our boutique store, we have a mini-seminar with. We almost won’t sell products unless they’re going to sit down and learn how to use them. I mean, we will but you know, a lot of times we’ll tell folks, if you’re not going to follow the program and use it correctly, don’t waste your money. Probably the hardest thing is convincing people that it’s not going to get you high, it’s not going to make it crazy, but it’s a natural substance, it’s practically a bottle of fluid. And even after you explain that and explain how the ECS system works, and they still take a little while for it to sink in. So we’ve also found ourselves doing a lot of coaching. So they’ll come in and we’ll get them started a program with the oil, little bit down the road, they’ll come back and say well, okay, I’m taking this much. I don’t think I’m getting anything or you know, it’s making me tired or so we kind of help coach them and move them along, in the realization that this actually can change their life and that it works. And that’s, that’s such a reward. But I think the challenges are getting people to understand the difference between marijuana and you know, the base medicine, the mother medicine, this or the CBD in the cannabinoids together and it can be difficult. We also found that 90% of our clients are like you say baby boomers 55-100 years old. So we were also concerned about some of the marketing and some of the products I mean, a CBD snow cone or maybe this that the other thing. I think a lot of times people don’t take seriously. Does that make sense?

Sonia Gomez: Now Yeah, absolutely. We interface with a lot of the same challenges. You know, the last two years my husband and I have a little over 30 years of combined experience in the industry and I’ve been a part of legislative development and owning and operating one of the first cannabis legalized cannabis companies in the state of Colorado as early as 2009. We’ve interfaced with 10s of thousands and at this point now millions of people from around the world who are complaining of inconsistent or adverse reaction to or response to products on the marketplace so we’re finding that the you know, starting with the education and empowering an individual so that they can make an educated decisions about how they are selecting their products or delivery systems and you know how to microdose with Fido cannabinoids and, you know, strain selection if they are in fact using cannabis-based products, starting there has been the first and most important step in creating this solidity and sanctity inside of the holistic health movement. And it’s much different than the sort of esoteric idea of mind, body, and spirit, you know, spiritual wellness, and really bringing a humanized conversation that’s connected to real science paired with the what I refer to as more of the bro-science are hippie science, that’s been around for years, but only now is getting the real recognition and respect that it deserves. This dragon known as of the world who were hiding in the hills developing these transformational serums are now becoming mainstream science is pairing with it. And so we’re getting a lot more of the stabilized product, a lot more brands who have the efficacy of the product at the forefront of their business, and are really committed and dedicated to excellence in both product performance production and distribution. One of the things that’s really remarkable to me and watching this industry evolve, is the conversation that’s happening internally, the standards in which we set with each other and ourselves that with things needing to be organically grown or sustained, nobody farmed, how it’s extracted, or how it’s blended or produced all the way down to where it’s being manufactured all around the quality and efficacy of the product. And I’m really curious to hear and I’ve asked a couple of other people the same question. I’m really super curious to hear your take on why and how the same criteria have not translated into let’s call it the food industry. I want to know from you. Why are we holding ourselves to such a high standard in the area of cannabis and hemp consumption and not holding to the same practice or quality requirements when it comes to daily necessities like food and water?

Why Are We Holding to Such a High Standard in the Hemp-CBD Consumption

Jay Grover: I agree with you 100%. And that’s, I think it’s because of the stigma of marijuana. I think because of that, in order for us to step out ahead, that we have to be I don’t know if this makes sense better than that. We have to, and it’s one thing that affected the way that we structured our business, we wanted to make sure that it was professional, we wanted to make sure that it was family-friendly atmosphere, people can bring kids here, we didn’t want the vape shop, we didn’t want the head shop labels on the product. So I think part of the reason for us our industry doing that is because of the marijuana stigma, if you will, to get out ahead of that. And to show that it is professional, it is something that can help you and it is we’re not goofing around here. As far as the food, I agree with you 100%. I mean, it was just it’s ridiculous what we accept in our everyday products. And then when it comes something to something like this, which is again, practically a bodily fluid, we just we hold it to a higher standard. I think we need to do that with everything.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I agree. And I’ve heard the question answered in multiple ways. And my response to the question, if it’s okay, if I share it, you know, I think the industry is is enough in its infancy now that we have a new opportunity before big business and big industry take over the standards and infiltrate with their, I would say profiteering mentality, you know, the quality of food and even accessibility to clean water is tainted and polluted with this overwhelming commitment to the quote-unquote, shareholders of companies like Monsanto or big oil, or, you know, whatever it is that prevents us from holding our basic life forces to the same operating standards. And we have this mentality and our business of together as one and how we hold ourselves and each other accountable to a certain standard of excellence, and how we provide or create value in the work that we do. So you know, I just have to ask the question, because we’re so hyper-focused, when we’re in this position of creation, and our businesses are in our infancy, and we’re confronted with daily challenges, like just getting compliant banking, or being able to properly advertise our businesses, we’re so close to the picture every day that in some senses, I feel that we take it for granted that there are much bigger issues in the world that, you know, in some sense of the word we have kind of abandoned to focus on this new industry. Talk to me a little bit about the mission of your company, what is the mission that you guys have as an organization or the bigger thing that you want to contribute to as you start to build the profitability inside your business?

The Mission of the Company

The most important thing to us is benefit that the clients get. Benefit that we can show people what this can do that we can change lives. That is probably the biggest driving factor for us. - Jay Grover Click To Tweet

Jay Grover: I would say probably the biggest thing, the most important thing to us is the benefit that the clients get. Benefit that we can show people what this can do that we can change lives. That is probably the biggest driving factor for us. And I think that’s why, again, we’ve structured the business this way doing one on one consultations, seminars, some of our vendors told us when we started doing this, that we were probably the only ones in the country that were doing that, that was sitting down and talking to people and giving seminars rather than just throwing a bottle across the counter.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, so cool. I love that, you know, understanding the gap in education from interfacing with the consumers. James and I developed a company called The Leaf Academy where we created two certification programs. One is called the CBD Ambassadors program, which is a really like a hemp CBD Master’s program where people who have retail centers, or our distributors of CBD, or maybe they’re in a multi-level marketing our direct sales position, the standard company education is not enough to help somebody make an educated decision about product selection or delivery systems. So we created the CBD Ambassadors course to help folks to give them like a certified education that they can be proud to display that would earn the respect to be able to support family members or community members, making those products selections or a transition into using CBD. The other one is a natural health consultant. And we’re certifying coaches all across the world right now on how to use cannabis, hemp and other natural remedies and practices that they could use to improve their health and functionality. And it sounds like you are doing really similar stuff inside of your retail center, and you know, helping your consumers pay cool products and the ones that will work deliver the desired results. So good Anya, for that one, because I’m telling you, that bridging the gap of education to product is so huge right now. And I think you’re right, and saying that a lot of people don’t get the desired results and end up abandoning it as a resource or alternative to otherwise harmful medications.

I've seen that most of the people in this business really care. And if we want to keep it that way, then and again. That's why we have to step ahead and be more professional, and more educated than the average Joe. -Jay Grover Click To Tweet

Jay Grover: I agree with you. And I’d like to back up just a little bit Sure, to what I’ve found as far as people involved in this industry, like yourself, and the fact that we are kind of a coop, if you will, to us hemp authority and policing ourselves. And you know, those kinds of things, I think is also very important to keep it that way. I think it keeps everybody honest. And I think most of the people that are truly in this business are in the business because they care. It’s not about necessarily the bottom line. I mean, we all have to make a living. But from what I’ve seen that most of the people in this business really care. And if we want to keep it that way, then and again. That’s why we have to step ahead and be more professional, and more educated than the average Joe. And I surely would love it if you would send me some information on your certification.

Sonia Gomez: Oh, yeah, I would love to.

Jay Grover: Like James, I’m self-taught. And I know a bit but I still need to learn more. And so I’d love you to send me some of that info.

Sonia Gomez: Oh, yeah, we’d love to share it. It was, you know, we partnered with a couple of globally recognized physicians who have personally treated 10s of thousands of patients using cannabis, and hemp as a part of their regimen. And it’s just been absolutely incredible to see the difference. And we have a lot of self-taught experience but when you bring in the science and the quote-unquote, educated certified professionals who are actually interfacing with clients on a daily basis, and getting the track and trace their transformations, it’s, so so so cool. So I’m happy to send you over that information for sure. We have a lot of budding entrepreneurs, no pun intended, actually, pun intended. But we have a lot of budding entrepreneurs, people who are listening to this show right now and looking for the support and guidance on how to grow the businesses that they currently have, or even find what their point of entry into the industry could or should be being somebody who transitioned into the industry from an otherwise successful career as a photographer, can you talk to me, share with me three tips that you could offer somebody who is getting into this space? What are three things that you can share with them that might help them along the way?

Three Pieces of Advice to Somebody Who is Getting to the Hemp-Cannabis Space

Jay Grover: education, education, education, Now, that doesn’t count for all three of my words were important. I couldn’t even consider dealing with a product like this if I didn’t know anything about it. You know, I think that’s one thing that’s garnered us credibility locally, we have probably 10 to 15 doctors locally that send people to our shop for hemp CBD products in our area. And so they will not necessarily do that unless you’ve built up some credibility. They like your program. So I would say education would be first. You have to have some stick to it. This is not an easy business to start or get into with laws and regulations on regular businesses. It’s hard enough. But do some research and look around and be prepared to hang in there, baby. Because there’s going to be some ups and downs since we are in our infancy. So I would say that point just a caring for people wanting people to have benefit. I mean, I think if you have those two things if you have the education, and you truly care for people, I think it all comes together. You got to have perseverance as well. You know, we’ve gone through the banking issues. Currently, we’re having Visa, MasterCard issues, we just got an operational bank account yesterday, will sign papers on that tomorrow

Sonia Gomez: Wow. And how long have you guys been in business?

Jay Grover: We’ve been in business for about three and a half years. Wow, we’ve been through, let’s see, 3 credit card companies and probably five different banks that have kicked us to the curb. Of course, on the 15th of May, you know Elevon and US Bank shut down CBD merchant accounts across the US. Yeah, for our website store that cut us off at the knees. But luckily, we’ve been able to kind of hang on, and things are going to start coming together again. But we got to have some education, perseverance, and be ready for the ups and downs, be ready to move.

Sonia Gomez: I love that I say very, very similar things about building and growing the business. And for us the success that we have found in overcoming the inevitable challenges that any business has. I mean, Forbes has published multi times that eight out of 10 businesses are going to fail in their first 12 months, even up to the first three-year mark. And in normal business, you come across challenges that are not exclusive to the cannabis and hemp industry, banking and merchant processing happened to be exclusive challenges to the cannabis and hemp industry. marketing and advertising tend to be more challenging in this industry than in any other industry. financing, which is transferable no matter what industry you’re involved with having the proper resources available. But none of it matters, in my opinion, unless you have a mission and a movement and a message that you are driving in with every single opportunity that you have. And what I’m recognizing right now is that the riches are in the niches and really understanding the demographic that you want to be serving and working with and then falling in love with that demographic. A lot of the companies that I see having the biggest challenges are trying to be everything to everyone. They have 400 products, they have 5000 different pieces of information, there’s no area where there, they have the knowledge and everything, but a master of nothing. And to me, that’s really diluting the marketplace, whereas the folks who really specifically focused in on this particular niche, or captured audience, and they have that message and they have that mission, they’re creating a movement, the products are just a bonus to any of that. And they’re able to, you know, consistently produce revenue that allows them to grow and expand, and a lot more opportunity is being created for them. What are some of the unique opportunities that you’ve had to change somebody’s mind or help somebody that would have otherwise been unapproachable or unattainable because you’re a part of the CBD industry?

Opportunities They’ve Had to Change Somebody’s Mind

Jay Grover: You know, I’d have to say, we have seminars and talks all over town, I’d probably spoken to most of the service clubs in town, rotary groups, lions, clubs, places like that, where a lot of those guys are pretty set in their way. They’ve got some pretty set ideas about marijuana CBD what this stuff is. So I’ll have to say that that has been a challenge when I do those seminars or talks, again, trying to get people to understand that it’s a natural thing and a natural function for our body. Sometimes can be so difficult, but I would do seminars or talks at the service clubs, the response would be okay, it might be a little on the chilly side. But we’d always pass out some coupon, it was rewarding to see how many coupons we started getting back. People coming in, hey, I saw you talk over here. And most of my friends said they’d never touched this stuff. But I got this pain. So anytime that that happens that we do a seminar, we can reach a large group of people. That’s one thing that been very helpful. I don’t know if that answered your question. Great. Good.

Sonia Gomez: Ya know, that totally answers my question. Because you guys are serving what would be considered a more conservative demographic, where you’re in that baby boomer niche, you’re seeing the 65 to a 100-year-old customer base, who as you said, like you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But an old dog has old pains too, right? And everybody’s trying to fix these old problems with new solutions, which happens to be CBD happens to be the way that we are revolutionizing self-aware care. And everyone’s aware of these things that are thorns in their backside. But they go to that generation in particular, this is actually was a perfect answer to my question, because that generation, in particular, has been mentally and physically primed and trained to believe in and trust in a system that is now since been broken. You know, back in the 60s 70s, there was still this feeling that you could trust and that you should trust the powers that be but in the recent generations over and over and over again, that trust has been compromised. And the millennial movement is one that is raging against the machine. They’re calling out these broken cogs in the wheel and saying like we need and want these to be fixed, or we’re going to fix them ourselves. And the hemp revolution is very much about that where we want new and sustainable ways to build our homes to fuel our cars to fuel our livelihood, to empower our communities and create consciousness around what we are leaving for the next generation. And I think that the work you’re doing and the baby boomer crowd is going to allow that generational transmission to be reignited. America is a cesspool of a lost culture, in my opinion. And those small pockets of families or communities that are able to preserve some sense of originality from their ancestry are because of the old people who are hanging on tooth and nail to what once was. And the culture that is today’s marketplace, or communities is very much diluted, our grandparents are younger and younger, our parents are younger still. And our children are being lost to the digital age where we are having to fight for their time and attention next to YouTube and video games. So I think that the work that you’re doing is helping to raise the vibration and consciousness and those more conservative communities, and helping to bridge that gap that would otherwise separate a grandchild from the grandparent. And now they have common ground to say like, okay, am I 20 something-year-old, is passionate about cannabis or is interested or involved with cannabis. Now I have a point of conversation because they attended one of your seminars or tried one of your products. I think that’s fantastic.

Jay Grover: Well, we’ve had several millennials bringing their parents in.

Sonia Gomez: Please help this woman I can’t.

Jay Grover: Yeah, you know, I’ve been talking to her about it for months. And you know, finally got her in here. And so then once again, we start explaining and educating, then you just see this amazement wash over their face, like, you know, here, there’s so much why in the world, could we have done this 100 years ago? We’ve had this substance has been around for thousands of years. And we’re just now getting it. It makes some of them angry once they turn over, you know?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, totally. Well, I think that that’s so incredible. So tell me, tell me what your business looks like today? Do you have multiple locations? Do you have your one location Are you both on and offline Talk to me a little bit about my health, etc.

My Health Etc’s Current Status

Jay Grover: Sure, well, we’re both online and offline, we have, of course, the website store, my health, etc. com, we also have the boutique store here, we want to add, of course, more products, new products, we also would like to expand and grow a little bit. But as we talked earlier, the banking situation, kind of hindered that a little bit. But we’ll hang in here. And as soon as those things get taken care of, and then we’ll continue to grow. So we’ve kind of had to drop back a little bit here in the last couple of months. But now that you’re going to be able to get an operational bank account, probably within the next couple of weeks, we’ll be able to have a merchant account will be rolling again. And so then we’ll pick up the pace and, again, start adding new products. And as we get a little more established, we may look at opening up some other locations.

Sonia Gomez: Very cool. Well, I’m really excited to follow the growth of your guys’ company. Jay, I think I think it’s just remarkable and anything that we can do to support in the process. You know, as you’re talking about bringing in new brands, a lot of the challenges that I’ve heard from folks who are operating retail centers is even though they may be producing or carrying products that they know like and trust, or maybe you are you’re producing a product of your own, they’re still looking for diversity that the consumer demands diversity and seeing multiple brands. And that’s how the consumer brand has been trained. And one of the things that we took upon ourselves was helping to raise the bar and efficacy of the products and brands by nurturing the entrepreneurs. So we actually have a business mastery program where a lot of brands have come into in order to stabilize their manufacturing and gain access to banking that would allow them to operate like normal businesses, we teach them how to properly advertise and market their company so that they can reach a broader audience. And we open up new distribution channels for them. So I love to be able to share with you some of those brands and products that you know are going to deliver the desired results. They come with education and competitive saying so that everyone is in a win-win situation. And all as an industry we can rise together and really help our consumers our demographics get access to those products that will deliver the desired results.

Jay Grover: That would be great. I would love to get that info.

Sonia Gomez: Okay, cool. I love that any last words that you would like to share with our community about your business, your brand or your mission? I’m just so fascinated by how you guys have weaved in education as part of the front end of your business. Are there any words of wisdom that you can share for some of the existing businesses and brands that are out there in closing and your closing statement that will help to motivate or inspire them and in their process of growth?

Words of Wisdom

Jay Grover: 
Sure, I think you need to set yourself apart. Because of all the things that we discussed earlier, we need to be better than everything else that’s out there. We need to present I think professional family-friendly atmosphere went over more of those conservative folks and some of the baby boomers. But you’re right, you got to find a niche. You know, every day, we get calls or emails, hey, we want you to carry our product, hey, we want you to carry our product, but 90% of them don’t meet up to our specifications. When we first started selling CBD three and a half years ago, nobody was selling it here locally. In the past few years now. It’s everywhere. It’s a gas station. And for God’s sake, people don’t buy your CBD at the gas station, and it carnivals and everywhere else. So it has also been a little difficult to stand out for the crowd. So you’re right, you have to find that niche. Whether it’s the baby boomers, or whatever the case is, and make yourself stand out. Give yourself some credibility by presentation, your marketing materials, what’s your business look like? What’s your logo signage, give some thoughts of those things. And I hope that helps.

Sonia Gomez: That’s incredible. Good job. I love it. I think again, Thank you so much for the work that you’re doing in the world and together as one we can rise above the standard that has been far too low in my opinion for far too long. Really excited to continue to follow the journey of your business and for those of you who are tuning in on this episode and want to get directly connected to Jay and my health etc.com go ahead and look for the link right below this video. We always share the links and the ways that you can gain access. If you are located locally inside of Arizona feel free to reach out to them directly. Again the links will be posted below this video. I’m your host Sonia Gomez and this is the hemp revolution. Stay tuned for more episodes and check us out on the Emeraldcircle.com if you are considering getting into the industry, or perhaps are already in the industry and are faced with some of the many challenges that we continue to discuss inside of this podcast. Go ahead and check us out at theemeraldcircle.com and we will see you in the next episode. Ciao for now.

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