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How to Craft a Brand Story that Brings Massive Sales to Your CBD Business with Paul Booth

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Paul Booth is a brand builder and a market development strategist who develops and executes data-driven strategies that boost traffic and conversion bringing brands with competitive advantages against competitors.

His journey into branding started when he built his own award-winning supplement and brought it to 7 figures organically. This experience and his 16 years in the military helped him understand the human mind when it comes to sales.

Tune in to hear more about Paul’s story, from counter-narcotic operations to the CBD space and how he can help you build your brand whether or not you are in the CBD space.

You’ve got to focus on audience first, then message, then product. – Paul Booth

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:35 – From counter-narcotics operations to CBD space
7:15 – The real dirt on Paul’s Caribbean excursion
10:57 – Overall branding before launching into this industry
22:56 – Well defined demographic vs. niche down
29:27 – Investing in generating sales online
41:12 – Words of wisdom
48:10 – Where to find them

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up guys, Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado super excited to be here with you on another rock your socks episode of The Hemp Revolution podcast where we are sharing and telling the real story of the cannabis and hemp industry from the eyes and perspective of the entrepreneurs and changemakers who are pushing this incredible industry forward and making it possible for you to have safe and legal access to the highest quality products on the marketplace. 

Super excited to share with you more stories from these incredible entrepreneurs. But if you’re a person looking for products that you can depend on to deliver the results you’re looking for, check us out at medicalsecrets.com if you are a business owner or budding entrepreneur who needs merchant processing, manufacturing, fulfillment, coaching support or just some kind of roadmap out of this crazy and challenging industry, check us out at theemeraldcircle.com we are are here to help.

Today we have an incredible story from one of our good friends. But he who I’ve had the pleasure of working with and watching over the last year or so, and what I can certainly say in my own personal endorsement that some of his brands and imagery, and certainly some of his opinions around the existing brands and imagery on the marketplace right now are some of my absolute favorites. 

Mr. Paul Booth is a brand creator and brand growth consultant who designs and implements human connecting data-driven ideas and strategies that launches brands with an unfair advantage against the competition increases traffic and conversions while driving sales across every continent on the globe. I have seen him come up with swag packaging any kind of brand design that you can see and I’ve had such the pleasure of working with him alongside some of my clients. 

Ultimately, his skill is to enable you to generate more revenue through the power of the brand and do less stuff that sucks. So here to share a little bit more about his story and how and why he is becoming a leader when it comes to brand creation, SEO and driving massive traffic to your offers whether or not you are in the CBD space. Help me welcome my good friend Paul Booth. What’s going on Paul? How’s it going? 

Paul Booth: I’m good. So yeah, wow, what an intro. It makes me sound really intelligent and super cool.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, well, we both know it’s all a fallacy so why don’t you tell them the real story? Who are you? What’s your background? And how did you end up in this crazy canna boom?

From Counter Narcotics Operations to CBD Space

Paul Booth: Wow. Okay, so this is going to sound very weird how to explain this. How I got some point of being what people wouldn’t call it a brand expert. I hate the word, expert. I’m just some dude that makes things sexy. Right? So how did it start? I really don’t know. I had to think about this a couple of weeks ago but I think it comes down to the age of eight. I got sent to boarding school by my parents got some the military boarding school and people say what’s that go branding? 

Well, I mentioned a bonus for you gotta become a comedian as a human to not get your head kicked in as a kid. So from a very early age, I learned how to become a comedian and basically manipulate situations and people to enable myself to be safe as well as my younger brother that was a boarding school with me. 

Now, it sounds like it was super, super cool and super affluent, but it was a military boarding school is where military kids go. So quite a poor school. So the platform of alpha characters. Yeah. So that age, I learned really quickly how to bases mute play and move around and understand humans effectively understand what triggers down what I can say or what I can do to stop certain scenarios will make my life better. And from that, I joined the forces, UK military, and I was an engineer on helicopters. 

Before I left I was a senior engineer making the choice that decisions ultimately kill someone affected if I flew the aircraft outside of safety standards. But my whole time in the forces I was I traveled the globe. I went to many countries. I spent actually Two years. And this is really quite funny on this podcast I spent two years in the Caribbean busting drugs so yeah and then two years I bust while we are the team busty at 1.1 billion street value of cocaine. 

So yeah, doing that come across some funny stories and funny characters, which I can’t really mention this podcast, all I can mention is that I was in the Caribbean for two years on counter-narcotic operations. So yeah, so I did that I was in ministry for 16 years, traveled the world met some awesome people and celebrities of [inaudible]. 

And then when I left, I was a massive sportsman was in the forces when I left I was fed up with the supplement market and the crap that was being served to people so effectively I started to manufacture my own supplement products for myself. And that somehow turned into my powder and I can’t get some then the next power saying, can I get some? and then the next person can I get some? 

So I basically program together and I built a brand new a men’s health awards, [inaudible] seven figures all from the power of Twitter, maximum people and teaching myself Photoshop and Illustrator of the design tools to create my vision because every designer I went to can see in my brain so I created myself. I built that up, it was doing really well. 

We’re about to partner up with bodybuilding.com. And then bodybuilding.com gave us some horrendous brand advice and effectively killed the business. So that killed that business and from that day on, I decided that I was gonna take full control of everything and everything I do in the brand space and people start asking me to help them build their brands. You know, because I built my own brands and roll on eight years, or 10 years now probably eight or nine years now. 

I am here now on a podcast talking to you about branding and branding in the CBD space. One thing I want to get clear as I branded our space is my thing this is Brandon but the CBD space right now is where a lot of people are calling on me to help them because the CBD space is getting very crowded at me too. Well, a lot of people are doing the same thing. So people are coming in asking me to come in and change it up and start seeing and find opportunities. So effectively. That is my story. The Tinder version as quick as possible. I don’t like fluff and FAF. So that’s it. Yeah.

The Real Dirt on Paul’s Caribbean Excursion

Sonia Gomez: I love the nutshell. Okay, cool. Well, what podcast do we have to be talking on to get the real dirt on your Caribbean excursions?

Paul Booth: No, that’s one of it. You can actually get a drink for me and get me drunk and I’m probably asking the questions. That’s when you find out the real stuff. But yeah, it was crazy. It was one story I can tell you actually what the story is we were off the Dominican Republic we had some intel said this Cessna plane was going to fly a certain time of night. It was going back to this job land off don’t nickel Republic where the police were based funny enough. 

We’re going to drop X amount of cocaine at the back of the plane. And I was like, that’s never gonna happen that intelligent way too accurate. And two nights later where they’re dark and ops, this plane flies and perfect right arm you can hear the Mexican guys speaking on the columns, you’re talking in Spanish in banks, this little package comes out the back of the plane little parachute comes down a helicopter goes out to go retrieve the package these two go fast boats turn up to our helicopter start chasing on the boats while another team went and cuts the cocaine. 

What turned out to be as a helicopter chasing the Dominican Republic police boat, which is also undercover operations, which we weren’t told about. So basically the drunk guys drunk barons disappeared and we were chasing the police for about an hour.

Yeah, it was funny that this plane is going to come you like yeah. As if this [inaudible] that accurate. And the next year literally is that the exact time of night there’s planes coming in. It’s like just for just at dusk time it’s coming in is banking. This guy’s talking. He throws out the back of the plane. It’s like something from Miami Vice. But yeah, it was cool. It was cool. Two years. No, you’re spending two years in the Caribbean. Yo dude, hat you do as a job but also partying? Who’s gonna be who’s gonna be on? I’m grateful for that. I had a great time.

Sonia Gomez: Oh my god and what a perfect segway because I think that the CBD industry especially and a lot of industries, let’s just talk about the me-too industries are the me-too vibe that swept across the industry, there is a lot of lackluster in the brands that I’m seeing a lot of me-too duplications, tons of originality is bled out of the brands, and there’s not a lot of soul and then anymore back in the 80s and 90s we were seeing fresh looks fresh faces, I think fresh brands that you know sort of became conglomerates. 

And now it’s never been easier for an everyday Joe or even a teenager for that matter. A kid you know can become a millionaire on the internet. However, if we specifically talk about CBD or the supplement space or you know the health and beauty era, a lot of things are looking and feeling the same and there’s a lot of copy cat imagery. And you’re absolutely right. 

There’s a lot of folks now where, you know, 12-18 months ago, the conversation was, how can I get in? Now the question, the big question in the industry is, how can I stay in? How can I stay relevant? How can I stand out in a crowd of people who are trying to be in this industry and be relevant in this industry? 

Now, one of the things that you talk a lot about is the mindset of the entrepreneur. You know, I recognize that you talked about the mindset of an entrepreneur a lot, because the mindset of an entrepreneur, especially in the CBD space is that everybody has the best, everybody has “the product” quote, unquote, that you know, is the absolute best highest quality organic shit from the God of Zeus, you know, whatever.

Paul Booth: I got also 10 million milligrams see the video– 

Overall Branding before Launching into This Industry

Sonia Gomez: Yeah exactly. And one of the things that you talk a lot about is the fact that this is just another ingredient and that we have to start broadening the mindset around how we’re going to a market where we’re going to market and ultimately who we’re speaking to with the brand. So why don’t you talk to me from a brand perspective and then we’ll get into the traffic side of it from a brand perspective when somebody is considering what the imagery and what the story of their brand is going to be. 

What are two or three key elements or things that somebody has to be aware of when they’re considering putting their name their package, their overall brand story together before launching?

Paul Booth: Yeah, well, I’m going to make this simple for people because that’s how I work anyway. So I want to make the podcast simple, but I’m going to split the thing two things up first, there’s smokeable right, and then there’s seed the oils and the nanos and all the other stuff you can isolate, you can stick in a product. So that does not talk about smokers because smokers is more difficult to brand and not be me too because it’s just grass in the tub. Right, so I have a three-word acronym which I always use is make the simplify the peace. 

AMP, audience, message, product in that order, that’s what you focus on. As you suggested, CBD is just an ingredient no difference to caffeine, which is an ingredient as I pre-workouts in the supplement space. Right? So CBD is an ingredient. It’s not an industry is an ingredient, right? So if you always focus on the audience first so the AMP the audience first, you find an audience that’s got a massive want, right or a problem or need and then you work out. 

Find an audience that's got a massive want or a problem or need and then you work out. - Paul Booth Click To Tweet

If that markets big enough or that audience is big enough to serve, then you decide what’s the message of the brand going to be to that audience once you know their problems, or what joy’s they want that audience, you focus on them, right you just focus purely on the audience, you find an audience that needs help, that CBD that could help or pain relief could help or any supplement could help you find your audience. Then you create a message and a brand around that audience. So it speaks directly to them. 

So when they wake up In the morning, your brand turns up in their email box or their messenger box, they get you to get them straight away and they get your brand. Now once you build that brand around that audience, you then decide what products would serve that audience. So if you think about it that way, you’re not launching CBD brands, you’re launching brands to an audience that can deliver multiple products in multiple sectors. 

Now let’s say beauty space, for example, you could be one made you an eye cream than a lipstick and then go into a powder some so you know, or if you go to the fitness market, you’d be delivering a protein powder than a pre-workout but a protein powder might have CBD in it the pre-workout probably won’t have CBD in it. So it must instantly create a bigger brand. And ends up opens up more markets. Because if you just focus on selling CBD oils are the big brands are like because they started early, pure CBD and all India green roads and stuff, but they will have to diversify at some stage. Sit back for everyone who’s starting out and hasn’t got a massive budget. 

You’ve got to focus on audience first then message then product because multiple times to [inaudible] God Porky just give me a read random, who’s your audience like? Everyone from 18 to 60 and that’s virtually 75% the globe. Our 18-year-old teen’s first thing the morning compared to 60-year-olds completely different the 18-year-old dude is thinking about how to masturbate the 60-year-old dudes think about how can you masturbate you can’t get an erection.

Sonia Gomez: So doesn’t mean you need to plant-based diet but that’s another conversation

Paul Booth: And he had and probably he won’t because he laced condom to soften up a little bit whereas the 60 plus years old doesn’t make sleep he’s got erectile dysfunction, right. But the point is the voices told him how the kids I’m 40 and how the kids 18 speaks day nowadays, it doesn’t really work. And if I sort of heart back to what I when I built my brand, I built the brand around the audience and in fact the audience is mere 30, 32, 31. So I was there, I was able to speak directly to them. 

When I woke up in the morning. I could put a post that and they’ll get it straight away because it’s them out of shape feel like shit mostly doesn’t wanna sleep with him. The last thing is take the piss out and all day long. So audiences is massively important everyone, everyone. What people do is they try and reverse engineer a big brand, right? What they do is they go and look at where the brand is today. And they try and reverse engineer the brand where is today I forget how that brands died. 

So if you take Nike, for example, Nike one is a multi-racial massive marketing company that sold to everybody. It was some dude who was saying trainers to his running colleagues at Oregon running track or university. That’s where he started, he started a running shoe company. Actually, Blue Ribbon sports was called first they created Nike as setting running trainers to go 400-meter runners and 1,500-meter runners. He definitely wasn’t thinking about signing Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods is a goal for a basketball player 20 years down the line or 30 years down the line he started there. 

Every business every brand has to start with a very micro-niche audience because what happens is that if the audience loves what you do when they love what you do they become fans and fans make brands. 

pure cbd oil

Remember that keyword or the sentence fans make brands, what makes an English right? So I’m not massively into NFL. But what makes NFL team huge is its fan base. And that’s where the value is the fan base. And the fans make that team just like a brand, the fans and make the brand because when you’ve got loads of fans, they tell everybody about you and they make them buy your products. 

And then people come to fans and they tell everybody about you and they make people buy your products. And suddenly you’ve got this tsunami of the sales team that you don’t have to do anything doesn’t fall apart from just keep passing your brand message over. But you only get that when you understand the audience. 

And what happens in this space and all other spaces and the reason probably why this space is like it is is because everyone in this space, a lot of them have come from the Amazon space, where it’s what products doing well on Amazon, go and copy it, get it from China sell on Amazon and try and make money. Right, so that’s the me-too concept. But [inaudible] starts with a product first, and then goes, Okay, this is my method, my slogan. Now I’m going to find my audience to get that. 

Audience first, find a message that communicates with an audience and then deliver products because that’s the carrier of your message, deliver products to that audience then you make money because people buy solutions, people buy things that make them happy, people buy things that they think that makes them look more special, like Rolex watches, there is no need to buy a 16 grand watch because Rolex people want it. 

Yeah, no difference. You have Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen, it’s all the same value car but it just packs differently. You know, Audi has got the same energy as a Lamborghini the Lamborghini is 200 grand, Audi’s 80 grand people want the Lamborghini because it makes a penis bigger. You know, so, but that’s how people buy they buy emotive stuff. So if you focus on the people that are going to buy your products, you’re always going to win over the person that focused on the product.

pure cbd oil

Sonia Gomez: You know, I say something really similar and I love how you just broke this down but I say two different things. Number one, when I have clients or just group members, I see a lot we share in a lot of different social groups online. And a lot of the questions I see is, what product should I put out into the market? 

And for me, that always feels like the wrong question and you’re really– and you the way that you just outlined, it is confirming it over and over again for me, but they always ask this question about what product they should put on to the market. And they asked questions about the margins, and they’re asking a question, for me, they’re all the wrong questions. 

For me, especially knowing the trials and tribulations that come along with being a business owner in the cannabis or hemp space. The question that somebody should be asking is, who do I want to solve what problem for and why? 

The question that somebody should be asking is, who do I want to solve what problem for and why? - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

And understanding those three things will help you to sort of reverse engineer what product you’re going to put into the market because the product ultimately is the new vehicle that’s going to give them the result that they want, but you first have to figure out the problem, the pain that that problem is causing and why you want to serve that, why you want to solve that problem for that person. 

The final thing is that you absolutely have to be in love with the demographic that you’re going to serve. Because when you are three months down the line and you’ve spent 10 grand on a web day, you’ve spent 10 grand on a brand and you’re getting ready to drop another, you know, 10 grand on your website and e-commerce and you just got your merchant processor set up and you’re you paid for your funnel and you’re getting ready to send traffic and all of a sudden, your bank gets shut down and you have to go through another 30-day process to try and get somebody to even process a payment for you. 

Before you can generate a sale and you’re 30 grand in the hole, trust and believe that you have to find it in yourself, the love and passion that you have for that person and the problem that you’re solving with the products that’s now collecting dust in the warehouse, you’re going to have to find that passion and that love for the person that you’re serving. 

And if you’re not passionate about it you’re going to be fucked over and over again because that’s not going to be the only time that you’re confronted with a basic ass challenge that you know could stop you from doing business for months at a time. So that is the one piece that I’ll add on to that.

Paul Booth: I’ve got a second piece of that Sonia, I’ll say first of this what I get frustrated on why this frustrates me because I see people getting led down the wrong direction when they’re in groups and they put a picture their label on the go, what’s taken my label isn’t relevant unless you tell everybody who’s your which audience it’s for. Right? 

So when people post what do you get my label and they get loads of virtual high fives and other CBD [inaudible], it doesn’t help you whatsoever, because they did not ask the question who are you trying to serve the product to, who’s your audience and the audience then you know the audience and understand the audience you’ll know the label is good or not. But here’s a secondary thing I talked about. 

If you want to get into the CBD space you like Paul, shut the fuck up. I want to get into CBD. I want to set up the CBD products. Do it this way. So go right I want to sell CBD, what more market or industry right now, not CBD, what market or industry right now consumes and takes millions and millions and millions of products every day? 

So prime example, protein powders right protein powders are designed for muscle recovery, muscle replacement rest and recovery fats and what the CBD do helps rest and recovery without saying benefits but let’s face what CBD does. When you add CBD to something like that and that gets consumed on the millions every day, you instantly get yourself ahead of the market who just trying to sell CBD oil to nobody. 

So if you want either you want to get the CBD space do you want to sell CBD think of what’s being consumed or used a million times a day today in different markets where CBD will complement that product. Yeah, like hemp the sales and stuff in that you gotta think about the brand is all about tap into markets that sell already and CBD compliments because CBD is an ingredient. 

Like I said before caffeine doesn’t sell as well as pretty workouts pre-workouts kicking ass and sells caffeine but caffeine is a primary ingredient in a pre-workout powder, so the caffeine powder people that I was a caffeine powder I want to pre-workout because people are trained from marketing from the massive companies that put off before a workout you need a pre-workout right. 

So you know post-workout shake to recover muscles and repair muscle which CBD supports as one example right and there’s multiple other things you can do it for but if you’re so focused on CBD market, and don’t start with audience first, then just focus on what sells multi-millions already to give yourself a market advantage, rather creating a product. It’s got other little sandwiches like make what sales, don’t sell what you make, so you only make stuff that’s already selling by the millions. Don’t know but don’t copy people, but it makes what sales don’t try and sell what you make. Anyway, so I get too deep sometimes.

Well Defined Demographic vs. Niche Down

Sonia Gomez: No, that’s so good. I haven’t heard that one yet. So I’m really really happy that you’re saying that? Hey, Paul, could you oblige us? I think that there’s nothing that speaks better than a solid example. And so I’d love to just get from your perspective, an example of a well-defined avatar and an example of a wishy-washy avatar because I think that there’s key differentiation in having a demographic that’s well defined and niche down.

Paul Booth: People try and get stuck on too much sometimes like too much information about the audience but what yet ignite. you know, what’s the name, Deserio and I can’t say surname, but he’s nailed his brand because his brand is him. And everyone who follows him the multi-millions of people wants to be him. It just acts like an ego version himself. 

He probably lives that life a little bit, but he exaggerates it and people follow him. That’s a perfect example of speaking to the exact audience. Egotistical dudes that want to see strippers and what hot chicks a bit with like tight asses and big tits on a boat. shooting guns, gentlemen, that is an extreme way a really good a really really good example of like targeting focusing on what we do best.

Sonia Gomez: I love him I’m a girl and I watch him all the time yeah

Paul Booth: So yeah so he please last that running, he’s got a following and stuff like that near the Kardashians and stuff like that but they still deliver so Kylie targets people of her own age people that aspire to be her right? She’s not trying to target to older women and stuff she targets to her demographic was by an extreme cases of targeting, you know, if you use yourself as and if your audience is you, and you’re all of us, we all think we’re unique, but ultimately, we humans are pigeonhole and about for categories. 

We think we are unique, but all of me we were the same it were the same groups of people, you know. So if you– like you said mentioned before, if you’re building a brand, and yet your target audience is similar to who you are, just speak from the heart old time and then that will connect it will play on so many levels, right? And that’s why the Kardashians work we couldn’t do and that’s why pop bands say a girl band always had like four girls in it and the four girls got four different characters. 

Let’s take the Spice Girls, for example. Right, but people associate themselves with the fault of the people. Yo, cute Baby Spice. their miserable buddy, Posh Spice, and Scary Spice that yeah, it was a bit mad and wild and Sporty Spice obvious sin but people were still people related to actually normal, ugly girl, you know, it’s unfair. Not the prettiest, right? 

But what I mean is that people relate to each one of them. Right? And that’s branding still when these music execs put bands together. They’re thinking about the brand at the start. They’re thinking about how each one is going to connect to the audience and that’s branding. So it’s no difference to show. Yeah, they’re the cases of like really good. The cases are really bad branding is pretty much 85 to 90% of everyone in the security space, because they’re not a brand, they’re thinking product first. 

They go oh this is called the idea of the cold name. When you go to them, What’s the story? What’s the brand about? You get critics and that’s the way they have started. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a story afterward. But you have to have a story, a story sell. Stories always sell. Why do people buy Apple? Why do people buy Nike? What?– There’s this [inaudible] thing about brands, real brands, they connect to people, because when you got connection with someone, they will come to you and buy your time and tell you all the time about but tell everybody about your stuff. So it’s difficult to point out– I tell what I’m actually outside Eddie’s sending space Click Funnels. 

Russell Brunson genius marketer, he’s made his little world send it in millions every year. He’s made everyone think that a website’s dead and that you need this your mobile page funnel to make money. It’s completely ludicrous. It does work for some people and doesn’t work for most, but he’s creating this like brand around click funnels and funnel hacking and funnel hacking live isn’t making millions no yeah. 

Outside of that any like product space that’s him selling software is huge, he’s genius. He’s made people– and then people are like these mad following fans. When it hit funnels like one funnel way comes out it’s got all these affiliates that like start going out there tender marketing experts and these days never built a funnel and never made a $1 from the funnel but they’re trying to sell to you that you can buy the funnel. 

It’s like an MLM you know, notice you know, Herbalife, [inaudible] 147 greens what is that product is absolute cat but people follow the product and follow people that it’s not just like sheep mentality and from a brand point of view Herbalife genius, absolute genius, but from an advocacy point of view for me it’s as crap but I was looking for a brand point of view so yeah, that extreme cases– brands all about the audience. 

So Herbalife, understand where people at, you hire people right that try and sell their product your products to someone else because they’re trying to catch them up because they feel fat if a level way if I’m ashamed about themselves you know they feel terrible they get themselves a little bit of shape then they think they’re an expert and nutrition expert and fitness they take selfies all the time and they start selling Herbalife. 

And they had this like cycle of like yo you’re fat you feel crap you get in shape if an awesome you think now you’re a fitness expert or a what they call themselves in Herbalife nutrition– cover the concept now but there comes up some stupid name right and then suddenly they become a seller then you got this pyramid scheme going on this MLM scheme going where you know it’s a revolving circle of overweight out of shape feel shit get in shape feel amazing becoming a coach start selling Herbalife that’s great branding. 

But so yeah, def explain your question right? But yeah, ultimately anyone who hasn’t got me– but listen, if you got an audience, you’re not struggling for sales. If you’re struggling for sales, a baseline level is because you don’t understand an audience. And then the audience doesn’t understand you. And then you’re doomed for failure. You’re doomed really sitting there scratching your head getting stressed out your partner saying, why have you spent 30 grand on this idea? And you’ve made a grand in sales. You’ve got this sexy website, you’ve got this half baked plan. No one’s buying it, why not? Why not bought it, and it’s just a few bucks because you haven’t focused on the audience first.

Investing in Generating Sales Online

Sonia Gomez: So I have another question for you. Because it’s hard for me to believe and I think there’s, it’s hard for a lot of folks to believe that everything starts with the brand. So let’s fast forward down the line a little bit and say that somebody has a solid brand and that they’ve tailored their brand to fit a specific demographic and that they’re still struggling to make sales. 

I know that you’re doing quite a bit in the background with SEO, online traffic, so on and so forth, and you’ve been a part of, you know, certainly influencing the way that this new and emerging market places thinking about traffic and this thinking about online sales. So I’d love to hear from your perspective. 

What about the established brands who have been struggling to make sales in the noisy marketplace? Perhaps they’re still working a second job and the stair CBD company or whatever company is still like a secondary piece for them? What are the things? What are some things that they can do online? Or how should they be thinking about or investing into generating sales online? I’d love to hear like your some of your advice or direction would be for brands who are struggling to make sales.

Paul Booth: Right. So first of all, if there’s people who are experts on here, I’m not knocking what you do because they get excited my talk about the subject of their place. However, CBD is prohibited or cannabinoid is a prohibited keyword on Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Therefore, you cannot drive ads to those keywords, impossible can’t do it. So, anyone who does it, they do a workaround, which then increases the amount of processes the consumer has to go through to get some buy point or get a date or drop an email address. Therefore, the more phases there is to purchase, the more likelihood you’re not going to get a conversion. So my thing to say to people is right, if you– 

The first thing is always you as a brand, you’ve got to have a 360 overview of have your brand make sales. First of all, if you understand your audience and your message and you understand your products, right, the first thing I say to everybody is this getting an optimized website and do some sort of organic search optimization because the foundation to all growth eventually is being found where people are searching. 

No one goes to Facebook and searches CBD oil for back pain. Now, you go to Google a search for that. Yeah, well, you go to Safari, you go to yo Bing or whoever your search engine is. You don’t go to go to Facebook you go to Facebook to go and you know take the piss out of your friends or going to be nosy and then Sunday an advert jumps in and pulls your pants down because, Hey this is CBD if your back pain I’ve got back pain but they’ve targeted you completely wrong so that’s on burnings you know, financial money for no reason. 

And they can’t really tell you that anyway because they can’t use the word CBD. So my water beads most people forget about Facebook. Just forget about it, use your page, push it out there and use the use of social networks we allowed to buy you lunch at market CBD. 

As of today, I think you can still use Snapchat you can you see believe advertising, LinkedIn you can. But so it ultimately is understanding your audience of where they hang out. If your audience not hanging out on Facebook while you deliver ads to Facebook, if your audience is on Twitter, you focus on Twitter, or you focus on getting out there. 

But even if your online business your sales come from offline activities what you do offline affects what you do online so and it’s all about noise that pure canna made a ton of money from this three basic principles a pure canna was us SEO is two people call it I call it organic search strategy right they got a hardcore one of them they make they make millions just from that just and search traffic they have an amazing affiliate program which has ambassadors on board that push their products right and that’s a huge thing doing affiliate programs right or federal programs right is huge. 

And on he’s got a brand you need an affiliate program or referral program where people push your products just don’t get dicks pushing your products they can wreck your brand’s just as far as you build it. And the third thing is imagery and using visuals. 

Just social media is a dare to represent what your brand is. But they’re not only going to be where you make your sales from, but they’re there because people will go on then go up your car, go check them on Instagram, I’ll go and check them out on Facebook and then they just look and they’re not looking at it by then go probably go to Google and then tap in your kind of see video I’m going to directly go to your corner you know so people just need to just stop thinking about this you know ads Facebook world of driving ads and funnels and shit like that because it’s killing a lot of brands. 

I mean it does work and there’s experts out there I know experts out there that can really crush it events but it’s very difficult it’s getting more difficult in the CBD space because the legislation So focus where you– focus really focus where everyone else is not but my thing is everyone’s go left go right. So when I launched my [inaudible] back to my first man I do it now at brands I do on the Qt is that I focus in areas where people are not focusing I don’t do any ad spend ever on Facebook. 

pure cbd oil

When it comes to building brands. I just stay away from it face at all for CBD brands sports, some brands for brands or businesses. We stay away from Facebook because everyone’s on Facebook, try and jam a room about adverts. So Stay away from it, Snapchat, Snapchat huge. But if your audience is like Snapchat, Snapchat, YouTube massive, make videos connect with people. But ultimately I’m gonna combat this on you. It’s all about the audience. 

If you understand your audience, you know how they feel, where they hang out, what motivates them, what pisses them off, what drives it, what products they buy already, what cars they drive, what family they’ve got, what pets they’ve got, what their attitude to certain religions or certain races and stuff like that if you understand your audience, you know what magazines they read, you know everything about them, so you only target and you only deliver ads or spend time in the areas where they hang out. 

So if you understand the audience, going back to my AMP model, right, then you don’t you won’t be struggling. But it’s understanding from the entrepreneur point of view is when you’re in your business, kind of manage everything and probably got, this is a side gig. It’s difficult to manage all that. 

So the best you can do is go out and hire someone or just get advice from someone or join a group that helps you and don’t try and take on too much at the same time. But ultimately, why would you try and piss about on Facebook when you read ultimately, you can’t really deliver ads on there. It’s a workaround. So try a different tactic. Try something different. You know, Don’t be scared to fail trying something known as you’re trying. You know? So yeah,

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, that’s absolutely right. You had for me you have, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. And this is a lesson that I learned kind of the hard way and for those of you who are just getting to know me and don’t know a ton about me, my between my husband and I, we have about 35 years in the cannabis and hemp space. We’ve literally worked the process from soil to sale from the conception of legal cannabis in the early 90s out in California. 

One of the things that I recognize is that you can't put all of your eggs in one basket. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

I’m originally from California. So I grew up in the heart of cannabis culture. And you know, one of the things that I recognize after being a part of legislative development fighting the battles with the legal and medical system here in the United States for patient’s rights to safe access and supporting multiple brands be you know, building successful businesses in this space. One of the things that I recognize is that you can not put all of your eggs in one basket. 

There are multiple facets to any one demographic and people as in general, don’t hurdle or huddle in one place there. I’m a mom, but I’m also you know, a 35-year-old woman who enjoys beauty and makeup. So yes can communicate with me and connect with me and mom forums, but I’m also going to be at Sephora or Ulta, or the beauty section of a Nordstrom finding my next lipstick. So there’s multiple ways to connect with me. 

If I am your ideal demographic. However, I think a lot of people put too much emphasis on one strategy and don’t attack multiple strategies at one time and at the end of the day, like selling CBD or selling anything is really just a number’s game and I Tony Robbins organization is good like a global example of this. Russell Brunson is becoming a quick global example.

Paul Booth: So yeah, so now you mentioned Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins and was doing really well. Right? And how did Megawell was he realized that rather than trying to motivate normal people and get them to pay income events, he targeted businesses that are doing a million-plus a year because [inaudible] make 2 million years 5 million a year and they pay big bucks to listen to someone I can talk. And so he when he switched from he still does you know, individual people and groups of like, you know, normal people but once he switched to like helping businesses, his billions went up way more because–

Sonia Gomez: For sure, and but I’m a Tony Robbin person like I absolutely love his stuff. But like it does not matter if I’m on Twitter, if I’m on Instagram if I’m on Facebook if I’m on fucking Pinterest. Tony is everywhere. Like I cannot get away from one of his like quote-unquote morning messages. If I wanted to he sees me everywhere that I go and the amount of content that is being pushed out right now to bring brand exposure and to indoctrinate me to become familiar with him and his ideas and, you know, his practices and his advice. 

There’s so much front end content that’s being thrown out to me before I ever subscribe before I ever go on to a website or start to look for tickets, let alone actually attend one of his events. So my point in saying any of this is whether you– it doesn’t matter who you’re selling to, you have to find multiple ways to connect to capture their attention, connect with them authentically and to in order to convert them into a sale and I think content is the new age or the best way to do this and I’ll explain why I think this and Paul, I’d love to hear you weigh in on this especially because you’re working so heavy on the SEO side–

Paul Booth: Well content, so I’ll just tell you why contents always been king and monsters forgot Google is a content machine. That’s all it is. It’s just machine the content is a library and indexes of content. And all Google wants to do is deliver people the most trusted and the most up to date information. That’s what Google’s job is, is to provide us as searchers, the most up to date apartment three adverts you get which you don’t get and CBD can’t deliver ads to you know, on Google, but all Google do it live us with the best, most relevant content there is on the internet. 

So if you create the best, most relevant content on the internet and have a strategy behind it, so you make Google think you are the most relevant and got the best content, you have traffic. And then that traffic comes to your website, you pixelate that traffic and you can chase that traffic all around the internet and do what Tony Robbins do and everyone else in the world is brilliant is touch you so many times and they give you so much content and give you so much they give you about 20-30 things and then they get something from you give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, get. But what most people do is they just want to get a don’t wanna give?–

Words of Wisdom

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I see that my teammate, he was pretty successful content marketer here in the United States said, you know, if you do three value videos and then pitch or make an offer on the fourth video and that’s sort of a system and there’s all sorts of algorithms that places like Facebook or blogs or whatever, you have to be creating a certain amount of content, the number one thing I can say is as one of the largest content creators for the cannabis industry we’ve impacted hundreds of millions of people around the world with our content and continue to be a leader in education for the space. One of the things that I can recognize in my own content creation is consistency is key.

One of the things that I can recognize in my own content creation is consistency is key. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

And you know, picking a day at a time that you show up with no, come hell or high water. You have to show up And then you know, at the same time on the same day, and be really consistent with the content that you’re creating, because that triggers the algorithms and the social channels to give you more exposure to audiences that’s not even your own. So if the more consistent that you can be with your content, the more that the social platforms will trigger their algorithms and give you further exposure that you don’t necessarily have to pay for. Paul, our interview went so fast. 

I’m like having such a good time talking with you about this stuff because I think that you’re giving really sound value-driven advice couple– one of the final things that I want to ask it I always do a segment called the words of wisdom and you’ve already given tons but let’s but I want to bring it down to a focus because I think that the industry is going through a cleansing right now we’re certainly confronted with different levels of challenges as an industry, it is not the boom that we were experiencing 18 months ago or three years ago, when companies like pure canna we’re getting started, Cody was one of my first clients on my pages. 

And so I know him and his journey well. However, the landscape of the industry is certainly not the same. And I know that we’re confronted as an industry with some really particular challenges. And we’re not singular, there’s, you know, multiple industries that have gone through a similar type of wave, but the strong will survive. 

So what can you say would be some key pieces of wisdom or words of wisdom pieces of advice that you could share for an established brand or business owner to stay relevant in today’s marketplace?

Paul Booth: I’m going to say all the time, understand your audience [inaudible]. If you understand your audience, and you can understand your audiences [inaudible] go and speak to them, understand what triggers an audience. So if you understand your audience, then it will provide you multiple different ways to create content to do stuff if– 

How they consume content if you understand them, because some brands get to a certain point of actually a really crappy audience or understanding their audience and they get to a certain level, but when you get a certain level, you have to step up the mark. Yeah. And you have to know position yourself as the go-to person. So we’ll go to your brand. 

So it’s all about audience, I would just get everybody to go, Okay, I started the business now I need to focus on an audience and to speak that audience or time and don’t talk at people talk with people make their gut reaction and simplify, it simplifies a case one, was that the case or where it is? Keep it simple, stupid or whatever, but simplify your whole life. Simplify everything you do people get consumed in the bullshit, and all the large brands I work with, they spend 80 to 70% of their time firefighting crap didn’t need a firefight and not focused on the 20% where they make money. 

So if you understand– if you got a brand that is making money workout where it’s making the money and the focus your attention on where it’s making the money and you started it’s all about it but also not to audiences always audience because ultimately who buys your product people and people buy people know most about human trafficking I’m talking about people buy into brand stories and brand information I know I am a brand person, but if you forget about it, if you think about dating, it’s no different on a bit but data is no different. 

We date first of all by saying something attractive, right? Which is not your logo, your visuals your brand and then the second thing is you chat. Now if your banter is crap, right? You’re not gonna get a second date we might do if you like it was [inaudible] but you’d like you heard you got a second date is impossible can your brand story or your story or your conversations rubbish, the post is going to be all you look good, but you think it’s picture. I’m not interested in meeting you again. There’s no difference or brand. The first thing they see is your visuals. 

The second thing they’re going to do is find more out about your brand about the story about what you’re up to about why they care about you care about them. And that’s like dating. That’s a primal instinct we have as humans, so don’t change it when it comes to selling, understand your audience and make them get excited every day for your brand because you know who they are and they know who you are. And there’s this relationship going on. That is my words of wisdom to everybody. 

Cut all the shit out, cut all the silver bullets, get rich schemes and all this crap that’s out there. Just focus on the funnels and all that crap focus on the humans you want to buy your products first. If you focus on them, you don’t need a funnel. He’s not the one conversation they’re buying the stuff. Do you get me? so it’s not about the funnel is not about this, not about that, if you forget a lot for now and focus on your audience you can get professionals to come and go I call you to know your audience. 

I can do this funnel for you speaking directly to consumers, you get more conversions yet sweet bring it on. You know you’d be the next [inaudible] strategy on your audience you know where they hangout we know what they’re talking about. 

We know they’re looking now they’re a mob, we know that in a moment whether they are a stripper night wherever it is, right? Okay, so we understand your audience, therefore, we’ll put a strategy in place for your audience. It always comes back to your audience. And this is what people fucking forget. They go out of this funnel only– if you have your funnel send someone to a turd no one’s buying that fucking turd, right? It comes back to the audience unless that audience left turds. [inaudible] 

There’s a Scottish company selling Scottish in Japan. Right they found this Scottish company has found a niche group of people in Japan that want bottled Scottish air. And these guys provide Scottish bottled air for $80 a pop. Right? Yeah, the fact they found an audience that loves Scottish air So they packed they catch it in the weird next don’t catch it. It’s bullshit, right? But it’s got it online. 

Your Irish or Scottish farmer catches there. He’s got this net is [inaudible] closing the popular spots and you send it to China or Japan or wherever it is. So ultimately, it starts with audience. You can’t just go on this last thing and I’ve been trying to save the whole world and like you fucking mad right but if you find the audience first you can send that stupid hair–

Where to Find Them

Sonia Gomez: Oh my god that’s a good closing. I love it they’re literally selling air that’s great they’re polluting our water and selling air they’re selling air as a fucking awesome okay well Paul you dropped some major heat on the show today I’m so honored to have you on absolutely love watching the work that you’re doing. If folks are interested in finding out more about you or following you or potentially even working with you where can they find you?

Paul Booth: The best place just comes on Facebook come to the CBD Secret Brand Project that’s my group on there. If not LinkedIn or go to go to digbo.co a website I’ve decided for the cannabis space so you won’t find me but normally on this be on Facebook. Come to Facebook find me and just chat to me. I’m a human. I’m not robotic sales marketing. No bad so just message me if you’ve got happy chats, everybody.

Sonia Gomez: Okay, sounds good. Well, thank you again for your time here apps. I love hearing you be so candid about the challenges and the focuses that businesses and brands alike no matter what your industry is, need to be focusing on in order to succeed here in the new age of business. 

Those of you guys who are listening in who have a business or starting a business, you have to know that the accessibility that is available through the internet giving us access to a global marketplace, although it is sexy and a very alluring can also be quite challenging because the puddles that in ponds that we’re playing and now have turned into oceans, and we can cross oceans at the push of a button. And so it’s really– 

I think, the whole overwhelming theme of this interview. And a lot of what we talked about in the podcast is how we are capturing the attention of the people that we want to be working with or speaking to how we authentically create a connection with them and nurture them and move them into the action that we want them to take, whether they’re enrolling, whether we are enrolling them into a mission, or a movement that we’re trying to create. 

Cultivating the energy and relationship with somebody before they engage with you financially is the most important thing that you can do as a business owner. And you have to really build in that as part of your strategy and business plan because, unfortunately, it does cost time, team and money to be able to effectively produce content and connection with an audience no matter where they are located. 

So I implore you to continue to follow the works of Paul booth myself. There’s a few other incredible people who have also been guests on our show. Just make sure that you stay plugged in to a community and follow a leader that you can trust to give you consistent advice and direction around how you are taking the necessary steps forward before you fall too far behind. I’m your hostess with the mostess, Sonia Gomez and this is The Hemp Revolution guys. We’ll see what our next show thanks so much.

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