How The CBD Movement Impacts Investors

We all know that marijuana in the US is a tricky subject. Every state seemingly has its own laws and ideals. The Feds still consider it illegal. Politicians sway back and forth on the topic. That leaves many unsure of investing in the Uber-profitable green goodness. This is where CBD comes in.

Investing in cannabidiol

More brokers are looking toward the direction of CBD when it comes to stock market investing. The world now sees many health benefits derived from CBD and researchers are hard-pressed on shedding more light on the cannabis compound. As compared to how CBD was perceived a decade ago, the world is now taking a more welcoming tone.

Studies show that CBD actually works – and those studies help with profitability and mainstream stance. The rising number of states that are moving to legalize its use means that more people are willing to get on board and they want to get involved before the stocks hit the ceiling. As more states begin to accept CBD, demand for cannabis will grow. Even pending developments at the legislature, the demand for CBD is poised to rise as businesses that sell the product have also grown in number in recent years.

One Example Is Making Waves…

As crazy as the market can be, PotNetwork Holding, Inc.(OTCMKTS: POTN) has managed to maintain its place as one of the leaders in the CBD revolution. PotNetwork Holding is a publicly traded company that conducts research and development focused on marijuana and hemp-related products.

Through its subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc., the company has helped boost awareness of the health benefits of CBD products as it aims to profile and identify the distinct properties of high-quality hemp extracts of cannabinoids and other natural molecules found in hemp.

The firm sells products from over 10,000 stores in the US. Its CBD products — ranging from edibles, drinks, oils, dabs, creams, and vapes, among others — are legal across all 50 US states. And we all know that legal is good. 

Is CBD worth investing in? Heck yeah! Whether or not you are wanting to pad your portfolio with the hot, new trend… or if you are a believer and want to support the industry, this is the perfect time to invest in CBD!

So, will you invest in CBD? Let us know! 

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