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How the Beauty World and Digital Marketing has been Kicking the Cannabis Craze with Evie Phillips

Former beauty editor, now creative digital agency owner/CBD advisor and consultant. Evie Phillips opened her curated CBD wellness experience, the CBD Beauty Corner, within The Salon Project by Joel Warren’s NYC location at Saks Fifth Avenue in May of 2019. Her agency had quietly worked in cannabis and CBD since 2016. When approached by celebrity beauty expert and salon owner Joel Warren, she saw the opportunity to create and highlight an elevated CBD Wellness retail experience seeded in cannabis education.

In this episode, Evie highlighted the benefits of a beauty and wellness regimen seeded in CBD passion and cultivation plus how digital marketing is very important to streamline their brands. Stay tuned!

As an industry, the collective coming together to push that education piece and that experience forward is really where our heart is that as a whole. – Evie Phillips

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

4:11 – The world of beauty and digital marketing in the cannabis space
9:51 – CBD Beauty Corner
15:15 – Challenges in the restricted market of cannabis and hemp
23:49 – Pillars and foundation for your business
30:55 – Empowering budding entrepreneurs to get through the pandemic situation
42:30 – Follow them
47:10 – Final words

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up, guys? Sonia Gomez is coming to you from Denver, Colorado, on another Rockstar episode of The Hemp Revolution podcast where we are sharing and telling the real story of cannabis and hemp through the eyes of the entrepreneurs who are creating massive change in this rapidly growing industry. 

As you know, it is our mission to empower you with the truth about cannabis and hemp so that you can make educated decisions about how you want to participate in this incredible industry or otherwise use these products to transform the way that you feel and function every single day. 

If you’re someone who’s looking for products that you can trust, check us out at for some of our favorite picks. And if you’re a business owner or budding entrepreneur in the space and you want to share your story with us, shoot me an email. I’d love to get to know you better,, and I look forward to connecting with you. 

Today you guys. I am so super excited. Let’s just take a nice deep breath, and get ready to welcome yet another lady boss, a super fox and the cannabis and hemp space former beauty editor now creative digital agency owner, CBD advisor, and consultant at the Phillips. Opened her curated CBD wellness experience. The CBD Beauty corner within the salon project by Joel Warren’s NYC location at Saks Fifth Avenue in May of 2019. 

She and her agency had quietly worked in the cannabis and CBD space since 2016. And when approached by celebrity beauty expert and salon owner, Joel Warren, she saw the opportunity to create and highlight an elevated CBD wellness retail experience seated in cannabis education. A girl after my own heart, please help me welcome my lady boss friend Evie Phillips. How’s it going, Evie?

Evie Phillips: Going good, Sonia. Going good staying calm, I mean my hashtag quarantine and chill and my ongoing daily wellness routine with CBD. So I’m good. I’m in a great spot. How are you doing, Sonia?

Sonia Gomez: I’m doing good. I’m a surviving and thriving mother of four, AKA trapped in a box with the Crazy Banshees, but here we are making it happen, feeling fabulous and looking at the list which, by the way, note at the nail and hair situation happening and hashtag red lip-loving it.

Evie Phillips: You rock, you know when you’re amidst the salon life and all of that and coming from a beauty background as long as your hair is on point, your nails are dead with a dead lip you’re winning. You’re winning for the day.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, hashtag quarantine winning love it. So little does anyone really know, but I actually started my I’m an adult life as a hairdresser with the Paul Mitchell organization and hairdresser and an African American hair care specialist. So curly hair specialists for like, I don’t know, six years or something and a little more and absolutely loves the industry. I love the whole aspect of confidence, the instant gratification that you get from an amazing haircut, or just the best experience at a salon. 

The World of Beauty and Digital Marketing in the Cannabis Space

I’m all about that culture, which is why I was so excited to hear about your particular entry into this industry. I’ve done some pretty invasive research, but not everybody has had the pleasure. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up in the cannabis and hemp craze?

Evie Phillips: Yeah, totally. So I’ve grown up an advocate as a whole for cannabis and the medicinal side of the industry. And started our agency over a decade ago, and really doing social media, influencer marketing digital, helping individuals and beauty and fashion and entertainment like really understand how to guide the customer journey through those tools. 

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In 2016, I had friends that were growers. I have friends that were working in the industry. And in 2016, we were approached by a really rocking band based out of Portland, Oregon, Apollo Grown, and they kind of came to us and they were like, Hey, listen, we’ve been looking for a marketing company. Nobody will work with us because we’re a cannabis company. And, no traditional marketing agency will work with us that has like any kind of clout. And I was like, Well, I’m happy to work with you guys. 

So kind of at that point became an ancillary marketing company to cannabis brand and really started to be able to give back on that side, I kind of feel because so many of them were kind of coming to us with agency burn. They have like to work with someone that just didn’t know their stuff and claimed and other stuff. And we had gotten that before, but I saw it even more often on that side, and really started cultivating relationship further business-wise in the marketing field. And then, of course, the whispers of CBD continued to pop in and pop out throughout that journey. 

And then, you know, fast forward four years, well, about three and a half years later, I became within that period of time, I became the advisor to a couple of CBD brands, helping them with packaging, marketing, and manufacturing the whole nine. And then when Joel sort of approached us to do all of his digital, he was like, wow, I kind of want to do something in CBD and but I don’t really know where to start, and I was like, Joel we got you to let me leave this, you know, we can own this and really run it for you. And really kind of turned into a sort of like a full-blown lead project by us that lives within The Salon Project. But we’ve been able to game cross for The Salon Project and the CBD Beauty Corner and get some real exposure on that side. 

Our agency had previously done a lot of pop up shops at the start of everything. And that was really back when even sustainability and fashion and beauty were sort of like this new space. And we were providing sustainable fashion and beauty brands and opportunities and our annual charity pop up to come in, and kind of do like a marketplace and the whole jam. So when this rolled around and CBD finally being able to really have a showcase spotlight moment. 

We use that same model, being able to have an opportunity to curate and vet, because as you know like that’s just so important to know your source to be going through brand COAs and all these sorts of things and their ingredients and formulations prior to bringing them really into any store and specifically into the CBD Beauty Corner. And we were really able to curate the best in the business emerging and established and our corner really beyond the sales opportunity. It’s very much so marketing for brand alignment, access to influencer access to that consulting piece that we provide on the back end.

So it’s been beautiful, dude, I’m so blessed, so honored. I think that something that I noticed in cannabis is it was very male-dominated. And when CBD wellness and beauty like really came out and have its moment, there are so many amazing women founders and like there’s just, there’s nothing like that for me and nothing that’s more rewarding than being able to pour into fellow women founders and really help them, Gail help them market the whole jam.

Sonia Gomez: Man, so good. I’m like over here bathing and basking in the perfection of at all. I missed the salon environment sometimes so much so that like I sometimes still do, and I still have my clients of 10 years who will like literally fly to me or to get their hair done. And I, unfortunately, was not able to integrate cannabis or CBD into the salon environment. Although I would have loved to when I was a working stylist. 

CBD Beauty Corner

So tell me a little bit about the structure and the model. You guys do pop-ups inside of the salon, walk me through like if I was a client, what my experience would be like?

Evie Phillips: Yeah, so basically there’s a whole application process that we take every brand through, really understanding what excuse they have, again asking for COAs and going through all that and then making sure that we’re not, while we carry a variety of tinctures while we carry a variety of topicals and beauty products, we do our best to really go deep into that ingredient side and formulation side so that we’re not cannibalizing brands within the corner.

And then, once approved, we give you dedicated shelf placement. Within the beauty corner, we have what we call our CBD savants, that actually our sales reps and really get a one on one training with every brand that comes on so that they’re highly versed in the brand selling point does the word founders story with all the good stuff. And then you’re also able to throw a branded event in-salon throughout. We do a six-month dedication to the corner. 

So you can throw a branded event in which we support, with graphic with our E-newsletter list, which is about 1500-2000 people in the New York City area and being able to help promote and bring those individuals in. And then we have influencers that actually visit the corner monthly and that we reach out to directly to send them gift packages for unboxing on Instagram and things like that. 

With sort of the change and in our current environment, we are really turning a lot of this into digital and virtual experiences and providing a lot more one on one consulting with the brands directly even for their brand. Yes, we have some really awesome things that go on within the CBD beauty corner at Saks Fifth Avenue in the salon. But we understand that with the changing environment now, we do really want to focus on how we can take that experience and digitalize it right. 

I think something that’s also really beautiful about the salon experience is that we get a lot of time with these clients. So our CBD savants, they’re really able to build a relationship with a client. You know, East Coast, West Coast market is so different, right? It’s like West coasters are super versed. They really know what’s up. Whereas East Coast, they’re still kind of working into it. And so what we did to kind of elevate our process in the salon has we created a questionnaire that we take each client through. Understanding what their education level of CBD is, what products they’re looking for, you know what do they want assistance with, whether that pain anxiety, skin issues, etc. And once they’ve filled that out, our sales rep actually curate a collection of products and serve it to them on a golden platter. Literally, the platter is golden.

It’s really served on a golden platter. And so we want to know how to also continue digitalizing that even within our e-com. But the salon setting so great because, as you know, I mean take for instance like getting your hair shampooed first of all salon project, the best shampoo you’ve ever had in your life. It’s magical, and it is therapeutic and all the way.

We also have a CBD menu where, for instance, we can take a topical like a kiss canoe skin rub or Mary’s Nutritional muscle freeze. And we can kind of apply a little bit to like their shoulders or their neck before they go into the shampoo bowl or after. 

So there’s many services and application that are able to happen in the salon that allow them to sample the product and really begin getting familiarized with CBD, whether they purchase or not, as an industry the collective coming together to push that education piece and that experience piece forward is really where our heart is that as a whole.

Sonia Gomez: So good. I’m like over here dying we used to call the shampoo sex in the sinky. Like, dude, let’s go ahead and get some sex in the sinky. And we would do like aromatherapy massages and moisture treatments, and I’m like I’m there right now. Like, I wish I was there. I used to love doing it so much. Well, that’s incredible. And then with the agency work marketing and restricted industries, it is not easy. 

Challenges in the Restricted Market of Cannabis and Hemp

You have your hands and two facets, you took advantage of a partnership opportunity, as well as serving the industry as a whole. Not an easy challenge. What were some of the challenges that you face or that you do face right now, offering these types of solutions to the restricted market of cannabis and hemp?

Evie Phillips: Yeah, I mean, I’ve been working on the traditional digital marketing side and social and influencer side for over a decade now. And so I think that, for instance, with cannabis, there’s a lot of disclaimers that need to be mentioned in your post when you’re posting on socials, you have to be really mindful of that you’ve got the age dates that need to be, pretty much everywhere, whether it’s just in your profile, or it’s actually on your website and trickled down to the advertising paid ads and things like that. 

We’ve got some tricks of the trade, some ways to get around things, and get creative with things. I think that influencers from a brand awareness standpoint are always a really great workaround as a whole. And I think it’s something that brands need to understand a little bit more, but there’s a lot that goes into that too. You know, when you talk about new brands that are even coming into CBD and how many branches continue to pop up, there are so many different checkmarks that you need to go through from yes, great formulation, yes, understanding that there can be medical claims made on your packaging, but you should also have really great packaging, right? 

And you also need to take into consideration wonderful content creation and understanding how to do that or build out a feed and realize that people still aren’t educated. So if you’re just posting products all the time, you’re like, yeah, I’m gonna get a lot of sales. It’s like, dude, you really have to educate the consumer like a lot still.

And so you know, when you take influencer marketing, being a strength, and being something that easily leverages to some degree, and a lot of influencers are actually very interested in CBD. Influencers also go to Instagram pages and websites. They’re looking at all of that too because they’re just as much about the brands that they’re aligning with. So, on the restriction side, it’s being conscious and knowing the ins and outs and being consistent about that and making sure that whoever’s running your social media or building your website if they’re not in the industry, then you either need to educate them or you need to bring someone in that sets the foundational strategy and workflow and process that they stay with consistently. 

And it also understands that there’s a lot of facets to building a great brand. It’s not just making a great product, I mean, I wish it was that easy, but it’s not. I mean, you see plenty of can we name names, but there’s plenty of crap CBD products out there that they’ve done a really amazing job with branding and marketing and like they’re getting lots of sales or there, you see it in the hands of every influencer. And you know, smaller brands, medium-sized brands need to know that they can have access to that too. But it is a formula, and there is a really specific foundational strategy that they need. So, yeah, I think that’s kind of where we’re at today.

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Sonia Gomez: You know, I think I am, I really appreciate how you’re kind of breaking that down, because it’s not just a one size fits all, number one. Number two, education and experience are two very different things that have to work in tandem with one another. You have to have an educated person who’s capable of executing specific tasks. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that that same person understands the strategy or the loopholes that have to be utilized in order to navigate your way through this whole thing. 

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Being one of the largest influencers in this space, I represent over a million followers. My content is reached over somewhere between two and 300 million people in the last three years. I’m organically reaching 500,000 people without even having to do a video or anything like that’s just with meme postings that’s my average reach. And we have a really significant following. And I’ll tell you right now, I’ve been prospected by companies of all different sizes, of all different shapes, all different qualities, and I cannot advise this strong enough. 

People do not buy products. They buy people they want to know, then identify with who the product is for. They want to be able to understand who are the people behind the products and what kind of company or brand you are building. I always ask, like, what is your social advocacy plan? How are you contributing back to your community? What are the things that you are implementing to be considered a sustainable company like there are core values to each one of these influencers that are going to allow you to connect and collaborate with them? 

You can’t just throw products expecting that, Oh great, another free product or PR sample box is going to come to me, and I’m going to do something with it. Like it’s just not the case. You really have to be about your story. And be powerful with your story and the way that you construct who you are, what you guys have, what you do, and, more importantly, how and why you do what you do the way that you do it. That can be your product, that can be your service. But just as an influencer to offer some perspective to the brands. Just because we have an audience doesn’t mean that we want to share your stuff with them. First of all, and second of all, it has to be more than your product has to have more than just a formula in a bottle. There has to be some meat to the skeleton at the end of the day that’s going to be the thing that keeps you relevant in an industry is that there’s the meat behind it. 

Trends change with the season. CBD is one season in this trend. There’s going to be 138 other seasons, so you have to be ready and everything around your product, the story, the social responsibility that you’re building into your company, the why that’s powering your business is ultimately going to prove to be more important than any one of your products which could very quickly become a discounted or discontinued product if it does not hit or mesh with the season that we are in. 

So that is just some advice direct from an influencer in this space. And I highly recommend that you get yourself, if one of the key investments that you make in your business, but when it comes to marketing is to make sure that there is either consulting in the house or to bring in a separate consultant so that your team not only wasting time and money trying to figure it out on your dime.

Evie Phillips: Yeah. And I think somebody just did touch on that too is as a consultant and fellow expert in the industry as well and influencer on that side it’s so many times it’s like you know, we’ve been approached by big well-known brands and then the smallest little startup brands to be in the CBD beauty corner, or just in general, right and like for us, it’s like you said like, advocacy is a huge thing, brand founder story, your WHY? And then the marketing and the packaging, those are all important facets. It’s a three-fold thing. 

Pillars and Foundation for your Business

And the other thing to just piggyback off what you were saying is a lot of times people are like with a consultant or brand professional, and even if it’s for a month, two months, you don’t have to have a consultant for four years. Do you know what I mean? But, the thing is, they come in, and it’s sometimes it’s happening. They’re like, well, it’s just right now I can’t do this right now. I’m like pouring all my money into developing formulations that pouring all my money into this, I’m pouring on them and that– Dude, if you don’t have an expert to give you a foundational strategy and guide those initial points to build a brand, all the money you’re pouring into the formulation, all the money you’re pouring into the product, you will have wasted your time and your money.

And it’s so important to have someone that’s been in the game for several years but knows what the heck they’re talking about because it’s a lot more expensive to hire an amateur than it is to hire a professional like long term. When you’re talking about long term and money and time invested, it’s so true.

Sonia Gomez: Oh man, I was just saying this in another one of my episodes, it’s such important information, guys, and I literally cannot emphasize this enough. If there are three things that you’re going to invest in, or that you should consider investing in, especially as you’re getting started or as you’re getting the confidence to start investing aggressively into marketing, number one is you want your legal to be, on like on point don’t skimp on. I know that it’s an intimidating number to look at, you know, three 510 thousand dollars at a time, but just cut the check and cut the bullshit like you need to have your legal team ready to go to bat for you highly educated and experienced in the industry and in the area or facets of the industry that you want to be involved in. 

Second is accounting. If there are two people that are ever going to go to bat for you in this industry, it’s going to be your accountant and your legal team. And then finally, is your mentorship consulting slash marketing. I can guarantee you right now that having a consultant or a coach on board with you for a minimum of three months in your first year of business is going to save you seven figures at the end of the day. 

Not kidding; multiple six or seven figures the mistakes that can be made a little tiny nuanced mistake. Every time you have to submit an application or make an amendment to an application or any one of these ridiculous things that you have to provide to get licensed and then even get to a place where you can start to advertise your business and build your brand. So super important and to have somebody to help you navigate through those steps, like how smart for your partner in the salon to invest into you guys and let you guys just sort of had the project there rather than trying to do something outside of his wheelhouse?

Evie Phillips: Yeah. And that was the whole thing. I looked at everything, and I was like, Listen, it makes much more sense for us to just leave this because what you’re about to go down this rabbit hole you’re about to go down, there’s not enough education there on your side to even be able to handle that, and I meant that in all respect, and she understood, you know, those it doesn’t, listen, smart business people, smart founders, smart entrepreneurs take a step back and realize when they’re not an expert at something and take the ego out of it, and they’re like, you know what? I don’t want to be the jack of all trades, I’m good, I’m going to stay in my wheelhouse. I’m going to kill it right here. And I’m going to hire out the individuals that I need to conquer these other, you know, staples that I need in my business, make it successful.

And I even listen, I’m speaking from experience, too. It’s not like I’ve been an entrepreneur, and I have worked for myself my entire life. And I had to learn on my own diamonds or learn from my own mistakes, you know. So I’m talking from experience, not just like, viewing out, whatever advice that I’ve read off a recent LinkedIn post, you know, like, this is real-life experience, and real-life, money loss, heartache, and all these other things that come with the high highs and the low lows of being an entrepreneur and being a founder. 

And so yeah, I agree with you if you can, and listen, I think the other thing to know is while on that side of like the three most important people that you can have your legal, your accountant, your consultant, there are so many, you know, individuals out there like yourself, Sonia, myself that have referrals that have individuals that are already working with us that, are trusted, we can vouch for them and understand where we’re at in the industry that a lot of times there is, you know, some workaround moments regarding pricing and things of that nature. I mean, it’s not free, obviously, but like it’s worth, its weight in gold to have those three pillars and foundation of consultants and individuals on your team for sure.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, definitely. I would have to agree, and one of the things that I am watching really super carefully right now is how this COVID, this whole COVID industry is kind of transforming the way that we are thinking about and talking about cannabis. We are now labeled essential business cannabis and hemp. And certainly cannabis. There are multiple states releasing statements stating and allowing us to remain in business. We are also seeing a massive simulation of traffic control happening on the internet around the subject of holistic and natural health, including cannabis and CBD. 

Empowering Budding Entrepreneurs to get through the Pandemic Situation

Talk to me a little bit about the landscape, and let’s direct this away little bit towards the entrepreneur who owns a business, perhaps has been operating primarily brick and mortar, but is now needing to pivot online and maybe a little bit scared or skeptical to allocate the resources in such quote-unquote uncertain times. But there truly is a massive opportunity here. So what would be one or two key pieces of advice or considerations that you would offer that entrepreneur so that they could make a more empowered decision about what they’re going to do next to navigate their way through?

Evie Phillips: Yeah, I mean, this whole COVID thing is just changing the way that we work. We interact with humans, as you said, I think it’s bringing to light how important e-commerce and direct to consumer is. And brands should always be focused on that because your margin higher. But I get it, and there are some upfront costs in order to build up traffic and things of that nature. 

And I think that understanding how to properly take the education piece and storytelling piece, and showcase that through your website, through your social, and through newsletters, and blog posts, content really still is king in so many regards, whether that’s you know, via blog posts, via video, really understanding the channels that you want to focus on as well to funnel that traffic to your website. 

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And then you got to think about the experience, right? If you’re normally in a brick and mortar store, you’re interacting with customers, and you’re able to say hi immediately, right when they walk in the door. There are messaging systems that allow you to do that. Immediately when you get on someone’s website, there are really wonderful CRM, customer relationship management platforms that are heightened and experience at burst like in MailChimp, you know, not to fully name drop, like we’re using a platform called Springbot right now, and, yes, it’s more expensive than MailChimp, but we switch because it’s a huge time saver. 

It gives us all our analytics of our customers so that we can better understand who they are. And it’s just a heightened experience for our customers. It’s a heightened experience for my team on the back end to be better stewards of their time when they’re going through the whole CRM sort of workflow. So understanding the tools that really makes sense to plug into your e-comm to make it almost an identical or not identical, but as a similar experience to what you are doing in-store. We’re throwing a bunch of virtual events this month. And you know, hosting one with The Herb Somm and some other industry like advocates and insiders and things of that nature. You know, and getting really innovative about who your brand is and how you are going to replicate that experience online like you were in-store, and we live in a world of technology. 

So, either does your research, or where I’m finding that so many people don’t know about these tools, we’re probably going to start doing like some webinars doc, and just like, literally giving people direct referrals to tools and things that you do and access to templates in the whole jam because listen, we don’t succeed if our brands don’t succeed, and we won’t succeed if the industry as a whole doesn’t succeed. 

So as much as I can even put myself in a position to help brands at whatever level of growth they are, we’re looking at tools on how do I do that? How do we do that as an agency, you know, where we don’t have to charge an astronomical monthly fee? You know, and our fees clearly are, I wouldn’t say astronomical. But yes, we are a little bit on the higher end. I mean, we’ve been around for ten years, we work with some really amazing brands in the industry. But I realized that those brands have a larger marketing budget than smaller brands that are either just dipping their toes in or they’ve been so focused on brick and mortar that they’re like, Oh, dear god, I don’t even know where to start. Like, you know, I’ve invested all my money into inventory and marketing to these distributors. Then hiring a sales rep and doing all these things, what am I going to do today? My sales rep can even go into their local sack, dealer lovino dispensary, whatever, and talk to someone to get placement. What’s the next move? So yeah, I mean, I think those are some inventive ways to be able to replicate that in-store experience on your e-commerce and leverage that the beauty of technology.

Sonia Gomez: Please leverage the beauty of technology for Christ’s sakes. Okay, like, we’re out here.

Evie Phillips: Yeah, and that’s scary. For some people. They’re like, Oh my god, I’m just not tech-savvy. It’s like, well, you’re gonna have to figure it out. You know,

Sonia Gomez: I’ll tell you for everybody on here like just gabbing with my girlfriend here. I am virtually a tech target. Take from me when I say when I started my online business and moved from my brick and mortar cannabis company into online publishing, I could hardly send an email to myself like, literally, was tech-tarted still have not updated my Facebook app or my phone app. 

My husband literally has to bribe me with several items to get me to upgrade any of my technology ever because I’m like, What if it doesn’t work? Like it’s so advanced smarter than me at this point like I can’t, I never feel like I can keep up, so he does all of the tech stuff. And just make sure that I’m functional here. So for those of you guys who are listening, and having to navigate your way through the technological piece, number one, just do it. Like there’s no way around it. You’re going to have to get comfortable, and you’re going to have to get motivated, get ambitious to reach more people. 

Here’s the thing that was the kicker for me, it’s willing to learn; you have to be willing to learn a new skill set that will allow you to increase the impact that you’re making with your offer, whether the name of the game of business is able to bring the most amount of value with the most amount of leverage into the marketplace so that the marketplace can reward you with money and engagement. 

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The currency of the marketplace shows up in a couple of different ways. It’s going to show you through engagement, it’s going to show you through response, and it’s going to show you through people buying stuff from you, right, so when I was in my brick and mortar business, sure, I could see a few hundred clients a week or a couple of thousand clients a week, or you know, whatever. But at the end of the day, I was really limited between the number of hours that I had in the day to even be open on how many people that I could serve and therefore, there was a revenue cap on our business, right like you, and marketing becomes more and more expensive when the competition is more fierce. 

The minute that I turned my time and attention towards developing my online infrastructure to give the same value and the same opportunity that I wasn’t a brick and mortar space, my revenue and my impact, my income and my impact meter, both grew exponentially in a very condensed period of time. So if you want to make a quantum leap in your business, I suggest that you grow up Erica harness, put the freaking money on the table, and just go for it. Find the right marketing team to work with. But absolutely go for it and start to multicast your content, tell your story, share with the things that are unique about your business, generate organic content, find other people’s platforms to be a part of, and you can start to get your stuff out there without doing too many things that are foreign to you. You’re if you are with the right marketing company, they’re going to take over a lot of the technological headache anyways. And you can just focus on being the genius who started the company and wants to grow the business.

Evie Phillips: Yeah, it’s so true. I think being a founder a lot of times like I wanted all my way, you know, and you want to be surrounded by a bunch of mini me’s. But the reality is that, first of all, it’s not healthy for a business. I had a bunch of many knees. Oh my gosh, I think we’d get in a fistfight every day.

Sonia Gomez: You’re all fighting [crosstalk] 

Evie Phillips: And I’m, I have no reason to want to smack myself in the face right now. But the whole thing I think there is that at some point, as a founder, as a brand owner, you really have to understand when to hand the reins over and when to delegate. And the beautiful thing with having a marketing agency or consultant is if they’re good, they’re going to guide you through that process as well. And work with you to understand a lot of foundational work that we do is workflow and process. 

We come into companies, and they’re just so unorganized, and it’s like, oh, dear God, you don’t know where your assets live right now. Well, I got like 15 folders there between Google Drive and Dropbox and box and my iPhone, and it’s like, Okay, we got there. Right. Like, we’re helping you run your social media and create all your content like we got to start there. But, you know, it is it’s really true that being able to digitalize everything understands proper workflow process and take everything online like Yeah, yeah. Again, your margin is always going to be higher, and your overhead is less, and it should open up the door for you to be able to bring in a marketing company as a consultant and advisor, whatever the case may be. So you know, a lot of brands should be excited about that too because they need help. Everybody needs help. We constantly need out all of us, that’s the beautiful thing I’m excited about.

Follow them

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, such an exciting time. What is next for you, guys? The myths, the cozy COVID craze, and all of the adjustments that you guys are doing. I know that you’re bringing quite a few events online. How are you guys pivoting your business, and how can we follow along what websites, socials, so on and so forth? Can we be following along? Yeah,

Evie Phillips: Yeah, totally. Um, so on the agency side, a lot of the pivots for us are really going to come with one on one consulting webinars as well as breaking down our processes and kind of lifting the veil to what has been parts of our secret sauce over the course of the last ten years. 

So a lot of that will probably flow through my social media as well as you know, you can check out our agency online it’s And then same for Insta handle. And then my personal Instagram is just evie_phillips. Again, a lot of that flow of consulting and things will probably come through both channels, but a lot of working one on one with me and some of our senior strategist with the CBD beauty corner, we’ve got a ton of amazing events that are coming up. 

We’re going to be doing giveaways, as well as some educational panel events with [inaudible] founders within our collective and some influencers like The Herb Somm, who’s getting ready to launch her book. And some cool for 20 stuff but more so talking about THC as non-psychoactive sister CBD so are interacting events, giveaways, and things like that will be mostly showcased through our Instagram, which is CBD Beauty Corner pardon me, and then a website and things we’ve got some cool quarantine and shell tips coming out that are highly discounted because we just want everybody to chill out.

So we are making sure that we go ahead and lower those prices as much as we can just to get everybody some CBD into their hands, and they can find those kids and all of our wonderful products on

Sonia Gomez: Amazing for those of you guys who are tuning in, all of the social media handles, as well as websites, will be listed around this episode along with a blog, which you should definitely read. All of our show mentionable will be in there as well honorable mentions. There’ll be tweetable as all is up in there. 

I highly suggest that you guys check it out just in case you missed anything along the way. And I invite you right now to take action and help us spread the good word every time that you guys like and share and tag people in these posts, and you like and share this type of content. You are quite literally helping us move the needle when it comes to global legalization and safe access to the people and patients who want and need access to this incredible medicine. When you like and share this content, we are together transforming the way that we think about and talk about cannabis and hemp in our communities and in our families. 

So I invite you now to continue to help us be the change that we want to see in the world like and share this interview and make sure that you tag five people that you believe it will make a difference. Since you guys have been helping me share this content, we have been able to reach over 200 million people around the world with the truth about cannabis, and we are not done yet. As there are sober 7 billion people on this earth, you need to know the truth. 

Check us out at if you’re someone who’s looking for products that you can trust to deliver the results that you’re looking for. And if you are a budding entrepreneur in this space or a business owner that is trying to break through some brick walls and glass ceilings, we are here to help shoot us shoot me an email. I’d love to hear your story, and I will be looking forward to connecting with you. Evie, thank you so much for being on this show with me today. I cannot wait to have a follow up on our boss’s babe conversation. What are some final words that you have for our listeners today?

Final Words

Evie Phillips: Final Word? Well, I think final words, honestly at this time are just everyone needs to take a chill pill. I know that the evolution of the business of personal life is changing almost daily. And I think right now, take in mind that this is a gift of time for everyone to really evaluate where they’re at personally and professionally. Do some proper self-care, some proper business evaluation, and prepare for what will be a very bright future worry changes absolutely nothing. So it’s better to keep calm, carry on, and take a little CBD or cannabis. Whatever tickles your fancy or both. And it really is a beautiful time to be an entrepreneur. It’s times like these that open up the floodgates of innovation and creativity.

It's times like these that open up the floodgates of innovation and creativity. - Evie Phillips Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Oh my god, such, I mean that could not have been more perfectly saying I second and ditto all things just mentioned, guys. So get with the program and stay happy at the end of the day we are fully in charge as to how there’s you know, there are two choices that we have in a city when faced with adversity, and I think that I’m slightly calloused at the stress that any one of these quote-unquote uncertain times can bring a feather in the cap in this industry for so long. That my hide is literally chapped y’all. So I may not be the best gauge, but I will tell you this personal experience, you have two choices in life, and one is negative, and one is positive. And let me and hear me out for a second. 

Number one, when faced with controversy or adversity or something that takes us out of our comfort zone or our realm of understanding, we have a choice to respond or to react when you are a person in the ocean, which is much, much bigger and much, much stronger than you and you find yourself caught in a riptide, that if you try and fight, which is a reaction against the riptide, you’re going to eventually exhaust yourself and be swept out to sea. But if you choose to respond, which is a much more controlled approach to managing or dealing with a situation, you will find the ability to move along the coastline out of the rip current and easily on to the shore. 

The difference happens in a split second. And it’s a mind shift that you have to allow yourself permission to take control of first yourself and your emotional response or reactivity to any one of these situations. Yes, we could be in an emergency. Yes, the sky could be falling. Absolutely the potential for loss of business is already happening, and you have to make necessary adjustments. 

However, the same thing would be a true virus or no virus. Circumstances themselves tend to be a virus. And because there is no quote-unquote life-threatening illness attached to it or media hype. We tend not to see ourselves [crosstalk]. But I want to just let you know that every single day we are faced with the adversity that could either prevent us from succeeding or push us into a position where we must prevail, and you have to decide what kind of leader you are? Are you the leader who’s going to succumb and fall victim to the circumstance, or are you the leader who’s going to set the pace and draw the path for the folks that you are leading into the future? It’s your choice. Both are true. And there’s no such thing as a wrong answer. 

You just have to decide what you have the balls for. You can react, respond. And I suggest that you respond with eloquence, creativity, and get extremely ambitious and committed to the success that you set out to achieve in the first place, the day that you spent the first dollar to register your domain and to say, Yes, I can. And yes, I will. That was the day that you took responsibility for building the business that you wanted to see success in the future, and there are people who are depending on you, whether they’re your patients or your staff, to make that come to fruition. 

So I encourage all of you to let you know that this too shall pass. It will be a new day; it will be a new modern-day existence, but it will only be your choice to choose how you are going to exist within those confines. I’m your hostess with the mostess, Sonia Gomez, and this is The Hemp Revolution. We’ll see you at the next show, guys.

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