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How Passion about Fitness, Health, and Quality Life Led into a CBD Business Venture with Darren Filpi

ep 70 Darren Filpi

Darren Filpi, the co-founder of Gud Body and the Gud Body Journal, has always had this entrepreneurial spirit but he didn’t know what he wanted to do at first.

Like many others, he started a career in the corporate world doing software sales but later decided that it just wasn’t for him so he began his entrepreneurial journey to rediscover his passion and meaning.

In his quest, he discovered the hemp and cannabis space. Inspired by the incredible stories of people who had greatly changed their quality of life and his passion for fitness and natural health, he started his own company.

In this episode, Darren shares some of the biggest challenges that he faced in the early stages of his business and what he learned from them, how he decides what products to make and some great advice for entrepreneurs looking for information and inspiration to succeed in this space.

I really deeply care about what this plant is able to do and the results that people are getting from it. – Darren Filpi

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:46 – Corporate America guy to cannapreneur
8:47 – Challenges in the early stage in the cannabis space
14:45 – The Gud Body Journal as an asset
19:32 – Deciding what products to produce
25:53 – Pieces of advice to entrepreneurs who are getting started in the CBD space
34:10 – Final thoughts
37:46 – Where to find their products

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up guys, Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado super excited to be here on another rock your socks episode of The Hemp Revolution podcast where we are sharing and telling the real story of the industry through the eyes of the entrepreneurs who are pushing this incredible space forward and making it possible for folks just like yourselves to have access to the highest quality products that are available on the marketplace. 

If you know me, you know that it’s my mission and my passion to support you with the truth about cannabis and hemp, so that you can make educated decisions about how you want to care for yourself, the people that you love, conditions you may be suffering from or otherwise caring for that beautiful gift of life that you have. If you’re someone who’s looking for products you can depend on to deliver the results you’re looking for, check us out at medicalsecrets.com and if you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner looking to break through the glass ceilings and brick walls check us out at theemeraldcircle.com we are happy to help. 

In today’s episode, we have one of my favorite canna-preneurs in the marketplace, our very own Darren Filpi, who is the co-founder of Gud Body and The Gud Body journal community started his professional career in software sales and Silicon Valley during the dot com boom. After eight years of layoffs and a few other road bumps, he concluded that corporate America was just not for him, and he started his entrepreneurial journey to find his passion and purpose again. 

In his search, he stumbled upon the buzz that surrounded the hemp and CBD industry, which was told by the incredible stories of individuals who had significantly improved their quality of life by using this incredible ingredient. When it hit home with his father Darren, who has always been super passionate about natural health and fitness dove headfirst into this industry with a mission to understand the deep inner workings of the plant the science behind CBD and the transformation that was possible with his products. 

He is now committed to providing transformational products, information education and a safe, very rapidly growing community where people just like yourselves can come around and from all over the world, can come around and celebrate this miraculous remedy, as well as find out other natural tips and tricks that they can use to preserve and improve their overall well being naturally. Super excited to hear more about his story and the mission to transform the way that we think about our health and well being helped me welcome my good friend Darren Filpi. How’s it going, Darren? 

Darren Filpi: I’m doing great! How are you? 

Corporate America-Guy to Cannapreneur

Sonia Gomez: I’m so good! I’m excited to have you on the show today. I’ve been watching and participating in your journey to success which as we know being a part of the cannabis and hemp industry is full of peaks and valleys but I’m super fascinated by how you guys are approaching this industry and I’m excited to have your brother on as well. But for those who are not so familiar with you and your story, why don’t you just take a minute and share with us a little bit about who you are, what your background is and how you ended up in the cannabis boom? 

Darren Filpi: Yeah, sure. So a little bit about my background, you touched on it a little bit in the introduction. I got started, as do a lot of people just in business and in life with a what you know, quote-unquote, normal career, I went to college got a degree and went down the path that they say that you kind of, like everybody supposed to do and got into corporate America and got into [inaudible] for sales, had a good experience there. But like you said, after I went through a couple of layoffs, I just decided that’s just wasn’t the path for me. 

I had this entrepreneurial spirit, although I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. And frankly, that lasts for quite a long time. I doubt, did a lot of different things. And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve pondered what’s my legacy going to be, what am I passionate about in something that’s it’s not about just making money anymore. And along that path, you know, I’ve been in the fitness space for a long time, just personally, I think I picked up my first way when I was 16 years old, and got serious when I was around 18. And so I’ve been training for about 30 years. 

So I’ve always had this desire to be healthy, both into look good and feel good right inside and out. I mean, there’s I’d be lying if there wasn’t some portion of it that’s sort of aesthetically embedded driven, but at the same time, I want to stay healthy as long as I can and maintain the highest quality of life that I possibly can for well into my later years. So I’ve gone down that path and in probably just, you know, wasn’t even that long ago that I was introduced to CBD. And me and just the cannabis. 

Obviously, I was aware of the cannabis space but CBD kind of came on a little bit later. And I just started hearing and reading about all these amazing stories of people getting these incredible results from it. And the longest period I started developing a stronger opinion of the pharmaceutical industry and wanting to personally stay away from that as much as possible, but also realizing sort of the pitfalls for the people that are unfortunately stuck in that space for their issues, medical issues. 

So long that path as well it’s funny, because when my brother and I started talking about this, we had a conversation with my father and he had mentioned that– I mean in keep in mind, he’s been through a couple of knee surgeries and so it was actually at that point in time, like, even struggling to walk it around was getting more difficult for him. 

And he’s frankly, he’s not even that old. I mean, they’re, my parents are 74 and so– but he had brought up CBD with us. And we’re like, Huh, that’s pretty funny because we, you know, we’ve been talking about this and fortunately for him is that he, after talking to him about what he’s using, and where he got it, we realized that the quality of the CBD he was using was just not there. 

And frankly, I wouldn’t have been surprised that there was any CBD in the product that he was using, because he wasn’t getting results. And just based on what I learned about the industry at that point in time, I could just tell by the companies that we’re selling it, that he went to that there was it just wasn’t good quality stuff. So that’s kind of where this thing started taking off. 

So it’s been kind of a combination of passion for fitness and health combined with the desire to live a high-quality life well into it personally, my 80s 90s I mean, I want to reach 100, but I want to get there feeling good, right? And so and I want that from my parents, and so it’s all about just kind of maintaining that joy and balance and when they talk about when we can get into some more detail, but just homeostasis within the body, which keeps you feeling healthy, you know, for as long as possible. And so that’s kind of where it all came from. 

I want to reach 100, but I want to get there feeling good, and so I want that for my parents, it's all about just kind of maintaining that joy and balance. - Darren Filpi Click To Tweet

And we’re just really– and I will say this because it’s really important like I mentioned at the beginning, this is the first thing that I’ve done in my professional life, which just so happens to combine a couple of things, my passion in my personal life. But this is the first thing I’ve done that I’m passionate about. And I really deeply care about what this plant can do, and the results that people are getting from it. And so for us, it just became a mission to participate and to be very focused on where we’re participating. We can get more detail about that too. But that’s, that’s essentially where I’m from and why we started the company.

Challenges in the Early Stage in the Canna Space

Sonia Gomez: That’s amazing! I love how this industry tends to pull from very personal inspiration. You know, like, of course, a lot of the entrepreneurs that I talked to you can recognize an opportunity Otherwise, why would you be in business in the first place. But secondarily to that, there’s huge generally a motivating factor that draws us in. And it often it’s because of a family or close friend or relative that fires us to take action and move towards making a shift and a change. 

Now, there are quite a few frustrations with the industry, we’re going through what I’m calling a cleansing right now. And that for a lot of businesses is pretty prohibitive in the way that they’re able to move forward. However, you guys in the beginning stages here, and I think this is a really important conversation because we have a lot of budding entrepreneurs who are listening in, trying to figure obviously, we can identify that there’s an opportunity here, right? But nobody to understand what their unique entry point is, or how they should be participating in this space. 

What was it for you that made you do something different than anybody else? I mean, it was you could have done anything and come out with, just another me-too products. But I know that you guys have put a lot of time and a lot of effort into finding something that was unique, really quality, you’re having a close relationship with the manufacturers that you’re in formulators that you’re working with. You spent a lot of time looking for the right certification so that you could move into compliance. What was one of your main motivating factors and taking your time in the beginning stages here and making sure that you got it right?

Darren Filpi: That’s a great question. And what we did as far as why we decided to go the direction that we did or that we’re going and what kind of drove that was– Well, number one, I mean, I will say that we wanted to do this business the right way. We want to be around for the long haul. We want some longevity. We want to produce quality products with quality ingredients, quality sourcing, all of that stuff. 

But one of the things that we learned along the way, and I have been told this for a long time to be honest because I have– once I got past my whole corporate experience I’ve had experience with digital marketing and e-commerce and some of those things, but the idea of a lot of people will say is niching down is really critical to a small company like ours to be able to thrive. 

Niching down is really critical to a small company like ours in order to be able to thrive. - Darren Filpi Click To Tweet

There’s a lot of there’s at least a big handful, if not quite a few companies out there that have very deep pockets. And they can afford to be everything to everybody in a way because they can continue to throw money at marketing and getting their products in front, everybody. For a small company starting whether you’ve got small goals or big goals, and we happen to have large goals, you still need to find a niche that in my opinion, you’re passionate about for us. That’s fitness, health is a part of that and so when we select that just based on– Because when we started, we didn’t we weren’t going down that path. 

To be honest, we initially looked at baby boomers and again, come back to the story with my dad and his knee pain and that type of stuff. And so we were looking at that. But at the end of the day, what ended up happening was, we came on the realization that demographic didn’t like resonate with us. And I don’t know that we resonate with them, like if we’re going to tell a story, and we’re going to communicate to that demographic. 

We don’t have experience there yet, because I’m not a baby boomer, I’m not my parents’ age, whereas I’ve got 30 years of fitness experience and working out and staying healthy. I can relate to that. I also just happen to be somebody who likes supplementation and fitness space. So I take pre-workouts and all that. So anyway, to go back to your initial question is picking a niche so that you can become a bigger fish in a smaller pond, I guess for lack of a better phrase is what drove that and hopefully that answers the question that you were asking you

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I think it’s important they say that the riches are in the niches and really taking your time to think about who you’re going to serve and falling in love with that person. Right? And it’s very difficult to build a business long term unless you’re just cold-blooded. You know, like, if you’re just all about the cash moolah, then and you have a lot of it then you can do almost anything as far as you know, targeting multiple people and been and speaking to a broader demographic. 

However in cannabis and hemp, there are quite a few challenges in marketing and advertising and so folks have to be pretty creative, which you guys have a pretty significant head start on and I absolutely love how you’ve approached the industry as a whole like you’re giving yourself a really strong competitive edge and I’d love to hear straight from you what some of those key things that you did ahead of time even before your products were ready before any of the physical aspects of your business was prepared. You guys heavily invested in both in the upfront time to build yourself an incredible community that’s reached just about 26,000 now, right 28,000?

Darren Filpi: Yeah, actually, I think we’re rolling up on 30,000 actually, as we speak, so– 

Sonia Gomez: It’s amazing! And then you built your community, The Gud Body Journal in what, 70 days? 80 days? 

Darren Filpi: Yeah, I mean, it probably, I would say, yeah, probably were just a few months, it did not take that long to do and frankly, you know, about that, like it just you can– a lot of that too, depends on how much you can invest in that but we grow pretty fast and we’re going to continue to invest in that asset as well. 

The Gud Body Journal as an Asset

Sonia Gomez: So what how do you see and for a lot of folks out there, they’re trying to decide what’s the best method for them to advertise and promote their companies. And so I’d love to just talk about this for a minute because myself I’ve been extremely successful diversifying my revenue streams by having my community and at the same time, it’s sort of like a moat around my business where anytime I have a promotion or want to test an offer or want to start something new, I have a built-in focus group that I can communicate with and connect with, who will direct how I make my next decision. And for me, it’s like a built-in profit center and a [inaudible] around my business. How do you see The Gud Body Journal being an asset for you and your business? 

Darren Filpi: I see The Gud Body Journal being an asset in for the same reasons that you’ve just mentioned for yourself, it’s actually– it’s got multiple benefits, in my opinion. One thing I didn’t mention earlier is that one of our objectives is education. So it is a place, it’s a platform where we can get not only the message about CBD out but just anything related to health and fitness in our particular case, so being able to continually educate people, and indefinitely in this space, because there’s a lot of misinformation out there, but also to you know, the obvious benefits of being able to occasionally promote products there. 

But I think one of the big ones and this is frankly, what drove the initial product mix that we were launching with is being able to use that community as a sounding board. They’re following you already. They like your content and your page or your group or however you have it set up. 

So why not find out what they want? What you know, because we did we surveyed within our page just to see what are they using. What are some of their favorite types of products? Have they tried CBD before? You know, and the other thing too is that you gotta see– you gotta look at who’s the demographic because our page at least, at this moment is heavily weighted to the female side. 

So that makes your decisions and drives your decisions to some extent to not that we can’t continue to grow the male side of it, but so there’s a lot of different ways to leverage that asset. 

It also in the case for the other entrepreneurs out there it’s something that can be leveraged when, for example, if you want to because this is something that we’re going to be doing but if you want to start a podcast, and you want to be able to use that as a way to push the message out as sort of a selling point as to why somebody would want to get on your podcast, especially in the beginning when you may not have a massive following for the podcast itself. 

There’s a lot of different ways to do that. Also for retail or anybody that you’re going to be having partnerships with could be affiliates, entrepreneur, influencers or actual retail, it’s to be able to say that we have a following of over 30,000 people and we are happy to announce your company or your store or your Instagram page, as a part of say, the interview that we do with them. That’s another attractive feature as well. So it’s got a lot of really huge benefits. 

Sonia Gomez: I couldn’t agree more. As a matter of fact, that is like the number one way that I rose to the top as an independent entrepreneur, I was able to leverage my page and my community to attract the ideal customers and partners that I wanted to be working with. And it’s been cool to, like hearing people’s stories and to connect in and find weight points of collaboration. 

It’s been an incredible journey, you know, and I think that it requires each other to have that foresight on behalf of the industry. You know, like you’re really covering a piece of this that a lot of companies are now just like, oh, maybe perhaps I should probably do that and you’re already months and 10s of thousands of people ahead so congratulations on that and I really love The Gud Body community. 

I am somebody who’s trying to figure out getting back into my good body or like what makes my body feel good. No shortage of puns, by the way, I can’t wait till I get like my good body leggings and my like my good body sweatshirts like I’m so into all of the phrases and puns that come from your guys’ name by the way–

Darren Filpi: It’s super excited and believe me that the apparel is coming– I’m super excited about that too. So it’s gonna be fun. 

Deciding What Products to Produce

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, it’s gonna be so super fun. What do we have to look forward to hearing in the New Year in 2020? I know you guys are launching you have an incredible lotion. And yours is one of the first like full-body care lotions that I’ve seen. The formulation is fantastic. It’s a daily must-have for me like one of those things that you never leave home without. 

I know that you guys have a tincture and then you have one other really unique product, an essential oil roll-on, which is specifically geared towards pain relief. How did you come up with, like, so many people just did an area-specific topical not something that you use all over the place? And then everybody did some sort of tincture, usually around the three to 500-milligram mark. 

And then but I have not seen maybe one other company that in the hundreds or thousands that I’ve talked to– I’ve seen what may be one other company with an essential oil roll-on why did you choose to do a full-body lotion rather than just an area-specific topical? And how the heck did you come up with doing an essential oil roll-on? 

Darren Filpi: So we decided on a full body lotion because of something I mentioned earlier, and that is that we surveyed our audience. Again, one of the benefits of having an audience to talk to push you when you’ve got 25 30,000 you get some nice feedback from that. And because again, it was you know, it’s probably the majority are women and we wanted to have something that would be a great female product. But we also wanted to do something and then this will tie into the essential oil roll-on that you’re talking about is that we wanted one of the things that we and I know a lot of companies are striving to do this too. 

cbd for sale

So we’re not the only game in town that’s trying to do this but we’re really committed to coming out with unique products. We’re not just trying to release just take some regular lotion and drop some CBD in it, we want to incorporate benefits. For example, terpenes, which our lotion is terpene-infused and we just so happen to be working with a phenomenal manufacturer that has 25 years of experience with aromatherapy, essential oils, terpenes like they know this stuff like the back of their hand and so they know how to incorporate that to be able to increase the benefit of CBD specific to particular things like our lotion is called de-stress. And because it’s designed to be calming and to de-stress you but it can be used full body and can be used on your face be used anywhere, anywhere you like. So–

Sonia Gomez: it is by far my favorite recovery product like separate from the stress, which is just like a natural thing that I experienced when using CBD in general, like what I’m recognizing is after it because I’m starting this whole, like pretty rigorous yoga. I know yoga doesn’t sound like all crazy or anything but–

Darren Filpi: It can be

Sonia Gomez: It can be like I’m going on this crazy core power five days a week like I have my girlfriends who have incentivized the shit out of me so I have no excuses. And I have to be honest with you like post 90-minute yoga sculpt class, I’m done. Like I want my mom. My frickin everything hurts our and I am bathing in the de-stress lotion because you guys have a really significant milligram in the lotion. And I noticed that my recovery time is better that I’m like, I’m not as sore when I go back to my next yoga sculpt class, it’s really nice to have something that I can use both as a moisturizer but you know, even further as a recovery product.

Darren Filpi: Absolutely. There is a great dose in that bottle. And that’s one of the things that you know, one, I guess one of the areas that we– not as big of one but one of the areas where we do want to differentiate ourselves and a second I’ll talk about the essential roll on because that one is heavily dosed as well and I’ve looked at a lot of roll-ons out there and I don’t think I’ve seen anything that has what ours, especially when you look at the ratio to the entire like bottle size, like how much how many milligrams of CBD are in there. 

But you know, part of the other thing too is that with CBD it is like finding What works for you? Right so with lotion, it can be I guess it feels good on my skin, it calms me but it’s also another way to get CBD. Some people don’t love even with the flavored tinctures that are on the market, People just don’t love– you can only disguise the CBD so much. It’s not going to taste like a milkshake, right? So it’s like so some people don’t want to, to use it that way. 

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So there are other ways to get CBD in your life, ways that you may things that you’re already doing, for example, applying lotion, and some of the things that you’ll see from us in the future. You know, when you look in the fitness space specifically, it could be a pre-workout or post-workout a, you know, some sort of recovery for the time being like the tincture will serve you well with recovery. But yeah, so that that’s kind of why we did it. 

The way we did is one is just sort of like the results of what our audience was asking for and what they use, but also to find different methods of getting CBD to people in a way that they would like or you know, gravitate towards, because it might be doing something in that capacity already.

Pieces of Advice to Entrepreneurs Who Are Getting Started in the CBD Space

Sonia Gomez: Love, love that

Darren Filpi: And real quick I’ll address the essential roll-on I mean that, again, the same philosophy that we use with the lotion in that there are certain terpenes that are better for relieving the occasional aches and pains associated with fitness or just life. And so combining that with CBD gets better results and so you’re going to see a lot more of that from us we’re combining it could be something existing in the marketplace already. You know, you’ve got the turmeric and the melatonin to the world and they address certain things and so but when you combine that with terpenes and CBD itself, you start to compound the benefits for somebody that are using those products. And so that’s what our goal is.

Sonia Gomez: I love that. If you had to give three pieces of advice and you guys are coming down the pipeline here where you’re just getting ready to launch. You’ve come through some incredible, you know, challenges and you’ve also had some really incredible things to celebrate. I know that there’s a lot of people out there who are listening and just sort of wondering like when things are so tough and when it’s so challenging, how do you navigate your way through and the pieces of advice that can be offered from an entrepreneur who’s just a few miles ahead on the road, you there’s a quite a bit of perspective that can be offered in that situation. 

If you had to give one or two key pieces of advice to folks who are just getting started in this space and may need some words of wisdom to keep them pushing through. What would those pieces of advice be?

Darren Filpi: Awesome, some pieces of advice for new entrepreneurs in the space? I, you know that’s a fantastic question because when I started this journey, I said this to my brother and a number of people that I knew that it was going to be an experience that would grow me both personally and professionally. And in a fairly short period of time it is it is already done that and I would say, number one, and this is, this is going to sound so basic, but first just breathe. I am somebody that as I’ve gotten older, stress hits me harder. I seem to get anxiety more often. 

And so, you know, being able to just pause and those moments where you feel overwhelmed, stressed out wondering if you’re going to be able to do this, it’s important to just take a step back and breathe and if you’re somebody into fact, I need to incorporate this I don’t have this in my life, but like meditation, for example. But I would say that stuff can when you’re hitting little roadblocks that you need to push through to be successful in this industry. That’s those feelings are going to come on fairly strong and so it’s important just to be able to have a handle on that and Whether that be having an outlet at somebody to talk to, or whoever. 

And if you really want to do this, right, I think, surround yourself with the right people and be very discerning about who you partner with. But I say that in the context of this question so that you can have somebody to talk to and bounce ideas off to or off of. So that would be one. The other piece of advice that I would give and it’s more of an expectation is, and this has been true of us. Now, I don’t know if this is true of everybody. But things typically tend to take a little longer than you expect. So set some realistic expectations for yourself. And allow some buffer time.

And just to give an example, like if you were creating labels for your product, you may have to do a number of revisions to those labels before they go out. You need to make sure that they’re compliant and all that stuff takes time especially when you’re trying to be the conductor of orchestra and you’ve got a few different people involved in the process. Each one of those areas needs time to do their part. And so setting proper expectations for yourself so that you don’t have the anxiety and the stress that I just talked about. 

That’s been for me personally, that’s been something that I’ve had to adjust to. And it’s sort of the school of hard knocks, as they say, you know, experience in it. And now I know what to expect going forward. So that would be another one. I would definitely just as a piece of advice to anybody starting out in the business. And then let’s see pushing through any other hurdles. I’m not sure those are two of the big ones, to be honest. Like I don’t–

Sonia Gomez: I think that that compass is the current landscape of the CBD industry pretty well. I’ll piggyback off of what you said and just throw out there because I think you alluded to it without actually saying it. So I’ll say it, you know, one of the most important investments I have ever made in my business, in my career has been mentorship. And I’d say that investing in myself allows me the opportunity to grow and expand and flourish differently than most of my competitors. And where I look at the industry is much of an opportunity to be collaborative. It is still a pretty stiff competition. And for me, I want the best competitive edge that I can possibly get. So anytime that I have ever started anything new. 

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I’ve invested 5, 10, 15, 25 up to $50,000 in my mentorship so that I have continuous and ongoing support when it comes down to making the important decisions for myself and my business. And when especially when I’m getting freaked out and overwhelmed and uncertain and feeling like I just want to jump ship and Not knowing how much longer I can tread water. You know, those are the most important times where I can get on with my mentor, I can get on with my coach, I can get on with a mutual member of a mastermind, and I’m building these and I have built these incredible, lifelong friendships and relationships with these folks who at the drop of a hat can jump on with me listen to my overwhelm. 

Let me sort of dissolve the stress and get into really strategic tactical conversations that allow me them to move the needle. So for me, I’ve could never emphasize the importance of never allowing yourself to be the smartest person in the room, but always making sure that you have a support system and a mentor or a coach or somebody who is, you know, again, a few miles down the road from you and nothing is ever going to be perfect? 

You know, just because you invest time and money in with a mentor doesn’t mean that they’re always going to have the right answer. But it’s way better than being on your own. and nine times out of 10 having that extra person to talk through something will just remind you that the answer that you’re looking for is within you all the time. And the least that’s been my experience with mentorship is just reminding me that it’s okay for me to feel confident. It’s okay for me to lose my sense of competence, and then bring it full circle to find the courage to take the next step. 

At the end of the day, the only job that an entrepreneur has, especially if they are running and building a team or a company that is worth its weight in gold, your number one task is to decide. That’s it. Yeah, that’s the only thing you have to do is decide just there and the great news that no one ever talks about is that there’s no such thing as the wrong decision. the wrong choice is to sit on the choice for too long. You just have to move. If water is stagnant, you don’t want to drink it. 

The great news that no one ever talks about is that there's no such thing as the wrong decision. The wrong choice is to sit on the choice for too long. You just have to move. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

As long as things are in motion, you’re going to be making headway. Not every choice you make is going to give you the outcome that you want. And not every decision that you have to make is going to be easy, but it is necessary. So it’s all about courage, and whether or not you have the cojones to make the choices when you’re presented with them. 

So my key pieces of advice or words of wisdom for those of you who are listening, no matter how far you are down the trail of entrepreneurship, you’re going to come up against a time where you’re going to have to make a choice and having the courage to do so or having somebody who is a mentor or a sounding board for you is probably going to be one of your top three most powerful assets and anything that you do. Those are my words of wisdom for today, Darren in what are some final thoughts or words that you’d like to share before we finish today’s interview?

Darren Filpi: Yeah, and I like to just real quick, piggyback on you, and because you raised a very, very important point. And when you’re first asking the question about advice, that was one of the first things that came to mind is mentorship. Because if you do, first of all, if you want a business that’s built on a very, very solid foundation that’s going to be around for a while, I mean, like you said, this industry, you mentioned at the beginning in your intro with sort of the cleanse that’s already started, we actually are welcoming that cleanse because we’ve put the right pieces in place. 

And most if not all of that had to do with getting some amazing mentors, and so in coaches, and so we did the homework on the front end, and I would highly suggest and sometimes it’s hard to do this. I was very stubborn. But looking back, I see the value in all this now, but understanding who if you don’t know what the word avatar means find out but I’ll give you a basic, it’s essentially sort of your target demographic, right? But this is, it’s not just about like, Oh, I want to go off the market to, you know, women who are in their 40s. It’s like you really dig deep into who is it that you who’s your audience, like who is your, your ideal customer, and really understanding that person. 

So doing some of that homework, and I don’t want to go too deep into it. But the reason why I bring that up is because we did a lot of that homework of like, Natalie figured out who our audience was going to be and who we would resonate with best and who would resonate with us. But there’s a lot of other pieces of the puzzle that are in there that if you do it right, you reduce the amount of stress right that we just got done talking about and anxiety and overwhelm because you have some of that in place. You also have the mentors that we just discussed who you can, you can talk to and you know have them talk you down off the ledge when you need it. So there’s so I totally agree with you. And I just wanted to emphasize that because I think that’s really important. 

And the other thing is, is just, you know, when you’re in those moments, it’s like, I have this shirt that I got from an experience I went through a number of years ago. And on the shirt, it says, remember why you started? And I think it’s important to even in moments of like, where you’re just like, man, I, I feel like just throwing in the towel. It’s like, just always go back to like, What motivated you to do this in the first place. Hopefully, it’s more than just money. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’re in business, we want to make a good living. But I said this to many people, I don’t care if people buy CBD from us or somebody else. Just make sure you’re buying a really good product. I want people to get results. And that’s where our passion is, and that’s why we started it. 

And so I think really keeping that front of mind at all times. So it helps you push through those times when things get difficult and challenging which is going to happen at every single stage of your company, and we’re just getting started and we, you know, I know there’s gonna be more the bigger you get. It’s just different types of challenges. So I think those are the big ones. You know,

Sonia Gomez: I love it. Great job. Well, I really enjoyed our conversation today, I’m super excited to see the release and the official launch of the good body journal as well as the good body product lines, and happy to be a celebratory partner with you here and in the release of your guys’s products. Like I said, I’m always looking for unique, you know, really effective things to share with our community. So we’ll be excited to share this moving into the new year. And where can folks find you if they’re interested in joining the good body community finding out more about the release of your products?

Where to Find Their Products

Right yeah, so there’s a few different places one is on Facebook, our pages Gud Body Journal, on Instagram, it’s good and by the way, it’s good Gud, not good. So Gud, an Instagram. It’s gud_body and then our website is gudbody.com

Sonia Gomez: Amazing will you guys all of the social handles will be listed here as well as the blog as well as inside of the blog surrounding this video and all of the along with the show notes and show highlights from today’s interview go ahead and check them out. Lots to look forward to with Darren Philby and his brother Damon, as well as the good body brand. That’s a G UD and body keep your good body right in the New Year super excited. And for all of the swag that’s coming out. I mean so much to celebrate you guys congratulations and really looking forward to seeing and celebrating your success coming into the new year. 

For those of you guys who are tuning in, just remember that we are here to serve you whether you are a person looking for products you can depend on to deliver the results you’re looking for. Check us out at medicalsecrets.com for our favorite pics, and if you’re a budding entrepreneur Or an established business owner who’s sick and tired of going at this race alone and you need some fresh faces some good advice and some solid direction to change the trajectory of your business, increase revenues and to reduce stress. Have no fear, we are here. Check us out at the Emerald circle. com We are happy to help. I’m your hostess with the mostess Sonia Gomez and this is the hemp revolution. We’ll see you on the next show, guys.

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