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How Organic Essential Oils, Flavor Extracts, Botanical Perfumes, Aromatherapy, and Body Care Products Found Its Way to the CBD Industry with Alysia Gaye

ep 68 Alysia Gaye

Alysia Gaye is the founder of Medicine Flower, a company that produces, manufactures and distributes highly concentrated essential oils and aromatherapy.

In this mini-series of The Hemp Revolution Podcast, Alysia shares her passion for healing and aromatherapy, how she ended up in the CBD space and her quest to bring quality products at reasonable pricing and support the sustainability of ingredients.

Keep listening and be informed.

Aromas and ingredients are gifts from the earth, there’s a lot of love and a lot of work that comes from anywhere from where the seed is sown to the actual product where you’re actually using it on your skin. – Alysia Gaye

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

2:19 – Alysia’s background and how she ended up in the flavor manufacturing business
5:45 – The company name’s origin and its real mission
9:56 – User-friendly product names
12:26 – People that she wants to work with this 2020

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Sonia Gomez: record on this thing over here. While we’re telling the story of Alysia Gaye, so excited to see you guys you’re going to be seeing more of her than you are of me this interview, but I think you guys should definitely pipe in and listen to her story. It’s pretty incredible. I’m gonna bring this a little closer so that they can hear you. Oh, look and now you can see both of us I love it. Now you can see both of us and let me know your guys’ burning questions in the comments would love to see what you guys have to say. And certainly, I’m grateful to see you guys all here. Let me know what you guys are tuning in from. What’s up, Nancy, nice to see you guys. 

And for those of you who are listening to us on The Hemp Revolution Podcast, welcome to MJBizCon and thank you so much for tuning in with us live. Shout out to all of our sponsors. And thank you so much for being a part of this incredible community. We are excited to share and tell more stories from the entrepreneurs who are pushing this incredible industry forward. My guest today is Alysia Gaye, founder of Medicine Flower manufacturing flavors, aromatherapy compounds and just an all-around incredible advocate for the earth and creating real change through plant medicines. Alysia, thank you so much for being here with us. Come closer to me, darling. Good. 

Alysia Gaye: Thank you, Sonia. 

Alysia’s Background and How She Ended up in the Flavor Manufacturing Business

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I’m really excited to have you here. Why don’t you really quickly for the viewers who do not know you? Why don’t you tell us a little bit about who you are, what your background is, and how you ended up in the flavor manufacturing. All of the incredible things that you’re doing with Medicine Flower.

Alysia Gaye: Since I was a child, I was always interested in healing and fascinated by the world of aromatics. So, at one point in my life, it became a massage therapist and holistic health person. And then I round up just searching the world for aromas. I was very excited to learn more about how I can integrate that into my practice. And then basically that led me to starting my own company. 

I saw a niche where people were not getting quality products. So it was a, it was a quest to bring quality products at reasonable pricing, and to really support the sustainability of ingredients and through that, I became a perfumer and a compounder and a formulator. And then we have our own line of essential oils. We one of the original aromatherapy companies in the industry. 

And so basically that was really how I wound up getting here to this day was I just have a passion and a love for helping people, for helping the earth. I’m an agent of the wild we are to help sustain and protect and preserve our forests because water is everything but it is life. And that’s my story in a nutshell. It’s just it has brought me here today because It isn’t so important to make a difference by creating products that actually help people and healthy or sustainability is so important. 

cbd effects

And I think that there is what I like to say is conscious consumerism. Because if you’re conscious of what you’re buying, and you’re conscious of those companies and what they’re doing in the backend and back scenes, then that just that little bit is going to make a difference.

Sonia Gomez: I couldn’t agree with you more. And I’m really excited to tell the story because one of the biggest chat from the business perspective, one of the biggest challenges in the industry right now is really the number one, is stabilizing a supply chain, right, where you are sourcing things. What is the efficacy of those products, of those ingredients that are going into anyone formulation that are that these brands are throwing their labels on all day, every day? There’s dozens of brands coming into the marketplace all of the time, but also from a consumer’s perspective, the transparency in the industry for that sourcing.

One of the biggest challenges in the industry right now is really the number one, is stabilizing a supply chain. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

We were just having an offline conversation where we were talking about the challenges when you buy a product and you receive the product, and it doesn’t actually have what it says or is advertised to have in it. And that could be anything from the water content to the oil content to the actual active milligrams of CBD. What I love about your guys’ business is and I personally got a chance to go up there and check it out. You’re working not with just one piece of it, but quite literally every– you are literally the source for the ingredients for many of the other brands and manufacturers and your hand creating your own paired with a lot of quite a bit of education and community outreach. 

The Company Name’s Origin and Its Real Mission

Sonia Gomez: Talk to me a little bit about the Medicine Flower aromatherapy, I mean you’ve told me some beautiful stories about why Medicine Flower. Why did you call it Medicine Flower and what you guys is the real mission with your business.?

Alysia Gaye: Well, actually My mom came up with the name medicine flower, I was trying to find a name for the business to sell aromas. And at that time, I really didn’t know very much about essential oils. And so it really said it all because I was doing massage therapy and I wanted to get into aromatherapy, and Medicine Flower seemed to say it. 

The other word we were using was Gifts of the Earth because these aromas and ingredients are gifts from the earth, there’s a lot of love and a lot of work that comes from anywhere from where the seed is sown to the actual product where you’re actually using it on your skin. I don’t think a lot of people understand how much that takes and how many people it takes in order to grow the product and then make the product. And so with that, that was an inspiration that it was a passion to tell that story. 

And eventually, I will really like to do a documentary on what that means because if you’re buying a product out there and it’s cheap, you can guarantee that it’s not going to have what you’re looking for. sometimes having less is more. So if you find a product that has that is reasonable and that was our goal was to get really good quality ingredients, and have it reasonable for people to be able to buy those ingredients, like an example rose oil. If you’re paying $5 for rose oil example, you’re not getting real rose oil, you might be getting the drop of it, but it’s not going to be a real rose because rose takes I think it’s something like two tons of rose petals to make one pound of rose oil. So there’s so much work that goes into creating these materials that actually end up in the product. 

Sonia Gomez: We have so many people who are asking questions on our live stream and for those of you guys who are tuning into the recorded version, you really ought to check us out live we are streaming to the entire MJBizCon list right now of attendees and exhibitors. And for those of you guys who are joining us on Facebook, thank you guys so much for being here. 

When you like and share content like this, you’re helping us get the word out and helping us to create the change that we want to see in the world, and certainly helping us uphold a certain level of operation and standard and moral code inside of this industry. So thank you for liking and sharing and commenting and smashing on the hearts to let us know that you like what we’re doing over here. 

One of the questions that I that my audience always asked me is, you know, for specific functional medicine, they’ll talk to me about Crohn’s disease, they’ll talk to me about, you know, arthritis, they’ll talk to me about cancer recovery, and wondering what are the brands and products that they can trust to deliver those results? 

One of the things I tell them is cannabis is not a fix-all, you certainly have to approach things from what I call the multi-prong approach. You know, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually incorporating all of these things and then the products that you use are a benefit to that. One of my favorite ways of managing and caring for myself is through aromatherapy. 

And you have multiple functional products in your essential oil roll-on which also has CBD in it. You also have aromatherapy sprays for waters, or I call them for waters. You have a different technical name for it. You create tinctures and all kinds of topicals and things like that. But talk to me specifically about the functional things that you put into your aromatherapy blends. 

Like for instance dream time, oil is for sleeping or serenity is for calming. You have a skin suit, you have a migraine, you have all of these different things that make it really easy to know which one to pick. Why what made you go that direction and make it so user-friendly?

User-friendly Product Names

Alysia Gaye: so what I would do is I would research what oils were traditionally used for those types of the [inaudible] so to speak. Dream time would be more things that would be calming, and maybe it would enhance dreams like there may be like mcglinn whereas serenity was actually based on an old 1800-year-old formula that was like an od Cologne, but it also had a lot of calming oils in there. So it’s very calming and soothing. 

The other ones would be maybe like sacred sage, traditionally Juniper and cedar and white Sage are ancient times in for clearing that energy. So that was a choice where I would take the main components and then I would take other oils to actually in perfumery become modifier to blend it so it actually smells good. So you would not only Have it effective, but you would have it to be pleasing to your nose. I think that–

Sonia Gomez: The nose knows.

The nose knows. -Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

Alysia Gaye: The nose, knows, right? So it’s much easier to use something if you enjoy it instead of someone says, Well, this is good for sleep, but you can’t stand it, you’re not gonna want to use it. So again, like sleep, there’s traditional herbs that would be used for sleep. There is a progressive. Go ahead.

Sonia Gomez: I was just gonna say Is that a fair to say that you’ve taken a lot of the ancient wisdom from cultures around the world and brought it into a modern-day American company and allowed your inspiration to come through your products from these outside cultures? Absolutely.

Alysia Gaye: Yeah. And we’re working on even more like aerobatics. So the Chinese herbal medicine or just even traditional medicine. I mean, aromatherapy really was coined in France. And why was that? I mean, they’ve been the Europeans have been using essential oils from forever. And then it became–

Sonia Gomez: They have to cover up that stink.

Alysia Gaye: Exactly Well, even the same thing with viral garden. I mean, our product that we make is viral guard. There is traditional herbs in there that back in ancient times when they had the plague, they were there was perfumers walking around, they were robbing people, but they didn’t get sick because they were had the protection with the essential oils or at least the herbs which had essential oils in

Sonia Gomez: it amazing. Why don’t you share really quickly what is like who are the ideal people that you want to be working with right now moving into 2020

People That She Wants to Work with This 2020

Alysia Gaye: I’m looking to work with people that have the same passion about making the place this place a better world to live in, and to help to protect our environments and our waterways. I think that’s really important because water is everything. You don’t have medicine unless you have water, and people have the mission to make a difference

cbd effects

Sonia Gomez: to help people so if you have an existing brand and exists or you have an idea about creating a brand for yourself if you’re looking to grow organically and are working with wanting to work with somebody who’s educated on how to compound essential oils and other raw ingredients to create a functional remedy for yourself, Medicine Flowers an excellent place for you to get in touch with Alysia. where can folks get in touch with you if they want to find out more about working with you and Medicine Flower?

Alysia Gaye: Well, they can go to our so they can actually send us an email or they can give us a call directly.

Sonia Gomez: And that is what’s the email

Alysia Gaye: that would be alysia@medicineflower.com or info@medicineparlor.com.

Sonia Gomez: Amazing. And then you guys also for those of you who are tuning in, we also have consumer-ready products and give them the two websites where they can go and check out and find out more about your form.

Alysia Gaye: Go to CBDmedicineflower.com and you also can go to genuineessentialoils.com

Sonia Gomez: amazing Hey guys, thank you so much for tuning in with us. Alysia, thanks so much for being here with us and being one of our sponsors. This is such an honor to be in collaboration with you moving into our new year. And I know that we’ll have lots of things to celebrate as we are here across the country and around the world together in partnership with Medicine Flower. 

So congratulations and thank you so much for being here with us. And for those of you who are tuning in live at MJBizCon, thanks so much for hearing us out. We’re excited to work with you guys. And if you want to find out more information about Medicine Flower go ahead and check out the links that will be posted around this video. Shoot us over an email at Sonia@theemeraldcircle.com we’re excited to connect with you. 

And if you want to find out more about Medicine Flower check out at info@medicineflower.com. I’m your hostess with the mostess we are live at MJ biz con and we will see you on our next show. This is The Hemp Revolution. Ciao

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