How Do I Store My CBD?

#1: Get an Airtight Container

The most important step you can take to maintain the quality of your cannabis products is to always keep it in an airtight container. Exposure to the air will degrade the cannabinoids, and in the case of dried cannabis, will cause the flower to lose its scent and flavor and dry out. Cannabis that’s left out will completely dry out within a week’s time.

The ideal container for cannabis flower and concentrates is a glass mason jar with a good seal. They’re available at most hardware or container stores. Try to find one with a wire swing top, which provides a greater seal. While you have likely seen people store their dried cannabis flower in plastic sandwich bags, they leave the cannabis susceptible to being crushed and its flowers broken apart. Also, static from the plastic bags can attract and pull off the resin glands from the flowers.

Cannabis oils will likely come in their own airtight container. CBD oil, for example, is typically packaged in a syringe or dropper bottle, which will be designed to help preserve its natural CBD content.

Edibles should be kept in airtight Tupperware. You don’t need to worry about damaging trichomes with edibles, so it’s also okay to keep them in sealed plastic bags. Keep in mind that perish-ability is something to consider with edibles. Breads and other baked goods will expire faster than cannabis candy. Check if there’s a “best by” date.

#2: Don’t Touch!

A good rule of thumb is to avoid touching your cannabinoid products except when you’re using them. Every time you handle dried cannabis flower, you will likely degrade the flower’s trichomes. Trichomes are sticky, so each time you touch the bud, trichomes will likely peel off and stick to your hands. Try to avoid transporting the products when unnecessary and prevent any constant movement, even if just handling the jar you’re using to store the cannabis, because the cannabis can be jarred, breaking off trichomes.

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