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How CBD Helped and Cured Someone with a Spine Injury with Joey Jennings

Joey Jennings

Joey Jennings is the founder and owner of Mother Holistic, a USDA Certified Organic family hemp farm in Oregon.

Joey suffered from spinal nerve damage and depression for many years due to a snowboarding accident. Shortly after trying CBD it felt like it took the edge off of the obsessive thought that he was experiencing from his injury.

His gratitude to CBD inspired him to build his own company to bring quality CBD products and educate people about the amazing benefits of CBD.

In this episode, Joey shares the physical and emotional challenges that he had from his injuries, how he discovered CBD and how he started Mother Holistic. He also shares some key pieces of advice for entrepreneurs who want to get into the cannabis space.

That didn’t matter to me whether I made money or not, I wanted to have a fulfilling life and we only have so much time on this planet and I believe it’s a test, and our test is to do your best no matter what. – Joey Jennings

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

3:55 – Joey’s background and transition to the CBD space
17:28 – All about Mother Holistic and their focuses
21:58 – The company’s primary business model
28:06 – The challenges of finding a partner manufacturer
32:50 – Promises to contribute to the community
42:19 – His mom’s thoughts about his chosen career
44:38 – Key pieces of advice to entrepreneurs who want to enter the cannabis space
49:39 – Final thoughts

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to The Hemp Revolution podcast. I’m your host Sonia Gomez, and we are in yet another rock star episode of The Hemp Revolution where we are exploring and sharing the journeys of the incredible entrepreneurs who are pushing this industry forward making sure that you as a patient can get access to the highest quality products that are available on the marketplace, that are promised to give you the results that you are actually looking for.

And in these stories, you will find golden nuggets for those of you who are considering your jump into the green rush that you listen for the golden nuggets and pieces of advice from real pioneers and real entrepreneurs who are living and breathing this and in some cases, bleeding on behalf of this industry, just to pave the way for you guys to find a quick way to Join and be a part of this incredible movement.

If you don’t know CBD and cannabis are the fastest-growing cash-rich industries in the world right now, next to a couple of others I would say sports gambling and perhaps cryptocurrency but certainly cryptocurrency, sport, gambling and CBD, some of the biggest industries in the world right now.

And I really encourage you guys to take a look and find out what we can do in these disruptive industries to participate in a massive global movement to empower ourselves with the truth and really take responsibility for the way that we are thriving. Instead of surviving in this gorgeous life.

Today’s guest is going to share with us how a spinal injury changed his life forever how it gave him a sense of urgency to heal both physically and mentally because as an injured person, you have to find your new hundred percent, how his quest for relief and the challenges and discoveries that he faced along the way and the values and goals that changed over Time throughout his recovery and the discovery of CBD and the science behind it, how it transformed the way that he was going to be able to thrive in his daily life.

Here to tell his story about how cannabis is a versatile and endless beneficial contributor to his life and now as the foundation of his business, Mr. Joey Jennings of Mother Holistic CBD. What’s up, Joey?

Joey Jennings: Hello Sonia and thank you for having me.

Sonia Gomez: So excited to have your beautiful beautiful product and company that you guys have with Mother Holistic CBD. I can’t wait to dive into a little bit more around the business. But let’s start a little bit with you. Tell me somewhat of your– I want to hear more about, I mean, the introduction is just amazing. And I now I want to dive deep into each one of these aspects. What was your background before you came across CBD and tell me about a little bit of walk me through that journey of how you came into the CBD industry?

Joey’s Background and Transition to the CBD Space

Joey Jennings: So in 2003, I had a spinal– I was snowboarding, I landed on my head and my shoulder and it injured my brachial plexus, which are the nerves that are attached from your spinal cord and to your arm and your chop up. And from there, it created a spiral effect of many different problems.

Mainly, I was battling muscle atrophy and all the issues that occur from that. So it affected my physical life, any type of physical activity that I would do. And then that started to play a mental and emotional impact on my life as well. So fast forward it from 2003 to 2017. I was a financial advisor at Merrill edge, and I got to the point where sitting behind the computer in a desk all day long, was really playing a toll on my body.

Like I said, not only physically but mentally, emotionally. On this day actually got in trouble and I chalked that up to me just being in pain and just aggravated. And so with me getting in trouble, it’s it really–

Sonia Gomez: How do you get into trouble, Mr. Jennings?

Joey Jennings: Let’s just say that I wasn’t pleased with a co-worker’s worth ethic. And so–

Sonia Gomez: So, you the whoop somebody’s ass?

Joey Jennings: No, no, no. Possibility at the end of the day, people taking responsibility for what they were responsible for doing. And so, I question that person’s work ethic, and it got me in trouble. And so at that point, I decided that I needed to take a break. I had always wanted to go to Peru, and try ayahuasca. It had been something that I had been– I’ve watched videos for 10 years, and it really interests me a lot.

So I decided to take a leave of absence and plan a trip to Peru and before I went to Peru, I got the opportunity to participate as a surf guide in Nicaragua, so I did that for a month. And that was awesome. I got the teach a bunch of 15 gap students. So in between or after high school and going into college, they spent a year travelling to get an idea of what they want to do with life, which I think is awesome.

And so I got to teach them how to surf and it was really fun, a lot of fun there. And then I actually got to go to the Yucatan for a month and travel around and visit the ancient ruins and pyramids.

Sonia Gomez: I love the Yucatan.

Joey Jennings: All things that I’m very like just interested in, I love ancient history. And so, with my leave of absence, I got to take advantage of those trips but the final trip was to Peru, and I have flown to Lima. And then from Lima, we had to take a flight to Cusco. And then from Cusco, we had to take a bus to the resort that I was staying at.

The place that I stayed at, if anybody’s ever wanted to do ayahuasca, I researched this place for seven years probably. And I look at other places too and I kept going back to this place is called Etnikas. E as in Edward, Etnikas, E T N I K A S. And they’re in Cusco, Peru fantastic establishment there, they’ve got a full medical staff, and they evaluate you before you even plan the trip over there. And then when you get there, they have to evaluate you again.

But long story short, that was an amazing trip and amazing experience that will stick with me for the rest of my life. And so from there, I flew home, and I visit with my mom, number eight out of 10 children–

Sonia Gomez: Stop.

Joey Jennings: The same parents. My father passed away in 2005 but the same parents. My mom’s amazing woman, and so I got to spend some time with her and during this whole time that I was home, kept hearing about CBD, and a friend of mine introduced me to CBD and I never thought– I’ve tried marijuana before and with marijuana it has a high concentration amount of THC. So I know the feeling of marijuana.

So I didn’t really give too much attention to CBD. But when I tried it, it was edible, it was a gummy, within 20 minutes I just felt a very comfortable feeling felt like it took the edge off of some of the obsessive thoughts that I was experiencing from my spinal injury, what it led to the emotional problems. So that got me really curious about CBD, and like anything else, I love to learn. I’ve been a person, all my life. I’ve always asked questions and I just love to learn as much as I possibly can.

And so CBD led me down the rabbit hole of candidates in general. And I’m still down that rabbit hole. Just learning more and more and more every day, it’s been two years now. I found out the science behind CBD, Cannabis, the endocannabinoid system. And, you know, it just blew me away.

I couldn’t believe that the entire animal kingdom was hardwired with this hero transmitter system that was responsible for homeostasis were in other words balanced throughout the body. And it’s linked to other things as well, you know, neurological issues that people are suffering from. But that led me to really want to be involved in the cannabis industry.

And like given the fact that I had already left Peru, and at this time, I was open to discovering new opportunities. And so I thought, what a great opportunity for me to get into this field. It’s helping me a lot. I would love to be able to help other people discover CBD as well. And then I found out how versatile plant cannabis is and how For thousands of years, it was the most popular crop planted on the planet and use for a variety of different things. And I’ve always been a person who has wanted to see progress happen in the world.

It frustrates me when I look at the conditions today and in the past, knowing that we have a plant and a product that can be able to help us so much, not only the animal kingdom, but for our ecosystem, and for us to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals, paper, plastics, I mean, the list goes on and on. I thought, Man, this is something that I need to participate in. I need to join this movement. And I’ve just felt passionately in love with cannabis from there.

Here I am and I created my own brand so I could stand behind my own product and help educate other people and bring them quality products at a very competitive price. - Joey Jennings Click To Tweet

And so fast forward today, here I am and I created my own brand so I could stand behind my own product and help educate other people and bring them a quality product at a very competitive price.

Sonia Gomez: I absolutely love this story. So, little side note on our ayahuasca journey. I haven’t had the opportunity to share this. So this is a new sharing for me as well. But the whole of my life I have been raised amongst Native American Indians, fully immersed in their teachings, their ceremonial traditions, just their day to day life practices and so tipi ceremonies the sacrament of Peyote has been a huge part of my life.

Actually the mother of my– my husband’s ex-wife and mother to our first three kids actually conducts ayahuasca ceremonies down in Peru and all over Colombia and Italy. She goes all over the world as a caretaker and facilitator for these ceremonies, and I cannot tell you how many incredible stories of transformation I’ve personally witnessed and then it, you know, have the opportunity to be sharing their experience, whether it’s ayahuasca or peyote or whatever their journey leads them to do.

I’m very much a believer and an advocate for holistic plant mother Earth provided, medicines and because I’ve watched– mother holistic, exactly, because I’ve quite literally watched people completely eliminate alcoholism or drug addiction or life-threatening diseases using these incredible plants. So it’s a lot of the, on a cellular level, what drives me to be an advocate for CBD or for cannabis, because, for me, it’s just one more of the medicine has that are going to play a part in evolving humanity.

And I think it’s so much important to start to understand what elements of our universe are going to contribute to our overall growth as individuals and then as families and how we grow outward from our nucleus. So it’s really beautiful to hear your story and to share in that experience with you thank you so much for even just brushing on it and I’m I also, am like in full alignment with you because I had a surfing accident that’s how this whole fucking mess started with me.

I was in a surfing accident, I was in the leadership training program as a high school student in YMCA camp surf and San Diego, and I was like, fully showing up, like no holds bar showing off for like the Argentinian and Brazilian and Australian and New Zealand lifeguards that were visiting.

Like their gap program for the summer. so I was like hair blowing in the wind, while riding the wave of my life and sure enough, got knocked off of my board, hit the ground like a ton of breaks and the exact same injury that you’re talking about, stretching these particular nerves and group of muscles and ligaments that like you hardly know to play a part until your whole life is falling apart. You know, those pieces of your body are injured all of a sudden.

I was having like sleep paralysis and muscular atrophy and these it was this overwhelming feeling of like being set on fire and electrocuted at the same time. It was absolutely horrifying and I went from being this totally vibrant, healthy, happy teenager to being overprescribed and over addicted on medications, totally losing grip with reality and my mentality around whether or not I even wanted to live anymore I was just so depressed. I gained 100 pounds, and it was a holistic neurologist who introduced me to my endocannabinoid system.

This was I mean the 2000s like the early 2000s, probably ’99, 2000, 2001 up until 2003. And this neurologist introduced me to my endocannabinoid system, taught me about micro-dosing, strain selection with cannabis, hemp phytonutrients all of these different things that were like very much an Israeli conversation. This was not an American conversation.

And he was bringing this like ancient science from Israel where this plant has been being studied for decades and with a few choice patients was hey, if you want to be a part of this beta program within three months, I was off my medications, within six months I was off all over the counter, and within nine months, I had lost 97 pounds and was virtually pain free.

Just Using this micro-dosing regimen and specific dietary plan, and I cannot tell you that I would have been able to do it any other way. Because I had spent 10s of thousands of hours, I had spent 10s of thousands of dollars and it wasn’t until I started to follow this regimen specific with cannabis that my life started to change.

So that really transformed me into a teenage Public Advocate which how much you’re going to believe those guys right but I later went on to fight the legal system for my rights to safe access because I was pulled over for speeding on my way to the beach, and was arrested for possession even though I had all my required paperwork and had to go toe to toe with legal and that’s how I ended up as barely graduating high school helping to develop legislation that would legalize cannabis and owning and operating one of the first licenced dispensaries.

I had no business whatsoever. I’m dyslexic, I was all of the odds were against me to be able to participate at that level and here we are maybe 10 years later since that whole thing really kicked off in full effect and we’re considered a global authority as far as you know cannabis and CBD education is concerned. So super honoured to hear the story and to share a little bit about mine and interested to see the synergy points there.

Not many people can understand firsthand what that kind of injury will do to your psyche and your body. So, tell me how mother holistic came into play here and what your main focuses for your business right now.

All About Mother Holistic and Their Focuses

Joey Jennings: When I was back from Peru, and you know this from the shamans and their practice and stuff, one of the things that they value, you can say worship or value is Mother Earth and they have a name, much dipalma or Mother Earth and at the time, I was looking for holistic healing. And so I was thinking of a name that I could come up with because I wanted to get into cannabis and CBD. And so I was thinking about Mother Earth, my mom and how partially plays in my life.

And so it was thinking about holistic healing, and it was just on the computer typing away looking for names and Mother Holistic was available as a domain. And so I thought, Wow, this is great. And I bought it.

And from there, you know, there were just so many things I had to do going forward, I had to get an LLC, obviously. And then I had to get a sales certificate for the state of Florida because Uncle Sam wants their 7% tax. And then I had to develop relationships with the right partners who were in the farming and manufacturing products.

I had to research those different manufacturers and there are different extraction methods and find which one has the best effects on people were are offering a higher quality product. And so then I had to get had to develop a website, which I had no experience in developing a website, I had no experiencing in writing the content. I had no experience in designing product labels. The guidelines, I mean, I had no experience that any of that and I literally spent 14 hours a day, for close to six months, every single day, I was passionate about it.

So it didn’t really matter to me, All I knew is that I was not going to go in the same direction. My life was going to change. From that point, when I left Peru and got back in the States, I knew that from that point on, that didn’t matter to me whether I made money or not, I wanted to have a fulfilling life and we only have so much time on this planet and I believe it’s a test, and our test is to do your best no matter what to do your best and so I’ve always wanted to do good in this world and I didn’t mind putting in the hard work every single day and I’m still doing it every single day.

I’ve considered myself a perfectionist, I just want to really provide not only an exceptional product but exceptional service. So, I’m out networking in different events, sometimes three times a week. And some of these events have a good turnout. Some of them have, there’s no one that shows up. So there’s a lot of work creating your own brand, and developing all the advertising and marketing tools that go into it.

And I encourage people who are passionate about CBD to do that, and I could provide some certain steps that would take, I would suggest that they take to do so but in this industry, there’s so much opportunity and you’re probably aware of what’s going on right now. Now that policymakers are right now writing rules for retailers, you know, for distribution companies to follow you know, the rules have already been written for the farmers and the manufacturers back in 2014.

And so they were set you know, but for us guys, distributors and the retailers and stuff were left out here and say no match world you know, it’s we’re having to figure out all these things on our own. And you know, I just worked my butt off every single day since I got back from Peru on developing like I said, this company.

Sonia Gomez: Have you guys been in business?

Joey Jennings: I launched July 4 of 2018.

Sonia Gomez: Fucking whirlwind of life this first year is like the craziest year and how have you guys done and we’ll get into challenges here in a minute. You talked a little you brushed a little bit on them, which we’ll dive more into here in a minute, but how are you guys doing? Yeah, is your primary business model offline right now?

The Company’s Primary Business Model

Joey Jennings: Yeah, because they shut my online payment processor down on June 1, like they did many other CBD companies and square save my company with their just their card swipes that I could use in person. So I was literally out every single weekend, sometimes during the week going to different events, going to flea markets going to wherever I could to promote this company. I’m in the southeast part of America and this we’re way behind was when it comes to education on cannabis.

And so there are a lot of people you know, I hear the old saying, What are you selling pot oil, weed terms like that. So those are the type of hurdles and challenges that I’ve had to face. So we’re nowhere near where we need to be. But the foundations created for us to scale. The infrastructure is there and ready for the AMC, which is the part that part of the USDA to create that policy.

So that will be able to scale you know that we can open the doors to these platforms, these online platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram, even target emails, everybody that I approach to help me market and advertise my company said, No, no, no, no. And a lot of, in the beginning, say that they would be able to work with me and help me. But when you dig deep and you find out what services are going to be able to provide you with none. Because guess what they’ll be shut down too?

Sonia Gomez: Well, they have no KPIs to prove that they’ve ever gotten results in the first place. And that’s one of my biggest red flags where I’m like, Okay, great. You have specialized knowledge. You’re a self-proclaimed CBD marketing expert, like amazing. Let me check your results at the door.

You know, and a lot of the times like there’s a couple of All of us in the industry who are amazing, and they’ve all been featured on this on this podcast. And you know, we all have our different strengths and know journey with this plant. But for the most part, the majority of agencies have too much to risk or have or have too much to gain.

And so they’re throwing shit at the wall trying to figure it out. But what you really have to pay attention to and I always ask the question, because it sounds really good to have a lot of this process automated, but it takes money, it takes time, you have to make the decision of which is really determined by money and time, right?

How much time and money do you have to play with? And that really determines whether you’re going to play the long game or the short game. Either way, you’re going to war like you’re going to have to figure it out. But is it a long game and a short game and we tend to play the long game. We feel like we got the stamina for 12 rounds like we’re ready to go to bat.

You know, so we are one of the only companies that have been able to– and we’re not an agency, like let’s be perfectly clear about, I’m not an agency, but I just so happened to be able to help develop online marketing strategies, I’ve been able to leverage the world’s largest platforms, specifically for CBD and cannabis advertising. I’ve been a part of building and growing a lot of brands from the ground up helping them achieve their first three to 500 customers online.

So I feel like I have a space to speak with proven results and I one of the largest subscription membership, messenger bots online right now. And so I feel really confident in my ability to say that like, yeah, there are some people who make it work and they the ones who do know how to do it, do it really well. And then there’s a lot of false pretenders out there and it’s unfortunate that I get in contact with folks who have been taken advantage of have been discouraged have lost a lot of time and money to people with big promises and no delivery. And it’s frustrating.

Now look, I get also that in this business. in this industry, like you have to make a lot of pivots, a lot of people are partnering, trying to make things happen, maybe they’re really strong at selling and the delivery is not so good. Or vice versa. Maybe the delivery is amazing, but their sales selling is not so great. So you never get in touch with them. And you know, everybody reserves the right to be able to pivot and shift as they need to.

But be honest about your strengths, own the things that you’re great at partner up, instead of partnering down on the things that you’re not so great at. And one of the things that my mentors recently told me about my own business was there’s a) there’s a business but there’s a difference between partnering up versus partnering down. When you partner up, you’re going to be the one that’s pulled up to the next level.

When you partner down, you’re going to be the one pulling that person to the next level. Second is pick the thing that you want to be an expert at and go really deep with that the riches are in the niches and getting really clear about who you are and who you’re serving is going to help you to go deep instead of wide.

Now a wide variety of people will be attracted, because the natural way that people talk about things that they love and enjoy, right? So the ripple effect of making an impact in that one demographic will allow you to grow and scale quickly, serving a wider audience, but really being committed in your messaging and your marketing and the way that you’re crafting and developing new facets to your business.

Start with Who are you serving? What is the problem that your products are solving, so I can completely relate to the devastation that the Elavon Exodus had on the industry. I’ve also seen, you know, incredible Yahoo moments from Square will, by the way, take that little snippet and send it over to him for a testimonial. And I’d be really interested– another really big challenge is the distribution not really having the margins are stabilized the supply chained to be able to build and grow effectively.

Have you seen that in your process? And in through your research? How hard is how hard was it for you to find and partner with a manufacturer that you believed could you know would a) be aligned with your core values and b) able to provide you with the turnkey service and quality that you were looking for?

The Challenges of Finding a Partner Manufacturer

Joey Jennings: To be I didn’t really have an issue, discovering a well-qualified manufacturer.

Sonia Gomez: Really?

Joey Jennings: No, I was very fortunate. And you know, I do that I credit that because like I said, here’s the thing. When I left Merrill and decided to go in this company, I liquidated my 401k and [inaudible]. So I had the ability to devote as much time as I possibly could, to figuring out the best extraction methods which out of three extraction methods, I wanted to go with hydrocarbon, ethanol. supercritical co2 right? I also wanted to make sure that the manufacturer was following state and federal guidelines.

So YouTube to be honest with you YouTube helped me a lot. I got to find out a lot about a lot of answers to a lot of questions that I had right. And so for me I kind of developed your– I tell you what, I take that back. I did go through to a third relationship with my manufacturer.

Sonia Gomez: There’s no fucking way.

Joey Jennings: that

Sonia Gomez: you came out here like Tiger Woods from motherfucking. But let’s keep it 100 for a second Okay, third time round sounds more like–

Joey Jennings: you know, it’s crazy because you– I tend to forget a lot of [inaudible]

Sonia Gomez: Okay, take more CBD.

Joey Jennings: but it’s not even to forget, I only think about the past and all the struggles that I went through, to be honest with you. It took me time. When were you asked me to come to the show, it took me time to sit and reflect on the past. And so I totally forgot. You know, I forget, I didn’t even think about the hard times and some of the things that I went through.

But yes, so now that you have refreshed my memory, I didn’t go through to other manufacturers and then I found that the winter manufacturer that I’m most comfortable with. From there, it was just a matter of me figuring out how do I need to price my products [inaudible] other competition and some of the big companies and what they’re pricing their products for and staying at a competitive price and is not trying to undercut everyone out there because for me, I’m looking at the future the long run and I know that I have to be able to get a certain amount for each of my products in order for my company to stick around right cap and need to be able to have a margin that’s not gonna like going to compensate employees, as we as a company grows, you know, I don’t want to every few months to adjust my prices because I’m growing and whatnot.

So, you know, with my background in the financial industry and stuff, I kind of had a little bit of a heads up there and experience there.

Sonia Gomez: love that not everybody has that experience, which is partially why I’m asking the questions the way that I am. Because I think that you can offer a good analytical perspective of what it takes on the front end. And I always like to say 80% on planning 20% on execution, getting really super focused on like, the key elements of your company, what are your core values? Who are you serving? What’s the problem that you’re solving, and that really helps the rest of the process accelerate, right?

Everyone’s so excited about having like mainstream products, but like, who wants to be a me-too, nobody, right? and there’s a lot of ways to customize and sort of personalized white-label or you know partner manufacturing opportunities if you take the time to do it. so I’m asking the questions not to tread just like the old shit, but to really talk about what does it look like to turn shit into flowers? You know, and that’s exactly what it is like how do we nourish the soil and push the ecosystem so that we’re actually creating this incredible harvest.

And I think it’s really important to explore it from a creator’s perspective or a timing perspective or systems perspective or even just what is the overall vision, the why the passion, the purpose that brings the profitability of any organization to life or even making it possible.

You seem to be somebody who’s incredibly socially involved and hyper-aware, what are some of the social promise or community promises that your company will be contributing to any philanthropic ventures or any whatever Like the major why what do you want to be able to contribute? What do you see yourself contributing to as a bigger or higher purpose for your company?

Joey Jennings: So for me, I’m not trying to stick to one niche. I think this is what I kind of don’t understand about some of the companies out there that are coming up with these sales talking points of like, hey, I’ve got a specific type of CBD to help this or a specific type of CBD to help that. when I found out about the endocannabinoid system and what is responsible for doing, that was pretty much it and that’s what I always tell everybody, all of my customers it’s like look them when they asked me Hey will CBD help this will CBD you help with that?

The reality of it is is that we are still finding out what CBD is doing for people but the overall benefit of CBD is its ability to stimulate or work with the body’s endocannabinoid system. So in short, the endocannabinoid system is a system in, from what I’ve discovered, that manages or helps you manage stress. And so if your Stressed, stress can lead to so many different things and so many different people.

I mean, there’s a slew of different health problems that can occur just from being stressed your body not being able to handle stress. So if you’re deficient in cannabinoids because your body is not creating cannabinoids do this, you having a lack of certain types of herbs and foods and vegetables or whatever, then you can supplement it with these plants that are highly concentrated in cannabinoids like hemp.

And so for me, I’m not trying to scrape sell products that target specific health issues. I’m just bringing overall awareness to what hemp and cannabis can do for people, right? There’s just a number of different things. And so I stick with the traditional product. You know, the full spectrum is my hottest product which we only use flowers for. We used to go with ethanol extraction and we got away from that and We’re now instead of using the whole plant with the stalks and stems and leaves, we’re only using the flowers.

There are other products that we have that we’re using the ethanol extraction, which is coming up with a higher concentrated CBD product. But for us, we believe that hemp has the ability to help so many people out there. So I’m just participating and speaking with anybody who is interested in finding out what hemp can do for them. So I’ve gone to a lot of these neurological doctors, the senior citizens of retirement centres, for people who are suffering with, you know, many different mental issues and fiscal issues.

I mean, it’s very difficult to identify all of the benefits that hemp archives contributed to, you know, so yeah, all over the place, just communicate with whoever wants to talk to me about CBD.

Sonia Gomez: Well, one of the things that my doctor told me when I first started to work with hemp-based or cannabis-based health regimen was, you’re not going to– it’s not going to be what you feel but what you don’t feel that you’ll recognize and you have to ask yourself every day before you follow your habit of what you’ve been doing, which for me was waking up, taking my pills for the day, and then moving on until my next dose right.

And he’s like, you have to make yourself really conscious about this question. Does my body need what I’m about to give it right now? And what I discovered especially in that first 90 days was not the effect of what I was taking, but the elimination of what I was– the elimination of the symptoms because of what I was taking. And it was a recognizable difference that when I used products the way that he taught me to use them.

I was significantly less depressed, I was significantly more active, I was significantly more engaged. I was not in as much pain. I wasn’t complaining if– I was just all of a sudden becoming what was normal. And I didn’t– It wasn’t like, oh, finally I took my Advil, my headaches away or my knees stopped hurting. But it was a process of elimination of symptoms that as I asked myself the question, do I need to take this right now?

Eventually, the answer became no and I didn’t go through any withdrawal period. I didn’t have any like a severe, earth-shattering transition from traditional medicine to Mother Nature’s medicine. It was just a process of elimination. Because my body no longer needed it, the more that I became balanced. So I think that that’s what you’re talking about is like, how do we recognize the effects of what we’re experiencing? And how do we start to develop conscious care, self-conscious care? And how can CBD be a fortifier to that? so I love your mainstream for the body approach for Mother Holistic, I think that’s awesome.

The question I was asking was, I always challenge like TOMS Shoes had the B one G one programme where they’re giving one for every pair that’s purchased. And a lot of the companies that I see emerging now are building that type of program and where they’re saying like, you know, 10% of proceeds are going to this foundation or for every bottle that’s purchased, I give X number of dollars, or I give X number of dollars worth of product away to this foundation in my local community and that’s helping this and what I’m recognizing in the buying patterns as people who feel connected to that cause are staying loyal to the brand that is supporting that cause.

So what I was asking was, are there any of these causes that you’re especially passionate about that your company will be contributing to, that we should watch out for and being supportive?

Joey Jennings: I haven’t committed to any of those yet but I am open to any suggestions. So if you have a suggestion, I mean, what comes to mind right away is mental illness around maybe depression, PTSD, those are so debilitating, and so, I am all for that if you have a good organization, to be honest with you, I haven’t even– I’m so involved every single day with this company and just trying to I’m fighting all these different–

Sonia Gomez: yeah, you’re, you’re the octopus arms right now with a sword and every hand. I totally get it. I was just curious and some people do, some people don’t. there’s no right or wrong answer to it. And, of course, I have foundations that we can contribute to. But I think I’m recognizing for conversation’s sake that people who are building these types of– I break it down like this when I’m working with my clients who are a lot of CBD brands at different stages of growth.

We talk about who are we going to do what for, when and how? but every single one of those questions, which are the makeup of a business, right, it’s like, Who’s the avatar? What are we going to sell them at? At what price? What are we going to do with our promotions? What are the systems that we need, which is how we’re going to deliver it right? But all of these different things are governed by the why.

Why do we do what we do the way that we do it? And why do we do it to serve these people? And then there’s, you know, beyond our own experiences, the force, right? The force that keeps us in the insanity every day is is governed by a passion or a purpose that feels greater than us. And perhaps it’s your experience around being involved in these cultures that still pray with and utilize Mother Nature’s medicines.

And I can recognize that passion in you from having such a transformational experience and really want to be a facilitator for people to gain access to this type of holistic remedy. I can sense that passion from you. So it’s really exciting to be in conversation with somebody who is truly at the beginning stages. It takes six months of research, it takes six months of testing the market, and it takes another six months of figuring out like, Oh, shit, that actually worked.

Now what you know, what cats do we kill, which ones do we keep? So you’re right at that cost, where you’re about to experience some pretty incredible growth. We’re in the final quarter of your first official year. You’re going to experience some pretty significant growth here. And it’s just pieces of consideration from the consumer perspective that as you build in these facets that answer the question, Why buy from you? it? You know, these are some of the ways that companies are building it in. It’s creating such an incredible wave around brand loyalty. It’s really cool to watch.

What does your mom Think about all of this seems like he came from a pretty conservative background? When you think about all this.

His Mom’s Thoughts About His Chosen Career

Joey Jennings: I wouldn’t say conservative, you know, they didn’t really get involved too much on one side or the other. She’s just a very passionate, loving person. And she thinks that what I’m doing is just amazing. She congratulates me all the time. She believes in what I do, which is most important.

Sonia Gomez: I have four kids, so I’m like, not even halfway to where your mom is that and I can only imagine what kind of incredible person it takes to raise 10 kids. Oh, you are your sisters and brothers entrepreneurial as well.

Joey Jennings: My younger brother Tommy, Thomas. He is he actually went into business around the same time as I did in July of 2018. Unlike me, he has scaled I mean, right–

Sonia Gomez: Is he also and CBD?

Joey Jennings: No, he actually custom fabricates machines for many different industries so he’s bought like the energy industry, he’s doing big skids, even for extracting piece fabricated machines for different telecom companies. The name of his company is J2B industrial. They’re based out of Jacksonville. He’s got 15 years experience in this industry, in the energy industry refining different gas rules to allow them to work with different type of systems. And he what he’s doing is amazing. He is adding value to making this The world a better place to and helping again to bring more energy efficiency.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, yeah, efficiency to already existing machines.

Joey Jennings: But it’s just him and I who are entrepreneurs.

Sonia Gomez: And everyone else is normal.

Joey Jennings: Yeah. Yeah, they’re in a trade or teachers.

Sonia Gomez: So, so cool. So cool. Well, what I would love to hear from you in our closing commentary here because I can tell already from the– from the position and perspective that you’re coming through, you have an incredible mindset around your success. I’m really excited to– I would love to hear a little bit from you around what you think it takes with an ironclad mindset to be able to succeed in this space.

But in general, what are two or three pieces of key advice that you could offer to budding entrepreneurs or people who are considering getting into this space right now and You’re a little bit further down the trail then and then anyone else. And for me, it’s important that we help each other rise up as an industry.

So what are some key pieces of advice that you might be able to offer some budding entrepreneurs who are considering to jump into this space right now?

Key Pieces of Advice to Entrepreneurs Who Want to Enter the Cannabis Space

Be informed, get informed about hemp and all the benefits because if you get informed first you're going to find what part of this industry you want to be involved in. - Joey Jennings Click To Tweet

Joey Jennings: just first and foremost, be informed get informed about hemp and all the benefits because if you get informed first you’re going to find what part of this industry you want to be involved in. It could be on the farming side, it could be on the manufacturing side, it could be on the distribution and retail side, you could be an affiliate with just ripping other companies products and make a very good living out of that.

So first off, just inform yourself get informed from there, do some planning plan, figure out like I said, what merchant processor you’re going to go with, what it’s going to take for you to develop a website when you’re developing websites. And this is, we’re talking about the distribution side. If you want to down on, you know, creating your own brands or whatnot, right? You can’t, you know, Google, you’re not gonna be able to copy in what other people are doing so to speak, you’re going to have to create your own content, right? And that’s going to take the knowledge you have to get informed. If you’re not willing to take the time to get informed and really find out the benefits of CBD and hemp, then maybe you ought not to be in that industry.

Maybe you ought to be like I said in the farming industry or in the manufacturing industry or in there’s so many– come 2020 like you probably already know, the infrastructure is already set for major industries to get involved in this and we’re talking about any type of job that’s going on right now in the world, in finance and law. And just any type of industry you can think of, hemp is going to impact those industries.

And so if you don’t want to get involved in the manufacturer, the distribution side and but you want to get involved and help this movement grow, the hemp movement grow, go online to any place that you would look for a job right indeed, Career Builder, any of those monster and search for hemp openings. if you search for hemp openings, you’re going to find all of the hemp openings that are available. USDA is creating pilot programs for farmers, which are basically giving out funding for people who want to get into farming.

Let’s get pushing that because as you know cannabis, is not only beneficial for humans and the animal kingdom, but it also detoxifies our soil and cleans our air so it can really help clean up a lot of the disaster that the fossil fuel industry has caused around this planet. We need to start getting informed educated about the benefits of this plant though. So getting form first and foremost, do a little planning and then see which we want to go from there.

Sonia Gomez: Praise and hallelujah on that last statement. So true. All very, very true. And I always say don’t get ready for what’s happening right now, get ready for what’s happening three to six months from now, we’re really going to see a completely different landscape and you have to be totally ready to pivot piece of advice that I can offer on today’s episode is get the balls before you throw them at the wall. And you know, being balls to the wall.

And the first tip, there’s something to be said for spending the time on planning, planning, education information, get yourself the information foundationally that you need to understand the systems and partnerships you’re going to need at each phase of growth. This is not something that you can go out alone, even if you are alone, that’s fucking boring and go to somewhere else because our industry is a collaborative group of people who want to make a difference in the world. So if you’re a loner piece and Burback.

Joey Jennings: [inaudible] that point, I’ve asked many people, in the beginning, to join with me and being in the southeast. I’m in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. No one wanted to get involved in helping me at all.

Sonia Gomez: Got to have the balls to throw them at the wall.

Joey Jennings: But here’s the thing, now that my infrastructure is created, everything’s done. I have people wanting to partner with me. [inaudible] Hey, Joey, let’s partner, let’s, partner. And so I’m sure I’m going through and finding out the kind of like what you do when you ever use search for your next guest, research finds out who’s authentic, who is truthful, who’s trying to really make this healthy this industry grill.

And that’s why I really respect and appreciate what you’re doing. I was blown away for you to asked me to come on the show. You know, I’m open to partnering up with other people as well.

Sonia Gomez: Cool. Love it. Love, love, love. Well, amazing. Final thoughts for today’s show. What’s your biggest takeaway from our conversation today?

Final Thoughts

Joey Jennings: For one your story, your personal story with the injury? And us having a very similar story was I haven’t heard that in the past. You know, I haven’t heard other people be authentic and tell me the reasons why they got into this movement. So, I think that’s a really good sign that we have people who are, are joining this industry and trying to help it grow for the right reasons. So that’s very reassuring to me and other people. And you know, I think, just keep doing what you believe in that answer your question, right?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, no, that’s perfect. That’s perfect. One of my takeaways from today’s show is, no matter where you are, you’re in the right place at the right time, whether you’re just getting started or a little bit further down the line, there is incredible work to be done in this space and no matter what angle you’re approaching it from, there is a way for you and your unique skill sets to get in I loved how you were talking about in your in the value adds that you brought here at the end and saying like look, if you’re you got to be informed to be educated because you have to create your own content and you have to do these things organically and really get focused on your planning and how you want to do certain things.

So you don’t have to be a grower, you can be a distributor you can do you know, and talking about the different ways that people can be involved with that’s so super valuable. And one of the things that impacted me about the conversation and also the spiritual director– how you are directed into this movement from a spiritual experience, I think is really incredible and the pursuit for self-aware care, how do we continue to nourish and feed our consciousness around the communities and, you know, movements that we want to be a part of in the missions that we want to create? How can we leverage our current skill, our current skill sets, how can we find the new skill sets that we need and pull together the partnerships and resources to bring those things to fruition?

So thank you for that. It was a really good reminder and takeaway for me. I enclosing today will share with you guys who are tuning in to today’s episode, you know, similar to what we were just talking about. There are so many different ways for you to be involved in taking the time to go through and plan and extrapolate and really understand who you are, there’s no reason to give yourself another j. o. B, you got to really figure out what piece of your business and what part of the project are you most passionate about and own that space. you are a genius.

There are things inside of you that feels so natural that it doesn’t, it will never be a hard work for you to accomplish because you’ll just be inflow. And that is the goal of creating or starting your own business. I don’t care if you’re going to be selling underwater, woven baskets, like you just have to be committed to the piece of the business that you absolutely love. For me, I’m most in flow when I get to tell people stories, and shine the light on other folks companies and give them a springboard to share their passion with other people.

And maybe for other folks, it’s going to be the systems and really making sure that all of those things work. Warren Buffett built his whole business based off of timing. There’s so many different ways for you to do it. So you just have to explore and be interested enough in yourself to create Create that business that’s going to give you the life that you absolutely love. This is not a short game. This is not a sprint. This is a marathon.

And for those of you who have the CONUS to run it with us, we will see you at the finish line. This is The Hemp Revolution. I’m your host Sonia Gomez. This is Mr. Joey Jennings of Mother Holistic CBD and I am so excited to see you guys on the next episode. Bye for now

Joey Jennings: Sonia, can I mention one thing? Yeah, go I wanted to offer 25% off to whoever would like to try and if they go to my website, motherholistic.com and use the code Go Natural at checkout, they’ll receive 25% off the order.

Sonia Gomez: Oh my gosh guys, go and check it out at the website. All of the websites are posted right here around the blog. So as soon as you guys are finished with the recording, go ahead and click on the link and make sure that you put in your go holistic code.

Joey Jennings: Yes, I’m sorry. Go Natural.

Sonia Gomez: Go Natural is the code that you guys can use for 25% off of any of the Mother Holistic products. [inaudible] What’s that?

Joey Jennings: This is a great book that it’s a short read. And you had mentioned it, what books people should get out there. And this one is an awesome book by Dr. Michael T. Murray. He partners with a couple of other other doctors but researches The Healing Power of the Endocannabinoid System. It’s a great read, to help you get informed about the endocannabinoid system.

Sonia Gomez: Dude, I’m going to go get one of those and I’m going to give it away in your honour on our next podcast. That’s a dope little value. And she just slapped me around and be like, yo, have you checked out this book before? This is a two-way street conversation by the way.

Joey Jennings: Thank you again.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, of course. So happy to have you on the show. And you guys, I’m going to have one of those copies of the books on our next episode. Make sure you tune in and leave a review. see on the next show.

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