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How Can Cannabis Save Echinacea and All the Other Herbs with Angela Harris

Angela Harris

Angela Harris is an internationally-known Master Herbalist, a wife, and a mother to nine beautiful children.

She came from a family of herbalists. Growing up, she remembers taking a lot of vitamins and alfalfa tablets. When she had her first child, she decided to use real medicine with a real doctor. Unfortunately, they ended up spending a lot of time in emergency rooms, which was bankrupting their family.

Because of that, Angela decided to go back into old ways. Finding the journal of her great, great, great grandmother who was an herbalist, she became more interested in learning about herbs like her life depended on it.

In this episode, Angela shares her remarkable story of recovery from Lupus using an all-natural and holistic approach. You will learn not only about cannabis but a whole lot of other herbs that have great benefits.

I would not be doing this or talking about herbs if I didn’t know how much it changes people’s lives, for sure. – Angela Harris

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:47 – Angela’s family background, and how she ended up in the education movement around holistic health
13:23 – Her opinion of vaccinations
23:18 – Herbal approach and vaccination injuries
46:39 – Shifting people’s mentality towards holistic health
50:17 – HerbU workshops and events
54:35 – Key pieces of advice to people considering transitioning from traditional medicine into holistic care

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Sonia Gomez: Hey guys. Sonia Gomez here coming to you from Denver, Colorado. This is another episode of Hemp Revolution Podcast and in today’s episode, we are telling yet another incredible story from a mamapreneur who is not only passionate but has personally experienced the transformation that is possible through natural and holistic remedies including but not limited to cannabis and hemp derivatives. 

As you know our mission here at the hemp revolution is to share and showcase the stories of the people who are behind the products and services that we love as a part of the green rush, which is the fastest-growing cash-rich industry in the world. It is truly our mission to empower you with the truth about cannabis and hemp so that you can make educated, empowered decisions about how you want to manage any of you might have or treat and keep your family and friends community healthy and happy thriving in this incredible life that we get to live here. 

If you are one of those people who are out there looking for products that you can depend to deliver the results you’re looking for go ahead and check us out at and if you are a budding entrepreneur looking for your unique pathway into getting involved with this incredible industry and this movement that is being created around self-empowerment and natural healing. Please check us out at for any tips, tricks, resources you need to transform the way that you are doing business today and every day from here on out. 

I’m your hostess with the mostess Sonia Gomez and let me share a little bit about our incredible guests. Miss Angela Harris is an internationally known master herbalist, wife, and mother of nine children. God bless her. With her remarkable story, I mean, quite literally an incredibly remarkable story of recovering from Lupus and cancer, Angela has become well known for her success with herbs and skills and complementary alternative medicine. 

She’d left at the security of her successful brick and mortar herbal business to focus entirely on teaching the lost art of herbology and to empower the world with this knowledge of holistic and Mother Nature’s medicine. Knowledge is power, which is definitely a decree that we own together. And I’m so honored and excited to introduce you guys to miss Angela Harris. Hello, Angela. How are you? 

Angela Harris: Hello. Thank you for having me on your show. I love talking about herbs.

Sonia Gomez: Well, I love hearing and also talking about her herbs. This day. I always say that cannabis and hemp are one of Mother Nature’s many, many remedies. And I can’t wait to dive into some more of the specifics around how we can combine all of her elixirs, Mother Nature’s elixirs to improve our daily well being but before we get started, I’d love to hear just straight from you a little bit about your background, your family, and how you ended up in this education movement around holistic health.

Angela’s Family Background, and How She Ended up in the Education Movement around Holistic Health

Angela Harris: Well, I had an upbringing where my mom was kind of an herbalist and a vitaminist. It was like in the 1960s, in the 1970s. And she would give us lots of vitamins kind of came out and I had a lot of big brothers and herbs. And we use to take alfalfa tablets and all of these things and I just couldn’t have learned that but when I had kids, my first child, I decided I was going to use real medicine with a real doctor in the early 1980s. And so I ended up spending a lot of time in the emergency room with Eric and they gave me lots of pretty pink medicine and it was bankrupting my family. 

And so I decided to go back into the old ways. I had found a journal of a great, great, great grandmother who was an herbalist and knew 15 Indian dialects. In fact, one time she had Geronimo under her bed. I mean she was a full-on herbalist. She had learned people came from all over. And I didn’t know that until I became very passionate about herbs. And once I felt the magic of herbs for myself and started to feel and practice on my family and my kids and I would see what works and what didn’t work. And I really would go to these old book sales with the libraries and they get rid of these quack medicine books in the 1800s. And I just bought them for 10 cents and I brought them home and they had all these herbs in them, and they had great information. 

And so I started into it. And it was the thing that heals me. It’s healed my family and it became– I feel like I talked about myself as kind of a born again, herbalist. I’m Christian also but I’m a born again herbalist because I just really feel it and I want everyone to know and feel the difference. 

I would not be doing this or talking about herbs if I didn’t know how much it changes people’s lives, for sure. And cannabis didn’t even come until later on in the cancer world. You know, for me it didn’t come early on in my life. And so being introduced to cannabis was definitely life-changing also, but people need to remember cannabis is just one herb. It’s just one herb. There are so many other herbs. 

And guess what, just last month I had to change four of my formulas–my old formulas because they can’t be produced. Because more herbs are being taken off the market just like cannabis was. We lost Chaparral. We lost comfrey I mean those are like [00:07:00 unintelligible]. I mean, I could go on and on. And those are our cornerstones to my herbology and many others and it’s as we’re doing our fight for freeing cannabis, we’re still losing herbs every month from the FDA in the USA.

Sonia Gomez: Well, that’s not surprising considering that the FTC and the FDA are 80% funded by Big Pharma. But that is another subject entirely. Well, how old were you?

Angela Harris: Pardon?

Sonia Gomez: I was just gonna ask, because, you know, going through your story and just understanding that personal transformation that you’ve had really resonating myself with the personal transformation that you had to go through and now being such a powerful ambassador for holistic health. How old were you and at what stage of running your family were you when you were diagnosed with lupus.

Getting Diagnosed with Lupus

Angela Harris: And when I was diagnosed with lupus, I was actually pregnant– No, it was before I got pregnant with my fourth baby and they really didn’t know anything about lupus then. They didn’t know hardly anything at all. I was living in Southern California, the High Desert and I drove down to LA to this one specialty doctor that knew what lupus was, but I had like butterfly rashes and I had all the symptoms of it. 

And what happened was I started to look at a holistic way of birthing because I’d had three children. I was pregnant with my fourth I wasn’t satisfied with the medical type of birth. I needed some more natural birth situations. So, I actually went to a midwife and they went to this lady and she saw that butterfly rashes and she gave me some echinacea from her garden that she’d made an extractor tincture out of, and my symptoms went away. 

And the weird thing about it is, I mean, all of my symptoms went away. But if you Google or if you search for echinacea and lupus all over, anything that’s in the United States says lupus no echinacea for lupus because they say it stimulates it. That’s not true. They classify drugs as herbs and herbs as drugs. And they don’t work the same. They don’t work the same in the body. 

And so for me, all my symptoms went away. But interestingly enough, lupus symptoms you’re recommended not to take echinacea in the United States right now. So backward. So, backward that was, let me answer that question. I was 24, I believe. Yes, 24 years old. 

Sonia Gomez: [00:9:54 inaudible]

Angela Harris: Yes, yes. My oldest is now 38 years old, and my youngest is 13. And I had a big split in the middle, I kind of had space in between with all my children. It’s amazing to see the difference between using herbs and not using herbs in a family lifestyle. And that’s really what I want people to know too is you don’t have to give your kids some of these synthetic things. There’s lots of tricks and tips you can do to keep your kids out of the doctor’s office and keep on that cycle of being cared for when you as mamas know, intuitively what’s right for your kids. We just need these tools just like what’s passed down to my ancestors. Also, we need to be able to bring these tools back in so that we can use them confidently and use Western medicine when we need it. But not because we’re desperate and we have no other options or choices.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I’m gonna ask you a really controversial question. And I know I’m gonna get backlash from my audience about it, but I don’t care because I’m really interested in the subject. Love you guys. But I want to ask as a mother of nine and I really take science at face value. I think that science is applicable to give you like a baseline of what is true, and I’m super grateful for the advancements in science. But I’m also slightly concerned as a parent, about the additives or synthetic ingredients that are being put into things that they are readily recommending, or even now requiring us as parents to, let’s say, vaccinate or provide antibiotics for certain conditions. 

And I think, you know, because of the requirements that we have as parents and our workload that we always are looking for the fast fix like a) we can’t miss work, right? So, we immediately take our kid to the doctor because a) we don’t want to see them suffer but b) like we don’t have the time to sit at home and “wait it out” or fight fever or wrestle with the cough or whatever it is. 

On top of that more and more crazy diseases are popping up all the time and kids are being diagnosed with any number of things from the moment that they come out of the womb. So, I chose with my first three not to vaccinate, and with my fourth one I selected delay vaccination. She’s almost three. I travel internationally quite a bit which I want to take her with me when I start to do that again. 

So there are some vaccinations that I may give her and others that I just feel so strongly that I don’t want to give her at all. There’s a movement right now in a pretty significant contrast between the parents who are vaccinating and the parents who are not vaccinating. And this overwhelming movement within the state to state where they are now legally requiring an order for your child to access even education or child care that you have to be vaccinated. As a devout herbalist, what is your opinion of vaccinations? Are you pro or you con or is there a middle ground that you like to skate on?

Opinion About of Vaccinations

Angela Harris: Here is, I am not a middle ground skater. So I have to tell you, this is volatile and I hope everybody’s listening because I don’t care if you’re pro-vacs, anti-vac, you want every injection that they recommend you to do, that is your God-given right. And it is our God-given right not to vaccinate if we don’t want to. And Ron Paul said mandatory vaccinations of any kind should send shivers up your spine and it does mine. This is horrible. 

I have a friend from Russia who said in talking about natural health and herbs. Her dad and mom are doctors and about this immunization thing over there in Russia, she said, we are more free in Russia than you are with this situation. And so it is very chilling for me to be able to bring up the fact that, you as a mother–

Let’s just talk about you as a mom, and you’re representing every mother in the United States of America. And you have this mother’s intuition, this inspiration you have. You’re born with it. There is nothing that chaps my hide more than seeing a doctor that’s trying to overcome the mother’s intuition on what’s happening with the child. The mother’s intuition is super important. And so you individually took that inspiration and chose with your older children not to vaccinate, and then your next child, you chose to vaccinate. This is America. And that is awesome. And I really applaud us being able to do that. 

And I can talk to you about vaccinations and what I believe about them, and what I think is in them, and how I get all of the leftovers. So, when we had our brick and mortar health food store, people would come in, and we would get all the mommies and the daddies. We would get all the kids that were all broken and autistic and all those things. And the moms and dads would trail in and say they were normal until vaccinations and there’s a recent gal who came in and said I used to mock anti-vaxxers. I used to mock them because they were uneducated and now my son’s in a coma. Yeah, it is, is frightening. 

There are there’s a local guy here in Las Vegas. I think he was a firefighter. He got an immunization and he can’t walk. He’s completely in the hospital. It’s like they’re raising money for him. If there are these things, and we can’t ignore what’s going on, but more than that, fine. If everybody feels like that’s the risk they want to do. But putting it mandatory is asinine and goes against everything this country stands for and what we’re part of. 

Do your education, but here’s the thing is when they start taking information, free information with studies from bonafide doctors and bonafide scientists, and moms and dads when they start stopping the information, you can’t search Google and find anti-vaccine information. You can’t search for it. You can’t search on YouTube and find anti-vaccine information. On Facebook a little bit, because they’ve taken it all off.

If they’ve removed it, and once they start to remove one side of the story, the other side of the story should start looking at this, we should start looking at the freedom part of this. Something is being hidden from us. And something is being sold to us in the last couple of years $4.3 billion have been paid out, as shut up money to these families so that they will be quiet and they won’t talk publicly about what happened to their children.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I’m at those conferences because I’m a public speaker and an advocate and I’m always going around and just like, you know, I’m in these huge public forums and so to be clear, none of my kids are vaccinated and my last one is the only one that I would consider baseline vaccinations. Like for instance, tetanus, if I were to take her to Bali, where I frequent doing work. And so she’s the only one because there’s a chance for me to travel internationally before I ever took any of the other kids out of the country. 

And so I agree with you back in the day it wasn’t required. I have a 16-year-old, 13-year-old, and 11-year-old and we decided as parents, the first three are my stepchildren and we were very close as a family. So the three of us co-parent really well. And we decided together like we do not want our children to be vaccinated. So any exemption that we could find, we took advantage of–religious personal belief, whatever it was, and only recently, California, New York, I mean, all of these different states started to require vaccination for our kids to even be cared for and have access to education and it’s been such a significant fight like I literally feel myself being self-conscious about the way that I approach caring for my own family. Because people are so left or right about it. 

And I have to completely agree with you that once we start to lose our freedom of choice, and that’s a lot of the conversation around cannabis or hemp is that whether or not you’re pro-cannabis or hemp, you have to stand for something or you’re standing for nothing, which no matter what the overwhelming thing for me is the freedom aspect of the conversation. We should have the freedom to choose how we want to approach our healthcare or the care of our family or how we would like to contribute value to our communities and while we’re being restricted from access from something like free brunch, for instance, or remember at one point echinacea was on the ballot to be taken off. And I was like, Are you kidding? These are ancient, ancient remedies that have a historical record of improving health care for humanity and suddenly we’re going to eliminate them because something you concocted in the lab is doing it better and faster. I don’t think so. What is that doing as a society?

Angela Harris: It’s true and I have to tell you that cannabis will save echinacea. I believe that. Cannabis will save echinacea. You know how? Because when cannabis started to become legal, people started to look at this dangerous, horrible drug that was going to steal their children’s souls if they made it illegal, and as their aches and pains and as their disease, they started to see people’s diseases and things go away, they’re going Oh, cannabis isn’t so bad. Oh, echinacea might mean really not be bad than Oh, oh, what about Chaparral? And so it’s cannabis conversation will change and help buff up all this thing that’s happening with herbs and I would love to talk to you about what to do with vaccinations and vaccination injuries.

Herbal Approach and Vaccination Injuries

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I would absolutely love to hear that. So what we decided to do and I have an incredible network of just like the most amazing talented acupuncturist and holistic physicians and just like amazing people. I call them the Strega Nonas, the forest woodland people who have been chipping bark off of trees and boiling it in water for free. And I’ll take that any day. 

What we chose to do was the holistic vaccinate [00:22:04 inaudible] little remedies that you put underneath their tongues and stuff. So that’s what we chose to do. But I would love to hear your thoughts on that because it is such a controversial subject and it really starts at the core, right? I mean, so many people now are, you know, the baby boomers is the fastest-growing user, fastest-growing demographic of people transitioning into cannabis or hemp. 

And those same people, the baby boomers are looking back and saying, Man, if I only knew that this would have worked so well back then I would have tried it a lot sooner. So I don’t want to be personally and I’ll just talk about myself separate from representing mothers and intuition and all of that which I’m happy to stand for as well but just to speak for my own voice, I myself do my best to make decisions so that I don’t look back on my life with any regret. And that sometimes that means taking bigger risks or having bigger arguments, but at least I’m standing in my truth and I feel right with God about it. And so yes, absolutely. I want to hear your thoughts about the herbal approach and vaccination injuries.

Angela Harris: Yes, I really vaccination even if you’re going to go get a vaccination, but you don’t want to get the side effects from it and you want to handle it. I had a daughter that was going out of the country and she needed some immunizations, and she had never had immunization and she was 21 years old. And so we just gave her lots of alfalfa, barley, and wheatgrass, just like lots of it, like all the greens you can think of as the chlorophyll helps absorb it. And so that and clay as just regular old clay in water [00:24:06 unintelligible]. 

Those are things that you can do but also that’s if you’re having like a regular vaccination, like regular vaccination. Also if you would juice the leaves of the cannabis plant, it also binds to those toxins and helps remove some of those toxins from the body. Also pour in now for vaccine-injured kids. We have seen amazing things happen when mamas will give their kids and complete reversal of symptoms of autism, complete reversal where these kids didn’t even have a voice. They then were violent and all this stuff was going on. And their mama started giving them herbs. 

That greens that I was talking about–alfalfa, barley, you can usually get it in a powder form in alfalfa, barley wheatgrass is so important. Then the herb pops blaring and wild lettuce. Those are huge for helping to the kind of recenter the nervous system that sometimes gets attacked. Also, clove oil, putting clove oil on the feet at night, helps the body pull out the heavy metals that have happened through there. And I have no idea how that works. No idea that people have brought before and after test on their heavy metals to me and I’ve seen it multiple times. And so they put cove oil on the feet. 

Then we also give them something called coral calcium. It’s a mineral supplement that helps them reset to recenter everything is kind of off. Also herbs like ginkgo and Gotu Kola for the brain. And there’s another formula we lovingly call it happy juice. [00:26:03 unintelligible] It’s just a main ingredient for St. John’s Wort, and wild lettuce and the St. John’s Wort helps you reset the brain back. And so literally, it takes usually about a year or so but they start to see it with super high nutrition how the body can reset. And balancing the hormones with red raspberry, [unintelligible] They can use soft meadow, they can use damiana downslide, they can use all kinds of herbs. 

And don’t get stuck on the herbs that I’m saying just look up herbs for yourself because there are so many different herbs out there for hormone balancing and for getting nutrition into the body. Just making herbs there’s an old saying that taking herbs, any herbs because it’s going to be a nutrient you’re not used to having. 

And so this is really important because there are so many vaccines your kids and adults where we really need to be juicing these cannabis leaves because that’s one of the ways that we can help reverse and reset the brain. And nobody juices them. They throw the leaves away. In fact, in Nevada, it’s illegal for them to not destroy it because it’s supposed to be toxic waste. I can’t even get a glass of juice out yet in Las Vegas, and there’s dispensaries everywhere. [00:27:19 inaudible] fresh leaves. 

I jumped on the cannabis movement. I had a friend who said she went to Columbia and her mother in law had a cannabis plant right on the front porch. And she got Montezuma’s revenge, where she had upset tummy and diarrhea and they gave her a cannabis leaf to chew up and tea, and she went laid down and it was gone. When she got up. It’s like a live plant, alive first aid plant. 

I really believe everybody should have them in their own houses and people who are doing business in the cannabis hemp industry, don’t be afraid for the legalization of people to grow their own and things like that. This plant is hard to grow. It’s a specialty. I mean let the cream run rise to the crop and rise to the top and just be great at what you do. 

And I want to talk to the hemp and cannabis people out there. Because honestly, how do I bring my 85-year-old mom and dad into a dispensary? There’s naked women on the walls. There’s weed leaves on the wall. There’s all these things that make them go into trauma. You can’t take these conservative even baby boomers if you want to be able to take it out of the stone age, let’s stop making it look like that because I get tired of trying to send my mom to a cannabis website that has naked ladies on it with weed in their crotch. 

I’m like because the advertisements are up at the top. It’s like, let’s just make it so that we’re able to– if you guys want to really bust it out and get the money from the baby boomers for your great products and great cannabis or just the great things that you’re doing by putting the CBD and THC stuff out there, Well don’t just gear it towards people who’ve been using cannabis their whole life. Gear it towards people who have never used cannabis. That’s where the money is. That’s where the business is. 

And that’s what I’ve been begging these dispensaries I’ll walk in and I’m just like, Come earn. Could you guys clean it up a little or something? And so for me, it’s a little bit disappointing because I want the industry to– I want so many people that benefit from cannabis, that I get frustrated when the people who own the cannabis business just get stuck in selling to the people who already know about cannabis. It took me forever. I begged people. I begged for four years for somebody to do FVCO, full extra cannabis oil, or the Phoenix tears, whichever you call it. Yeah, I begged for four years and nobody would do it. There’s no money in it. There’s no money in it. 

And finally, they started to do it after they got lots more money in but in the meantime, people were having to go to California and all over the place trying to find going underground to try and find this. And these are sick people that were coming to my door. I’m kind of involved with what’s called the carpool, the cannabis carpool coming from Utah. They used to just show up at my doorstep by the droves, trying to find legal cannabis before it was legal anywhere even it was legal here but they just couldn’t find it because they had closed the dispensary. And so that’s where I really got to see the need of these patients. And if you gear towards them, it’s so much better for your business, I believe.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I agree when we so we were a part of legislative development here in Colorado, we sat on the voluntary committee with the Department of Revenue and just got to share with them from, from experience being living in California, what it was really like and what those key considerations were and who were the folks that were benefiting most. 

And we called the medical refugees, people who were leaving their hometowns, the people who were uprooting their families, whether it was for the weekend, or whether they were making a permanent transition to Colorado, folks needed access to quality cannabis for any number of things. And our store was really creating and providing a familial, not familiar but familial, a family type environment where one could come in, feel safe to take a load off, and get a cup of tea and I Have a conversation that was from an educated professional who was able to represent the pros and the cons and the true effects that you could experience and how much time should you give a remedy like this to really take action and start to transform the way that you are feeling and the symptoms we’re suffering from. 

And it was such a major contrast from the dispensary’s who were like on broad [00:32:29 inaudible] for instance, which is like the street here in Colorado or in Denver where there’s like a dispensary every third thousand feet or whatever. There there’s the counter cannabis counter culture, purple and green everywhere neon lights, all these glowing bongs there’s a smoke shop everywhere, it’s a little bit more of a quote-unquote, what they call an up and coming neighbor, but–

Angela Harris: I love that. I love that they do that kind of like, I love that you did yours. And then they did theirs. And I love that. I love that there you’re able to represent both. At the time we were trying to find our patients we couldn’t find anything like your little shop where they could just get some information. There was nothing if they were all shut down. I really, really love that that’s the kind of shop that you did because it really speaks to really somebody who’s not feeling well, who needs to need some help and to be lifted and really that’s what we’re here for is to lift others right.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, well, the challenge was is that cannabis counterculture were blowing finances and revenues out of the water. They were selling to most, they were, you the “recreational crowd” pretty heavy and so it was really tough to compete with this from a business perspective, it was really challenging to compete with. 

And even though we were doing, you know, just fine we always would run out of products. I mean our store was unique in the sense that it was small we had a set variety of strains that were like at the absolute highest quality. It was like Dawn Perry on level. I mean, we used to sell the bags of one or two ounces of water leaves for juicing in a little refrigerator. 

Angela Harris: That’s awesome. I didn’t have that.

Sonia Gomez: Yes. We’re from California like it was a part of a daily thing that even tear off the bottom buds before they were fully mature. We would strip off the bottom buds with the water leaves and throw it into a juicer with celery juice and all of the other things and man, it’s the elixir of life. Like such powerful medicine. But over here, there was a lot more restrictions on how you could diversify the offerings from the plant and I can’t agree with you more than it’s really like a living remedy. 

The closer that you– and they’re discovering that now that the mother cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, that THCA, all of the plant acids or the flavonoids, terpenes, especially CBD, are more accessible before the buds of the flower are actually mature. And so there’s a whole bow happening with where they’re just pulling the plants before their fully mature flash freezing and then extracting them. It’s a really cool evolution. And I think science is going to show more and more that different stages and phases of growth of the plant are going to offer different user experiences and create benefits for different ailments in the body. And I’m really excited to see how science is uncovering, you know, those facets of this particular remedy because I think that’s one thing that we don’t have is the “case studies” or science to support the things that feel most natural to us, as holistic herbal advocates, or even folks who have personally experienced that transformation. Share with me a little bit about your journey with cancer. What kind of cancer were you diagnosed with? At what point in your life and how did you manage even the diagnosis, let alone your treatment?

Angela Harris: Well, I don’t like to talk a lot about cancer and I’ll keep it as general as I can because it is illegal In the United States to say that your cancer went away in any way other than chemotherapy. I don’t know if you knew that. 

Sonia Gomez: Oh yes, I absolutely know.

Angela Harris: Okay. So, I had non-Hodgkins lymphoma symptoms when I was 27 years old. I was six months pregnant with my sixth child. They told me I had a big lump under my arms under, in my neck, in my groin. And they said that I had three months to live if I didn’t do chemo and a year to live if I did. Well, I just wanted to [00:37:31 inaudible] 

That was 25 years, almost 30 years ago and they couldn’t keep babies alive for very long and so I didn’t want them to take my baby. And so I just decided to start doing herbs like crazy. Now I had done herbs for cold symptoms and flu symptoms and cough symptoms, and all the little stuff around my house but I’d never dug in really big.

And so at this point, I changed my diet. I did affirmations Louise Hay stuff. I did all the internal work on it and I had a healthy baby and then my cancer went away. I did end up having cancer again about 10 years ago–uterine cancer but I then again did not surgery or did not have any do any chemicals. I just did natural and then also I’ve had skin stuff going on too but always I don’t choose to do that particular chemical or whatever that particular procedure that they want me to do usually because I feel like I have faith in other things. 

That goes down to the freedom thing. It’s not everybody I know who has cancer can cure it with cannabis. My husband passed away two years ago from cancer and I used to believe before that, that everyone who died from cancer just didn’t know about herbs. I believe that. And then I watched my husband pass away and it was like trying to stop an avalanche. 

So that’s the thing if people say, oh, will it cure me? Well, I don’t know. But I do know it’s the quality of life is so much better. I have a dear friend who took a pin-up to Utah to his dying dad the last three days of his life, and he and his brother and his dad sat and laughed, and had a conversation that they never would have had if they hadn’t had that cannabis medicine to be able to help them relax. And they were so grateful for it. And it was against everything they believed in it was completely against all of their belief systems, but it shifted them and it changed them because of the experience they had. It’s not necessarily just about saving lives. It’s about quality of life.

It's not necessarily just about saving lives. It's about the quality of life. - Angela Harris Click To Tweet

Shifting People’s Mentality Towards Holistic Health

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I agree 1,000% and my stepmother right now who is– So, I’ll give you just a little backstory and why this like just hit me right in the belly when you shared your diagnosis with me. My father is a liver transplant survivor of almost 20 years, which is almost unheard of in the medical field. Their life again is somewhere between seven and 11 years. Max and my dad is thriving. 

A few years ago, he had to endure a kidney transplant which my stepmother ended up donating her kidney to my father to save his life. So, I mean, how much closer to God do you want to be? This woman has just like the epitome of incredible and I’m so lucky to have her a part of our family. I firmly believe her contribution has is what has kept my father alive and thriving and well. But four months after she donated her kidney to my dad, she was diagnosed with stage two non-Hodgkins lymphoma. And very similar, the doctors immediately went into emergency mode and said, we can’t guarantee that you’re going to live a year if you don’t aggressively treat this cancer. And not only is it putting your life in danger, but you know, it’s putting your only working kidney in danger and it was, you know, blah, blah, blah. It was very, very significant. The way that they, you know, tried to alarm her into action with their recommended plan. 

And yeah, we know we’re very– I don’t necessarily claim a “religion” but we as a family are extremely spiritual. We were raised with Native American Indians. A lot of my health and well being I attribute [00:42:12 inaudible] as a sacrament as and as a part of our spiritual practice. And we had a series of ceremonies for her and prayer circles praying for her life. And she chose it with absolute clarity and consciousness to approach her well-being treatment “totally holistically.” So she went to this place called the Optimum Health Institute down in Texas, or O-H-I, which is famous for helping people transition into a 100% plant-based diet. 

And for the last, I think, four and a half, almost five years now. Maybe More and almost completely lost track of time for this time period since her diagnosis, I like to say she is thriving with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. She immediately experienced when she transitioned into this plant-based diet and intravenous vitamins and stem cells. I mean all of these just incredible treatments, she experienced a 20% reduction in the size of her tumor. And she looks younger than she’s ever looked. She has more energy than she’s ever had. I mean, the lady is incredible. So shout out to you, Celia because you are a beaming light and example. 

She occasionally uses CBD and has tried cannabis here and there but the power of the plant, period. The power of Mother Nature’s remedies and the mindset of being well that’s one of the things that is a huge takeaway for her is that her quality of life is better than when she was “without a diagnosis” or what the medical field would call healthy. 

Today with a diagnosis and one kidney and two full-time jobs and running this whole thing. She’s gorgeous, high energy healthy, happy, thriving, positive contributor to her community and it’s incredible to watch and she told me like being well my dad says the same thing. Being well has to do with how well you believe you can be and your mindset around your self-aware care, your awareness of yourself, and how you can consciously consider what your body needs and wants outside of the “quick fix” is such a shift. 

And I have another aunt who treats globally with Petco. You know, people come from all over the world to get access to her medicine and she’s had about an 80% success rate with either eliminating cancer or greatly increasing the quality of life and extending the lifespan of somebody with a with “diagnosis of that neighbor.” And she always says, like, Listen, from the day that we are born, we become a bag of disintegrating cells, and we just have to decide how we’re going to live or die in this life, and we either live to thrive or we live to survive. 

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And it’s up there in mentality around that and how you choose it. Yes, Mother Nature has all of these things. Yes, the medical system out all these things but every single day pills are no pills. herbs are no herbs, you have to have a mentality that allows you to thrive, and instead of surviving. And I gotta tell you, that’s such a powerful piece of advice. How do you? What are some of the challenges that you face when working with clients who come to you who perhaps, are not as well versed or don’t necessarily have the full faith that “holistic remedies” can change their fight? How do you help shift their mentality so that they can be more accepting or trusting of the methods they’re going to try?

Angela Harris: Well, I have tried everything because I am all about having people not suffer. I don’t want people to suffer. And so if there’s anything going on, I’m like the first person to say Oh, take this, try this and when somebody doesn’t do it, it used to be so disheartening for me because I knew it would help. But then I really started really realizing how the body works. And it works through intention. And if you listen to Bruce Lipton, and he talks about The Biology of Belief and your belief system, I really don’t want to waste the herbs on somebody who doesn’t believe in them because they’re not going to work as well. There’s, they’re just not going to work as well there. There’s energy in these herbs. And when you connect in with the energy of the herbs, it comes into your body and it changes things. And so this is huge– So I’m just, I just say try one herb. Take one or just take one herb formula. Take one herb experience, eat one thing and see and try that and then move on to the other thing and then move on to the next herb because if they don’t have faith in the herbs, it’s okay. They need to go do the things that they have faith in but there’s so many of us who can’t don’t even have faith in herbs because we don’t know. If you don’t know about the herbs, why do you care the Chaparral just got taken off the market is an incredible herb that it’s been passed down for generations and guess what, there have been some studies showing that it can help with cancer symptoms and so it’s too strong for us to help. So they pulled it off the market. But guess what, why do you care? Why should anybody listen to care? Because they don’t know about it. That’s why we’re teaching herb, which includes cannabis, chaparral, and hundreds of other herbs because we want you guys to know these herbs and care about them so that we can get them legal again and every herb. 

Can you imagine if every herb that’s been pulled off the market, dozens of them in the last few years have been pulled off the market? There’s only six people in 20 years that have died from natural medicine that they can attribute to just natural medicine. Six people in 20 years. And they’re still pulling these herbs off the market and only making them by prescription only. And it’s horrible. And we’re just sitting by and imagine if we 20 herbs, we have to fight the way fighting with cannabis to be able to get them legal. Oh, it’s overwhelming. So that’s why we started our HerbU because at we want to be able to educate you. We want you to know what to do. We don’t want you to expect to go to somebody in a white coat to tell you what you need to do, because that’s not their specialty. We should have this as simple as apples and oranges, just part of our life. And that’s my goal. And our goal at HerbU is to be able to educate the masses so that you’ll know why we should care about comfrey or cannabis or Chaparral.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, love that. I’m going through your website right now. It’s absolutely beautiful and super informative. And it looks like you have a full panel of things that you offer. I’m really interested to know more about the workshops and events that you’re doing, tell me a little bit about that.

HerbU Workshops and Events

Angela Harris: I have some workshops, I just started teaching classes again. I’ve taken a few years off, but I really love getting hands-on teaching classes to helping people feel that hope. And so I have some classes scheduled for the beginning of the year. And then I think I’ve got even a herbal first aid kit class, just a simple one locally that I’m doing, but we’ll be doing some online things and we’ve spent 10 years videotaping all of these classes and put them together and needed to be able to transfer out of our brick and mortar to be able to do this because it’s illegal in the United States to teach about herbs and to sell them. Not many people know that. So that’s why we’re the third party. We’re the one that says no, these studies are right here, and here’s the information. 

My cannabis chapter of HerbU has, I think 56 pages of study after study after study and synopsis of the study. We haven’t even updated those studies in five years. They’re ones that I pulled out of the Deep Dive of the internet, really obscure ones. And so if you want to go on and the cannabis one, you can look at all of those obscure ones. 

And there’s tons of studying so they can’t say there’s not any studies we’ve done ultimate studies. There’s way more studies on all of these herbs. Germany’s been studying for years. 

Sonia Gomez: This is real? Oh my god.

Angela Harris: Yes. And Germany has been studying all the other herbs, all the other herbs, they have a German Commission E because they prescribe more of those than they do medicine over there. And so it’s really there’s lots of information out there. And what is recommended for herbs in the United States is completely we’re scared to death of herbs and all these cautions in the United States but other countries, they’re completely telling these research and this information is just wholly out there and cannabis needs– This is really a freedom issue and as you know, doing the work that you do, it’s all about freedom. And we need to be looking forward to keeping herbs from falling off the market again so that we don’t lose these valuable resources like we lost cannabis. When I first found out that the government knew about cannabis in the 70s while we were in the middle of Ronnie Reagan and Nancy Reagan’s dairy program. When I was a child, they knew about cancer then. And they patented then in the Nixon administration, I was furious. I had to do anger therapy on myself because I couldn’t believe people would be that horrible about hiding that information from the masses. And because so many people have suffered, it’s like they didn’t care about the suffering that was happening in America. It’s just it was mind-blowing to me. So your work is so important because even though I had experiences where my cancer symptoms went away without cannabis. Also, they went away faster with cannabis and when I saw the cannabis, how cannabis worked with cancer with all of these people with wigs and sick people would show up at my door every single day for four years, I was bombarded in this carpool, coming from Utah because they didn’t know where else to go. It was crazy that the suffering that they’re going through and nobody cared. It should be a huge wake up for everybody on freedom. You should just be voting for as free as we can be. Because it’s disturbing what has happened with the freedom and with this plant.

Sonia Gomez: That’s an excellent slogan, as free as we can be. That’s like, that’s such an excellent slogan. Tell me where people can find you as we are coming to an end in this interview, I would love to just hear what are– let’s start with what are three key pieces of advice that you can offer somebody who would be considering transitioning from traditional medicine into holistic care.

Key Pieces of Advice to People Considering Transitioning from Traditional Medicine into Holistic Care

Be brave, put your fears away, and just have faith and step into it. These are plants that God has put on the earth to help us heal and nourish and nurture our bodies. And I don’t care what’s going on in your body. There’s a plant for that. There’s an herb for that you can heal it our body is made to heal. It’s not the plants, the plants are not making your heal. It’s your body using these special nutrients to be able to heal your body.

Angela Harris: Your body does the healing, not the plants. Your body knows how to do it. And so if you give it enough nutrients, your body will heal itself. And so there’s an old saying, take an herb, any herbs, whatever’s in your cupboard, it’s going to be some bitter, sour, pungent herbs that they don’t taste good, Most of them don’t taste good, and so you’re gonna not normally have that taste in your diet. So take it and try it and start moving that direction, and looking at what other people are doing with it, and educating other people. 

So once the herbs work for you, I believe you have a responsibility, because this lost knowledge was almost taken away from us. Your responsibility to tell somebody about the Librium to tell somebody about Chaparral. To tell somebody about cannabis. To tell somebody about some peppermint tea. Something so when we alleviate suffering from the world, we become better people, and we do better things for each other. And then we can really come together as a community in the United States and the world because we’re better, we’re healthier and we’re happier. It’s our responsibility to share it with others.

Sonia Gomez: I absolutely love that piece of advice. Tell everyone where they can find you if they want to know more information or get in contact with you to do something.

Angela Harris: H-E-R-B .org

There’s tons of free information. So there’s so much free information on there. You can sign up, become a part of us. We are assembling 1 million herbalists so that we can take those million herbalists to Washington DC and free our herbs before they’re gone too long. 

It would have been way easier to put cannabis back on the market when they first pulled it off the market, right? When they first made it illegal, been much easier to put back on the market but they built a whole story around it and we had to topple the whole story of cannabis. The same thing is going to happen with comfrey Chaparral, these other herbs that are taken out. Do you know aloe vera and I don’t know if I mentioned aloe vera and alfalfa are on the danger list? And so it’s absurd that this is happening. But the work that’s been done in cannabis is mighty and it’s being done to save and alleviate the discomfort of people everywhere and it is important work. So whoever’s growing, whoever’s making elixirs, whoever’s putting concoctions together, making oils, whoever’s in this industry, they are doing humanity a favor. And so make sure your stuff is clean and pure without chemicals. Because you’re changing the world cannabis is going to free echinacea and the other herbs and free us from the tyranny of the medical-industrial complex that’s taken over our lives.

Sonia Gomez: Such incredible words of wisdom and what an incredible movement I can’t I’m going to be really excited to promote that. For those of you guys who are listening who either are herbalist or holistic health practitioners or know somebody who is in your network, please reach out at HerbU, the letter U and see how you can participate in this incredible movement. And it really is a group effort. 

I’m going to throw some sugar on this, what I call in this segment the words of wisdom, and most often I’m speaking to business owners, but today I get to speak to the people. So my people. If you are, or even business owners who are faced with skepticism when talking to people in your family or community, or even customers who may walk into your store or send you an email and course with regards to the remedies that you’re offering, first of all, I want to just acknowledge you and the confidence that you have the courage that you have the bravery that you’re showing in being a part of this incredible industry. 

It has been alive for millions– 10s of thousands of years. And there are decades and decades of education and information that should and could otherwise defer you and keep you afraid of participating in this space. But instead, you are a brave soul who is standing up for your rights and your freedoms, and on behalf of those who need it the most, are creating commerce or business and becoming a positive contributor and beacon of light of hope and possibility that there is another way, it’s not only one way or one size fit all. You are representative of the alternative that we still as human beings have a choice and opportunity to empower ourselves and decide how we want to approach our well being and then well being of our families and loved ones and community. 

So first of all, I want to just acknowledge you guys for being those brave souls and literally putting everything that you have into this every single day. Now, when you are faced with adversity or questions or concerns from the customers that you are serving, you have to make sure that you have well -thought, out well-prepared information that someone can digest and understand. Most people are thinking at a first grade to a fifth-grade level, about their health and well being and have trusted in the advice of their doctors for so long, that we haven’t even exercised our brains enough to be able to make an educated or empowered decision. 

So having something physical or a directory that you can send people to that will give them that type of information that will allow them to become self-educated and what I will say self-conscious, conscious of oneself and how they want to approach self-aware care is so, so important. 

If you do not have printable materials or if you do not have resources you can check us out at There’s a whole series of– PubMed is another really powerful resource for you and there is just tons of information on that you can refer back to that has been created by folks in Israel or doctors here who are actively working with 10s of thousands of patients every single year using cannabis and hemp as a part of their treatment plans and care regimens. 

So please please even if you do not know the answers yourself have the resources available to the people who are asking the questions. Second is CBD and cannabis is not a one size fits all. It is one of many ingredients that you must incorporate into your daily life in order to thrive and get out of survival mode, it’s a tough transition, but it’s worth every single second and if you understand that in order to achieve “homeostasis”, CBD alone is not going to do it, you really have to look at diet, you have to look at mindset, you have to look at daily practice, what are our habits and really tried to make refinements in each one of those areas, so that we can manage our stress, better increase the amount of sleep that we’re getting, improve the quality of our relationships and connections with people and those things start to come into balance and reduce the angst and really contribute to the beauty and our ability to see and experience the beauty that life has to offer us all the time. 

And then the final thing that I will say is that build a business with purpose from a place of passion. And that’s how you will effortlessly design and attract the abundance or profitability of anything you’re doing. Sure, there’s tons of tactical ways to do that. And in the other podcast episodes, we talked about some of those tactical ways to do that. But it starts with, it starts with a purpose, solving a direct problem and being really passionate about being able to provide that solution. 

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And then from there, you will automatically be able to build profit in your company. Profitability in a business is only a reflection of the value that you are bringing into a marketplace in the amount of leverage that you have to bring that value consistently into that marketplace. And it all stems from trust. So those are my words of wisdom for the day. Thank you so much for this incredible interview today. I’m just so incredibly honored to have you hear Angela and to hear your perspective and to share your wisdom with us. I really appreciate you.

Angela Harris: Thank you for having me. It really is all about the quality of life and helping people feel better. So [01:05:10 inaudible] before that advice on business. I’m a business owner and it really is about connecting with people and what you’re passionate about. I love all these entrepreneurs. You know that over 50% of America is entrepreneurs, small businesses and you guys are the lifeblood of America. 

Sonia Gomez: I agree. God bless America and God bless us. God bless the other 50% of us who are out there pioneering and fighting the good fight Gosh darn it.

Angela Harris: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, ’cause we wouldn’t have it any other way?

Sonia Gomez: Surely not. Hey guys, thank you so much for joining us on today’s episode of The Hemp Revolution Podcast. If you are someone for brands and products that you depend on to transform your life, please feel free to check us out at for recommending things on products you can trust to deliver the results you are looking for. 

If you are a budding entrepreneur or existing business owner and you need help in marketing, advertising, revenue, tools, tricks, resources, relationships, anything that you could be looking forward to breaking through the inevitable glass ceilings that come along with running and growing and building a business in the cannabis and hemp space, please feel free to check us out at I’m your host Sonia and this is The Hemp Revolution. We’ll see you at our next show, guys.

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