Is Homegrown Hemp Healthier?

The cannabis plant is the reason for a lot of debates and discussions in the world today. Scientists and researchers are carrying out tests after tests to understand the true potential of this wonder plant. Doctors are using it to treat various diseases like diabetes, cancer, schizophrenia and AIDS. This particular flora is not just good for the human system; it has a whole lot of uses.

homegrown hemp, Man Holding Marijuana Leaf on Plant with Bud at Cannabis FarmEvery part of the marijuana plant is usable. The buds, leaves and flowers are used by the weed population and the patients. The roots are used for medication in rural areas. The stem of the plant is treated to make ropes and bags.

Hemp is another important product of the cannabis plant. It is the fibre that is extracted from the stem of the plant to make ropes, bags and other usable items. So when cannabis is commercially grown for its fiber, it’s called hemp.

 Heap of homegrown cannabis buds, homegrown hempHemp – Properties and Usage

Cannabis is a plant which is not only good for the society, but also for the environment. In rural areas, people are still using homegrown hemp as a replacement for coal and firewood. The fibre from the plant can be used to make daily usable items like clothes, bags, ropes, paper, roofing and many more. In terms of the environment, it is very good for the soil.

Hemp is being cultivated as a rotation crop in between cash crops or food crops like cotton or rice. Since this plant does not require any fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide, it is really soil friendly and easy to cultivate.

Homegrown hemp also has many other properties which are very beneficial to the human kind. It has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, bone-sustaining phosphorus and magnesium, and filling fiber and protein. Hemp grown at home can make your food a lot healthier.

Homegrown Vs. Commercial Crop

Hemp when grown at home is used exclusively by the person growing it as a protein and fibre supplement and in rare cases to produce products like ropes or bags.

Hemp as a commercial crop is mostly grown for the fibre which is used to make various handmade products like bags or baskets or ropes.

So homegrown hemp is a good solution for leading a healthy and happy life.

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