Historic Mansion in Denver May Become First Marijuana Day Spa

There is a beautiful mansion that sits just a few blocks from Capitol Hill in downtown Denver. Built in 1889, the Creswell mansion made from red rock is exquisite in its own right, a true historical landmark of turn-of-the-century times in Colorado. Soon, this historic mansion in downtown Denver may become the first marijuana day spa in the world.

Last week, Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge submitted an application for a Denver Cannabis Consumption Establishment license. Cindy Sovine is the founder of Utopia, who wants to create a wellbeing utopia for cannabis consumers and day spa enthusiasts by opening the world’s first marijuana day spa.

The spa will be open to adults only and feature two cannabis consumption areas in the mansion. One will be located indoors where consumers can indulge in cannabis edibles and vaporize their hearts out, with the outdoor consumption areas reserved for smoking cannabis in a well-ventilated area that isn’t visible to the public. Both are in accordance with the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

What exactly will be on the marijuana day spa menu? For starters, Sovine says there will be cannabis-infused massages and ganja yoga classes. She would also like to host various cannabis-related events in three separate categories: healing services, natural products, and social consumption. Sovine says she would eventually like to host private events in the mansion, including everything from motivational speakers and cooking classes to various events in between.

According to Sovine, “The whole idea is to create social opportunities and bring people together.”

She strives to have Utopia be something that can demonstrate what a good social program would look like for Denver and the rest of the country. While recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states and Washington DC, there are few places where it is legal to smoke in public.

“This,” says Sovine, “is going to be an ongoing public safety concern, and also a public nuisance concern. Regardless of how one may feel about cannabis, we need to find a solution for all the people.”

She hopes that opening Utopia Day Spa can serve as a solution.

“We intend to be a part of the culture of the neighborhood,” Sovine says, “We really are an open-door policy, our spa business is public. We look forward to welcoming members of the community and educating them on cannabis and how its used.”

Utopia is the second application for a social use permit in Denver. The Coffee Joint is the first, and will have its application considered soon in a community meeting. Sovine hopes to have a public hearing in the next 60 days. If its approved, she can receive a permit to operate in around 90 days.

Poised to become the first marijuana day spa, Sovine says she’s worked very hard and is happy where things seem to be headed.

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