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Higher Education Marijuana Policy: Can You Carry Pot On Campus?

After the legalization of marijuana in California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada, by voters, the question of marijuana policy on campus is the new topic. Now, everyone in these four states, along with the ones in Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota and Montana  are thinking if newest appointments in president elect’s cabinet will revoke these benefits of cannabis policy.

Naughty boy showing marijuana joint to calm student girl, marijuana policySo, if you are student, who attends college in the 28 legalized states or D.C, you should know about the marijuana policy for students on campus. Presently, the college campus and the sanctioned areas present a conflict in a citizen’s right to carry cannabis under the newest state rules. In order to maintain the funding, there should be a cannaban on campus, reported Weed News. Unfortunately, this would also include off – site fraternity party, dorm rooms, sorority parties and anything sponsored by the school.

Although legal at state level, cannabis is still illegal at school level, or college campus, because of the federal funding received. Additionally, due to DEA’s new norm of making all cannabis products Schedule I drugs, it seems that college authorities cannot lift the ban sooner, even if they want to.

Will Cannabis Replace On Campus Drugs?

Contrary to the normal belief, there are more dangerous drugs used in the college campus than cannabis. Cannabis may be replacing many other popular drugs on college campuses, and it’s easy to understand why. Cannabis is known to increase productivity, reduce stress, promote sleep, and increase the bond between peers or romantic partners. In addition, it is more safer than alcohol and doesn’t have side – effects as strong as alcohols.

Two teenagers sharing joint and drinking alcohol, medical marijuana, marijuana policy, on campus marijuanaMeanwhile, while the colleges and universities are still sticking with these rules, federal organizations are still pushing towards making the rules stricter. Presently consequences of cannabis usage on campus can lead to warnings, criminal penalties and even expulsion in certain cases. As for the students using medical cannabis, the marijuana policy is strict, discriminatory and dangerous. However, they can use dangerous medications like Percocet, Vicodin and Morphine.

There has been several campaigns about the legalization of marijuana on campus. Additionally, several campaigners have been trying to equalize alcohol and cannabis penalties on campus. Betty Aldworth, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, said her organization will continue its campaign to equalize alcohol and cannabis offenses on campuses, as well as push for policy change in regards to medical cannabis restrictions on campus.

As for working as a marijuana advocate, there has been several others pushing towards normalcy of marijuana policy on campus. Sometimes, simply getting out, participating and showing your solidarity with a grassroots movement is the best thing you can do as an advocate.

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