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Hemp Company to Hire People Convicted of “Growing or Supplying” Marijuana

Having a marijuana conviction can make it pretty tough to land a job once a person is released from prison. Hikurangi Hemp wants to help. By hiring people to grow weed who have been convicted of cultivation in the past. No one better to grow herb than those who have been doing it for years.  

Hemp Company Looking to Hire “People Who Have Convictions” for Growing Weed

Panapa Eha is the co-founder of Hikurangi Hemp, poised to become New Zealand’s leading medical marijuana producer. Eha and business partner Manu Caddie both believe that it only makes sense to hire people who know how to grow quality marijuana. And seeing that marijuana has been illegal for decades, many of the people who have experience growing are also convicted criminals.

“We’re pushing for people who have convictions for growing or supplying drugs,” says Eha, “who are the real experts to be allowed to work within the [regulated] industry.”

Hikurangi Hemp recently signed a $160 million letter of intent to produce pharmaceutical grade marijuana for Rhizo Science, a Seattle-based consulting, development, and management company that specializes in turnkey solutions for cannabis companies. Hikurangi Hemp will supply the company with high CBD hemp.

Dallas McMillan runs Rhizo Science. He says that producers “can’t keep up” with the demand for product. This is where Hikurangi Hemp steps in.

Meeting Supply and Demand with the “Experts” (aka Convicted Growers and Dealers)

The company plans on hiring over 150 workers to help meet the demand for high quality CBD.

Eha says that in New Zealand there is a positive shift happening in cannabis regulation. He is proud the people of Ruatoria (where Hikurangi Hemp is located) are at the forefront of the marijuana movement.

And while both Eha and Caddie know that initially Hikurangi Hemp will be a monopoly, they expect other growers in New Zealand begin to set up shop as cannabis regulations continue with positive momentum.

“It would be good to have other New Zealand companies doing it in time and create competition, it is good for the consumer,” says Caddie. “If we can grow it here for cheaper everyone wins.”

He goes on to add, “We have an opportunity to be world leaders.”

While some cities in the US are working to dismiss criminal records related to cannabis, Hikurangi Hemp is taking it a step further and hiring these “criminals” who have been convicted.

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