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What happens when Yoga and Marijuana are connected? Positive Effects of Marijuana!

The world has not been unaware of the marvelous effects of marijuana. This is what makes us craves for more and more of it. In the past several millennia, we treated Cannabis as one of the most spiritual substances that can change the way one lives. No matter, what people have been using it for, be it the medical purposes or nourishment and trade, this healing plant has long inspired a gratitude and connection from inside out among all of us.

effects of marijuana

The world has not been unaware of the marvelous effects of marijuana

Marijuana- The Current Scenario
Mercifully, today has come back the time when people are realizing its importance and understanding marijuana as medicine again. This was perhaps the main reason why many countries legalize it. Now, everyone is supporting it after realizing the actual benefits of cannabis.

Gradually but surely, different marijuana growing companies have been popping with the mission of doing just that; we mean promoting the usage of marijuana. We need to stand out to bring back the significance of marijuana, exactly like it was used spiritually in the history. In short, we need to understand the spiritual roots of the marijuana to promote its usage like never before.

Foundation of Cannabis Retreats- The Spiritual Awakening!
Cannabis retreats invention is credited to longtime industry pro called Sari Gabbay. The sole intention to begin such retreats was creating awareness among people about the benefits of Marijuana. Later this month, the company will commence the one of a kind retreat naming Cannabliss Retreat in Joshua Tree in California. Here, you will understand the real effects of cannabis and see it differently from what you use to see earlier.


What to Expect from this Retreat?

What to Expect from this Retreat?
Over the course of this 5 day empirical retreat, which will be happening on September 28th and continue till October 2nd, the guests and visitors will be experiencing the vape bar, creative workshops, sound baths, hiking, meditation, sacred ceremonies, medicated & non-medicated food, live music, DJs, entrainment, and festival type vibes that will make you feel relaxed and entertained inside out. So, in these 5 days course, you will simply awaken your mind, body, and soul in one go.

effects of marijuana

you get the real meaning of the effects of marijuana and even the in-depth insights into this herbal plant.

Besides, you will even be receiving different workshops that will help you get the real meaning of the effects of marijuana and even the in-depth insights into this herbal plant. You will come out with the better understanding of the cannabis. Basically, you will realize how it helps to heal your mind, body, and soul at the same time.

Cannabis Retreats- The Partnership
Dr. Ira Price has partnered with Gabbay who has been the one behind the development of KARE certification program. The aim of this retreat is to provide a learning platform through the absolute wellness, experience, and enjoyment. The main motive still is to make them aware of the real and absolute benefits of cannabis. Gabbay believes that they are making people aware about cannabis to heal them completely. Thus, the effects of marijuana are magical.


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