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Golden Lemon: Unique Experience Cannabis Veterans

The name might make this strain seem innocent, but it is anything but. Golden Lemon is one of the stronger strains. It contains close to 23% THC.  Because of the high percentage of THC, even long-time users might experience a head buzz while consuming Golden Lemon. This is definitely not suggested for someone who is just getting into the world of cannabis and other recreational activities.

marijuana plant as very nice natural background, golden lemonGolden Lemon Origin

Golden Lemon is a cross between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk. It is an indica-dominant strain. You will experience balanced physical and the mental effects of the strain. As the name suggests, the first aroma that hits your nose is a tangy lemon. It is only after a while that you get the herbal scent, setting you up for the ride. And don’t forget, the strain has that distinct cannabis earthiness to boot.  The one thing to remember while using Golden Lemon is the deep sedative quality that it is. This is definitely not for someone who’s looking for an eventful day afterwards.  But, for people looking for a potent experience, there can be few other options than Golden Lemon.

People who do experience this taste are in for a great time though. The sedative qualities will make them hit the couch and bed. The tangy lemon aroma will have them feel restful and invigorated. Golden Lemon lends itself to some interesting aspects. It gives a large number of kief when ground. Also, Golden Lemon makes for some great concentrates. People who use cannabis for medical purposes prefer concentrates.

A close up view of a marijuana plant in mid bloom, Golden LemonWhy You Should Try Golden Lemon

Golden Lemon has several positive aspects to it when it comes to the usage experience. It is great for those looking for relief from muscle tension. It is also a good strain for anyone who wishes to do away with the physical effects of stress. The strain could also benefit those struggling with appetite issues. It also acts as an way to alleviate stress.

The best part of this is that it does away with the pain and stiffness in the body. You will experience calmness and happiness, not to mention the pleasant taste.  Also, this is one of the few strains that offer longer effects. So, users can experience the benefits for a longer time. People who have experience in cannabis use will be able to carry out moderate amount of work with good focus, once they use this strain.

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