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How to Flush Marijuana Out Of Your System?

Cannabis has many names in the world today. Other than the cultural pseudonyms like weed, pot or ganja, it is called a ‘wonder drug’ or a ‘gateway drug’. For some marijuana has done wonders in curing various forms of sickness and easing pain. Whereas for some the effect has been paranoia and loss of self-control.

Stop Driving Under the Influence Road Sign, Red and White Stop Sign with words DUI and marijuana leaf with sky background, flush marijuana, medical marijuana, cannabisThere are various reasons on why people want to flush marijuana out of the system. Some just want to get ‘clean’. For the rest, it’s just so that they can pass a drug test before joining a company. Before one goes ahead and tries to flush the herb all out, one must understand how cannabis affects our metabolism.

Cannabis and Human Metabolism

When cannabis is taken in (smoking or ingesting or spraying), the herb releases a chemical called THC. THC is the main reason behind the ‘high’. THC has fat philia and therefore tend to get stored in the fat cells in the body. Now as soon as the person consumes marijuana THC and its non-psychoactive metabolite THC-COOH flows into the blood stream. The time it persists in blood depends on factors like amount of intake, duration, type of strain etc. To flush marijuana out one has to flush the THC out.

flush marijuana, detox, medical marijuana, weed, cannabisCleaning the System

In an infrequent consumer, the THC exists in the body for about 2-3 weeks. For a stoner, it could stay for up to a month. Since THC is stored in fats, more obese a person, more are the chances of THC residues. There are ways in which one could speed up the flushing process.

First is drinking plenty of water such that the THC is easily flushed out. Secondly one could go for Vitamin B and Creatine supplements. This would turn the urine yellow and the men in white coats wouldn’t suspect foul play. There are many detox drinks out there in the market today and one with good reviews could help flush marijuana faster.  One should avoid exercising until one is completely clean.

These are some of the tips you can keep in mind if you have decided to wash your system off and live a ‘clean’ life.


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