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Florida Prepares For Medical Marijuana Amendment On Tuesday

The constitutional Amendment 2, which is scheduled to be effective on Tuesday, has been approved by 71 percent of Florida voters. The medical marijuana amendment will allow a higher strength medical marijuana for a wider list of health conditions and ailments.

turquoise water and golden sand with shells and sea stars with "welcome to florida" written on it, medical marijuana amendmentUnfortunately, the amendment will not be totally effective until the new set of regulations for medical marijuana legalization is implemented by Florida Department of Health and Legislature.

How The Amendment Helps

With the latest medical marijuana amendment, patients with debilitating medical conditions can use marijuana medicinally. However, it can only be done after a licensed physician certifies the same. Notably Florida Legislature approved the use of low THC cannabis for patients suffering from chronically ill conditions in 2014. Now, patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or similar other ailments can also use marijuana medicinally.

medical marijuana amendmentHow Can Patients Obtain Marijuana

In order to obtain marijuana, under the medical marijuana amendment act, patients must be under the care of a licensed physician. Additionally, the physician should have completed an eight hour course, and examined the patient for at least three months, before suggesting marijuana as a medicine. According to the Department of Health, 340 physicians are registered. However, the number might see a steady rise in 2017, considering the legalization of marijuana and the amendments.

Closeup of a Florida map with a red push pin, medical marijuana amendmentWho Are Distributing Marijuana

Five of the seven licensed organizations have received authorization to distribute medical marijuana, reported NBC Miami. CHT Medical, which was approved two weeks ago, will begin in-home delivery this month. At least one more additional license will likely be granted after a recent settlement between the Department of Health and two Southwest Florida nurseries.

After the patient count reaches 250,000, three additional licenses would be issued, one being restricted for black farmers.

Presently dispensaries are open in Tallahassee, Tampa and Clearwater, Florida League of Cities, 55 cities statewide have zoning moratoriums in place either banning or restricting dispensaries. Eight additional cities are also considering temporary moratoriums.

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