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Finding Funding for Your Business with Tyler Watts


Tyler Watts has worked with some of the world’s leaders in live events spaces, supporting audiences of up to 50,000 people and being able to access the funding that they need to start whatever venture they are in, or more importantly, invest in their current venture to be able to build, grow and scale, hitting the milestones that they have set before them.

In this episode, Tyler takes us to one very important facet of starting a business, and that is funding. He is, so to speak, a funding specialist. Depending on your need, he knows every available fund sources with which one can avail of. Be ready to take loads of value from information and knowledge about funding your business venture, be it in education, marketing and scaling up in your business.

One highlight of this episode you should never miss out on is Tyler’s life-changing experience that defines his role in truly helping the CBD and Cannabis industry reach its full growth and potential; not to mention his own personal testimony about Cannabis’ noteworthy effectiveness that strengthens all the more its claims of efficacy in treating the dreaded illnesses we have today.

We work with a number of different banks on term loans. So, if you need extra capital, we do merchant lending. So, based on your bank account and your merchant processing or just your income that you’re bringing into the business account. On a monthly basis we can lend against that and we can withdraw daily, weekly, bi weekly, or monthly payments from that. They would ACH payments back to themselves out of that bank account. But we can lend against that and we can usually get really good money based on those terms. -Tyler Watts

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

01:57 – Tyler’s transition from being heavily invested in real estate, in all it’s facets to becoming involved in helping people get funding for their businesses 

07:48 – Talking about personal credit, the funding access, and teaching how to beat the banks in their game with credit cards

12:07 – How credit approval is done based on credit score

14:57 – Relating about signing up for the credit monitoring service and opportunity with hedge fund

17:48 – Helping people find access to funds that best suit them and maximizing their returns

19:51 – His reaction for the recognition by many on being the go-to person for concerns regarding funding and for helping lots of people

23:21 – His sickness in relation to his desire to help the CBD and cannabis industry people

35:00 – Life-changing story of his treatment and how these CBD products created a miracle in his life

40:15 – Being cancer-free

44:26 – Education as  being the one that needs funding the most, including visibility and scalability


Tyler’s Infection after Operation

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Sonia Gomez:  I’m your host Sonia Gomez, and today we are going to be talking about some of the industries’ necessities when it comes to funding for your business, whether you are a new entrepreneur, an established brand, or looking to achieve the results that you want in your business. Something tells me that one of the questions or one of the challenges inevitably that you are going to hit as an entrepreneur or business owner is funding for your business. Now, the big question or elephant in the room is where can we get that capital? Where can we get the funding? Where can we find the financial support or resources that we need to invest properly into our business and how should we be effectively using those of that funding to build, grow, and establish our brand as global moguls?

So today our guest Tyler Watts, has worked with some of the world’s leaders in live events spaces, supporting audiences of up to 50,000 people and being able to access the funding that they need to start whatever venture they are in, or more importantly, invest in their current venture to be able to build, grow and scale, hitting the milestones that we have set before us. So, without further ado, give a nice warm welcome to our guest, Tyler Watts. What’s up Tyler? How you doing?

Tyler Watts: Wow! What a great introduction.

Sonia Gomez: Thank you much. I’m, I’m more excited. You know, I never feel like I do my guests justice in the introductions because no one can brag better than ourselves. And I’m always like, Oh God,

Tyler Watts: No, I don’t think I’m going to hold a candle to that. So, well, perfect.

Sonia Gomez: Here’s your opportunity. Why don’t you, before we dive into all of the money conversations, which everybody’s always so excited about, why don’t you just take a few seconds and let us know a little bit about your superhero past and powers. What does Tyler wants to do out in the world?

Transition from Real Estate To Finding Funds For Businesses

Tyler Watts: Oh Wow. So, um, my cape is covered with things. So, um, like Superhero Cape, right. My Cape has lots of patches on it. But I have spent the last 20 plus years, 22 years maybe in real estate investing and coaching and training education for online. We’re a home-based business stuff. So I’ve done a lot of that. Helped a lot of people, thousands and thousands of people help, you know, help them get started in there new venture, new business, whatever that may have been at the time that I was involved in. So, I’ve heavily invested in real estate for a long time, teaching and educating and in that field, but more recently than not, the last like four or five years I’ve been, involved in, you know, helping people get funding for these businesses.

And where that comes from is all of my experience in the past of like talking to so many thousands of people that needed capital to help start their business, and they had a hard time taking that first step because they didn’t have the working capital. And so those people would just be lost in the wind, for the most part. And or you are always trying to find a way to get them some extra capital to do something. But then, you know, if you’re charging a bunch of money for the education, you know, that took the most of their money, they could even buy real estate or anything with it. So and there’s no protection for the business, so to speak. So, I kind of exited that game plan and started working directly with, you know, turnkey real estate people and then I was able to help people instead of charging them a bunch for education up front, I was charging them, selling them a property and they were investing that way and started to make money.

So, the kind of the, I guess the bell ring in my head of we’ve got to figure out a way to help people fund their business. That’s the most important thing and funding is actually protection for your business. And what I’ve also found is like if you can properly fund a business from day one, instead of waiting until you’re up against the wall trying to scrape for an extra two, $3,000 to get somewhere. If you have $100,000 sitting there that you can use, you make better educated decisions, right? So, oddly enough, right? And you’re making the decisions instead of nickeling and diming yourself your way through it, and losing some money here and there, you’re actually making the investments into the right tools the first time. And you can clearly see that path because you don’t have the stresses of, well, I don’t have 10,000 right now to do that kind of marketing. So I’m going to do these thousand dollars at a time marketing pieces that get you nowhere.

Sonia Gomez: Right.

Tyler Watts: So it’s better if you have that 10,000. So if you have clarity with the funding behind you, you’re going to get a whole lot quicker and better results utilizing that capital. And so that’s what I’ve been doing over the last several years, is helping people get access to funding that they need to own and operate a true business and protect that business as they’re growing.

Sonia Gomez: This is like my absolute favorite subject to talk about with my clients and customers. So we work with people with, with consumers and helping them get connected to high level brands, the top performing brands to get to serve the actual function and deliver the results that they’re looking for. And I also am running the Emerald Circle Mastermind, which many of our listeners are a part of and we are a high level business group, you know, focused on upleveling the quality and performance of our brands. And one of the first pieces of advice that I offer too, it’s, it’s more of like a force. I forced this advice on them. You know, it takes a lot more time, energy and surprisingly money to go back and fix mistakes or decisions that could have been made or executed properly from the start. It always takes longer and more money to go back and fix something than it does to get it done right the first time.

So in everything that I’m doing to guide our members down their path to success, I’m always talking about, you know, how is our decision today going to affect the results that we’re getting six months from now, 12 months from now, three years from now. And a lot of people have this vision of exiting or selling their brand for a multiple. And in order to do that, you need to be properly funded. You need to, you know, understand what steps to take at what time and more importantly, how long you should spend on that step before trying to jump to the end. So this is really exciting for, for me to be able to talk to you about, because I know even still with, with the joining into our community and being a part of our mastermind, many of our members are still challenged with feeling confident and comfortable that they have the resources necessary to stand the test of time. Right now, everyone is very excited about starting their brand. But I’m explaining that even though we’re getting started right now, six months from now, nine months from now, 12 months from now, our conversations quickly going to shift from how do I get started in the CBD with the CBD brand, too? How do I stand out with my brand in the CBD market? So being properly funded from the beginning is going to be a major, major accelerator for their success. Talk to me about the different types of funding that are available for new businesses.


The Different Funding Access

Tyler Watts: Okay. So typically where we like to start, because it sounds as good as it really is, is I always start with a, you know, personal credit and what we call funding access, right? So we like,to you and me, I mean, everybody gets these 0% offers in the mail. Not Everybody, actually. People with good credit typically are the ones getting them. But if you’re getting a 0% or if you’ve ever seen a 0% offer, we just have a way of going in and doing applications on your behalf to maximize your credit potential. And it’s not something that people could go out and do on their own. It’s a very strategic, I don’t want to call it proprietary, but it’s a very strategic way of going in and doing this to help maximize their credit. Right? And people are usually afraid of credit, of damaging credit for, of you know, inquiries and derogatories and the utilization and then all these different things with credit.

And you know, I talked to people, I use brief examples sometimes of like if you wanted to go on a family vacation and you needed a $10,000 credit limit on a credit card to do so, and you wanted to do that as your percent, you apply for the card cause you got the offer in the mail and it says, hey, you’re approved preapproved for $25,000 and then all of a sudden you get the card and it shows up at 5,000. Well then you waited, you know, 10, five to 10 days to get that actual card and approval. And then once you have it in your hand, you see that it’s 5,000. You’re like, oh shoot, I needed 10 so I’ll apply for another one. And then what happens if you get declined on that? Human nature says I’m approved for five. I guess that’s what I was worth. Right? So, typically people just stop and they don’t know where to go, where to turn to to get another approval or how to get another approval. What banks are doing the offers that they are, you know, hopefully looking for it. We just know all the banks and we have relationships with some of them. We know, and I’m not going to say that the banks love what we do with that because we are educating the masses out there on how to beat the bank at their game. Cause it is a game that they play with people, especially with credit cards because they want you to use it for negative and consumer debt. Right? So that’s how they win. And they don’t want you paying, you know, the card off in full every month. They want you carrying a balance and then they, actually want you to default so that they can get the max credit, or interest rate that is paid to them. So 5%. Right? So, that’s what they hope for, is that you’ll default even by just a minute. You know, the fine print is just that, is, if you default for some reason, they withhold the rights to change that interest rate on you at any moment. Right. So, anyway, that’s the game that they play. We try and teach people to beat them at that game and we want to help them utilize those 0% offers to the maximum ability. And so that’s one of the things that we do and that’s where we typically start.

Sonia Gomez: Okay. So can you tell me really quickly, and this’ll be a theme for each one of these tiers that you give me. Talk to me a little bit about who would be a good fit for this. Is this like sort of just a general part of the list for anybody?

Tyler Watts: Yup. This is just in general. Anybody, any even business owners, small business owner, somebody that just needs a little extra capital, to protect their business or they, you know, there’s some contingencies on that. There’s some conditions that come to it. And that’s based on utilization on your current accounts and stuff like that. But for the most part, anybody that needs it, and if you do have balances on your cards currently, why not have them at 0% instead of 15, 18, 27, 29, 34%. Like if you’re in California. So, you might as well have those at 0%, and that’s something I can help do as well and maximize that opportunity for you versus just one card at a time, so to speak.

Sonia Gomez: Okay. And is there a particular credit score that somebody should anticipate having in order to see optimal results there or even average results?

Tyler Watts: Let’s just talk about different ranges. So, cause optimal results is as great. And typically if you’re in the eight hundreds, that’s optimal, right? If you’re in the seven hundreds, that’s, you know, going to be considered, good credit. And you know, we give fairly consistent high approvals for somebody that’s in that range. You know, 50 to 75,000, eight hundreds if you’re going to be typically 75 to a hundred thousand plus, that means like a hundred, 150,000 or something. So, and this is all done at 0%, but then at 620 and above is kind of what we look for with some credit history. Right? So if you’re new to credit and revolving accounts and things like that, typically you want to have something established for about two years. But we can do some things to help people get approvals. They’re just not going to be as many or as big a number. Right? So, but 620 and above is kind of our minimum. Okay. That we can’t get anything done under 620, typically.

Sonia Gomez: Okay. That’s really good information to know, I think. I think one of the challenges, you know, in the, I’ll just say the, the umbrella marketplace, right? Online marketing has a terrible reputation for being high fee, you know, over promoting, under delivering, over promising, under delivering. And I think that there’s a lot of information out there that is actually false where they say like, no credit, no problem, you know, type advertising and saying parts.

Tyler Watts: If we can get 40% from you and we’re, yeah, no problem.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. So I just want to be really clear in establishing those expectations and I know not everybody’s credit is great and you know, no one’s expecting that you are a unicorn with 800 plus credit. I do want to let you know though, that there’s multiple solutions and sometimes we have to layer solutions to get you the results that you’re looking for. So if you are in, and just speaking to the audience who’s listening, if you guys are in a situation where you may not have the qualifying credit, quote unquote, there are credit repair options, we have a few people that we refer out to. So if that’s something that you’d like to take advantage of, just shoot me a message and we can start taking the necessary steps to prepare you for these types of funding solutions. Like, please don’t feel discouraged and if you are in that situation and you’d like to get in touch with Tyler and find out more about how he can help you acquire the funding that you’re looking for, we will be providing all of his contact information at the end of this episode so that you can get in direct contact and start that conversation around getting those resources for your business. Tyler talked to me a little bit about steps after you do, um, the credit card piece. What are some other options that you start to…

Tyler Watts: So, let’s touch on that again. So one of the things that we also do is have you sign up for a credit monitoring service at cost, a dollar to sign up for these typically, cause we try and sign up for a 14-day or a 7-day free trial for that time period.

One of the things that we also do is have you sign up for a credit monitoring service at cost, a dollar to sign up for these typically, cause we try and sign up for a 14-day or a 7-day free trial for that time period. -Tyler Watts Click To Tweet

Then we were able to go in and log into your account without, you know, you just send back the logins for me that you created for that. So, you know, I would have you create a password that you’re okay giving me usernames use typically, your email address. But once you give me that information, then I can log into it without putting hard pulls on your credit. We can see all three bureaus. We have to have all three bureaus. You can use credit Karma or something like that. So, those are inflated scores typically so that they resell your information to credit card companies and other banks and such. So, yeah, the other options after that are going to be, either term lending. These are all interest bearings. So we have you locked, which is unsecured lines of credit. And that’s all the credit card or we have a personal lines of credit or personal interests, lines, PIS. Right. So then we started looking at term loans. We work with a number of different banks on term loans. So, if you need extra capital, we do merchant lending. So based on your bank account and your merchant processing or just your income that you’re being bringing into the business account, on a monthly basis, we can lend against that and we can withdraw daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly, payments from that. They would ACH payments back to themselves out of that bank account. But we can lend against that and we can usually get really good money on based on those terms. Then we have, you know, opportunity with hedge funds and I have hedge fund operator that’s running a $15 million hedge fund right now, but he’s also connected to somebody that’s running a $50 billion hedge fund. If we need to get bigger money, that’s all collateral based. When you start getting into that type of stuff, we’ve got to have some sort of collateral that we can put up in there or mortgage or how that has a certain value to it more than the.., Just depending on what you need and where you’re at in business, uh, than we would direct you to those different types of sources to get you the maximum amount of capital that you need for your business.

Sonia Gomez: Well, so what I hear you saying, and this is probably if I’m understanding it correctly, it’s my favorite thing. There’s not a cookie cutter way of doing this. You address each individual and meet them where they are addressing each one of their concerns or considerations and helping them access what they need from that.

Tyler Watts: Yeah. And it comes down to like, you know, sometimes it’s the cost of money that is scary, but I have a guy right now that I’m working with and he’s paying well, a whole bunch of money on a monthly basis. He’s got $30,000 a month that goes out and just repayments to loans that he has out and he’s got like five different companies that he’s working with. Well, we’re trying right now just to bring that down into one, one payment, one source and $30,000 a month is paying against $200,000, but I’m telling you right now that $30,000 a month, probably $20,000 of that is going straight to interest. So, it starts to kill him at that point. And, we try and eliminate some of that stuff and putting in a better position. We are miracle workers, that’s for sure. Sometimes we are bound by some of the banks that we work with and what they’re willing to do, but at the same time, we do have sources out there that we can, you know, try and find you the most amount of money for the best rates in the best possible returns for you. So we’ll just help you maximize your returns.

The Funding Specialist

“..but it's like I really do try and educate the people on, you know, the different situations out there, the different things that are going on in different people that are trying to lend money. And I, you know, I do look out for the client… Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: I heard somebody describe the work with you, thou shall remain nameless and they said that you acted as a safety net for them and you know, cause they didn’t understand or they were getting these types of offers. They had a few other people approached them, they had attended some live event where somebody said, oh, let’s you know, do a, B and c and I can get you the funding for this. And something in their gut just said that they didn’t want to do it and they came across you at an investor, I think, it was a real estate thing actually cause he’s running a rate and he said that he absolutely loved the interaction with you, that you were able to help some of his clients and customers. I actually didn’t even run this by you, but it was interesting cause I had just in passing mentioned your name and he was like, oh, he’s like a safety net for all my people. And I was like, oh, okay. That’s, that’s really great. So, I’ll tell you he is after that.

Tyler Watts: Okay. All right. Yeah, I mean it’s good because I try and, you know, I appreciate that, but it’s like I really do try and educate the people on, you know, the different situations out there, the different things that are going on in different people that are trying to lend money. And I, you know, I do look out for the client themselves. It’s not for my personal gain. I do have a fee for my services, but when it comes down to it, if I’m not serving them properly and giving them the right expectations, doesn’t help anybody. So I want to educate people. I want to teach them like how to make money work and how to beat the banks at the games.If we can, great. If we can’t, then we can’t. So, I’ll usually educate them on how we can, when they are ready. So.

Yeah. Yeah. Well I love that. I love that. Cause you know, we’re serving people from all different walks of life who are at different levels of preparedness. And I know that the one of the inevitable obstacles is always funding. And so I like to be able to solve for that ahead of time. And you know, more than anything, just prepare people for what’s coming so that when they get to that point, they can, you know, make an educated, empowered decision, feel confident and comfortable because, you know, there’s enough, there are enough areas in our life where fear is the leading factor, right? Many, many gurus talk about this, that our society is governed by fear. The news has you scared our doctors have us scared. You know, our schools have us scared. Yeah. I’m going to dive into that here next because I know that there’s your involvement with this industry is very personal experiences, your, of your own transformation here. So I’ll get to that here in just a second. But it, just to finish this thought, you know, fear is the governing factor for many of the decisions that we have to make on a daily basis. And when it comes to our business, it is sink or swim in a lot of cases, especially with new budding entrepreneurs and new businesses. And in what is considered a high risk industry like CBD and cannabis, one wrong move could be fatal. You run the risk of losing everything by not taking the right step at the right time with the right resources or support system in place. So your involvement with the Emerald Circle is really valuable to you for multiple reasons. One being how we prepare you, meeting you exactly where you are and then supporting you, giving you the foresight to see what is coming ahead and giving you the tools to prepare yourself for that along the way.

So Tyler’s just one of those examples. Traffic and marketing is another one of those examples. You can tune into some of the other episodes to see how we’ve been in the system on marketing and advertising when nobody else has been able to. And also, how we align ourselves with people who are, have numbers on the board, specific to this industry, but also have a personal connection to the success of this industry helping to hold us accountable and making the necessary resources available to us so that we can succeed. So Tyler, with that being said, would you just take a moment to share with us why you’re passionate about helping new and existing CBD brands achieve success and get connected to those resources?

The Dreaded Fear: Cancer

Tyler Watts: Well, quite literally. Yeah. The way to put it is I, I have heard CBD and all this stuff and that marijuana is helpful and all of these things, most of my life. In fact, in high school I was a big supporter of things so, and trying to say it’s great, safe, but at the same time, I, I recently just this January, I got told that I had nominal cancer. Um, it was just stage one at the time when they originally tested it. Stage one B actually. That was in January I had surgery on, back they didn’t, they didn’t. Yeah, it was one B, one B at that moment. Then they scheduled me for a surgery. I had the surgery on the 18th and on the 24th, I found out that I was no longer stage one B that I was stage three A so meaning it was into my lymph system, into my blood, and I have floating free radical cancer cells in my body, quote unquote, right. So don’t know what all that really meant at the time and what it means. And, and you know, those could land I guess, somewhere and grow again. I don’t know. But then they were telling me that I needed to, the following week they told me that I needed to go see a medical oncologist who was the, not the surgical oncologist that did the surgery, but a medical oncologist, um, go into see them and they were going to be the ones to prescribe me what I needed to help cure me, or do what they could to cure me. And that moment I just knew like I’m, yeah, I guess I was just preparing myself for a sales pitch in my head. So I go to the medical oncologist and quite literally my mother shows up because she’s, we had just lost my father last July, so six months prior we had lost my father and, so I guess she didn’t want to lose me and so she wanted to be there for these appointments. But, she also wanted to be there to like listen, ask questions and then tell me what to do. Right. So, sit down with this guy. And I’ll preface this with just so you guys know, I’ve been self employed for a long time and the insurance premium has got the best of me as a self-employed individual. And once they hit $1,681 a month, I decided to not have insurance anymore, about two and a half years ago. So, um, I didn’t have insurance and my surgical oncologist that did the surgery, we talked about that beforehand. We talked about all of it. I talked to this guy, this medical oncologist, I talked to his receptionist and everybody, they clarified everything. Like you don’t have insurance. I don’t. Okay, great. So you self pay. Yep, I am. Okay, great. Anyway, this doctor comes in and he starts explaining things to me and basically it goes, okay, well there’s two different options that we have here to treat you. You don’t need to do chemo yet, or anything like that just yet, but you have to go on some immune, boosters. So, that being said, there was one that was a pill. There was one that was an IV. The pill was $30,000 a month. Well, I didn’t know this. What he did first is go through the descriptions of what my side effects were going to be and I travel and do live events. Three weeks out of a month, I’m gone for four days every week for basically three weeks out of a month, four or five days, uh, typically. And he’s describing this pill that I would be taking and he said, you’ll turn to a raspberry with a rash and pimples and everything else from your lower chest to the top of your head, so you’re not going to be, oh, he’s telling me flat out, you’re not going to be able to travel and be in public really, because you’re going to have, you’re going to look like a big raspberry. And so it’s going to be hard, but you can do it. It’s just, you know, it depends on how strong you can be with like carrying that presence around with you.

Sonia Gomez: Oh, my God.!

Tyler Watts: And that’ll happen for the next year and it takes a couple of months to go away when you stop taking the medication after the first year. And then the IV’s were, and that was a daily pill. And then the IV’s were once a month. They were the first two months they were twice a month. And, they were 20, well, I’ll get into the price here in just a second. But as he’s telling me the side effects of these different medications, my mother and I’m like, wow, I just don’t have interest in taking your medications. And he’s like, well, he was building this fear like you talked about, he’s building all this fear in me.

And then my mom asks, well, because she knows knows that I’m a little bit stubborn and I wasn’t really down to do what they were going to ask me to do. And, she says, well, what, what is the situation if he opts to not take this treatment? And he says, this is a life or death decision. To my mom, this is what he says. And he looks at me and he’s looking at my mom and my wife is sitting there and, and they were like, would you, you know, like this is a life or death decision, If you don’t take this, you’ll definitely be back. And I said, what if I went the whole be back route? And he said, well, then I’ll see you back. Anyway, I see 100% of those people come back. That’s what he told me. Okay. So at this moment I just, and then I said, well, how well do you know your patients? Like in, what’s going on with them? And he’s like, well, that’s why I’m here. That’s why I do what I do. I care about my patients that are that. And I said, well, how much is this treatment? So I was, it was a loaded question for me. I said, well, how much is this? And he says, well, don’t worry, you’ve already had the surgery. So your deductible, it should have been met just by the surgery and the MRIs and cat scans that they’ve taken of you so, which by the way, I’m already at $50,000, $58,000 in debt from that, right? So, oh I then go, okay. And he said, so your insurance is covering that. So anything past your deductible, your good thing is you’re in January. So it’s the very beginning of the year. He says, all right. And so I kind of chuckled to myself and I said, we’ll, how much is it? And he says, well you normal people can’t afford it. That’s why we have insurance. And then we just go straight to billing your insurance, unless you’re like Bill Gates or that Jeff Bezos guy. And I said, how much is it? And he says, I don’t know. He says, that’s why we charge your insurance. And I said, what about people without insurance? How much do they have to pay? And he says, well, it’s 30,000 to 26,000 a month, depending on which one you choose. Okay, that’s monthly. Plus you have to have scans every two to three months that are going to be another 12 to $15,000 right? So I’m doing the math in my head and I’m like, okay, so you’re really looking for about $500,000 from us. 350 to 350 to $500,000 is basically where we’re at at the end of the year. And he says, yeah. And I said, well, you know, I don’t have insurance. Right? And his face and jaw just kind of drop. And he’s like, well so yeah, we just have to figure this out. And I’m like, well, your receptionist and your, your assistant note your nurse, they knew that I didn’t have insurance. So that’s Kinda how I ended that whole conversation with him. I just kind of got real stubborn and real like, hey, I’m out. I stood up and we walked out of that room. It was a sales pitch. That’s all it was. It was a fear mongering sales pitch. It was build as much fear as I can into this guy. Use the word cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, as many times as I can, and life or death words. Right. And he’ll give me 500,000 this year. That’s how they tried to sell me. And I left there and I told my mom and my wife, I’m like, I’m not doing it. And they’re like, we get all the way downstairs, five floors down outside onto the curve. And they’re like, no, no, no. You need to do this. You need to do this. And I’m like, I’m not doing it. But I guess yes, yes. So we went back up and schedule an appointment. I said, I won’t show up for this one. That’s what I told my wife and, and my mom. Yeah.

And from that moment on, I started like talking to people and researching. Everybody’s coming at me with all this different advice. And happened to, went to go to a big event in Nashville and ran into somebody, a good friend, and I was talking to him for a little bit and he’s like, Hey, I know somebody that you should meet. And he messaged me or messaged the guy on a group message, put us all together and this guy responds back with like the most detailed text. This guy’s a chemical biologist. He’s a surgeon and he’s got, you know, the doctor background and then turned into this chemical biologist, should I say who he is, Sonya?

Sonia Gomez: Oh yeah. Feel free.

Tyler Watts: Yeah. This is Chuck Stevens. So, and I know you’re connected with Chuck now.

Sonia Gomez: Yes.

Tyler Watts: My goodness. This guy, he doesn’t know me. He asked for pictures, so I sent him pictures and I’ll bet this guy sent me, well, anybody who knows in the industry, if there are any in the industry, he sent me two gallon jugs of this nano water that he’s created, nano down to five to seven now. And he says, drink this every day, four ounces, by the time it got to me, and by the way, there’s a process that happened, it was months..

Sonia Gomez: Which you guys will be able to see and hear, we’re actually documenting the entire experience. So in part two of the interview you guys can go and check out the other podcasts, read the article and see some of the images that we will pool from the experience. We will have censorship. So if you are weak at heart, do not view the following photos, but if you have any kind of kahunas in your pants and you really want to see what this plant is capable of, have a little luxy doodle. Okay. Like it is for real sauce. Okay.

Tyler Watts: This surgery went bad. Yeah. Let’s, just to say the least and..

Sonia Gomez: At the high level.

The Miracle That is Happening (Cannabis to the rescue)

“And all of a sudden two gallon jugs show up and then some lotion that he’d created, some CBD lotion with some silver particles and different things in it. He says, you know, it gives me instructions of what to do with each bottle and, and I’m telling you three or four days later, there was a world of change. It literally took next to no time. And when I started seeing results, I started drinking more than four ounces. I don’t know, out of the gallon jugs, drink straight out of the gallon jug, I was no longer measuring anything. But the bottom line is that, you know, this product and this gentleman Chuck, I have I think worked the miracle on me in the internal side of the medicine to cure the infection that was going on in my body that potentially could have killed me because it’s literally right next to my brain.”

Tyler Watts: I’ll give a sample. There’s what’s left. But, yeah it’s, Chuck told me by the time this stuff, cause he obviously had to put it together and order it and he writes me back this, you know, he says this is something I’m putting together specifically for you and your chronic infection. And this is all after he saw a bunch of photos of what had happened with my surgery and it’s hugely infected. And the doctors were actually telling me it’s fine. They didn’t even want to prescribe me like antibiotics. I had a neighbor that, just that lives down the street from me is a doctor and he came over to my house one night, saw it, and he’s like, you’re going right now at the pharmacy, what’s fine when it’s 24 hours and you’re getting some antibiotics? The antibiotics literally did nothing for, they did absolutely zero for what was going on in my head. And, not in my head but on my head. So, my back of my head is, if people are watching any of this, but anyway, when that product, like from Chuck actually arrived, he was like, I would make this for my mom, my sister, my daughter. Like, this is, I’m taking care of this product that I’m sending you, just like I would for my own family. And I haven’t even met this guy in person or anything. I’ve only texted him, I’ve never talked to him on the phone or anything. And all of a sudden two gallon jugs show up and then some lotion that he’d created, some CBD lotion with some silver particles and different things in it. He says, you know, it gives me instructions of what to do with each bottle and, and I’m telling you three or four days later, there was a world of change. It literally took next to no time. And when I started seeing results, I started drinking more than four ounces. I don’t know, out of the gallon jugs, drink straight out of the gallon jug, I was no longer measuring anything. But the bottom line is that, you know, this product and this gentleman Chuck, I have I think worked the miracle on me in the internal side of the medicine to cure the infection that was going on in my body that potentially could have killed me because it’s literally right next to my brain.

Sonia Gomez: Man, you are on the brink of death. Let’s not, let’s not candy coat that. Like that was, you guys have to go and watch the part two of this interview because when we detail out and show you the timeline and the feedback from the medical professionals who are monitoring this man’s health and recovery, you will lose your fucking shit. I was over here like I could not, I’m rendered speechless because I hear these types of stories all the time like I’m relatively calloused. Bullshit. Bull nanny. Okay. This is one of the most powerful stories I have heard to date. Some of the best documentation that I have seen to date and I cannot wait to share it with you guys and just all for the purpose of letting you guys know that you’re on the right track. You’re on the right track. It may not be happening as fast as you want it or you may not have everything you feel like you need or supposed to have as you’re getting started, but you know, forget all of that. Throw it to the wind and find the passion in your purpose. There is a purpose that is a part of a movement that is allowing us to break free of the chain that in a system that is enslaving us and impoverishing us with fear factors and those are so heavily governing our decision making process on a daily basis that we are drowning in impossibility when we are, when there is nothing but possibility before us.

And it’s a very quick shift in your mind frame that will help you understand that one degree will change your entire trajectory and it starts here in your mind, that’s 90% of being well, the rest of it, the rest of it just makes it easier. But deciding that you are going to be successful and then finding the way to do that, deciding that you are going to fail, that will be inevitable. It’s just one decision away from getting to the destination that you want to be in. And Tyler, if it’s okay to say your, your religious background and involvement would have otherwise prevented you from..

Tyler Watts: In a sense, I mean the CBD is one thing, the connotation of me being on CBD or marijuana-based type of product and you know, there’s just the, thought of CBD, just means marijuana.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. Cause there’s a lack of education and the…

Totally Free and Freed From Fear

“…by the way, I went probably two months after I was finished with most of the bottle of Nano water that Chuck sent me, and at that point about about two months after that is when I went back in for my CT scan and MRI and ultrasound, and I’m cancer free, so I don’t feel like I’m ever going to get it again. And I’m not afraid of the sun. As you look at my dome right now, I’m not afraid. I don’t think it’s necessarily the sun that causes all of this stuff. I can say that it may amplify some things, but not afraid of the sun. I’m not afraid going out and being me and living my life..”

Tyler Watts: And the lack of education out there, so a lack of really understanding and stuff. So yeah, it would it be like, yeah, that, you know, you’re breaking some rules, so to speak. So, nobody really knows. Like my family doesn’t know the whole story of all that stuff. I’ve kind of kept it to myself, but I just said, yeah, look, like I told you I wasn’t going to go and take these treatments and I’m not going to find other ways and this is the route that I decided to take. And it was just happenstance that I got introduced to Chuck and you know, I think chuck and I, by the way, I went probably two months after I was finished with most of the bottle of Nano water that Chuck sent me, and at that point about about two months after that is when I went back in for my CT scan and MRI and ultrasound, and I’m cancer free, so I don’t feel like I’m ever going to get it again. And I’m not afraid of the sun. As you look at my dome right now, I’m not afraid. I don’t think it’s necessarily the sun that causes all of this stuff. I can say that it may amplify some things, but not afraid of the sun. I’m not afraid going out and being me and living my life. I’m like, I always have and I don’t, I don’t have that fear in me. I know there’s a purpose and I know there was a reason I met Chuck, so, and I know there’s a reason we’re on this call today and if I can help one person change something, then I won. So if I save one life and lose mine still one, so I’m okay with that.

Sonia Gomez: My God, you guys, this is the most exciting thing for me in the world. First of all, like not only do I get to tell really amazing stories, but you know, it’s just taking a second to focus on, you know, something that’s outside of yourself that tends to govern. I always say, thank you universe hashtag thank you universe. Because when you put, I speak into existence, this is the whole theory and you can look up any guru that you want to around, you know, mindset and blah, blah blah. I recommend Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, you know, if you really want to get into it, get into executiont. Like you know, there’s all of these incredible people who have talked about the speaking into existence, the manifestation, so on and so forth. So recently my husband and I have been hyper focused on attracting the people who can help us, you know, magnify the results that we’ve been able to create as a husband and wife team. And very shortly after we started to describe that type of synergy, that type of partnership, that type of alliance, that type of participant in our professional space, Tyler showed up, Chuck showed up. You know and some of the other folks that you’ll meet started to show up into our circle. And very quickly what we thought was going to be just another like average venture is turning into this incredible, it’s just this incredible no pulsing entity that is solving so many problems for so many people. And again, nothing’s ever perfect, but it is exactly as it should be. And we just surrender. We’re in this space of surrender right now where we know that the right people are going to show up at the right time with the right resources and opportunities to move this machine forward. And it’s one step at a time, spending the right amount of time on that step and then moving onto the next thing when you’re ready, not when you think you’re ready. So this, this is just such an exciting time and a conversation around finances can be as deep as this internal connection that we have, you know, with the plant or the purpose that we are serving. And so Tyler, you’ve been successful in helping people in restricted industries like CBD, acquire the funding or resources that they need to invest into their business. What are some of the areas that you suggest one acquire funding for?

Tyler Watts: Oh, so I mean, you’ve got like, listen, we all need, right? So funding your education, there’s nothing wrong with that. We’ve heard a student loans most of our lives, but why not do that at 0%. Right? That’s something, I mean, you’re going to have to get educated and, and be protected and be guided down the path, right? Like you said earlier,, you want to prepare people for what’s to come because there’s expectations that you want to and, and, and milestones down the road that you’re gonna meet and then the next one starts, right? And so you want to protect that, you know, have the capital there, to fund that. Education is key, right? Gaining the proper knowledge and having a support system and team behind you that has been there, done that and, and can guide you down that path, invest into it. That’s one, that’s one avenue. That’s what I travel with the Tony Robbins groups for. And, and the different groups that I travel with that you know, that he’s part of and, is just funding education. Number two I guess would be, implementation. You’re going to have to have equipment and different things that you’re going to need for your business. Number three is going to be marketing. Marketing’s not free. You’ve got to pay for marketing and get your visibility out there. So creating that visibility is also key and it’s going to take money. And if you can do you have tons of capital and you don’t need funding and you’re personally wealthy, great. If you’re not, you need working capital. Even if you are, why not use the bank’s money to do it, right? Even if you have a chunk of money in your bank, why not use the bank’s money to actually win with right?

And take a page out of their book and use it against them, right? Beat them at their game. That’s how I look at it. They’re going to page into their book. We’re using it the same strategies that they’re using OPM, other people’s money. We’ve all heard that term. When you’re using other people’s money, the bank’s money at this point and you’re winning, right? So, and you’re buying yourself time. That’s the key to investment capital because you’re buying yourself time and as long as the investment is greater than, or sorry, the return is greater than the cost of the money. It’s a win every time. So that’s what you have to look at, not the cost of the money. It’s the return that you can get out of that cost. So I’m very, very powerful that way. And then just funding like the growth and expansion of that business that you’re trying to develop.

You’ve got to protect that as well. If you want to scale at all, scalability is not free either. And at some point, hey, we all get to run in the red or I mean in the black, out of the red, in the black, in the, the business can fund itself through and through. But until we get to that point where it’s consistently protected that way, even businesses that run in the black there, they’re also leveraging to keep capital. You know, Research and Development, R and D, like all these companies get investors involved. Look at that. That’s why the stock market exists, right? It’s all R and D, right. So build it, grow it, and let’s get you some money.

Sonia Gomez: Okay. Awesome. I’m, I’m so excited about this. I think that there’s some really amazing people in our group. Um, and for those of you guys who are tuning in and would like to have more information or connect with Tyler specifically about your business, your goals and some of the things that you’re working towards, in the Emerald circle, all of his contact information will be listed below. Tyler, can you go ahead and let them know what email address or website that you would like them to contact you on?

Tyler Watts: Yeah, so contacting me directly is just really at [email protected] Okay. That’s my email address. You let me know that you’re working with Sonya and I’ll take care of you. And, really that’s the main thing. You can set up, show them like my, contact information or my email or whatever.

Sonia Gomez: I’ll give them, I’ll give them all of that stuff as well, but I just wanted you to say it.

Tyler Watts: Yeah, my website, some of my links are down right now cause we’ve been changing some things but the website you could go to currently it would be a funded FI. Okay. But the information on there is going to direct you to my partner. So I’m just, my office line is (818) 302-0981 my cell phone, which I never mind giving out. In fact, my office line will ring to that.

Sonia Gomez: Okay, perfect. Perfect. We’ll just, we’ll just leave it at that.

Tyler Watts: We’ll leave it at that and yeah, you can post up whatever you need to.

Sonia Gomez: Yep. So we’ll put you inside of the private coaching portal. Everybody can get in contact with you, their contact information, any follow up questions that you guys have, go ahead and post it inside of the chat. Um, as well as, you know, write them down and get prepared for your conversation with Tyler. It is on a case by case basis. We gave you guys some framework to expect. There’s multiple ways to acquire funding and if nothing else, take advantage of the opportunity to speak to somebody who can help prepare you with the necessary steps and resources that you need in order to get to where you want to go. And if you’re not quite ready for the capital, make sure that you ask the question, what can I do to get started to prepare myself for this type of capital. We have ways to get you in credit repair. There’s, you know, ways to start to build your credit so that you can qualify all different types of things like that. So want to let you know that we’re here and available to help you with those resources. I’m not involved with any of that stuff, but happy to make those connections. We’ve personally vetted out any of the people that we have connected you with and they all have experience specifically with CBD and cannabis companies or brands. Um, so feel confident that you will be speaking with educated, empowered, informed folks. Thank you so much for tuning in. Tyler, any last words?

Tyler Watts: No, not really. I look forward to the second half of this and hearing the rest of that story and then we can, yeah, I just look forward to working with you guys and your clients and whatever we do to help. I’m here for it.

Sonia Gomez: Awesome. Well I can’t wait to finish telling your story as well. It is a powerful one. You are a father to three beautiful kids four or three, four beautiful kids.

Tyler Watts: You see the one picture, there’s the little girl in there.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, there’s the little duck in there. Four Kiddos, beautiful wife. I can’t wait for you guys to meet them. And for those of you who are coming to the August event, you are going to see Tyler there and potentially we will weasel getting his wife and gorgeous kids to join us when we are traveling around, masterminding out our businesses together.

Tyler Watts: She has her own story. So..

Sonia Gomez: We are so excited to be working with you guys. Thank you so much for all of the hard work that you are doing in this industry. Tyler, thank you for all of the beautiful work that you do in the world. Can’t wait to build more success stories with you guys.

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