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Find out Five Rules for Marijuana Colorado is About to Change

marijuana Colorado

marijuana Colorado

Due to the recent changes that have been introduced for industries Colorado, things are going to get difficult for people. With the change in rules for the use of marijuana Colorado employees will face more impact than consumers. The Marijuana Enforcement Division has been holding meetings with industry and government officials in order to clarify the details of the recently passed laws and new regulations. And, they are encouraging the general public to attend those meetings and offer their input.

There were a number of things discussed on the first-day meeting. Despite that fact, the meetings will continue for the entire month, big changes for the industry are already on paper. Here are five issues that popped out at the most recent meeting:

These 5 Potential Issues have Come Up During the Meeting

Employee Training

Rule r231 is an amendment of SB 187 partly because of the nation’s rising inclination for legalizing cannabis. This rule will start a program for marijuana dispensaries in Colorado training as well as hiring employees transferred from out-of-state branches. With the hopes of reducing required supervision and training of employees restricted from, out-state branches.

Changing Location

Generally, most states and municipalities allow marijuana Colorado companies to move within their respective borders. Thus, this state has been dealing with a growing number of requests to move locations.

marijuana Colorado

municipalities allow marijuana Colorado companies to move within their respective borders.

With rules, m206 of HB 1034 says business trying to move to another town needs to pay a change-of-location application fee rather than paying all renewable application fees at once. In addition to this, the new rule would also line in local location-transfer policies with the state’s, in hopes of simplifying and shorting the application process.

Low Quality Pot

One rule change that will directly affect people buying marijuana in Colorado is rule r1507 of SB 192, which deals with retail marijuana testing and failed test results. The new law focuses to set up a program for microbial testing of retail marijuana products. According to the new rule, you must test again all those products that fail containment testing.

For Products Infused with Marijuana Colorado Introduces a New Law

buying marijuana in Colorado

One rule change that will directly affect people buying marijuana in Colorado

This new rule would have a major impact on business owners than consumers. Although, you may see some changes in the cost you pay at the cash register.
Rule m601 of HB 1034 permits medical-infused product (MIP) licenses’ holders to sell wholesale products to other MIP manufacturers and medical dispensaries. This rule will also ban medical MIPS with cultivation licenses from selling any flower cultivated under other licensed businesses or consumers.

Packing and Labeling

This will have a huge impact on people buying marijuana in Colorado. The working group for labeling and packing needs to come up with a new concept for cannabis products. This group has been in the touch with Washington and Oregon to create a standard that works with other state regulated industries looking for more information, while keeping the use of raw material minimum.

Other two separate catch-all sessions on Tuesday, September 19, and Friday, September 22 held at the same location.

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