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Fast & Easy Ways To Use Cannabutter

 The Top 8 Ways To Use Cannabutter

Now that you have a tub of cannabutter staring you in the face, it’s time to put that bad boy to good use. After cooking that scrumptious mixture all day long, you’re probably not in the mood to slave over a hot cooker for another hour or two to come up with another gourmet creation.

To help you out, here are 8 fast & easy ways to use cannabutter. Depending on how much you like the flavor, some of these will be much tastier than others.

 Toast, Muffins, Bagels – Any Bread, Really

If you didn’t think about this one all by your lonesome, put the cannabutter down! The fumes have already done you in. Simply spreading this delicacy on baked goods is the easiest & fastest way to enjoy a little cannabutter relaxation.

 Liven Up Your Pancakes

Depending on whether you go with frozen or homemade, this only takes a few more minutes than a slice of toast. Drench your pancakes in cannabutter your next breakfast of champions! You won’t win any marathons, but it’ll be an interesting morning.

 Bake Some Cookies

Almost every cookie recipe needs a big stick of butter, so why not substitute your cannabutter? If you’re in a hurry or you’re super stoned, go with a packaged mix. It’ll only take you about 15 minutes per pan to create some THC-enriched goodness that’ll last all week long!

 Pour It Over Popcorn

If you’re wore out from all that cooking, pop a DVD into the player and enjoy a big bowl of hot popcorn seasoned with cannabutter. For the perfect evening, make it a weed-centric movie like a Cheech & Chong classic or Pineapple Express.

 Mac & Cheese, Please!

Nothing satisfies a stonking case of the munchies like a big bowl of macaroni and cheese! And this recipe does double duty – it can give you the munchies and fill you up at the same time. If you’re not up for homemade mac, there’s nothing wrong with pulling out a box of the instant. Simply replace the traditional butter with cannabutter.


If you’re not so sure about cannabutter’s unique flavour, mask it with something even stronger. Our vote is for a classic PB & J with a little cannabutter thrown in for good measure. Here’s what you do. Spread a little cannabutter on each slice of bread followed by a thick layer of gooey peanut butter and your favourite jelly. Yum!

 Frosting Worth Licking The Bowl Over

Buttercream frosting is extremely easy to make. It’s basically just powdered sugar, butter, milk and a little vanilla. You don’t even have to start the cooker for this one – simply plug in the mixer & you’re golden. Here’s a hint – bake the cake while the cannabutter is setting up, buy one at the local bakery or just scarf this frosting down by the spoonful!

 Eat It Off The Spoon

If you’re completely desperate or you’re a total cannabutter fiend, just dig in! By the fingerful or the spoonful, it’ll go down smooth as silk as long as you love the flavor. Enjoy this potent edible in moderation – too much straight cannabutter could leave you down and out for the extended count!

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