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5 Famous People in History that Used Marijuana

There are countless celebrities and famous folk today who are outspoken about their use of cannabis. There were several famous people in history however, who used marijuana long before it became cool. Marijuana has literally been used for thousands of years, with quite a few famous historical figures fond of all the plant had to offer.

Following are 5 famous people in history who used marijuana (all of which can easily be found in any modern-day textbook):

5 Famous People in History Who Used Marijuana

1. George Washington

George Washington was a master farmer, and it’s a well-known fact that he grew hemp. America’s founding father was outspokenly fond of the plant, and actively promoted its growth. “On my farming plantations,” Washington has been quoted, “I want you to make the most of Hemp and plant it everywhere on my farmlands that haven’t been previously preserved for other things.”

Aside from growing hemp, Washington also made mention of something else. Separating male and female hemp plants. In August 1765, Washington wrote the following in his diary: “Began to separate the Male from the Female hemp at Do-rather too late.” This doesn’t necessarily say out loud that he was using hemp for more than fiber, nonetheless hints that Washington may have been keen to the plants medicinal benefits that had been documented for some 5,000 years.  

2. JFK

John F Kennedy is ranked #12 of the most important leaders in US history, and #43 on the list of most influential people of all time. He’s undoubtedly an American icon, one that many will never forget. He also used marijuana to treat the severe back pain he struggled with.

One of the most famous accounts of Kennedy using marijuana was with a woman named Mary Meyer. They reportedly smoked three joints to their heads together, after which Kennedy supposedly said, “Suppose the Russians did something now.” The two likely had a good case of the giggles after that comment.

3. Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan is one of the most famous lovers of the cosmos of all times. He apparently had a fond love of cannabis as well. Aside from researching life on other planets (and sending them messages to communicate), he won the Pulitzer Prize for his non-fiction writing. He also wrote an essay under the pen name “Mr. X” that talks about how marijuana had a profound influence on both his personal and professional life.

4. Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz I

Never heard of him? Abdulaziz I was the 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1861-1876. He attended America’s first World Fair in 1876, and displayed and exhibit that allowed Americans to learn about the history and culture of the Ottoman Empire.

From this mysterious land across the ocean, Abdulaziz brought gifts to share from the Empire he ruled. Among these fine treasures were copious amounts of cannabis, hashish, and candies (Turkish Delight) that were infused with the heavenly hashish. Hookah was also consumed, fascinating the American audience.

5. Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead was the boss-lady of cultural anthropology. She was one of the most influential people in the scientific community during the 1960s and 1970s, whose work had a significant social influence. Aside from basically leading the sexual revolution of the 1960s, she was also hugely supportive of marijuana.

She outspokenly used marijuana, self-medicating with it after contracting different ailments working in other countries. Mead continued to use cannabis well after her ailments were cured (thanks to marijuana’s amazing medical benefits).

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