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How to Eliminate White Powdery Mildew

White powdery mildew can end up making your cannabis plants look white ugly. These are also likely to be rather detrimental for the growth of cannabis plants. If you are growing your cannabis plants indoors it is especially important to be wary of white powdery mildew.

White powdery mildew is essentially a form of plant mold. It looks a good deal like white flour. If you are not able to detect such mold early on you can jeopardize the well being of your plants.

The white powdery mildew is caused by poor ventilation and high humidity. To know more about how you can eliminate this successfully, read on.

White Powdery Mildew, Powdery Mildew of on a leaf of the treeWipe the Plants

The first thing that you need to do when you see powdery mildew on cannabis is to wipe this off. This is something that you should do with paper towels. Wet the paper towels with some water and start wiping over the plant leaves. Take care not to do this in too rough a fashion. Aggressive wiping can damage the quality of your plant leaves to a considerable extent. You should take special care to avoid jostling leaves of your plants that have spores on them.

Treat Plants with SM90

A good way to eliminate white powdery mildew is to treat your plant with SM90. The spores of your plant should be killed successfully. By doing so, you can prevent the future growth of mildew. One part of SM90 is what you should mix with about five parts of water. Only then can this treatment solution be truly effective. Mist your plants just a few minutes after lights have gone off for that day. Make sure to get all plant leaves. Such a diluted solution can successfully kill any of your plant spores that it touches.

mechanical removal of apple leaves infected and damaged by fungus disease powdery mildew, White Powdery MildewGive Plants Proper Ventilation and Air Flow

You need to make sure that your plants have proper ventilation and airflow. This is crucial for preventing the growth of white powdery mildew. Even if you place two fans in rooms where plants are grown, chances of powdery mold growing will be diminished. What your plants really require is enough air in order to rustle leaves. One of the fans you place in your growing room should face outwards. This fan shall direct the heat completely away, from all your plants.

Thus eliminating powdery mildew can be quite easy if you consider the tips mentioned above. Powdery mildew is dangerous for your cannabis and you should try to remove it as early as possible.


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