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Does Marijuana Help Cure An Alcohol Hangover?


Drinking all night with friends, going through a wine bottle by yourself, or simply having too many drinks in your late 30s – morning hangover is unavoidable.

And, before you reach for that bottle of Advil, lemon water or that sachet of non-inflammatory pills, consider “Marijuana.”

But, is marijuana a feasible hangover cure? Can it cure those upset stomachs, notorious headaches, pains, and aches?

And, to your surprise, the answer is “Yes!”

Like other counter painkillers, marijuana also helps to alleviate the pain after that drinking party night. It does not come with the risk of damaging your stomach lining and also helps you deal with it.

Smoking pot does not make the excess of ethanol disappear, but here’s how marijuana will help you come back after a night of overindulgence.

By Curing Nausea

Nausea is known as the worst symptom for alcohol hangover. The pot is strong enough to combat those strong and churning effects of the booze hound.

It comes with the anti-emetic effects and analgesic effects that easily counter the effects of those straight eight bourbons.


 Hangovers mean headaches. Inhaling cannabis relieves a headache, and also the pain dies down to its THC balance.

According to a study, the frequency of migraine headaches also decreases with use of medical marijuana.


 As the effects of alcohol starts, our body goes into the REM sleep, which is much easier to wake from.

Just a few puffs on indica strain will help you to sleep, increase the amount of sleeping time, and also will augment the slow-wave sleep that is related to the restoration process of humans.

Increases the Appetite

According to Dr. Donald Abrams, professor of clinical medicine at University of California says that- “It is the only anti-nausea medicine that increases your appetite!”

Marijuana is known to trigger the same neural networks that are actually associated with the starvation.

Cures the Anxiety

Some people experience a sense of anxiety during their hangover. They don’t prefer to sieze the day instead live in their apartment for that duration.

The marijuana with Low –THC and High-CBD treat the anxiety which is induced to a hangover and help them to get relief from stress, worries, and other related symptoms.

You can also go for the strong Indica to lower down the effects of hangover-causing your stress and anxiety.

 The Bottom Line

Consuming marijuana during the hangover will also let you endure the conditions that are otherwise unbearable.

It is not guaranteed to cure the hangover completely, but it can surely reduce the effects. But, by picking the cannabis with the right THC-to-CBD balance, you can get relief from some of the symptoms.

Remember, marijuana is 114 times safer and better than alcohol. So, next time you are planning to party, you know what to choose.

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