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Denver Approves First Social Marijuana Use License

Monday was a monumental day for legal cannabis in Colorado. A Denver coffee shop received approval for the first business to permit patrons to consume marijuana on premises. The application that was submitted in December has finally been approved.

The Coffee Joint is already up and running, located just east of I-25 in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Customers will soon be able to bring their own products to consume with their morning, afternoon, or evening cup of coffee. Smoking will be prohibited, but customers can vape or consume cannabis edibles.

As the first applicant to put in a request for social consumption use, owners of the Coffee Joint are elated.

“Tons of people already came in,” co-owner Rita Tsalyuk told the Denver Post. “We’re offering free coffee and sneak previews of the shop.”

One of the biggest motivators to open the shop was to have more places for tourists to come and consume cannabis. Public consumption is still illegal in Denver, leaving tourists who come to Colorado with few options.

While the Coffee Joint is the first business to be approved for social cannabis consumption, it certainly won’t be the last. An application was recently turned in to open a cannabis day-spa in a historical downtown mansion, and city officials say they have also heard from others interested in opening up other businesses.

The Coffee Joint will charge a $5 entry fee. Free admission will be given to patrons of 1136 Yuma, the dispensary next door that is co-owned by Tsalyuk’s husband and fellow proprietor Kirill Merkulov.

The coffee shop however, won’t be considered a cannabis club. No membership is required, and anyone 21 and over is welcomed to come in and consume cannabis.

Colorado, who has been at the forefront of the legal cannabis scene, has just made history. Less than 6 years after recreational became legal, the doors will open to the first place in the nation that will allow social cannabis consumption.

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