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DEA: Marijuana Extracts Including CBD To Remain Schedule I Drugs

Despite the recent legalisation of marijuana, it seems that it will remain illegal in many states. In a notice released today, the Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA) has clarified that marijuana extracts, including CBD will remain as Schedule I drug. This means that all forms of the plant is illegal under federal law.

Acronym'DEA' of the yellow square pixels on a black matrix background, marijuana extractsThe announcement also identified a new type of extract, namely the “marihuana extract”, which is an extract containing one or more cannabinoids, derived from the plant Cannabis. It is believed, that with this new form of classification, the federal agency will be able to track the scientific advancement on marijuana more effectively.

“Once again, the federal government has shown that it has not caught up with modern science,” Nate Bradley, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association, told Westword. “It’s common knowledge that CBD has numerous medical uses, including curbing the effects of epilepsy and reducing muscle inflammation from injuries. To deny that shows a complete disregard for the facts.”

CBD, which is a natural extract of marijuana, is used as an alternative form of treatment for various diseases. Considering the recent restriction of medical marijuana, it might be a bit tough to use them medically for the fatally ill patients.

marijuana extractsCompared to THC, CBD doesn’t make the intaker high. However, since there has been no proven evidence of its medicinal properties, it is considered as Schedule I drug now.

Meanwhile, the DEA has also noted that the rule will be applicable for the ancient variation of marijuana – the ‘marihuana’. The rule, which is termed as “Establishment of a New Code for Marihuana Extract”, aims towards classifying the proper medicinal purposes of the plant. However, according to some experts, the changes have been made so that it won’t show up in the search for marijuana legalization.

Thus, it is yet to be seen how this will clash with marijuana legalization in the states of Maine and Colorado among others.


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