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Cultivating Women Leaders in the Cannabis Industry with Canna Girl

Episode 61 - CannaG1rl

CannaG1rl is the Director of Operations at Sovereign Fields out in Southern Oregon, a company that provides farmers with top-quality hemp seeds, biomass, and CBD products.

Long before cannabis, CannaG1rl learned how to clone any type of plant and was really fascinated by it so when she got the chance to cultivate hemp, her green thumb transpired from house plants to outside filtration.

She has since expanded her expertise and has been doing bigger and larger operations. However, being a female grower in this industry can sometimes feel a little lonely because most of the people that she works with are male.

She strongly believes that there are badass women out there that can help drive this industry forward. Tune in to this episode to learn more about her efforts to inspire and empower women to share their expertise and grow in this space.

Once you get in there, you realize it’s just a bunch of sisters. And that’s a different type of camaraderie and once you break down those walls, and it’s really just like reaching out to your local groups.  – CannaG1rl

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:09 – Journey in the Cannabis Industry
7:47 – Typical Imagery of a Woman in this Space
15:01 – CannaG1rl in 2020

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up guys Sonia Gomez coming to you live from MJBizCon we’re not live we’re recording but we’re live at MJBizCon in Las Vegas 2019 we are celebrating the official launch of The Hemp Revolution Podcast where we are sharing and telling the real story of cannabis and hemp industry, from the perspective of the business owners and entrepreneurs, veterans who are pushing this incredible industry forward. You have no freaking idea who I am sitting next to me right now you’re not going to get to see her. I only get to use my eyes on her but she’s going to be here telling the story of how it goes down and I have got CannaG1rl right here with me right now as you can see, I’m giddy like a girl trying to talk about this because a lot of my focus in 2020 is going to be directly related to the women who are still somehow a minority in this industry and yet creating so much incredible transformation for the way that we are doing business. What we do the way that we do it, why we do it the way that we do it. All of these things are represented by the women and we are underrepresented in this industry. So watch out for me when I make room to tell more stories just like this. 

So CannaG1rl is the Director of Operations at Sovereign Fields located out in Southern Oregon. She works directly with the head readers of the organization to provide consistency and the standard operating procedures to optimize their entire process. She has been cultivating large outdoor and indoor growth since 2011. And she is right here next to me to tell her story and share all of her knowledge and wisdom. Again, she’s not going to be on camera because this is an old school way of doing business in a new school market. And not everybody wants to put their mug shot on the damn internet. No one’s crazy like me. So here we go. CannaG1rl.

CannaG1rl: Hi. It’s so nice to be here. Thank you! Yeah, I don’t think I’ve had such a warm introduction ever before. But like you said, I’m a kind of old school. I don’t do this very often. 

Sonia Gomez: That’s okay. I’m commentaries all over.

CannaG1rl: Yeah, it’s my coming out a video or not video, podcast.

Journey in the Cannabis Industry

Sonia Gomez: Welcome to the new age. I’m honored to have you here. As I was mentioning women are under-represented in this industry. So I just want to give you the floor and the mic to share a little bit about who you are, how you ended up in the cannabis space and what you’re currently doing in the market. 

CannaG1rl: Okay, we’ll go a long journey I got started basically because I met somebody and he just happened to say, Hey, you know, grow really good houseplants you have some nice house plants from not just joking about that. I was the crazy house plant lady. I learned how to clone any type of plant from my best friend’s father at a young age in high school. And after that, it was like mind blown and I was going around like taking cuttings of plants from everywhere. So this started way before cannabis.

Sonia Gomez: Where are you from originally?

CannaG1rl: From Southern California, so I’ve pretty much born and raised in Southern California, I’ve only been out of Southern California, small fish in a big world in the Pacific Northwest now, so I’m still feeling a little out of my element. But I still like it and allows me to cultivate and I do now with some sovereign fields and humbled seeds. So basically, my journey was I was given 12 plants through my medical license in California and said, hey, let’s see how well you can grow. Here’s the basic recipe, and I’ll come back and check you in October.

I said, wow, okay. Well, this is cool! And you know the opportunity was like, I’m going to give these to you for free, and I have a connection and you know how that works and we’ll and we’ll go from there. We’ll see what you do. And I had a green thumb that transpired from houseplants not just from houseplants to outside filtration. So that pretty much started with my love and passion for about seven years ago, eight years ago. And then ever since then, I’ve just been kind of growing my knowledge and doing bigger and larger operations from then on, got hooked up with Humboldt State operations, had an opportunity to move to the Pacific Northwest and help them cultivate and be ahead grower, the first recreational farm that they had, which was quite awesome, a huge challenge and of itself, but it pushed me to persevere and be a better grower believe, fully grown out of my environment in Washington. Different opposite environments, lots of rain, atmospheric rivers, which I’d never heard of it existed, being a Cali girl. 

If I really wanted to swim and make it to that island or the tropical paradise for lack of better words, you just basically needed to seek your own education and knowledge and they taught me how to use resources, which was amazing. - CannaG1rl Click To Tweet

Then working with Humboldt Seeds and just they taught me a lot, they taught me most of all to never stop growing and doing my research. So they would always give me enough knowledge to not sink but then if I wanted to swim and make it to that island or the tropical paradise for lack of better words, you just basically needed to seek your education and knowledge and they taught me how to use resources, which was amazing. So then that journey took me down to Southern Oregon, where I also helped with their second recreation, there was a partner company and I help them start 100,050 feet [inaudible] from start to finish, I’ll show the hemp [inaudible] there, how to start seeds they will only use using not most people are always using close to the moon on the stage. It’s really scary on the flow, and then this kind of turned into where we’re at now, Osama fields, which is the hemp genetics, which we’re super passionate about, and so last year, so working with the head readers, so and then we’re bringing out with you guys like great hemp genetics, so it’s cool. I worked with all of their project farms and you know, I’m all about deadlines and schedules and making sure people are time and not the right places. So that’s kind of like my motivation, 

Sonia Gomez: Hashtag [inaudible]. Worry about, ask your mama where we’re from.

CannaG1rl: It’s a lot but you know, I love my job. I get some people like you. Again, I wish I’m getting used to this whole social media and like, show my face a little bit more. I’m really big on Instagram with some pictures of what I’ve done my cultivation my plants, but putting my face out there, it’s not federally legal in regards to the cannabis side of it. So to tell people that I did [inaudible]. 2011, 2010 so risky but I came from a background and a passion. There was someone.

Typical Imagery of a Woman in this Space

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, it’s still somewhat legal, but I think 50,000 people gathering from around the world 3,000 exhibitors, hundreds of millions of people represented here in this direction, and we’re going to stick around here for a while I think but I’m fully respectful and super conscientious and consider it exactly what you’re sharing a lot of people do have, sacrifice and done the time are doing the time so that we can be where we are today as an industry people shout out to you guys thanks for all of your sacrifice. I’m one of those people ended up in jail my rights as a nation violated like, I’ve gone toe to toe with medical with legal I’ve been a part of crazy and the rat race is crazy. 

And now we’re seeing a lot of corporate come into cannabis and having you came in right at the time where we were starting to make that shift from old school to new school I– tier one of the entrepreneurs were in they’re the ones who came out of the hills and we’re like, we’re gonna do this and then we’re like–Just kidding. And then tier two came in and those are people who have like some legacy money they were successful in other areas. But now tier-three Warford is coming into cannabis. Who got it festers there are minorities for medical marijuana represented here we got the women of cannabis are represented here. It’s incredible to see the diversity in the industry. 

How do you feel knowing that women have not only misrepresented but under-represented here especially women growers, like quite literally very important right now I almost walking out of here as nobody touched? Nobody. I’m not kidding you like I know hemp growers under The Emerald Triangle of lady cultivate and they’re managing the genetics. The most delicate part of the entire thing, right? The typical imagery of a woman in this industry is just like a tremble. Right? 

CannaG1rl: Unfortunately, that is another issue. It’s like the booth girl, what I like the typical fear girl for those of you that might not be as involved with the cannabis industry but — I think that it’s unfortunate in some ways women haven’t entitled to be experts in those roles because in our looks and our feminine physiques, but I think that cannabis is really allowing us to take our names back and allow us to bring our past jobs as well are currently doing I’m finding that there are a lot more women who are looking at themselves as being like we’re really going to multitask. And we’re good at being empathetic, but also being able to lay down the line. It’s always been like the bear firm, consistent. I think that’s something that women have in them whether they’re a mom or they’re not a mom become that sensitive, motherly figure, but also being like firm and like not taking ownership. So you see a lot of the women leaders in this industry, whether that it’s still on the growers’ side for women, there’s not as [inaudible] starting to learn that there are some they’re just a little bit quieter about it. 

And I think that’s part of the women wanted to is like we don’t really know how to be out there and be boastful about ourselves or afraid of which is the CannaG1rl brand and I’m hoping that I can try to help represent some of those girls who are like badass like I want to be a grower or even if it’s just like to grow your vegetables or whatnot. But I really think that the industry is allowing us to kind of take those multitasking tools, motherly, empathetic, laying down the law, not taking a shit, and being able to focus us and like managerial roles. Like for instance, I’m the Director of Operations and I think that I got that job because I’m the most organized and I can herd cats really well. But above and beyond you that discredits what I do. I do have to organize seven to 10 plus words on scheduled seed productions plus around additional [inaudible] plus seeds that we have going on. Just making sure that everyone’s at the right time on schedules, and it’s a lot that you have going on and I think that women are realizing like, Hey, I do that every day in my day to day life. I’ve got like three kids and you know, my husband who needs help, you know, scheduling some styling to the back end. Yes, I’m trying to be nice. 

I’m honestly seeing that women are trying to different organizations like for women, and even here we’re having like a women’s reception and cocktail night, which I think is great because it’s all about women being able to first feel comfortable in the space, being able to reach out to other women like like how we are together making that connection. And then also being able to like, just ask people like, hey, like, these are my skills. This is what I am. I’m a boss, bitch. How can I help you? I’m really only nice I think, [inaudible] Oh, I can’t do it it’s cannabis. Weirdly, I don’t get high. I don’t smoke. It’s not my culture. But it’s like well, maybe you’re really great and accountant. Yeah, there’s a lot of people in cannabis don’t like accounting or banking or bankers–

Sonia Gomez: Us a girl you want managing your money? 

CannaG1rl: Exactly. You don’t want your accountant going out partying all night long at the biggest parties and Expo. So you know, there’s all the different roles that I think right now it’s just opening up for women and I think it’s just, it’s a good time to reach out. And I would say to any of the women that are out there that are maybe on the fence of like thinking maybe they can or can’t do it, I would say try to reach out to your local girl gang. And I call it a girl gang because empowering, we all need to have those carrion women in our lives that we can reach out to.

Women Leaders in Cannabis IndustryAnd if anything, it’s a great conversation and hopefully a really tasty cocktail or a joint, if you find it in your area where it’s legal. I think that’s where I kind of was able to make a lot of my connections because being a female grower in the industry, you can feel a little lonely, like most of my team that I work with are all males. Yeah, and I don’t knock that in industry. I think it makes me a tougher person in the end, but then it’s a catch 22 it can make you a little awkward because you don’t know how to act in a room full of women. But then once you get in there, you realize it’s just a bunch of sisters. And that’s a different type of camaraderie and once you break down those walls, and it’s really just like reaching out to your local groups and just saying, hey, like, how can we help each other? And it’s not just about me against you it’s about really reaching out and basically I don’t know see how we can all move up together? 

Sonia Gomez: I’m excited to dissolve the stigma that like, I hear so many women say like, I don’t really hang out with girls like girls don’t like me. And there’s, there’s been a lot of that in my whole life where people, other women say that what I’m really loving and enjoying right now is the recognition that like, as women, we want to bond together to connect and collaborate and support the successful growth of this industry.

Women Leaders in Cannabis Industry

I’m also recognizing that the women are also representing that balance that’s necessary and successful business when you’re looking at the impact a company’s making and the income that your company knowing that, like if you have a major impact meter, but no income, it’s not necessarily gonna work right or vice versa. Not everyone’s gonna like you if you’re making a ton of money but not doing anything socially responsible so that your community record reflects the success that you’re having.

So I’m really excited about that for you what is coming into 2020 now, where it’s a month more mature marketplace, you’re obviously managing and doing so much on behalf of the industry behind the scenes. What are some of your personal and then company goals that you’re working towards right now that you know are going to help really solidify the success that you guys? 

CannaG1rl in 2020

CannaG1rl: Well, I think one thing that we’re really trying to work on is just having really strong genetics that we can offer to the farmer. I’ve always been really passionate about hemp and cannabis. I smoke camels probably longer than I should have. I pretty much just feel like– what we’re trying to focus on is just providing quality genetics that is going back to just allowing people to make a living for themselves. We’re not trying to sell snake oil, not trying to sell picks and shovels. We’re trying to really get genetic And so right now to farmers and giving them their opportunity to grow their cash crop. This is the original cash crop back. We had like witches burned at the stake because [inaudible] were just creating medicine out of copper pots and certain herbs in an almost positive and a lot of reserves were cannabis and hemp and probably some other things like psychotropics and things like that. And I’m excited to see that in the future. 

I think that a lot of us are open with our minds and we’re starting to bring that back into like having the power to the people. We want to be able to give the people the power to grow their medicine, which is like giving people the power to have hemp back. I’m a little bit questionable about what the federal government’s trying to do with the total Delta Nine, THC, and those ratios because I think most of us don’t understand this plan, eliminate all THC out of the hemp that is really not doing anything positive to your body. Because you need both cannabinoids for your body being receptive to it. And you might, my dad is suffering right now cancer, like I’m sure there’s so many other parents and people who have gone through this, but we really have medicine. I don’t mean to get emotional about this, but if we can find a cure if doctors are confused, we have to keep sending people in for using different types of methods of THCA cannabis stronger and hemp combined it can’t keep absolutely. Sorry to keep it on such a somber note. 

But I know I think for again, wrapping it back up for the focus for 2020 issues to really put the power of the people get the medicine back to the people who are trying to grow up and firmer so I’m going to try to be a little bit more vocal and out there. Maybe show my face in 2020, we’ll see– I’m doing a little bit more seats and coming out on stages and World Cup I’ll be doing the speech and talk about women leaders, cannabis and kind of where we see the future going and I just feel really empowered to have not to hopefully I speak to some people, I’m not trying to be here show off oh me and CannaG1rl. It’s more about like, hey, like, let’s get together, let’s smoke a joint. Let me help you grow something like it doesn’t have to pot it can be anything. 

It's a really powerful and necessary component of the industry right now to keep that grassroots movement without modernizing it too much. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Well, I think that it’s a really powerful and necessary component of the industry right now to keep that grassroots movement without modernizing it too much because the original beyond it being the original cash profit all that was the original medicine is real people with real problems need a real solution that isn’t going to alter their consciousness to the point of art and I can speak from personal experience. I’ve been overmedicated I’ve been abandoned by a medical system that does not allow us to thrive but puts us into a mode of survival. And I’ve also been a part of the forum that allows people to have safe legal access to quality medicine. And I hold the industry accountable for all of you guys are listening and with your fancy groups out there, I’m holding industry accountable for excellence because, at the end of the day, we’re serving somebody’s mother. We’re serving somebody’s father, this baby boomer demographic is the fastest-growing demographic in the industry right now. 

While everybody’s worried about making their millennial lifestyle brand, we’re looking at 60 to 70% growth on the baby boomer side and there are real people with real problems with real restrictions that don’t allow them to effectively explore cannabis and hemp as an alternative. So my prayers are with you and your family. First of all, second of all, I want to give you some glimpse of hope here that my stepmother who is 25 years younger than my father has been thriving with cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, second stage, three and a half years using cannabis oil, and an incredible, dietary regimen. And there’s so much out like, it’s not 10 years ago today. It’s amazing. It’s incredible. And I just want you to know that there’s more possible than there is fear. 

CannaG1rl: Absolutely. I know you are excited I’m super excited–

Sonia Gomez: You’re the source like at the end of the day without positive genetics, like, that’s where everything started soil and then the strains and like having really powerful genetics and stabilized methods of cultivation, allowing the end-user to get access to the derivatives and all of the things that science is doing this incredible plant. It all starts with the work that you’re doing so I’m so grateful and humbled by the work that you’re doing in the world. As you build your confidence to come into the camera, whatever just please consider me a partner and a friend and supporting your message getting out to the world and show excitement. We’re going to be a support to sovereign fields. And you know the rest of it what you guys are doing with genetics through our platform. So we have so much to do together over the next year. Thank you for everything you’re doing. What are some final words that you can share with our audience? Before we end today’s interview.

CannaG1rl: I just wanted to say thanks for listening and if you could go over to the Instagram check out sovereign_fields, check out CannaG1rl that’s spelled with the number one for the CannaG1rl. And then yeah, if you guys have any questions, you can always feel free to drop me a line. And maybe we could do a follow-up. That would be kind of fun. 

Sonia Gomez: Hell yeah. We’ll be doing a follow-up. My husband’s I going to be at The Emerald Cup with The Hemp Revolution podcast so you guys can have another interview he’s been cultivating for since the early ’90s and second rounds will [inaudible] conversation. I’m the Betty on the front end was like a lot of fun things on the fly chopped so I’m just gonna–

CannaG1rl:  I enjoy getting to do things like this, I like working on the farm but it’s fun to get dressed up and be a girl. Get ready. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, and you are beautiful. All of your links and social media handles and websites and all of that stuff will be inside of the blog for you guys make sure that you check them out CannaG1rl spelled with the I will be a number one on check her out on Insta, all of the other social handles, you can just click click so you get connected to the people that we are featuring here. 

Thank you again so much for being a part of our community can’t wait to continue to tell your story into 2020 or my focus is going to be primarily on the women’s movement in cannabis. If you guys want to taste and smell any of the stuff coming out of it Renfield yeah, I do. I’ll be including links for that as well and the separate promo and thank you so much to MJBizCon for inviting us to be a podcasting guest this year 2019 broadcasting live from MJBizCon celebrating the official launch of The Hemp Revolution. I’m your hostess with the most of and this is The Hemp Revolution podcast. We’ll see you at our next show, guys!

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