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Creating Stability in the Hemp Supply Chain with Mike Andrus

EP 78 Mike Andrus

Mike Andrus is a graduate of the Temple University Fox School of Business and has been an entrepreneurial leader with over 34 years of executive management experience specializing in business development and relationship selling. He directed the operation of multiple technology companies worldwide, with an emphasis in life sciences, healthcare, regulatory compliance, sustainability, alternative energy, information technology, and security. Mike was the past Chairman for the regulatory committee for BIO2005 and was voted Top “101 CEO’s by the Philadelphia Inquirer”. 

In addition, he has been responsible for global business development and the “go to market strategy” for multiple companies. He was brought on to increase market share and assist CBD Export to become the foremost platform supplier of cannabis oil, crystals and derivatives in the global cannabis market.

Don’t miss today’s episode and learn from Mike’s extensive history, marketing and technologies he applied to shrug off the inevitable challenges in this CBD industry. 

I believe that everything is going to equalize if we all take a deep breath, and we continue to work on the real product set. – Mike Andrus

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:24 – From technology company morphed to cannabis business
12:09 – Top challenges in the CBD hemp industry
17:36 – Building international connections and securing conveyance
22:11 – Growing in the CBD export
32:57 – Words of wisdom
40:38 – Ideal people that they want to create partnerships
43:08 – Where to find them

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Sonia Gomez: Sonia Gomez here super excited to be with you on another episode of The Hemp Revolution podcast where we are sharing and telling the stories of the incredible entrepreneurs who are pushing this industry forward. As you know it is our mission to share with you the truth about cannabis and hemp so that you can make educated empowered decisions about how you want to care for yourself or the people that you love conditions you may be suffering from or otherwise preserving that incredible gift of life that you already have and get to enjoy. If you are a person looking for products that you can depend on to deliver the results you’re looking for, check us out on medicalsecrets.com, and if you’re a budding entrepreneur or established business owner in this space and you’re trying to break through the inevitable glass ceilings, check us out at theemeraldcircle.com, for resources relationships, tools, tips, tricks, and a little bit more of me to help you get through to the success you’re looking for in this incredible industry. 

In today’s episode, I hope you guys are ready a little drumroll, Mr. Mike Andrus is going to be our guest and he is a graduate of the Temple University Fox School of Business and has been an entrepreneurial leader with over 34 years of executive management and experience specializing in Business Development and relationship selling. He directed the operation of multiple technology companies worldwide with an emphasis on life sciences health care, regulatory compliance, sustainability, alternative energy, information technology, and security. 

He also plays Clark Kent and Superman in his spare time Just kidding, I brought my jokes in today’s episode. Mike was the past chairman for the regulatory committee for bio 2005 and was voted top 101 CEOs by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Mr. Andrus has been responsible for global business development and the go-to-market strategy for multiple companies. He has brought on to increase market share and assist CBD export to become the foremost platform supplier of cannabis oil, crystals, and derivatives in the global cannabis market. Guys, we have an exciting story to tell you today. Put your hands together and help me welcome our good friend Mike. How’s it going?

Mike Andrus: Well, thank you so much, Sonia, what a wonderful introduction. All that just means I’m an old guy. Right? So–

Sonia Gomez: You’re still good looking. 

Mike Andrus: Well, thank you so much. I appreciate that very much. A pleasure to be with you.

From Technology Company Morphed to Cannabis Business

Sonia Gomez: Thank you. I’m really happy to have you here. Super amazing things that you’re doing in the industry. I want to thank you ahead of time for all of the ways that you have pioneered this global marketplace. But before we get started, all good intros aside, straight from the horse’s mouth can never be beaten. Why don’t you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your background and how you got into this space?

Mike Andrus: Sure. So I’m 58. As I said, I’m an old guy, right. So started in the computer business graduated from the Fox School of Business, which is Temple University in 1985. Was in the computer business till 1992 and in 1993, I started my company technology management and with little luck and a lot of hard work was successful and I’ve morphed the career since then and over the years, about seven or eight years ago got into some sustainability, global sustainability and became a hydroponic, an aquaponics expert and building company and through that those relationships is how I landed here in the cannabis, hemp, CBD business. 

So it’s a really exciting Wild Wild West is, of course, you’re experiencing and everyone else, but I’m grateful to be here and I, by the way, I loved your intro where the theme of the day is helping people and that comes through from you and all of your other podcasts and I want to stick with that vein as we go through with some of the craziness in the supply chain it’s all about the real people in this industry are homeopathic and looking for to make a difference for people’s lives, so congratulations and thank you for that sticking with that theme.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. I am– One thing that I feel most businesses are lacking is authenticity. And not just in this space, but in most industries. There’s so much posturing happening in this space just to get the business. I think that we lose a lot of authenticity and so the way that I approached anything having to do with this industry, because honestly if you would have asked me 10 years ago if I was going to be involved with cannabis marketing, I would have been like hell no. I was a beauty consultant, I was working as an educator for the Paul Mitchell company. You know, I was into hair and makeup that’s what I like to do. 

And, because of my transformation that happened using cannabis. I was in a near-fatal surfing accident and had to go toe to toe with both the legal and medical systems. Literraly almost lost my life. And because of this holistic neurologist who was on his way to retirement it is as a 79-year-old doctor. He introduced me to my endocannabinoid system taught me about micro-dosing, hemp and cannabis phytonutrients taught me about mind-body balance and finding my new hundred percent as an injured bird. And that’s really what kicked off my public advocacy or being an activist and I use that term lightly because I know that there’s a lot of people who have bled for this industry. But that’s where my passion and my voiceover for this comes because I know firsthand what’s possible here and I want to do everything that I can do ensure that the ethnicity and responsibility and professionalism of our industry earns the trust it deserves, but also that the people who need it and want it to understand how to properly use it, so we can instill the faith in this progress that is required. So thank you for acknowledging that and I’m so proud of the work that we’re able to do. And I’m excited to find out more about how you are helping this marketplace grow globally.

Mike Andrus: Sure and by the way, congratulations, I did read your story, and heard about it on how these cannabinoids and your micro-dosing. At first, it gave you a little bit more mobility and then a little bit more balanced. And it was great to hear your healing story and to look at you now apparently with what you’ve gone through. So you hit on something earlier that I think is a key point that I think everybody in the street wants to know and then we recently and I won’t mention the show but went to the big CBD show in Miami and we took our entire team down and instead of having a booth kind of huddled before the show that we decided to dissect the show, and we went down every aisle and interviewed and talked to 500 and something vendors. And at the end of day one, we all converged and talked about that and the end of day two. We had a theory, the 20/80 rule or the 80/20 rule that about 20% of those vendors slash vertically integrated suppliers were legit. And so walking up to a booth talking to someone saying, Hey, how are you? And then they said, Well, we have this, this, this, this and they kind of menued us, we immediately felt disconnected. And that it was just a retail sale, and they couldn’t tell us what was in it. And the packaging could be beautiful but was suspect about integrity. And after the first day on the second day, we calculated out it was about 20% of the vendors that we went to and said, Hey, how are you? We introduced ourselves, they said before we tell you what we have, tell us what you need. What problems are you experiencing? Or what would homeopathic discovery and what remedies would you like to provide to the marketplace as somebody that you know, is a family member? What vein are you working in? And when we got to know those vendors, all of those vendors, and then not the other knew where their hemp came from, what state it was from where it was harvested? Was it organically certified? How it was that supply chain from the farm to the extraction lab? How was it extracted? Was it hexane, ethanol, co2, non-solid. 

And we found that there are true players in this industry that are concerned about where they source their raw materials from how they produce their finished materials, and how they introduce that to the marketplace. So what everybody sees and I guess the trade rags is true, that there are a lot of imposters out there and we are only working with companies that we’ve had that we know have not necessarily blockchain, if you will, but have that story to tell us where everything originates from and what they’re interested in. And supply chain, by the way, is the big unknown right now, where we are trying to fix the broken broker network. And of course, I will annoy a few people out there. But what we find is that the farmers who are the meat and potatoes of this industry, they’ve spent the money in farming equipment, the cultivars, the genomics, the genomes, everything to be able to produce a good product, but they might have a friend of theirs that they was in the business for 10 or 15 years before it became legal and they entrust this person with a multi-million dollar interstate supply chain deal. And that has caused a lot of problems because these folks as genuine as they are have not done any big commerce before. 

And I think that’s what’s happened over the last as you know, two years with 2018 and 2019. So we want to bring some efficacy to the marketplace for the supply chain to be able to be farmed direct, extractor direct, lab direct and manufacturing direct, that each of those entities has a trusted resource, and they know where their products that are coming from. And I think if you asked anybody, they’d raise their hands and we’d have a Kumbaya moment and say, wow, that’s the biggest thing, whereas this product from what and who’s representing it and why is the lawyer getting a commission?

So we want to bring some efficacy to the marketplace for supply chain to be able to be farmed direct, extractor direct, lab direct and manufacturing direct - Mike Andrus Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: I like you threw that in there a little cherry on top. 

Mike Andrus: I have a little trophy here that’s got a unicorn on it because I’m a unicorn killer but you know that so. So for all my supply chain friends, but it’s been a crazy year. As you know, I’ll let you ask the next question. But there’s a whole set of things I think we could talk about that would be titillating the for the audience, you know? 

Top Challenges in the CBD Hemp Industry

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. I want to get into this because it’s an extremely relevant topic right now for the industry as a whole and instilling confidence in both the business owner and the consumer, this ripple that’s just happened. And it truly is just a ripple, I’ve met my husband and I have been in this space for about 35 years. So there’s not, there are not too many things that can shake me to my core. And this is just one, one more ripple in the wave pool. So at the same time, people who have invested everything into starting, you know, or transferring their legacy farm into a hemp farm or acquiring property and emptying their savings and betting the bank on getting into this space because of the green rush hype around this industry. You know, there’s a lot of stakes right now and I was just talking with somebody who is head of the FDA committee and regulatory parties for the FDA, also sitting on the board of the National Hemp Association and other significant associations here. And they were talking about what’s about to happen from a regulatory perspective. 

I would love to hear how CBD export is supporting these businesses and supply chain to, again, instill confidence and how this industry will grow. The supply chain is one of the top three challenges that the thousands of businesses that I’ve spoken to on this forum and other forums, supply chain marketing, advertising, merchant processing, and banking solutions. These are the top three and then we’ll throw distribution in there as the fourth pillar of challenge. How do you–

Mike Andrus: Absolutely and by the way, the services, the merchant services market is just horrible. And finally coming through and we have some brands and I won’t or will mention whatever you want to say, but some fabulous brands that we believe in that have an unbelievable following and then all of a sudden, they’ve got all these workers and they can’t process it, then they finally have to go to square or you know somebody else to do it. And it’s just been a real challenge as far as merchant services go.

Sonia Gomez: But I have some incredible resources I’ll share with you I hate to see that happen to reputable brands. So I’ll share a couple of–

Mike Andrus: Fantastic and we’ve got a brand in Pompano Beach and she won three cannabis cups early on and the story was a young woman, tied herself to a tree to legalize cannabis but those are the people that are the evangelists. We have stayed through the storm as you have on that, no, we’re doing the right thing. So let me give you a little on the supply chain and you talked about the marketplace. 

A year ago, in Kentucky, it was $4 a percentage point easy for really good, you know, high CBD content and in Kentucky. We work in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, we’ve got great farmers, Oklahoma, there was a story about 20,000 acres that tested out at 4.5 or 4.7 and I’m not sure which New York hedge fund that was but man, so much of money came into this field that wasn’t educated that we’re taking hedging the bet on just, Hey, we’re gonna– We’re hedge or high risk, high return people. We’re going to put all money into it rather than looking at the cultivars and the genomics and understanding that people have grown hemp before and getting a seed that grows equatorial don’t necessarily grip go great in Oregon or vice versa. So to watch last year, where there was an excess and then boy, as you saw, the months go through where there was nothing left. Prices were high, they were difficult. There were a lot of unicorn deals. But the deals that got done were that everybody in the group wants to get the deal done. This year, I’m sad to see the brokers dropping the price. So significantly, for no reason to kind of do a run on this market to where the farmers just felt that they had to just get rid of this biomass to just cover their costs. And if you’ve ever seen my LinkedIn I’m totally against that. And I’m saying to people, why are you so happy? When you’re saying, oh, I’ve got it for $10 or $5. Let’s not sell it at that. 

Let’s keep the [inaudible]. Seriously, let’s keep the farmers intact with all the equipment, all the technology, all the evil power that they’ve done. So as you know, the ranges, you know, there’s $35 there’s $10 I heard this morning, right? The 27th the day before Thanksgiving, oh, I’ve got a million-dollar deal in Colorado and I need it for 75 cents. And they’re gloating about it and I’m disassociated, I can’t believe it’s that low.  

Sonia Gomez: I want to type in here on that note, did you see the monstrosity of the first hemp auction where people were leaving–

Building International Connections and Securing Conveyance

Mike Andrus: Nobody came. I did see that. And you know, look, I try to read as many trade rags as I can every day with the FDA and cannabis and by the way, we don’t touch anything hot, right? So we stay compliant, at that point oh three, for delta-nine. So we’re out of Canada. So we’re in Montreal, Canada, CBD export global, but we are truly a global company. Well, the Canadian stocks are doing wonderful. They have plummeted. Supply is drying up in Canada, you need to be an LP so it’s licensed producer to licensed producer, very difficult to do commerce in Canada and of course, interstate and inter-country from Canada to the US is difficult. One thing that we’re proud of is to just cultivated, no pun intended a new relationship with the largest low-cost volume provider of hemp products in South America in Colombia. So we are now shipping from Colombia to Europe. And then obviously, there’s a lot of different triangulation that needs to be done. Hey, if Canada needs something, they can’t get it from the US but we can send it to Europe and then send it over it. No one knows what’s happening with this. 

So what we’ve done is we’re all experts, subject matter experts, we have relationships with international shipping companies that will guarantee secure conveyance right? So we give our customers some peace of mind. So we’re working nationally and internationally and we’ve got one of our partners who are from the Bahamas and they’re probably the best human beings in the world have huge growth in South Africa and we have been selected to be their supply chains. So we’re looking right now at what is the best product set to be able to supply chain to who and for continued success. Right? Everything is a flash in the pan, we’re doing this I mean, CBD-G. I was looking at, you know, $100,000 for a kilogram of certain CBG, isolate it’s unbelievable. So I think a lot of people in this market still don’t understand it. 

And what we try to bring, is peace of mind to the farmer that will be able to represent them properly and by the way, we take a very single-digit margin, which is exciting to the farmer rather than trying to [inaudible] them again, as I was mentioning earlier, that we have a lawyer and the lawyers getting points. No, we don’t. And if you’re working with somebody and your lawyers getting a commission, I would suggest that you stop working with that organization. It’s just immoral and unethical. So what’s interesting about our model that I think is exciting and we talked about it before that I’d like to instill not just for us for CBD export global but everybody to implement. We’re farm direct, we go from farm to lab. 

What we try to bring is peace of mind to the farmer that will be able to represent them properly. - Mike Andrus Click To Tweet

We are then lab direct from the lab to the manufacturer, whether that be isolated CBD or distilled CBD or full-spectrum oil, we take a very thin margin and then at the end of the rainbow there, we have new platform coming up. We would like everybody to be up on our platform and again, single-digit margins to be able to present everybody’s where’s their ethical and moral in this business and so instead of trying to make all that money upfront, and that margin, we’ve reduced that across the board. And it’s been a very, very attractive model to our farm lab and manufacturing partners, vertically integrated partners, as well as our investors. And so with a new co-packing facility, up in the northeast, we’ll be able to attract a lot of brands that are currently white labeling under laboratories that may not be compliant as the FDA spread their wings and is going to come down and shut down a lot of these backyard stills, or a lot of these labs that quite honestly were a homemade home deal, and they’re not putting forth the effort to become DEA CGMP FDA certified production facilities. So that’s a mouthful, I know but that’s the current state of affairs in the industry.

Growing in the CBD Export

Sonia Gomez: You know it’s incredible to hear from your perspective, what you’re doing and the problems that you’re solving. I will express my gratitude for that because I know how challenging it is I’m watching and a lot of my social groups were part of a mentor community and supporting a lot of these brands. And I just read this message that left sort of a pit in my stomach from one of our members who, for the last two and a half years has been white labeling a product they’ve been doing great and in the last three months, especially moving now into the new regulation, are starting to suffer and are having to just blow through their inventory to move into, whatever their next move is going to be for it to remain compliant. They’ve built an established this brand but now the supply chain is a significant challenge for them and it may put them under, they’re losing a lot of their investment right now. 

And another thing is that’s outrageous is the amount of the minimum quantity orders that you have to get from any one of these manufacturers who do have the CGMP and all of these different certifications, they’re requiring a minimum of 1000, 3000, 5000 unit orders. And for a new startup or even established business holding that amount of liability when there are so many peaks and valleys of this industry is challenging. So we’ve partnered with a couple of manufacturers who have all of the certifications, they’re doing artists and bulk products, so five gallons, 10 gallons at a time, do not require large MOQ’s and it’s been nice to see you know, people get their feet wet and not have to carry it a huge amount of liability to be able to invest most of their capital into building the brand, building the community and marketing and advertising. Without that, I mean, there’s you don’t have a business, right? If you don’t have the capital to do it, it’s even a bigger challenge. You have a pretty extensive history and marketing, technologies, all of these different things. How are you helping to bring those that experience that knowledge, those skill sets to the growth of CBD export?

Mike Andrus: Sure, and that’s a great question, by the way, you kind of answered it is the partnerships that we are developing with labs. We want to work with labs that are eager to get CGMP certification, not the ones that are snubbing your nose at it and we work with current CGMP Labs and there are some in Colorado and there are some in California, there’s far between, but they have become smart, working with us because what we’re interested in is we’re telling them that we’ve got startups, we shipped isolette from Colorado last week. 

All the things, we jumped the hoops into New Jersey to a startup for them to get 100 samples to send out to other people that were interested in white-label, right? So they’ve got their brand and they’re going to buy white label granular from this person. Well, guess what? We didn’t need a lot of products and the lab that we worked with who’s a big name, you would know them hundred percent was willing to work with us on pricing and availability for a smaller amount so that this new brand could manufacture their samples, 100 samples to get out to those. So we are looking for partners that are willing to be flexible when it comes to that. And by the way, we’ve heard just the opposite as you said, oh, here’s the price for 1000 kilos, well, the thousand kilos that’s great. I see another unicorn with a rainbow over it. 

As far as marketing is concerned, we are marketing our expertise in secure conveyance and supply chain. So if you need to get product A to look from location A to location B, that’s great. And I get a call every day and say, Mike, I’ve got hot oil, what can you do for us? We can’t do anything because we are compliant with the auspices of the United States of America federal, so we’re not touching anything that’s not compliant with THC. And that was the smartest thing we did. Then we’ll continue to do that. So we do a lot of counseling, we do a lot of work and with our new co-packing facility. Wow, we’ve already got a lot of brands that are coming to us to say, Mike, can you co-pack for us? 19,000 square feet, solid dose 2.2 billion annual solid doses and we’re working on-time release. You know this is a real big already a DEA CGMP facility. 

Hemp Supply Chain

So it’s going to be wonderful to do that. And like I was mentioning one of our favorite brands in Florida, she came to us a little while ago concerned saying our manufacturer isn’t doing any isolate anymore. And for the specific products that they have, that’s them. But what we see is these full-spectrum products that are giving the entourage effect and you can probably speak to that. Those are the products that I think are the real winners these days that have that entourage effect and my saying and I don’t know if I created it, but it was funny, I might have heard a piece and pieced it together, CBD doesn’t make you– THC makes you feel a certain way. CBD makes you not feel a certain way. So you don’t feel that anxiety. You don’t feel that pain, you don’t feel that anger and it takes away with that entourage effect I think that hits on a lot of your in your life and your body, homeopathically that you don’t even know. And a lot of people have done amazing things with it. So, we’re excited to just help out in the industry and we’re a credible resource for the supply chain.

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Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I love that. I can speak to the entourage effect, although I won’t take a ton of time doing it. I am a firm believer and promoter of the full spectrum. At the very minimum, broad-spectrum. I believe that God made this plant as miraculous as it needed to be to create and cultivate the results that someone that is making this plant so popular and really to go mainstream right now and separate from whatever happens scientifically in the body. For those of you who are listening and considering getting into the industry and are trying to understand what formulations are based you should be working with. 

Let me just explain it like this GW Pharmaceutical and Big Pharma already have an own patent on cannabinoids, especially isolated cannabinoids. GW Pharmaceuticals specifically owns the patent on CBD isolate. So with– dialects and all of these different isolated products that are on the marketplace right now released through Big Pharma. A lot of you who have a base of CBD isolate in your products are going to be running up against the big boys in the industry a lot sooner than any of the other folks who are using a distillate broad-spectrum or full-spectrum product. Beyond that, the science already shows that the entourage effect is the real magic tip both activate and continuously nourish your endocannabinoid system which is keeping the body into balance or bringing the body into balance. 

You can research a lot more science about that on medicalsecrets.com. PubMed is another great resource for you guys if you want to take further interest into the science behind all of that, but please know that full disclaimer, science is in its absolute infancy when it comes to studying this particular plant, look at any studies that are coming out of Israel because they are the world’s foremost leader and then the other scientific discoveries or investigations on how cannabinoids are working with the human or mammal bodies.

Mike Andrus: Sonia was at the tech transfer conference in Tel Aviv last year and we’re in constant communication with a lot of companies now in Israel that are doing cultivation and the experimentation in the endocannabinoid system as well as everything else that you talked about. It’s just like you said it’s at its infancy and I just stress to people that are getting into the industry or in their talk to a reputable source about supply chain about pricing, and about how you go about manufacturing because it’s very expensive. And another big one that we didn’t touch on was the THC remediation. We have a solid partner that has a location in Florida and Texas. They are the manufacturers, so they’re a tech company that manufactures extraction equipment, and they have the most elegant THC remediation out there. And it’s no secret. Everybody needs it. 

Talk to a reputable source about supply chain about pricing, and about how you go about manufacturing because it's very expensive. - Mike Andrus Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: We are right now.

Mike Andrus: So if anybody’s interested in that as well, but those are some of the things that we are working on in some of those value-added things that we provide, as a supply chain company, strategic partners. We’ve got brands that we rely on that have gone against 10 people, my family trying CBD and not having an effect and then I say here, try this and they go wow, that’s unbelievable. Why? Because that person and the brands specifically select did the profile, they did the formulation properly, they understood what they were doing. And the results are night and day. And we will continue to be ethical and moral and keep the line till the wine on margins in this business, that– I understand it’s commoditizing but it doesn’t have to commoditize where there’s a run on the bank. 

Like 1929 if everybody holds the line a little bit, they would understand the value of the equipment that everybody spent the science in the lab and the farmers right so we as a company, CBD expert global support, and help the farm the lab into the manufacturing. So it’s– We’re excited about it and we do it 18 hours a day and we have probably the best team of educated people in the world and proud to be representing them and happy to be in the business. 

We have probably the best team of educated people in the world and proud to be representing them and happy to be in the business. - Mike Andrus Click To Tweet

Words of Wisdom

Sonia Gomez: I can tell that you guys if you are any caliber to gauge what the rest of the team is like, it’s, I’m certain that you guys are at the very top of your game. So I appreciate that professionalism and also a passion. Coming into the close of our interview here, we also always do something, that we call the words of wisdom. And I’ll start by asking you from your perspective, and everybody has their answers. For you in your particular business model. And I’ll just give you some context here. In the part of my mentorship groups, we talked a lot about the different ways for you to get involved in the industry, how you can get a job by developing new skill sets that are relevant and necessary for the industry. 

Secondarily, is how to add CBD to your existing businesses and then finally, how you can start your own business. For you and all of your professional background and expertise, coming into this new and exciting industry, being able to apply your many years of experience and success into this space and helping to solve real problems that are in this space, inevitably so you still came up against challenges in building this business, what are two or three of those key challenges that you’ve been up against right now?

Mike Andrus: Well, I think that 2019 is still a shakeout year since the Farm Bill December 2018. Right, we can’t hide that fact. But I do believe firmly as my group does, and as our investors do, that this will shake out. And when it shakes out, I think there’s going to be a strong set of manufacturers, a strong set of labs. I think that to– first of all, to gain entry in the business, do your homework, there’s the internet, there’s Google, you can sit and look at videos for a week and understand things. 

Hemp Supply Chain

If you’re interviewing, find out what you’re passionate about are you into the aggro part of it? Are you into the sales part of marketing? Right? So pick the direction that is fun for you, and that works best for you and go into that interview or call a company like ours, and have your stuff together before you call. It’s like when somebody calls me for a job and they say, so what does CBD expert global do? And I say listen, get back to me. So under understand that, I think that’s number one. Number two, I think we need to have more solidarity in our industry of the folks that are the market makers. 

Pick the direction that is fun for you, and that works best for you. - Mike Andrus Click To Tweet

We are truly the market makers where the buyers think it’s a buyers market, the sellers think it’s a seller’s market. That is the real impasse right there. So when we talk to somebody, we say to them, Listen, this is the value of this product, and what are you making with it. So from farm to lab to manufacturer, we do all of that. And in the end, we say and by the way, we’re able to access this international community to be able to market your products. I would just say to everybody, you know, I was going to say when you were doing your intro to that question, buy low, sell high, but that’s not necessarily true right now. I believe that everything is going to equalize if we all take a deep breath, and we continue to work on the real product set right? 

So there’s a tremendous need from even some of these big box stores that are sitting on their hands waiting for the foodstuff and CBD products out there. So I say patience and education are what CBD export global and what I’ve done is I try to read as much as I can, stay educated and look, we have to get luck to go our way with the masters to have the government understand this is a life-changer. And you already saw that you know, they want to spend some money and do more investigation, but they need to open up those regulations as we all in this business understand, especially from the farm, you’re doing a certificate of analysis to make sure that product is able legal to sell and transport, no more of this burning or tilling under a beautiful hemp product that’s not compliant we’ve got to figure out better avenues to do that. So those are some of the things I think that I think about and by the way, wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving, it is a good time to give thanks. Grateful that we have jobs and we’re in this business and I think the future is bright we stick together 2020 could be an amazing year for us.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I have to agree. I’ll pipe in here with some of our in contribute to today’s words of wisdom. And I’ve been thinking a lot about this, especially in my interactions with folks like yourself who are working on a global scale and who have been a part of pioneering the way that this industry is going and solving challenges that are coming up for us. And for those of you guys who are listening to my show consistently, you know, from listening to our hundreds of guests here that there are four key challenges in this industry right now. One marketing and advertising, banking and merchant processing, stable supply chain. And finally, it is distribution. And when I think about any one of those areas, with the exception of banking, most industries are having similar challenges. 

How do we get ourselves in front of the ideal customers or partners that will allow our company to grow and build recognition and trust? The number one thing that I can say to any one of you guys is to find out– first of all, what you’re passionate about, and how you want to use your passion to solve a problem, and then decide whether you’re going to do that independently, or whether you’re going to join forces with another organization. I will have to second what Mike says here and say that you would be foolish to call and offer your services or inquire about a partner position if you don’t do your homework first. Find out and stay plugged in to what the current relevant legislation, skill sets, companies, I mean, it’s a churn and burns situation right now a lot of people want to get in, but can’t stay in the game. 

Go deep instead of wide, and you'll always be a necessary commodity in this incredible space. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

So I highly suggest that you just stay plugged into your local communities but also get involved on a national level and find out what’s happening. And then finally is with your passion and your ability to problem-solve, think about the people you want to serve and fall in love with them. So many folks want to be everything to everyone and they’re missing the real opportunity to become the taproot in the tree. If you are a tree and you want to grow to be a big old tree, you need a strong taproot otherwise, the first gust of wind is gonna blow you over, go deep instead of wide, and you’ll always be a necessary commodity in this incredible space. Those are my words of wisdom. Mike, I want to know from you who are the ideal people that you want to create partnerships right now that would bring value to your company or that you feel like you could best serve?

Ideal People that they Want to Create Partnerships

Mike Andrus: Sure. So that’s an easy one. So on the farm side, the folks that understand genetics and they are providing a good quality product, right, so people that know how to farm. On the lab side, you know, it’s a real race to the bottom of what’s going on right there and who’s producing what we want to work with ethical-moral labs that are interested in their CGMP certification that they’re not interested in for future thinking and forward, it’s we’re going to be stuck with them when the FDA comes crashing down. So we’re interested in that. But most of all, we want to select brands that are here for the long term they’ve done their homework, again, homeopathic, they’re trying to make a difference. 

We can help them with our white labeling co-packing facility where we have an artificial lung that was originally used for inhalation and now it can be tested for vape certify that the vapes are good. Again, 500-kilogram mixers for solid dose wafer press. So we want to work with brands that are looking for new white labelers, white that– you know co-packing facilities that understand the marketing the labeling, the contents, the ingredients formulation, so that we can drive those brands, again with our marketing and our new platform to the top so that they can sustain. So it is about sustainability and survival right now and we talked about in our meetings, the little guy goes home with his ball, that the big guys sit, strategize and stay with the program and we’ll be at the finish line with everybody else that is committed to helping others.

Sonia Gomez: So just to make sure I understand correctly, you’re looking for entrepreneurs who want to start their brands? And you can provide readymade products or the opportunity to custom formulate both right?

Mike Andrus: We can do both. And it’s not just new folks that are interested not new brands, existing brands–

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, who looking for a new supplier.

Mike Andrus: They’re struggling because people aren’t doing the isolated CBD or distillate right. And we’ve got, we’ve got the labs that are doing nonsolvent, and they’re decarboxylated. I mean, it’s unbelievable stuff. So yeah, we would be glad to talk to anybody offline and again, appreciate the platform and you are just the bomb and it’s our pleasure to be with you today for sure. Thank you very much for everything.

Where to Find Them

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. And where can folks find you if they want to get directly in touch?

Mike Andrus: So yeah, so one thing is it’s really– it’s nice to be when you’re one of the first guys in the company. It’s mike@cbdexport.com and then Our website is www.cbdexport.com, and happy to take any inquiries to help guide those stay with us to get to the top of the industry. 

Sonia Gomez: Amazing. You guys heard it here first. If you want more information on how you can work with CBD Export, go ahead and check them out. All of these links and social media handlings will be posted inside of this blog, along with highlights from today’s show and the show notes. Make sure that you guys check them out. You never know what you missed. And also please welcome folks to listen to and share around this particular episode because I think that it’s really important that folks get to hear what is happening and understand that there are people out there and organizations out there who are working to be ahead of the curve and not behind the curve of compliance. As this industry is growing and flourishing. I want to thank you so much, Mike, for being on our show today, and I can’t wait to follow your guys’ journey. I’m sure there are many points of collaboration for us. And for those of you guys who are listening in on our show, thank you so much for being a part of our community. 

As you know, it is our passion and mission to help you understand the truth about cannabis and hemp CBD so that you can make empowered educated decisions about how you want to care for yourself that people that you love conditions you may be suffering from, or otherwise preserve and care for that beautiful gift of life that you already have. If you’re somebody looking for products that you can depend on delivering the results you’re looking for, check us out at medicalsecrets.com and if you’re a budding entrepreneur trying to break into the industry or break down through the glass ceilings that you’re getting as an established business check us out on theemeraldcircle.com. We are happy to help. Mike any final words?

Mike Andrus: Well, Happy Thanksgiving from CBD Export Global and have a wonderful holiday everyone. And Sonia, thanks again we’re honored to be here. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes, you’re welcome guys. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m your hostess with the mostess, Sonia Gomez and this is The Hemp Revolution podcast. We’ll see you at the next show, guys.

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