How to Create High Quality Products In The Hemp/Cbd Industry – Interview With David Dickson

What you start with is what you end with.

Meaning if you want a quality end product, you need to start with a quality seed and soil. That’s exactly what David Dickson aims to do by supporting farmers right from the beginning. He helps source clean product and helps farmers go through the various steps of production.

David explains how the cannabis and hemp industry is currently exploding and is very excited for the next 5 to 10 years. But he also explains that more and more corporates are getting into the space. This means that a lot of consumer education and unbiased information needs to be available to clients.

David says that now is the time to build a brand, as this is what will set a business owner apart from other hemp and cannabis products. The current regulations are designed for bigger business to come in, but he is confident that better regulations will come in. This is good news for those of us supporting the organic movement and small businesses.

David’s mission is to support farmers as well as have a stake in it himself. He also believes there is a huge opportunity in nanotechnology, where we’ll be able to deliver whole spectrum and isolates in much more increased viability.

Topics discussed
● How David helps hemp farmers produce organic nutrients
● Why it’s important to support business from the seed
● The standard progression in the industry
● The economics of the hemp space
● The importance of consumer education and access to unbiased information
● The different regulations and what they mean for the future of the cannabis industry
● The opportunity in nanotechnology

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