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Could CBD Improve your Fitness Experience? With Justin Rewa

Justin Rewa

Are you considering CBD for post-workout recovery?

Justin Rewa, a longtime personal trainer, and health and wellness coach, is the founder of Vitality Sources CBD, a company that provides all-natural health solutions to elevate people’s lives and become the best versions of themselves. 

In today’s episode, Justin talks about two of the most significant benefits of CBD that can help level up your fitness experience. He also talks about the criteria for selecting the brands that they work with and the motivation behind his passion for health and wellness.

Let’s dive in!

My main focus is helping people be the best version of themselves. – Justin Rewa

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:10 – How Justin got into personal training
7:09 – The Idea of Selling CBD in the Gym
11:04 – Criteria for selecting brands they work with
15:09 – Breaking the stigma
17:56 – Integrating CBD into your business
20:26 – Two biggest benefits of CBD
22:52 – Monetary results of adding CBD to his services
32:06 – Biggest disruption in healthcare
40:18 – Words of wisdom

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up guys, Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado. Super excited to be on another episode of the hemp revolution podcast where we are telling and sharing the stories behind the scenes of the people who are pushing these amazing products into the marketplace and actually pioneering this incredible industry across the nation and even around the world. 

Our mission here at the Hemp Revolution is to make sure that you have accurate truth information so that you can make educated empowered decisions about how you want to treat yourself, the people that you love, conditions that you may be suffering from, but also to help you as you are entering into the space troubleshoot through the many inevitable challenges that come along with this incredible industry. 

I’m your hostess with the mostess Sonia Gomez. In today’s show. We are going to be talking about Vitality Sources CBD which was founded by our guest Justin Rewa, a longtime personal trainer, health, and wellness coach. He began as a wholesaler selling CBD out of his backpack to anyone that was interested. Sound familiar? Now he has opened a full retail location inside the gym, e3 Fitness

At Vitality Source CBD they provide all-natural health solutions to help people elevate their life and become the best version of themselves. So excited to be here with you today. Justin, how you doing? 

Justin Rewa: Sonia? Thank you so much for that intro That was awesome. I’m doing great. How are you?

Sonia Gomez: I’m doing amazing. Super stoked to have yet another fellow Colorado here with me on this icy cold day. 

Justin Rewa: Can you believe it? I mean I feel like we got about eight inches of snow last night. It’s freezing.

Sonia Gomez: We literally did get eight inches of snow. I know because I made my– I was drinking my coffee out the front door while my son had to go out and sweep it all off of my car. So there was tons of snow. Yeah, and our weather is schizophrenic here which is why we need CBD to just deal with the ever-changing, it’s like a woman. Colorado’s like a woman her mood is always changing.

Justin Rewa: It helps, right? This reduced anxiety from all the stress we get from this weather. It’s crazy.

Sonia Gomez: Yes. Totally Tell me a little bit more straight from the horse’s mouth intros are cool, but I always love to hear straight from Yeah. Where are you from? What you up to? How’d you end up in this mess?

How Justin Got into Personal Training

Justin Rewa: Yeah, again, thanks for the intro. That was awesome. I’m originally from Michigan. Grand Rapids, Michigan. And I moved out to Colorado 11 years ago, came out here, just the love of the mountains, snowboarding, things like that. And at that time, I was in a little bit different industry doing computer aid drafting, sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, and I got into working out through that job, which was nice. And got introduced to a personal trainer. And as I was working out with a personal trainer, I was like, This is the industry that I need to be in. 

I’ve been in sports and fitness really my whole life but just never became a personal trainer. And so I decided to start studying for my personal trainer’s certification, and I got a job at 24 Hour Fitness like everybody does, just to get started. Yeah. And eventually, I got certified. And that really kind of helps me change my direction in my life as far as what I wanted to do, and helping people just be the best version of themselves. 

And so that’s kind of how this whole CBD thing has manifest is, I still want to do that. So that’s my main focus is helping people be the best version of themselves. And so I take more of a holistic approach, and my personal training and even my recommendation of CBD. Because it’s not just, oh, just take the CBD and then you’re going to be better. I recommend that you change your nutrition and you exercise so that your whole life is better. And then again, more of a holistic approach.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, love that. Was there a specific incident in your life beyond getting into personal training and working with people’s wellness as a whole? Was there a specific incident in your life that said, like, I absolutely have to incorporate this into my business?

Justin Rewa: Yeah, actually, what really catapulted me into the personal training thing. My cousin, he was morbidly obese, 47 years old, and he died of a massive heart attack. And at that, at that point, he was kind of like the closest person to me to pass away and that was really hard for me. But it just like gave me all the motivation in the world to just be like, I want to help people like him and as many people as I can to change their life for the better. So we can, you know, avoid those types of things. And that was really a catalyst. 

I literally quit my job, moved home for seven weeks, studied my ass off, and got my personal training certification came back to Colorado, and just been crushing it ever since.

Sonia Gomez: A little slice of humble pie.

Justin Rewa: I’m trying to help as many people as possible.

Sonia Gomez: I’m helping people and I’m crushing it. Yeah. I love it. Okay, well tell us how you’re crushing it then. Do you have your gym and then you have a CBD store inside of your gym. This is a model that I adore like I wish more gyms have this type of diversity. 

A lot of gyms offer products and they offer swag and it’s just sort of like a byproduct of what they have going on. But there aren’t very many gyms that like really create an emphasis, especially on holistic remedies to improve your workout experience or your overall health and well being. How did you come up with the idea to incorporate it as a part of your gym?

The Idea of Selling CBD in the Gym

Justin Rewa: Well, I’m not the owner of the gym. I’m renting a space. So, I’m a personal trainer. And you know with me, when I first got started with CBD, was from a recommendation of a friend of mine. She noticed I had this really bad cough for about two months, and she said, Hey, try some CBD. She gave me a bottle. In three days, the cough was completely gone. [crosstalk] I was just blown away and I thought, I literally thought like, this is like gold. I’m gonna save this for the next time I have something, some kind of sickness. I don’t like to take, you know, any prescriptions for sure, but even NSAIDs or anything like that, and so I hold on to it for a little while, but then I started to do some research and I took it one time after a hangover, and my hangover is gone in like 30 minutes. But then when I started

Sonia Gomez: Vegas with me,

Justin Rewa: All right, like, I don’t I don’t advertise that because I don’t want people to take advantage of it like, in that way or to like go and get drunk just to know that they can get cured by the by the CBD but it does, it works. But, but once I I really started to see the benefits when I started taking it regularly. I was taking melatonin, and that was up to about 10 milligrams of melatonin a day. 

Sonia Gomez: Oh, wow. 

Justin Rewa: I’ve used to get the worst sleep because I’m my mind’s running. I’m constantly like talking to people all day long and I had a hard time shutting it down at night. I’d be thinking about my clients and how it could help them all through the night. So anyway, I started taking the CBD every night, and all of a sudden, I’m getting six hours of uninterrupted sleep, and I’m waking up feeling refreshed instead of feeling pretty groggy from my night’s sleep in taking the melatonin. And then I was more focused at work which was was a, you know, a big benefit for me. 

Justin Rewa: And then I started noticing that I was recovering from my workouts even quicker. So I was doing hard workouts that would normally you know, crush me for a couple days. And here I am, I’m recovering from my workouts the next day I’m able to train just as hard. Went man within like three months of taking the CBD regularly. I was PRN major lifts like my deadlift, my clean, my squat, my benchpress which at 47 years old, that’s a big deal.

Sonia Gomez: [unintelligible]

Justin Rewa: Yeah, no, I’m still spring chicken. But that’s when I decided to bring this idea to the owner of the gym and say hey, Using this CBD, I’m selling it to my clients, you know, they’re seeing benefits from it. I think this would be a perfect place to start a store. And so that’s kind of my niche now like, this is what I want to do. I want to duplicate this, you know, in other locations. we’re actually opening another e3 downtown in Loto next month, which we’re super excited about. And I’ll have another Vitality Source inside the gym there as well. So be mine Vitality Soars.

Sonia Gomez: Yay. Congratulations. So exciting. Great locale. I used to live right on the 17th and was the overbuy Jack’s fish house. And I’ll tell you what, there is like the best group, the best crowds all go down there so [crosstalk] rock on.

Justin Rewa: It’s gonna. It’s gonna be awesome. I’m so excited.

Sonia Gomez: So you’re a distributor for multiple brands. What are the criteria that you use to select the brands that you’re working with?

Criteria for Selecting Brands They Work With

Justin Rewa: well, one, one thing that, you know, I’d love to meet the distributor or the rapper, you know, and talk to them about, you know, how much they’re integrated with the farms with the extraction process and all that. And so building those relationships has been really important to me. Understanding where the product comes from. The ease of checking their COAs, their certificate of analysis, that’s a big deal for me. I got the help from the owners of Happy Planet. They sell a salve, which is my best selling salve. And they really helped because they had already vetted some of these companies too, and so I just learn from them and then I picked up some of my own distributors, and what I’ve kind of done is say, okay, you know, Happy Planet, you guys have the best salve, I’m going to carry your salve. Functional Remedies Endosport, you have the best full-spectrum oil I’m going to carry your full-spectrum oil. World Class Health, I like their bath bombs the best. Pure Hemp Botanicals, I love their vape cartridges so I kind of just, you know, whoever I think is, you know or I feel has the best product the best you know marketing there’s all– I look at everything CBDistellery is another one I carry their isolate and their full spectrum as well. So just really vetting these companies knowing that they can keep up with the demand. And just making sure that everything is kind of staying consistent because that’s one thing that I see with a lot of people you know, help distributors come and they’ll drop off their product and then you’ll never see him again. never hear from again, you don’t like? It’s so kind of trying to stay with companies that have a good strong foothold in the business.

It's so kind of trying to stay with companies that have a good strong foothold in the business. - Justin Rewa Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, totally. That was one of the biggest complaints because we did the some of the areas that we help sort of stabilized for on behalf of entrepreneurs or retail stores, our distribution, supply chain, merchant processing, or banking solutions, and then marketing and advertising and some of the biggest, most consistent feedback that I get from retail stores or folks like yourself, who are distributing multiple brands, inside of a location or through their client base, is the inconsistency from distributors. 

So for those of you guys who are listening, and there are developing district channels of distribution, how you build your relationship is going to be so key for your success. You literally can not fuck this up, because you only have one chance to make a first impression and you know being somebody that people can rely on to deliver their products and services like so super important. So, so, so important can’t emphasize it enough. 

What were some of the key challenges that you had when you were getting involved in the industry or when you were integrating this into your personal training business, which by the way, I absolutely love that? I actually have a certification program where I help personal trainers, people in the medical field, stuff like that like I give them a professional certification. 

I’ve helped so many like massage therapists, personal trainers, counselors, as people just integrate this into their business for added income. When folks go at it alone, they encounter some challenges. When they have a mentor, they have challenges. What were some of the things that you came up against that and made this not such a smooth road?

Breaking the Stigma

Justin Rewa: It was just the stigma about you know, marijuana in general cannabis, you know, people automatically, not really knowing the difference between marijuana and CBD and cannabis, they’d really didn’t know and what it was or which was which, and so automatically just putting it all into one bucket. And so I decided really early on that my company was going to be based on education about CBD. Because until people are informed and educated about the health benefits, what it really is the fact that the CBD that I sell has no psychoactive effect. Then people aren’t really going to understand and they’re going to, they’re going to still look at it as taboo and whether it’s from their religion or because they get drug tested and they’re just afraid that they might not pass that test. So, I really try to inform people on all levels of you know, the benefits of CBD, and what it is. And through my social medias, through Instagram and Facebook, on my Google page, my Google business page everything to try and just get the word out, get people understanding that this is actually a really safe product to take and much better for you than a lot of the pharmaceuticals and you know, like I said, like the answers and different things like that that are can be very harmful to people. So and it’s, you know, so much better taking all these all-natural products, that has really little to no side effects that have been discovered as yet, right?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, I think I would have to agree that the education is probably the biggest challenge because there’s so much misinformation out there that it’s hard to know, who to trust, what to trust, and a lot of education has come that comes out into the marketplace that is readily accessible is from companies who are writing the education specifically to get you to buy their shit. 

Justin Rewa: That’s right.

Sonia Gomez: So it’s a little biased.

A little bit. 

A little bit. A little bit. So my question for you is, as you’re becoming more of an influencer, and as you’re becoming somewhat of a, you’re definitely considered to be an example like what, from what I have seen and from what my team and I, you know, reviewed before inviting you on to the show. It definitely seems like you’re building up, you know, some influence in your space. 

So my question for you is, how would you advise or speak to other gym owners or personal trainers who are maybe feeling slightly skeptical or uncertain about how they should integrate CBD into their business or what the benefits are. Perhaps you could offer some perspective on, you know, what it’s done for you and your business, what it’s done for you and your gym, and how they might be able to integrate it into their own businesses.

Integrating CBD into Your Business

Justin Rewa: Yeah, absolutely. I think for certain, being a user of the product helps tremendously. If you don’t believe in the product, then it’s really hard to sell. And so, if you just are looking to make some money off something, because it’s kind of a fun thing to do, and everybody’s saying like, Oh, you should carry CBD. If you don’t believe it at the end of the day, it’s maybe not even gonna work for you. 

We know that A lot of the effect is just psychological. Believing that something is going to work is half the battle. A lot of times foam rolling is a perfect example. You could foam roll your legs and do all this stuff. And there’s no real science that says that this is doing anything, but it makes you feel better. And if you believe that it makes you feel better, then great then do it. 

I found that the same thing you know even with CBD, how much our brain affects our body we think about how our thoughts affect every being in our in us. And so if you’re as an owner, if you’re not really believing in the product, you’re not taking it you can’t speak to it, then it’s gonna be a tough sell. So I would encourage anybody that’s thinking about getting the business to start using it regularly. I mean, this is like a daily supplement that you can take and it helps to benefit you Whether it’s reducing anxiety, reducing inflammation, you know, helping you sleep at night, all things that, who doesn’t want that? You know,

Sonia Gomez: What are some of the stories that you’re seeing or I guess compare and contrast some of your clients who are using it versus are not using it. What are some of the benefits that you’re seeing in them? Or is it working? You know, how is it working for them? 

Two Biggest Benefits of CBD

Justin Rewa: Yeah, I mean, the number one thing is the sleep and recovery. And that’s, I think, why the majority of people are coming back. I mean, I have people with arthritis and knee pain. And so that that one like people with arthritis, absolutely love the salve because it works and it gives them pain relief, and they just have a better quality of life. So they’re able to accomplish more tasks throughout the day, get more things done, just feel better, but with my clients that are taking a regular that you know, have had trouble sleeping at night, or they’re really anxious, Reducing that anxiety before you go to bed and getting that better sleep has just really transformed their life, whether it’s at work, or in the gym, because they’re recovering from their workouts quicker, they’re able to train harder, they’re seeing better results. And that’s a great combination. And then, and then just in your personal life, it affects you a lot too. Because when you’re in pain, especially chronic pain, that can be debilitating. You know, you want to sit on the couch, you just want to not move not to do anything. Now, you’re, you know, people are feeling more active, they can get out they can do stuff they can play with their kids they can actually start to seem even more weight loss because they’re being active. So that’s, that’s the two biggest benefits that I’ve seen with my clients. Is that just that recovery from getting better sleep and reducing the inflammation.

Sonia Gomez: I’m going to ask you a personal question. It’s not your bra size, but I do want to ask. I do want to ask because I think it’s important for people to have a gauge. Now without making any income claims or anything like that. I do like to talk about the revenue piece though, because I think it’s important for people to be able to understand like, Hey, you have a unique skill set. I do this with massage therapists, for instance, like great, you’re making 60 bucks an hour for a massage, you know, 40% of that is going to go to whatever salon you’re a part of, right? And then if you have products or essential oils or remedies, or upsells or anything like that, it just increases your revenue. So you’re making more money. What kind of results are you seeing monetarily, since you’ve added CBD to your offering?

Monetary Results of Adding CBD to His Services

Justin Rewa: Well, I mean, I’m not like making a killing yet. When I first started. In the first six months, I was in a different gym actually. And it was kind of in this industrial area. And so my only clients were really the gym clients, and then the clients that I was getting off of [unintelligible]. So I was doing okay. I’ve profited every single month since I opened. So that’s a great thing. I’ve been able to pay myself after the third month I started I was actually able to start paying myself a little bit. And even like this month. 

Now I’ve moved into a new gym that’s on a busy location on Broadway and Mississippi, like one of the nice, you know, intersections of Denver, you know, yeah, totally. It’s awesome. And so this month, I’ve have seen a good increase in sales profiting already and able and paying myself and I own all my products and all that stuff. I started it to be a supplement to my personal training business. Because personal training can be up and down. And yeah, in July and August, it can be brutal, you know, you can like make two to $3,000 less in those months in personal training sales and the same thing at Christmas. And so I wanted this to like a kind of, you know, level my income off a little bit.

Sonia Gomez: yeah stabilize that.

Justin Rewa: Stabilize it, exactly and it’s done that and now I have this store, I’m opening another store. And I’m starting to see the potential for even more, so I’ve spent more money my website is finally done and looking awesome. I just literally just finished it last week. so that’s just thrilled about starting to spend some money on marketing, talking to marketing directors and things like that getting everything in line to really maybe even make this more of a living. 

Sonia Gomez: Oh yeah, 

Justin Rewa: well I love my personal training, I love my clients, I love coaching classes, and all that, like this could sustain me even more. And so that’s the potential I see. I’m not there yet but I know that the potential is there. And so I’m creating this model that I can almost just plug and play at different gyms and once I get this going, it’s just a matter of finding the right people to manage each location. And, so, I’d be happy to talk to any gym owners that are even thinking about the possibility of starting some something like this because it could cross over into other supplements, you know, whether it’s a protein or, you know, different things like that, too, that can be hugely beneficial for gyms that are maybe getting by, but could just use just a little bit more to really really start to [cross talk]

Yeah. And, and the other benefit is that so many people are coming into the store, then now the gym owners are benefiting because those people are signing up for gym memberships. Because these are people that have never been exposed to the gym. They come in, I give them a tour of the gym, they and they see they see what we have to offer. And they’re like, Oh, this is a great place. I’m going to live right down the street, sign up. And so there’s that benefit. 

And I offer, you know, consultations to anybody that come comes in, to kind of get on a program like what kind of goals can be established to help these people have a better life. And like I was saying better before about nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. If you do those three, you’re gonna be healthy and you’re gonna be healthy for Life. I want to help people for life not just for a quick fix. CBD does help in the interim. But if you keep eating like shit, then you’re not gonna feel better. You’re just gonna be fighting with it like yo CBD reduced inflammation from all that sugary crap that I ate but I’m gonna keep eating the sugar and keep feeling like crap, so I got to take more CBD. 

Sonia Gomez: Don’t wash your CBD down with soda.

Justin Rewa: With soda. Like that’s the crazy right?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, it trips me out all the time. They’re like, Oh, that was amazing. I love my edible and I’m so relaxed. I’m finally not in pain. We should go get a burger and I’m like, What? What? 

Justin Rewa: Yeah, burger, and a coke.

Sonia Gomez: I’m telling you, man. It’s Middle Earth. I call it Middle Earth. It’s The Homer Simpson Effect, you know, people are just like we’re just so used to our habits and what we do, it’s tough to break them but CBD is definitely a good icebreaker if you’re trying to bridge into a healthier, more conscious self-care lifestyle. That’s one of the big things that I’ve known as I’ve actually almost fully transitioned into like CBD dominant strains for cannabis. 

I’m what I call a stiletto stoner. I’m like a classy consumer of cannabis. But like, the weed that’s out on the marketplace nowadays is like an alien weed. It’s so souped-up, so super strong. I’m like, you’re just too much. I can’t [crosstalk] generation of cannabis. So, I’ve definitely transitioned more into like CBD dominant strains and I’ve really been enjoying the CBD edibles, especially the gummies. 

There’s this particular company, Best Buds and I don’t even know what their gummy bears are called. They’re probably just Best Buds, guys. means that I call them yummy gummies because they’re the best gummy bears ever. And they work so well and tastes so good. It’s like the perfect icebreaker for anybody who’s never tried it before who doesn’t like that cerebral effect? 

I’m also working with a lot of folks who are really passionate about like, natural and holistic wellness and are actually creating fitness brands. Powders and protein, [inaudible] and things like that. I’ll definitely make an intro for you because they’re like, creating their products specifically for like, women who enjoy fitness or like even all the way to the extreme where they’re like male fitness models. They’re creating products specifically for [crosstalk]

It’s really super cool. Just to see the diversity of products that are starting to be offered now. There was something that you said when you were talking about the growth of your company and Forbes says that eight out of 10 businesses are going to fail in their first year. So the fact in your first few months that you’re able, you know, or let’s just call it in your first year where you’re able to, like stabilize the revenue enough to where you’re keeping your doors open, looking at bringing in the next location, looking at are able to pay yourself like this is this is a huge triumph, and other industries are not real. Like that’s not real life in other industries. 

So for those of you guys who are in any of these, like sort of service-based businesses, massage therapy, Personal Training, these are two excellent examples, physical therapist, Counselor chiropractor. If you guys are listening to this and you’re wondering, like, how can I integrate CBD into your practice, you should check us out at, because we talk about, you know how to easily integrate CBD into your existing business so you can continue to do what you love but also build revenue that will stabilize through the slow times that give you hyper bonuses on top of the other things.

And trust me, your clientele will appreciate it because it shows that you’re thinking about them and what’s going to be beneficial for them and that you’re staying on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the conversation or in the industry of health as a whole. Maybe you’ll have something to contribute to this. This is by far the biggest disruption I think we’ll ever witness in healthcare right now and more so than ever, people are becoming quite conscious about how they want to take care of their own bodies. They’re sick of the opioid crisis. How are you seeing that translate in the gym or folks Looking towards or using a lot more of the supplements than then you would have seen before?

Biggest Disruption in Healthcare

Justin Rewa: Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I agree. 100% This is the only one. What is this? Yeah, it’s one of the biggest things since like, after prohibition. But yeah, absolutely. I looked to one of my kettlebell classes, and there’s like 12 people in the class and I was like, all 10 of the 12 people in this class are using CBD. That’s pretty good integration. You know, why don’t you when you were talking it, I thought about something that you know, all managers and owners have kind of expressed to me and that they don’t want to feel salesy when selling CBD and so they don’t know if it’s a good fit for them, but a kind of leads me back to the point I was making earlier when I said, you know, if you’re using the product and you believe in the product, it isn’t salesy, you know, if you actually truly believe that this is beneficial for somebody, all you can do is let them know and let them make an educated decision on whether they want to use it or not. 

And I never push the product in anybody. People come into the gym, and I asked them, you know, what do they know about CBD? If they don’t know anything that I explained to them what it is, I asked them about what they would want to use it for. I recommend what I think is the best product for them and they make an educated decision on what is going to be best for them. So that’s kind of my whole process is to get informed. Choose your product and then elevate your life. And that’s, that’s what I’ve seen for myself. Like, just learning about CBD, the benefits, choosing the right product for the right situation and I’ve seen my life and lifestyle just get elevated on so many levels. Sleep is the best though.

My whole process is to get informed, choose your product, and then elevate your life. - Justin Rewa Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: I’m ADD and ADHD. So, I also have like a bout of insomnia or occasional sleeplessness. And CBD has been so transformational for me. I didn’t think it was– I was like this fucking diet weed, it’s going to work for nobody. But it does work, by the way, it doesn’t matter [unintelligible] CBD will work. My question for you what would be some key pieces of advice that you would offer to folks who want to integrate, like, you know, being understanding the challenges, knowing that people want to want to get into this what would be like Here’s some here are the next three steps that you got to follow if you want to add this to your gym or if you want to add this to your personal training.

Justin Rewa: Yeah. Like I said, number one, start using regular yourself, do the research. You know, pick a few companies, read their blogs, check out their certificate of analysis. See what products are going to work best for you as far as in your gym and what you’re comfortable with, you know, like in a gym setting, probably not going to have leaf and things like that shatter like, you know, that doesn’t blend well with the gym setting. But, you know, whether it’s, you know, doggy treats and bath bombs and salves like those things, people are going to be more open to that kind of stuff. So, you know, kind of looking at different products to see what’s going to be the best for you and then finding out the right space for it. And what I find is, I don’t know if it’s the best thing for, you know, free to say like, [unintelligible] CBD on the shelf and sell it whenever I can. Because then you’re kind of doing customers a little bit of a disservice. People come in and there’s nobody to help. I staff the store. I’m there all the time or someone else is there that can help somebody else. So if somebody comes in, you can talk to somebody. So you got to think about that, like, how are you going to staff it? And what products are you going to take and you know, obviously be able to speak to it because you’re, you’re using the product yourself is important.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, so I’m going to add I call this segment the words of wisdom. And these are like the golden nuggets that we can give people who are listening in and I never pulled For these things, because I always take inspiration and piggyback off of what you guys say, and it’s been a going theme, in my interviews, the last couple episodes around the location, where you position your products and where you position your offer is so key. And I think you talked about it really well, like, you know, in the first gym, it didn’t get adoption the same way because you just didn’t have the traffic and that at the end of the day business is a numbers game.

So you really like the more people that you can get your offer in front of the better chance that you’ll have for conversions, or the more data that you will have to understand what you need to shift and change so that you will see conversions. That’s true for brick and mortar and that’s true for online business. It’s a numbers game, but your location where you position yourself and how you position yourself is everything. Something else that you said that I loved and is also been a theme in our episodes, at least the last few is Education.

It's a numbers game, but your location where you position yourself and how you position yourself is everything. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

There’s such there is such diluted education and information out there that’s totally biased and driven by the companies that want you to buy their stuff that you have to use discernment and really filter through the nonsense and find things that can be factual and functional without put being salesy and pushy and just like, regurgitating what you think it may be true from a brand’s blog, really have to find the reputable doctors in the space.

Check out, it’s a great example for quick reads that you can easily digest and then regurgitate to be able to move product and then finally is confidence. Having confidence comes from competence. So what you understand you’ll be able to share, but if you don’t understand it, then you just sound like an asshole who’s trying to share something that you don’t understand. build your competence to get your confidence and selling is just one way of transferring energy or transferring information if you feel comfortable saying like, Oh my god, girl, I love this lotion I just picked up at Target, you absolutely have to try it my skin’s never been tighter. If you’re comfortable saying that, you’ll be comfortable being like try the CBD product.

It’s the absolute best and the only difference is that you’re collecting a sale at the end of the day like there’s, if you feel like you’re being salesy, then you’re selling and not sharing and sharing of information so that people can make their own decisions is a lot better than pushing something down their throat which will honestly end up hurting you more than helping you because People need to feel like they’re making their own decisions not like they’re following somebody else’s agenda.

Justin Rewa: Yeah, absolutely. It’s more genuine.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, totally more genuine, what are some final words of wisdom that you can share with our community? Before I get you to tell them where they can follow you?

Words of Wisdom

Justin Rewa: While you touched on it too, like with the education that’s kind of, you know, it’s become my niche. I think it’s important to find your niche in this space, whatever that may be, and really go with it. And, you know, make sure you do the research on the companies that you’re supporting. And a lot of people come in with, you know, all the smoke and mirrors and they have the best CBD the best practice and they, they change the wording of everything to make it sound like they’re the only ones that are doing this and sometimes they get you excited and you want to jump on it and just be like, Oh, yeah, well, so you know, I’ll help y’all.

Sonia Gomez: unicorn essence in yours.

Justin Rewa: Like that’s that was it sounds amazing [unintelligible] unicorn?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. You’re like strawberry shortcake made this. Oh my god, I’m in.

Justin Rewa: But do the research and take your time to make a good judgment with the companies because like you said you only have one chance to make a first impression and you don’t want to recommend something that could end up coming back to bite you. So yeah, just like really know that you want to help people that’s the biggest thing like, if you have a passion for helping people, this is the business for you because it is so beneficial and so helpful. When I hear the stories of people coming in. This lady got off morphine, this person is recovering from a severe accident and finally getting the pain relief and just all these stories that come pouring in from being more active and losing weight and all these things, It’s what it’s about and that’s what makes me happy and keeps me going but because that’s what I want to do, I want to help people really live their best life. You know?

Sonia Gomez: I love that. You’re so sweet. Where can they find you? Where can they follow you and do you have any shirtless pictures?

Justin Rewa: Ah, I happen to have a shirtless picture from Halloween. 

Sonia Gomez: You’re like it’s [crosstalk] And you can find me on this photo.

Justin Rewa: But it won’t be on this site. I’m Vitality Source CBD on the website, Facebook and Instagram, all Vitality Source CBD, so easy to find.

My personal is just my name if you wanted to look that up too. 

Sonia Gomez: Justin Rewa is on Instagram @justinrewa? 

Justin Rewa: Uh-huh. 

Sonia Gomez: All right and that’s where you can find the topless photos. We want to see how this integration is actually working here.

Justin Rewa: Fit at 47

Sonia Gomez: hashtag fit at 47

Justin Rewa: There you go.

Sonia Gomez: I like I like that. Okay cool. Well, all of your social handles and all of your websites we posted inside of this blog for those of you guys who are tuning in, or perhaps a reading when you should be at your desk working I’m just kidding. But if you are cheating on your boss with me right now and listening to the handles or reading on our blogs, check out all of the channels that we just shared. 

Justin is holding it down for our fitness crew here in Denver, Colorado. Super excited to have you on for those of you guys tuning in. Check us out at the Emerald circle comm if you are considering making the jump into the cannabis and hemp CBD space, and perhaps need some support on navigating your way through. If you are somebody looking for products that you can trust to deliver the results you’re looking for, check us out on I’m your hostess with the mostess and this is The Hemp Revolution podcast. We’ll see you on the next show, guys.

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