Democratic Congressional Candidate Smokes Weed in Campaign Ad

You know that when a congressional candidate smokes weed in their campaign ad that the times are definitely a changin’. Prospective political candidates across the country are preparing for mid-term elections in November. One Illinois congressional candidate has embraced these changing times like no other candidate in history by smoking cannabis in his campaign ad.

While the feds keep trying suppress the will of the people, states across the country support the legalization of cannabis more than ever. Perhaps nothing paints a clearer picture of this than Benjamin Thomas Wolf’s campaign efforts.

Illinois Has Gone Up in Smoke: Congressional Candidate Smokes Weed in Campaign Ad

Wolf is running for the 5th Congressional District in Illinois. Primary elections take place in the state on March 20. In efforts to win the vote of the people, Wolf recently released a new campaign ad on his website. In the ad Wolf is dressed in a black suit and looks more Hollywood than would-be politician. He sits on a chair, leg casually crossed over the other, holding a burning joint. An American flag painting hangs behind him, smoke surrounding his head like a halo.

At the bottom of the ad, Wolf’s message is clearly displayed.

“Legalize Cannabis. Vote March 20th.”

Wolf has made his stance on cannabis explicitly clear.

Wolf Strongly Supports Marijuana Legalization…Openly Admits to Recreational Cannabis Consumption

“As a cannabis user, I think it’s important we get out front and talk about it,” he recently told the Chicago Sun Times. “We realize that cannabis can bring billions of dollars to the state, it’s medicine for millions of people around the country, it changes criminal justice reform and personally I think it’s a wonderful recreational substance as well.”

Wolf is a former FBI agent and US diplomat. These days, he’s looking to legalize marijuana. He speaks of using state revenue from legal cannabis on education and drug rehab programs. And like leaders in a few other legal states, he wants to acquit anyone currently serving time for marijuana-related charges.

Legalize It!

Perhaps his most important political position on his platform is the following that calls for: “the immediate legalization of marijuana and hemp for both medical and recreational uses in all US states, cities, and territories.”

While Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has made it clear that he believes it would be a “mistake” to legalize marijuana, it’s clear not everyone agrees.

Wolf is one of them…and could have a huge impact on Illinois marijuana laws.

To all our Illinois peeps, NOW is the time to make your voice be heard! Get out there and vote. And Benjamin Thomas Wolf, we salute you!

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  • You go former FBI agent.
    You rock!
    Next, run for President.
    Dipstick now is real loser.
    Good for no one.
    Hope FBI bust this orange weazel. Cannot stand our current so called leaders! Fire all of them.

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