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Common Weed Problems & How Can You Avoid Them

Growing cannabis is a refined taste, a lot like making homemade wine. It requires a lot of attention, some capital and all the necessary equipment for growth and training. Like any other plant, cannabis requires food, water, minerals and light to grow and mature. If even one of these amenities is not present in the necessary quantity, your cannabis plant will start acting out. So before you take the decision of growing a sativa breed in your backyard, make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities.

common weed problems, marijuana, cannabisIf you plan on growing cannabis at home, make sure you check the legalization policies in your nation. You could end up going to jail for planting trees. Cannabis grows well in warm tropical climate with minimal attention. You don’t have to constantly look after it, as the case is in case of your dahlia flower plants.

Some common weed problems that you may face while growing cannabis are as follows.

#1: Boron Deficiency

Boron is an important nutrient that the plant requires for various functions. The cannabis plant derives its nutrients and minerals from the soil. If the soil is improper, the required nutrients may not be present. The boron deficiency in cannabis plants is mainly due to irregular pH of soil. Too acidic or basic soil can harm your plant.

A major symptom of Boron deficiency in cannabis plant is the improper and slow growth of the upper leaves. These leaves tend to be small and underdeveloped and often tend to twist or curl up. Boron deficiency leads to other issues like calcium deficiency, nitrogen deficiency, and potassium deficiency. This is because boron must be present in the plant for these minerals to exist.

marijuana, common weed problems, marijuana cultivation, #2: Rotting Buds

This is one of the major common weed problems, growers face today. A fungus called Botrytis cinerea is responsible for the rotting of buds. This leads to lesser yield of plant and therefore loss in time and money. Rotting of buds can occur due to the following reasons- inadequate air circulation, growing cannabis in cold temperatures,not removing the rotten buds earlier and overwatering.

#3: Light Burns

All plants need light to grow and so does cannabis. Nevertheless anything in high amounts is never good. If you leave your cannabis plant in the sunlight in the hot weather season for too long, your plant is likely to develop light burns. This means that the flower and the leaves often burn off. So it is always advised to grow cannabis indoors in a controlled environment.

These are only of the common weed problems you might face in your journey. Fret not though. Once your plant is fully developed and the buds take shape you will finally get a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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