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Colorado Officials Head New National Coalition Contesting Sessions’ Move to Rescind Cole Memo

Several Colorado officials are heading a national coalition of elected officials across the country with an aim to incite a “healthy dialogue” on the inconsistencies between state a federal marijuana laws.

Leaders for Reform is the name of the new organization…and is one that wants to see the chaos surrounding discrepancies regarding legal cannabis end once and for all.

“We, at the local levels and state levels, we don’t like to work in chaos,” said Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace in a press conference call. “We don’t thrive in chaos.”

Members of Leaders for Reform sent a letter to Sessions on Wednesday, criticizing his decision in early January to rescind the Cole Memo. The letter stated that this decision eliminated the safeguards that were put in place to protect public safety.

There were 109 politicians from 11 states across the country that signed the letter. 80 of the signatures came from officials in Colorado.

The letter states that while a task force investigates how to align state and federal cannabis laws that the group “would request that the Department of Justice not initiate new enforcement actions in situations where operators are following state and local (cannabis) regulations. This would provide certainty to the basic operation of local governments across the country.”

Click here to read the letter in its entirety.

Elected officials heading the coalition have plans to engage in continued conversations with federal law makers. They also plan to take voice their message in Washington DC at the National Association of Counties’ 2018 Legislative Conference.

In the letter, it’s noted that the signatories all have “varying opinions about the legalization of cannabis” and that that many of the views they hold have “evolved over time.”

All those that are a part of the coalition agree however, that it is the responsibility of states with legal cannabis laws to uphold what the citizens have voted for.

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